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The doctor walked with Lakshya near the ward they were supposed to enter. He collided with someone and the paper in the person’s hand fell on the floor. “Ohho” said he and picked up the paper.

“Arrey Mr. Asthana you haven’t got the medicines yet?” asked Doctor Kapoor looking at Vikram who was straightening the paper. “Oh Doctor I was just going to get. You know how stubborn is my little devil. She was not letting me go unless I promised her I will get the chocolate she wants” said Vikram giving a wide smile.

“By the way he is Doctor Lakshya who prescribed the medications to Ms. Asthana. And all thanks to him that your sister is out of danger” said Doctor Kapoor and Vikram’s gaze turned to Lakshya who was standing beside.

“Thank you… thank you so much” Vikram hugged Laksh to express his gratitude and suddenly his wife’s face flashed in Lakshya’s mind and he stood numb.

As Vikram dragged himself out of the hug and Laksh gave him a formal smile. “It was my duty” said he warmly. “And now I thought he might suggest some more things if he analyzes the patient” said Doctor and Vikram nodded his head.

Lakshya’s eyes caught someone who was walking out of the ward. ‘What is he doing here?’ he thought in his mind. Vikram walked from there to the pharmacy and Lakshya’s gaze fixed on someone’s back.

“Dr. Laksh” Dr. Kapoor shook him and Lakshya’s attention moved to him. “Um doctor I have to make an important call. I will be back” said he and walked passing the ward. Ragini who lifted her head looked outside the single sided glass.

A memory flashed her mind and she opened her eyes more widely to understand what was happening with her and her head started spinning suddenly but then she relaxed a bit.

Yohan turned looking over his shoulder where Lakshya had placed his hand. He scrunched his eye brows confused. “You remember you had come to my home in search of Diya?” asked Lakshya and Yohan’s eyes widened with shock.


Yohan and Kavya stood outside a mansion. “Are you sure she lives here?” asked Kavya. “I got the information from one of my private detective” said Yohan.

It was the time when Yohan had informed Kavya that he had got Diya’s address when they were desperately searching her.

They prayed before ringing the door bell and waited for the owner of the mansion to open the door. “Yes” Laksh stood in front of them holding the door as he could not recognize them.

“Hello” said Yohan with a formal smile.

“Actually we came to meet Diya. Is she home?” asked Kavya and Lakshya’s face fell at her mention. “Come inside” said he walking inside and they walked behind him confused.

He guided the servant to bring some refreshments for Yohan and Kavya. “Actually we are her childhood friends and recently got to know about her residence” said Kavya breaking the silence.

“You are too late” said Laksh looking up at them with glassy eyes. Their eyes scrunched and they were confused.

“She left this world. And she left me all alone” said he sadly lowering his head and trying hard to hide his emotions.

“What?” Kavya was shocked. Yohan leaned back to the sofa not able to control his emotions. “No” Kavya gasped. “How I wished my exams would have finished earlier that year to meet her. And this is gonna stay in my heart all my life” said she as tears tripped her eyes. “You are?” asked Lakshya. “Kavya and he is Yohan. The year she left Puna we were late on our vacations so could not meet her” said she looking up at him.

“Oh you are Kavya and Yohan. Gosh there was no day that she did not mention about you and about one more person. She never told me the name. It was something like..”  “MB the mandhabudhi” Yohan completed his sentence as the tear tripped his eye.

“Yeah exactly” said Lakshya with his glassy eyes as the memories of his beloved wife hit his brain walls like the waves hitting the beach and brought a kind of peace.

Yohan closed his eyes as his brother’s face flashed in front of him. “Where is Shekar uncle? And you?” Kavya asked looking around.

“I’m that unfortunate husband whom she left alone in this world” the revelation from him broke Yohan into pieces.

“The girl who lives in my heart beat is Diya Yohan” he remembered Sanskar’s words. He took a deep breath to control his flooding emotions.

“Shekar Paa is in hospital. After Diya left the world his condition had worsened so he is under treatment” said Lakshya wiping his tears.

“Um can you give us the address?” asked Yohan and Lakshya nodded his head. “Thank you. And be brave” said Kavya as they left from there.

“Kavi” she looked at Yohan who was on the driving seat while driving to the hospital where Shekar was admitted. “Promise me you will not say all this to Sanky Bhai” he forwarded his palm and Kavya looked at him confused. He parked the car aside and turned to her.

“You know how close Diya is to Sanky Bhai and this will break him more. He isn’t out of Kumud Bhabi’s death yet” said Yohan pleading.

“Let him think his Diya is lost in time but if he came to know she left the world he will be like a person with no soul” said he and Kavya placed her palm on his palm and nodded her head.

He ignited the engine and they drove to the hospital and met Shekar who could no more recognize them. They returned from there with a determination not to reveal this to Sanskar

****End of Flashback***

Yohan wiped his face and looked  at Lakshya. “Oh yeah. Hi” said he nervous. “You? Here ?” asked Yohan trying to maintain the calm.

“Wo actually…” his phone buzzed and Lakshya excused himself. Yohan’s eyes widened when he saw Sanskar who came out of the ward and then he looked at Lakshya who was talking over the phone facing his back.

“Damn” he whispered and walked to Sanskar and stopped him from walking further. Sanskar was confused and looked at Yohan.

“Yohan kya karra hai?” asked he scrunching his eyebrows. Lakshya heard his voice and turned to look at the source of the voice. Before he could see Sanskar’s face Yohan covered it with his back head.

“Kuch nai bhai. Why did you come outside. Bhabi ke saath thoda time spend nai kar sakthe the?” he asked nervous.

“Bhabi?” Sanskar asked confused. His gaze moved to Laksh who now had faced his back.

“Arrey Ragini bhabi. Kal confess kiya aur aaj bhul gaye. She is right you have short time memory loss” said Yohan dragging his attention.

Yohan mentioning Ragini as his bhabi tickled him and he unknowingly smiled. “But maine confess uske bhai ko kiya hai usse nai” said Sanskar.

“Aap chalo mai abhi apse confess karvaatha hu” said Yohan and pushed him inside the ward and Sanskar was confused due to his brother’s behavior.

“Yohan.. Yohan… kya bachpana hai yeh?” Sanskar complained as they entered the ward. Ragini looked at them confused.

“Abhi baath karo bhabi se” said he and Ragini looked at him and then at Kavya. ‘Uff this dumbledore’s dumb brother. Don’t he know this is hospital. I think due to Kavya and Sanskar’s marriage he has got a heavy blow on his head and behaving senseless. Is hospital a place for romance’ Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Gadhe” Sanskar scolded Yohan and then turned to Ragini trying to hide his blush. She looked confused at him finding his gaze weird. ‘Wasn’t he supposed to give that look to Kavi?’ she thought in her mind.

“Bacha” Vikram entered and broke her thoughts. “Your shining armor” Yohan whispered in Sanskar’s ear and chuckled.

“Offo in all this mess I really forgot to tell you important thing” said Kavya tapping her forehead. Ragini turned her gaze to Kavya.

“Guess what?” she had a wide grin on her face. “We are married” said she and Ragini smiled sarcastically. “I thought you are acting in some Indian TV serial so wore that all make up” Ragini pointed at her hairline and neck.

“Gosh mahn. From where have you been manufactured? Sarcasm queen” Yohan held his paining sides and neared Ragini.

“If I knew” said she a bit sad. It pained Vikram. He looked at her. “I mean it doesn’t matter. Sarcasm isn’t genes dependent” said she and smiled at Vikram.

“But your sarcasm comes from your brother’s genes. He was one of the best in that genre from school days” said Sanskar and flashed a smile remembering his past with Vikram.

“Yeah and then are few whose brain runs as fast as snails” he mocked. “And what are such people called bhai?” Ragini gave a toothy grin to Vikram.

“Mandh budhis” both said in unison and shared a high five. Diya’s face flashed in Sanskar’s mind. “And you the Mandh Budhini” Yohan said diverting the topic.

But it had already affected Sanskar and he walked out from there.

Did he feel bad?’ Ragini was lost looking at him. Yohan could sense his sadness and walked behind him. He saw Lakshya who was still over the phone.

It’s the good opportunity to keep bhai away from here’ he thought in his mind and followed Sanskar on the opposite side.

Laksh turned disconnecting the call. “I’m sorry Doctor Kapoor. I have to go back to Indore. Some emergency case I had completely forgotten about” said Lakshya apologizing to Dr. Kapoor.

As he passed Ragini’s cabin this time she missed him as she was lost in her thoughts about Sanskar’s departure.

“No problem Dr. I will send you the regular reports of Ms. Asthana” said Dr. Kapoor with a smile and shook his hand and Laksh walked from there to Shekar and they exited the hospital.

“Maa” Ragini shook Sumi and she looked at Ragini. “What happened?” asked she concerned. “Nothing Ragu. I was just worried about you” said Sumi.

“Now I’m fine na see” said Ragini and hugged Sumi. She was feeling void inside her suddenly as Shekar walked out of the hospital.

She smiled and patted Ragini’s head brushing her thoughts away.


Sanskar was staring the black sky with null expressions. He felt her presence and turned to find Ragini walking towards him.

“Have you lost it? Why did you come here that too at this time dumbo” he held her hand to support her. “Shhh” she placed her index finger on her lips ordering him to be quite.

“You want to wake up the whole hospital oh what?” asked she shrinking her eyes. He nodded his head and helped her to settle on a bench.

“Waise why have you come here at this time? If your bhayyu saw you na then” “How much do you talk. Give break sometimes” she said annoyed.

“Look who’s talking jiske khud ki gaadi ke break fail hue hai” said he sarcastically. “I can ask you the same. Why are you here?” she asked looking into his eyes. “Won’t your wife misunderstand your over concern towards your Secretary?” she asked looking at him through corner of her eye.

“Wife?” he looked at her confused. “Arhhh don’t prove again and again that you have short term memory loss” she rolled her eyes.

“What are you….” suddenly he remembered that she was not present in Kavya and Yohan’s marriage and she might be still thinking that Sanskar is married to Kavya.

“Oh you don’t worry about my wife. She is very understanding” said he with a smirk playing in his lips. ‘My Wife’ somewhere it pinched her poor heart and she looked at him.

“Yeah she is very understanding and you are her best friend so she won’t feel it odd” said he and folded his lips to suppress his laugh. “Oh” she said and left a breath of uneasiness.

“That doesn’t mean you take advantage of her trust and see your secretary” she said folding her hands near her chest and Sanskar controlled his urge to laugh.

“She won’t mind me seeing my secretary though. And when I have such beautiful secretary why will I close my eyes and stop seeing her” he looked at her with his hand below his chin.

“Such shameless you are” Ragini tried getting up but he held his hand in front of her to stop. She looked at it and moved her gaze to him.

“Am I not enough handsome for my beautiful secretary to fall?” asked he bending his head.

“You are handsome…” she bit her tongue and closed her eyes and her cuteness touched his heart. “I mean you are married” she looked at him and met his hazel orbs.

“What if I was not married?” his eyes turned more intense and sent her heart thumping up high. “What if I was not married and was single?” asked he. “You are too much arrogant” said she and turned her gaze. “What if I was not married and was not arrogant?” asked he with the same husky voice and she was forced to turn her gaze to him.

He killed my bacha’ suddenly Vikram’s scream echoed in her brain and she jerked. She got up and was about to leave.

“I know you love your brother the most in this world” he smiled sadly looking down.

“What if I was not related to him? You would have still felt the same for me?” she had tears in her eyes. “What if I told you that I don’t know anything about myself and my past would you feel the same for me?” asked she turning to him.

He got up and cupped her face and touched her forehead with his.

“Your truths won’t change my feelings for you Ragini” she closed her eyes hearing her name in his voice. His voice which had pain and which had all the emotions he wanted to convey and it straightly lied on her heart’s land.

“What if I had a past which might snatch me from you?” she looked up and met his eyes with her pain filled eyes.

“My feelings will never change for you. Not now not ever” he said closing his eyes.  “But you are married so in first place this question is invalid” said she with her innocent eyes.

He chuckled through his tears. “But that it was not me who tied Kavi the mangalsutra and made her wear the vermillion” said he and she still looked at him confused.

“Dumb head” he dragged her in a hug and kissed her hair. “It was Yohan who married her and she wanted to say the same thing before you shot her with your not so witty sarcasm” said he and she smiled widely and raised her head still in his embrace.

“Um hm.” he narrated her the whole thing. Ragini jumped and kissed his cheek in excitement. He held his cheek surprised.

She bit her lips feeling shy as he looked at her.

“And before your volcano brother comes go inside and take rest” said Sanskar after a prolonged silence between them.

“Did you really killed…” she hesitated to talk. His body stiffened hearing her.  “Um. I don’t think you need me confessing my crimes after your brother’s words” said he and looked down.

She neared him and lifted his head holding his cheeks. “I don’t know why can’t I agree on this with my Bhayyu. I don’t know why I feel you are not the one who was responsible” said she looking into his eyes.

“And why do you feel so?” asked he lost in her eyes. “Because” she held his hand and placed it parallel to her heart.

“Because this says that you are not” said she and he looked at her hand and then raised his eyes to look into her eyes which had turned glassy.

She neared him more and placed her lips on his lips and closed her eyes and the tear flew out of her eye and traveled on her cheek and reached their lips which were mixing with each other.

Her hands shuffled his hair and he moved his hands to her back and pulled her closer and they lost in that divine moment.

They departed as they felt difficult to breath and stood touching each other’s foreheads.

“And same goes with me Dumbledore. Your truths will not change my feelings” she smiled with her hands dangling behind his neck.

He smiled looking at her innocent smile which finally awoke all his dead feelings. Which had died years ago. She was not in her senses to understand whether she was right or not. Only thing she knew was her trust on Sanky was not baseless. Somewhere she felt it wasn’t his fault.

In this whole world filled with blames he doesn’t know how he found Ragini who stood beside him without giving a second thought.


So how was the chapter. 

I hope you are not disappointed with RagSan scenes.

Someone asked me for a romantic chappy so this is due to them. 

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