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Chapter 28

The loud music almost deafened her and Ragini narrowed her eyebrows still in her sleep and covered her ears with the cushion beside her. When it did not help her she sat up on her bed with half open eyes and annoyed expression.

“Who wants me to be a deaf early morning?” she pushed her quilt and walked out of her room to see who dared to disturb her beauty sleep early Sunday.

“Bhai” she screamed when she found Vikram dancing on the tunes of “Zingat ( A marathi song from movie Sairat) Vikram still had faced his back to her and was dancing madly. She fumed and walked to him patted on his back but he pushed her hand away.

She looked at him in disbelief. And again patted his back. This time he looked over his shoulder and found fuming Ragini who stood crossing her arms at her chest.

“Ragu…. You woke up?” he screamed and she closed her ears and eyes annoyed. She looked at the music system and walked to it and pulled the plug so hard to indicate how pissed off she was right now.

“Darn” Vikram hissed stopping his steps midway and looking at Ragini. “And you got this day; this time to act like caveman. Big bro at least could have given me an intimation?” she bent her head mocking.

“Arrey arrey meri bholi Ragu” he said holding her shoulders and twirling her. “Bhai don’t prove me that you are ancestor to even caveman” said she as he stopped. “And I’m angry on you. You did not attend Ansh’s birthday yesterday and did not even tell me about it” said she pouting.

“I’m sorry bacha. You know how bad I’m with all these dates remembering thing. And you know till day before yesterday I remembered and then the clock ticked twelve and….”

“And you have to leave the romantic ball with the Prince charming in half as your cart would have turned to a pumpkin. So Cinderella type” Ragini completed his sentence and he pouted at her. She pulled his nose and hugged him with a smile.

“My dates ghajni bhai. I pity on you when you will be married you are going to sleep on the sofa every year on your marriage anniversary” she said and chuckled and he nodded his head placing his chin over her head.

“By the way may I know the reason for your re-incarnation as the cave man today?” asked she looking up at him. “You know I’m so happy today. I got my incentives and it’s a huge amount. And finally I can buy you the thing you always wanted to have” said he caressing her cheek.

“Bhai” she said as her almond eyes filled with tears. “Shhh… And if you say anything not to accept it remember I have re-incarnated as caveman” he scratched his underarms like a monkey and she chuckled covering him back in that warm embrace.

Was there anything she could do to repay him it was showering all her love she had on him. Her phone buzzed in her pajamas and she took it out to look at the new message.

She was all smiles expecting it to be Sanskar’s message but her face fell when she found the service message. “Wrong people do have wrong timings” said Vikram rubbing her shoulder. “And right people lack that time sense” she said looking down.

Vikram’s phone buzzed and he walked to the dining table where he had placed the phone. Ragini stretched her lips and walked to her room for freshening up.

As the hot water touched her skin she felt ticklish and smiled. She dried her hair and was lost in her thoughts looking at the mirror.

She remembered her dance with Sanskar last night and a smile crept her lips and blood rushed to her cheeks. She danced merrily and threw the towel on the bed and imagined Sanskar holding her one hand and his other hand on her waist. She blushed waving her hand in air and covering her face with her palms.

He sat staring the ground and his phone was in his hand. Sanskar did not had the courage to look up. He swallowed sorely and a tear tripped his eye.

Moving his eyeballs momentarily he continued staring at the ground. One side it was Ansh’s innocent smile and on the other side it was equally innocent Ragini’s smile. He did not knew whose smile he has to snatch.


Kumud was handed the baby when she waited in the hospital bed clad with the hospital dress. Her face glowed with that smile which never crept her face.

She looked at Sahil who also had the happy tears like her and they both looked at their little life touching each other’s head.

Kumud signed Sanskar to come and he walked to her. She placed the baby in his hands. He moved his eyes from her to the baby in his hold.

“Awww” escaped his mouth when the baby moved in sleep and its small hands exposed. And a tear tripped his eye as the happiness filled his heart.

“You know what you are to him more than his chachu?” Kumud wiped her tears looking at Sanskar. “I’m his guardian angel” said he looking at her and smiled through his tears.

“Angel? you more resemble a devil” said Vikram walking behind him and taking the baby in his arms. “Bhai. Apun ke devar ke bare kuch nai bolne ka kya?” Kumud spoke in tapori language and rubbed her nose with thumb.

“I’m sure of one thing. My bhanja is gonna be tapori for sure like you” said he with wide eyes and Sahil gave him a high five. “Very funny” Sanskar sat beside Kumud holding her shoulder. She stuck her tongue at Sahil and Vikram.

“Okay now visiting hours are over please come in the evening” said a nurse walking in. “I don’t like her” Sanskar whispered in Kumud’s ear. “Me too” she whispered back and they giggled like small kids covering their mouths.

When Sanskar got up to leave Kumud held his wrist. He stopped and turned to her. “You will be my baby’s guardian angel all your life?” she asked bending her head innocently. He nodded his head smiling.

“And a promise is a promise” he placed his hand on hers patting it lightly.

***Flashback end***

He did not even blink that eye to flicker away the water at the edge of his eye. “Chachu” finally he moved hearing Ani’s voice and quickly wiped his eyes and face and in took sharp breaths to even his throat which was paining as he could not take his pain out.

“Princess” he smiled at her as she stood at his room door. “Chachu” she smiled at him weakly and his heart pained to look at her in that condition when she lifted her hand tired not able to walk further.

He slid over the floor and knelt in front of her. His knees hurt but her face sent more pain to his heart. He embraced her and burst into a silent cry.

A cry so loud which broke all the walls of his heart but did not leave his throat. He closed his eyes and it flooded like there was no tomorrow.

Was there any limit to the pain love could bring? It was his limit of tolerance but he did not even flinch. He bit his lower lip so hard it felt in next moment the skin of it will rip off. He looked at his mobile where his reply to Ragini “I LOVE YOU TOO” was unsent and saved as draft.

“Chachu…” she whispered slowly. “I want to eat ice cream” she pouted at him cutely when he dragged himself after efforts like hell to control his emotions.

“Um” he swallowed sorely and stood up lifting her. He brought the scoop full of ice cream and forwarded the first bite to Ani. She stopped his hand and moved it towards his mouth and he looked at her confused.

She took the spoon and placed it inside his mouth. “Ice cream makes everyone happy. I thought it will make you too. But if I say you to have it you will say you don’t like it. So I told I want to eat it” she said smiling at him. The dark circles under her eyes did not fade her brightness.

“Sometimes you make me feel Kumud Bhabi is back in my life” said he dragging her in a hug. “Kumud chachi?” she asked and he nodded his head. “You are just like her” said he smiling through his twinkling eyes and she covered her little hands across his chest.

He was overwhelmed by the love these little lives of his life were showering on him.

It was the time when the sun was over the head exactly. “Bhai tell me why am I getting decked up like this?” she asked when Vikram placed the mang teeka on her hairline and looked at her through the mirror.

“Surprise Ragu… Today all your wishes are going to fulfill. Sanskar had called saying he is coming with the proposal” he placed his chin on her head.

She widened her eyes surprised. “You aren’t angry?” she asked him confused getting up. “Why should I be? I told you that day only I will be beside you not supporting you but beside you. I know you love him and this is what you have dreamed of so you think I’m cruel enough to smash my sister’s dreams?” asked he and she immediately hugged him.

“You are the best bro in the world you know?” asked she and he covered her in his embrace. “Haa after all whose brother I am. Ms. Ragini Asthana’s” said he proudly and she chuckled.

“Vikram” he heard Sumi’s voice and walked out. “Look all the arrangements are fine na. Then don’t come complaining that I missed this that and what not” she said pressing her forehead.

Vikram looked around rubbing his hands when the door bell rang. Sumi opened it and was a bit surprised finding Sanskar with the Raheja family.

Avantika and Harish walked in with the huge smile on their face. Sumi reluctantly welcomed them.

“Bhai” Ragini walked out without the knowledge of their presence and stopped when she found Sanskar giving her a big smile.

“Hey Ms. Dumbo” his voice cracked but he maintained the calm and walked to her. Her eyes fixed on him and he stood just in front of her.

“I brought a proposal of marriage for your marriage with” he paused and his heart screamed in pain- an uncontrollable pain.

“With Sahil”

Her heart felt dead for that very moment and she just stared him without reacting. Everything seemed blur around her.


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