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Chapter 26

The sun rays touched with a new hope. A hope which did not promise a happy life but a content life. Her smile spread from ear to ear as the that light from the only sun of our solar system tingled her eye lashes.

“Awww. She looks so cute” she heard a weak voice and scrunched her eyebrows. “Good morning sunshine” she heard a voice while her eyes were still in the process of opening.

As her vision cleared she found his face and smiled widely. “Awww mela bacha” said Vikram sat beside her and rocked her side hugging her.

“Good morning Bhayyu” she chirped happy. “Hey bhagwan this this home. Not some asylum” said Sumi who entered Ragini’s room.

“Ohho Maa. Take a chill pill” said both Ragini and Vikram looking at her. “I will surely join a asylum one day” Sumi walked to kitchen nodding her head.

“And we will still love you mom” they both screamed and giggled giving high five. “Oh God” Ragini panicked looking at the clock. “What happened? Achanak chudail kyu ban gayi tu?” Vikram asked rubbing his ear.

“Bhai. Today is my first day in the office after the break and I’m gonna be late for sure” she pushed the quilt aside and jumped off the bed.

“Ragu” her brothers quizzing voice stopped her and she turned to him. “Hun?” she hummed. “Do you really want to work there?” asked he raising his eye brows.

She gave him a wide smile and sat in front of him. “Tell me if you are disturbed with this. I will not do this Bhayyu. But I want to confess you something” said she worried.

As his gaze locked with hers she revealed something. “I love him” his eyes widened with shock. “Before you start with all the worries in the world please listen to me” she said holding his hand.

“I love him for what he is with me Bhai. And trust me he is honest with me and I sure know about it” she said with scrunching her eye brows.

His fist tightened. “When you have decided it all. Why are you even informing me?” asked he. “Because I confessed my feelings not that I want to spend my life with him. Unless you are comfortable with this I wont even think of it. But then I can’t stop loving him” she said with glass eyes.

“Me being comfortable with this? No never. One thing I cannot hold it back is my hate for him. Whenever I see him Ansh’s innocent face flashes me a question. What was his fault that his mother was snatched from him when he did not even called her for the first time? She had dreams Ragu. Dreams of her life with Sahil, with Ansh. Who is he to snatch them all?” his eyes turned painful remembering his sister.

“I don’t know Bhai. That’s my weak point I cannot judge people. I trust blindly following my heart. The way I trusted you when we met on the first day same is the case with Sanskar. I trust him for no reason like as if I know him from ages” a tear tripped out of her eye.

“You are too innocent. That’s why you trust people like him too” said Vikram cupping her face. “I trusted you also Bhai” she raised her eyes to look at him.

“And I cannot be partial about it. I did not knew you then but still I did trust you. Now I don’t know the complete truth because I feel that what you know is not the complete truth and again sorry I don’t have a reason for that weird feeling so I trust him” she said with a weak smile.

He smiled at her. “I so wish your trust never breaks. Then I know it surely gonna break. But don’t worry I will not pressurize you to change your those weird feelings towards him. But I’m gonna leave it on time as I know at the end of the path you are traveling is just darkness and don’t think I will let you walk on this path alone. I will be beside you all the time. All my life is reserved to protect you now. Though my little life want to step in darkness out of her weird feelings how can I let her go alone being her brother. I will be beside you to hold you when you fall but not to support you. Because Ragu wrong is always wrong though it happened due to circumstances but still it is wrong” he said as he stood a bit away from her.

Her life was not on a smooth run. But there stood her brother who was ready to take anything for her except forgiving the person who snatched Kumud in his point of view. Only if he knew the truth.  A truth life had hidden behind the curtains of circumstances. Will it be easy for him in the future. Actually he will be the most pained person when the truth will come in front of him.

Sanskar let a breath out as his eyes fixed on Vikram moved. He was standing just in front of him on the pathway leading to the company after he dropped Ragini and was about to move back.

Unless I make you suffer for your deeds I can’t even think of sparing you’ he thought looking at Sanskar who was still hopeful.

I wish you punish me so much that your hate just dies and in case you come across the truth you will be able to embrace Ragini still with the same warmness. I don’t want her to lose any of her relations due to what happened which she don’t even remember of. I will do anything for that Vicky and I’m ready to take your hate’ Sanskar lips stretched into a soft smile.

Ragini was walking in front of him unaware of his emotional turmoils. But his pain could never be hidden from her. She glanced back at the direction he was staring. Vikram just drove off and she turned her gaze back to Sanskar.

She surprised him with a hug and he was taken a back stumbling. How did she recognized his emotions so well he had no idea. His lips curled up to form that smile which always used to die within till now. For a strange reason he could no more hesitate to smile from the time she entered his life.

For a strange reason his heart fluttered when she was around. For a strange reason her soothing embrace brought that solace to his otherwise meaningless life. A life which was full of blames.

For a moment or more he used to forget all the things he was going through when she was around. Even the pain of the past and struggle of present and blames of the life time.

Yeah Love was strange though. His arms moved up to wrap her and his chin landed on her head and that smile only got wider. He closed his eyes and felt the calmness. Though it was burning outside his soul felt that calmness as if it was in some low temperature place.

“How did you know that I needed this?” he whispered with still closed eyes. “I don’t know I just felt it that way” said she and moved more close to him.

“I told Bhayyu about us” his eyes opened wide open and he dragged her out of the hug holding her shoulders. “What?” he asked with surprise gleaming in his eyes.

She nodded her head positive as she thought no words could define her better now. “Why?” asked he scrunching his eye brows. “Because he is my brother and he has all the rights in the world to know about this” she pointed to herself and then to him indicating us.

His eyebrows did not relax. “You know he surely will not like this and I got the hint by the way he was glaring me” Sanskar said caressing his forehead.

“I know” she said casually. “And what was his reaction? I’m sure he might have screamed the hell out of him and your ears” he analyzed her ears. “Like your ear drums are fine right?” asked he with worry.

“Oh please” she pushed his hands away. “My bro isn’t a tarzan or for that case like you Mr. Dumbledore as he knows people around him are not deaf” she rolled her eyes.

“Oh I thought he was one” he said and found her giving him death glares. “I know it wasn’t funny” he stretched his lips.

“Then why do you even try sarcasm when you can’t handle it” she nodded her head a bit and walked further and they reached the big glass door.

“Ragini” she stopped her steps and looked at him. He was standing beside her still looking at the door and the people inside it walking and busy with their own works.

“Beyond this door we are….” his words were stopped. “Professional” said she and gave him a wide grin. He looked at her and nodded his head.

“I will always respect it” she said with that smile still on her face. Her smile reflected on his face.

Somewhere that barrier was going to create havoc in their life. Keeping professional and personal life separate was not an easy task and they had new challenge to face now.

As the glass door opened Sanskar entered it and walked to his cabin. Ragini who entered behind him like usual crashed into someone.

“Miss No intimation. Why is that you always walk blindly even with those beautiful eyes with sharp eyesight?” Sahil’s voice hit her ear drum and she opened her eyes. He made her stand and walked away nodding his head.

She hit her head and cursed herself and walked to her desk before she could sit she looked at Sanskar who was controlling his laugh. ‘You will pay for this laugh Mr. Rawat’ she spoke with her eyes and he winked at her and her mouth hung open.

She heard the sound of  things falling behind her. Her head moved back and she saw Tarun standing shocked with all the files scattered and staring Sanskar. It had been his usual reaction after Ragini had entered the office. He had been the witness of weird behaviors of his boss.

“Oye Tarun did electricity hit you?” Riya asked walking to him. “No but the electric pole hit me. Hard on my skull” he said gathering his things and walking to his desk lost. Ragini looked at him nervous and gave a sheepish smile to Riya who was looking at her  with questioning look.

“Hi” finally Ragini broke the silence and Riya hugged her warmly. “You know I missed you like hell and I’m so glad you are back” she smiled in Riya’s embrace and reciprocated the hug. “Me too” said she. “Me three” they felt a third person and raised their head and found Kavya flashing her wide smile.

“Kavi” Ragini hugged her and she hugged her happily. ‘No doubt you brought that chirpy Kavya back Ragini. You have brought those natural essence of my life which was lost in time or better said I let them slip out of my hand purposely. One more responsibility of mine is still intact and that’s my Ani’s treatment. And I know I will fulfill my Ani’s wish for sure. Though I lost the deal I will work hard to earn that amount. And I will never let anyone get affected by my determinations’ he smiled looking at Ragini who was all happy.

And you made me this. Not that arrogant Sanskar Rawat whose emotions feelings were dead but this Sanskar Rawat who is ready to fight anything for the loved one in his life. Now I don’t regret the day I met you. Now I don’t hate you for riding your bike on the wrong lane which caused my life full of blames because you are there beside me. And I can handle it with that smile on my face that whatever happens you will not leave me alone’

His heart was riding on air. His feelings brought that life to his otherwise lifeless body which had become more of a robot. And she brought those feelings.


Hope I’m not late.

So what do you think what’s stored for Ragini and Sanskar other than the mysterious past.

Though I love cliffhangers this chapter was an exclusion as I wanted to bring back that RagSan magic. And I hope I’m successful in that.

What’s your take on Ragini’s trust, Sanskar’s mad love and Vikram’s protectiveness.

Do let me know.

Love you guys.

Lots of love
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