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Chapter 21

“ A heart is very complicated system where all the bad goes to it. In the same fashion all the good comes out of it” the lecturer was continuously preaching but she was least interested in it.

“Diyu” she heard a soft yell of her friend and turned her gaze to the right. “Kya hai?” she replied annoyed when Sriti gave her a wide smile.

“Puja’s birthday party tomorrow and I haven’t purchased anything” Sriti pouted cutely. “So what? Wear that yellow anarkali which your mother gifted on Diwali” Diya shrugged her shoulders.

“I have worn it right so how can I wear the same thing again” she said a bit annoyed. “Like how we wear those night dresses again. Don’t tell me you wear a new night dress every night” Diya mocked her. “Very funny” Sriti faked a smile and turned to the board.

“You are coming with me for shopping and that’s final” said Sriti still looking at the board. “And what makes you think that?” asked Diya confused. “Arrey you know I’m the most confused person on the earth when it comes to shopping so I need your expert advise” said Sriti and the chalk piece hit her head marking her lecturer’s attention to them.

“Not again to Mr. Sharma’s office not again” she prayed softly turning her head to the board and gave the angry lecturer a sheepish smile who was standing with crossed arms and an angry glare.

“And here goes the plan to gutter” Diya chuckled and then controlled her laugh looking at the angry lecturer whose gaze shifted to Diya now. “And we are going to hell now” Sriti whispered from corner of her mouth.


They walked out of the principal Sharma’s cabin with sad face in the evening. Already the sun was at the horizon to set and it was about to become dark. “And this was second time in a month Sri. You know I hate it when Mr. Sharma calls my dad to complain about me. My dad has to listen to what he says” Diya walked sadly.

“Sorry” said Sriti. Though Diya hated the situation she could not hate her friend who put her in this. One thing she had learned in her life was to keep the friendship for life. She missed Sanskar her only friend with whom she broke her ties not even saying a proper good bye. She hated herself for doing that.

She hugged Sriti and she reciprocated the hug with a sad face still. “What shall we do to cheer you up?” asked Diya and stood thoughtful.

“Shopping?” Diya asked with bright eyes. “But it’s too late” said Sriti sad. “But still Chauk shops will be open and people say I’m the best at choosing dresses” Diya said proudly. At last Sriti smiled and Diya hugged her happy.

They walked and reached a shop which had a huge collection of dresses. Diya selected a Anarkali for Sriti and Sriti insisted her to buy something which she smartly refused.

She knew her dad’s financial conditions. After a age she started understanding her dad’s struggle to fulfill their basic needs also. Her only aim in life was to become a good heart surgeon and achieve a financial state which will make their life easy and for that she had to sacrifice little happiness of the present and she was not sad to do that but was happy imagining her future where she will be living her comfortable life with her dad beside her.

Middle class logo ki jeb choti hoti hai magar sapne duniya se bade.

She had seen her father doing greater sacrifices than what she was doing now so that he could fulfill her demands when she was unaware of his financial condition.

They returned to the hostel late and again were forced to face the wrath of the warden. “You hate me don’t you?” Sriti lied beside Diya on their common bed after a huge lecture from the warden too. “Even if I want I can’t” said she side hugging Sriti who hugged her back.

“Dr. Sriti” she heard a voice and landed back in present. A nurse was on her cabin door and Sriti looked at her confused. “I… I’m sorry ma’am. Your uncle… Your uncle is not in his ward” she said worried and in next moment Sriti’s heart felt in her mouth.

“What? Where can he go? He must be here only somewhere search properly” she said getting up from her chair.

She rushed behind the nurse and searched everywhere for Shekar who was no where to be seen. She held her head and looked around scanning each corner of the hospital but he wasn’t there.

A man’s back was just behind her who sneaked out of the glass door. As she turned the figure had disappeared and she collapsed on the floor broken. She had no time to waste and immediately dialed a number from her phone and waited for the person over the other end to pick it.

“Thank God you picked the call Laksh” she spoke and the voice over the other edge spoke something which was not clear. “Shekar Paa. Sh… Shekar Paa isn’t in hospital” her words made him to jump on his feet.

“What?” he spoke as the lines creased over his forehead. “I….” she placed the other hand on her mouth “I searched him everywhere Laksh” she said as her voice cracked.

“I’ll be there” he disconnected the call and turned to the table and banged on it. “No. I can’t lose him. He is the only endowment Diya left with me.” he picked his blazer which was resting on his chair and rushed out of the cabin.


He was staring blankly out of the window. “Where do you want to go uncle?” he heard a voice and turned his gaze. “Hun?” he cocked his head with scrunched eyebrows.

“Ticket ticket. Where do you want to go?” the person asked again. He took a note out of his pocket and handed it to the person. “To the last stop” said he and again stared out of the window lost. “Mumbai Mumbai” the conductor screamed and walked further after handing the ticket.


He heard the seconds his watch ticked. Sitting lifelessly on a chair and staring into infinity his mind did not even record that people were moving across in a hurry.

“Bhai” he felt a pull on his shoulder but still he stared the ground. “Bhai” he felt a stronger pull now and looked up lazily. “What happened to Ragini?” Yohan who was kneeling in front of him looked at him worried. He hadn’t changed his Sherwani also yet when he rushed to the hospital hearing Ragini’s condition from Vikram.

“Um” he wiped his face and took a deep breath. “Um she.., she is” he looked around with emotion less face. “She is taking rest I guess. This girl na. She is impossibly lazy. Just sleeps wherever she likes. See now she told she liked hospital so much she came here for a nap. Don’t worry she will get up in some time” he said trying hard not to meet anyone’s eyes.

“Bhai” Yohan shook him vigorously. “What’s wrong with you Yohan. I’m not deaf. See in some time she will come out and give you a high five saying she is right about me that my ears aren’t working” he remembered their first conversation.
Vikram was on the other side leaning to the wall. Sumi was sitting on a chair beside him with her head buried.

A doctor walked out of the emergency ward. “Doctor…” Vikram walked behind him and Yohan who was alerted also walked with him.

“Sorry Mr. Asthana we can’t say anything now. We are doing some scans and after that only we can say anything” the doctor said as he walked hurriedly.

“Doctor what’s the situation?” asked Yohan coming into picture. “I’m not sure Dr. Yohan. We are not even able to gross it” he said worried settling in his cabin. “I have to take an expert opinion” he said dialing a number over the landline.

“Hello connect me to Indore branch” said he and placed the telephone back. After some time the phone rang and he picked up. “Hello may I speak to Doctor Lakshya the head of the neurological department” he said and someone spoke on the other side.

“Okay please tell him it’s an emergency and inform him to call me as soon as possible” said the doctor and disconnected the call.

“Damn he isn’t available for the day” said he annoyed. Yohan guessed the seriousness by the way the doctor was worried. “Doctor please tell me you are scaring me” said Yohan helplessly.

“Sorry doctor I can’t assure you anything now. It’s really weird case I have ever seen in my life. Only person who can answer these question is Doctor Laksh. We need his expert opinion.” said the doctor and they were interrupted by the knock on the door.

“Doctor the patient is unstable” said the nurse and he rushed out and Viikram and Yohan followed him. As he entered the ward Vikram and Yohan watched Ragini from the glass opening. The doctor injected a fluid in her body and Vikram held Yohan’s shoulder and closed his eyes not able to see his little sister in slightest pain.

He never knew why was she bonded with him so much. Some things really don’t need any reason. Like you cannot define the effects of prayers and the mechanism they worked Ragini’s bond with Vikram was not describable only thing was it could be felt.

Yohan moved his hand to Vikram’s hand to console him. “If you give up how will she survive this? You know na in this big unknown world you are her biggest strength and closest family” said Yohan and Vikram nodded his head.

Sanskar was still looking blankly somewhere he doesn’t know. Sumi was in her own grief.

He was knocking on his table and waiting with his finger resting near his chin. His phone ringed and he picked it up immediately. “Hello” he spoke and waited for the voice from the other side.

“I had informed you only the very important calls. I’m awaiting a call. So please deal with it” he spoke annoyed and banged the receiver on the phone. His eyes moved out of the glass door. Not waiting for a moment also he walked out to reach her.

Sriti felt a hand on her shoulder when she looked over it found someone whose presence she needed the most. “Laksh” she embraced him warmly digging her head in his chest. “Shekar Paa” she whispered helplessly.

“Nothing gonna happen to him. I had promised Diya that I will take care of him and I will do that all my life. I have registered the complain and we will hear soon about him” he said patting her head and she nodded her head closing her eyes.

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