The light your presence brings in my life is something I want to cherish for all my births.

“There isn’t anything serious about it just that when she will be under the panic attack then whatever happens she won’t remember after that” Vikram smiled and Yohan could understand that the smile was forced. “Okay Good night. I think Ragu will be waiting for me” said Vikram and walked away leaving Yohan with unanswered questions.

“Bhayyu enough na. I’m okay.” Ragini complained to Vikram who forwarded the medicines. “You want me to push it down your throat now” he glared and she gulped in scared. Sumi nodded her head smiling. Her phone buzzed and she picked up the call.

“Haa Shalini Ji” she spoke. “No We can’t attend it this time. I’m really sorry” said Sumi. “Maa what?” asked Ragini. “Okay that’s so sweet of you. I will call you back after some time bye” said Sumi and disconnected the call. “Arrey Shalini. Her daughter’s first Diwali after marriage na so she called us to attend” said Sumi.

“OMG today is Diwali?” Ragini placed her hand on her head. “Haa” said Vikram pouting. Ragini knew how much her brother loved bursting crackers and he missed because of her. “Then go na. Why are you missing it because of me?” asked she.

“Leaving you here all alone? Are you mad?” asked Vikram getting up. “No I’m your sister” Ragini chuckled and got glares from Sumi and Vikram. “Oh it wasn’t funny” she said sad. Vikram and Sumi burst out laughing and sat on her either sides and hugged her. “Iska kya kare maa. Cuteness overloaded” said Vikram pulling her nose.

“Ouch Bhayyu” she cried. “Vikky” Sumi dragged his hand. “Please go na. Only tonight right I will manage Promise” she said cutely looking at both of them.

“No means no”said Vikram getting up. “Can I help?” asked Yohan peeping. “Oye Chimpanzee you are here only?” asked Ragini excited. Sumi hit her head playfully and glared her.

“What did I do? I just called his original name maa” she said pouting. “Ragu” said Sumi. “It’s okay aunty. Now if she doesn’t call me weird names I feel weird” said he. “No it’s okay Yohan. We will manage” said Vikram.

“Oh common I won’t eat up your sister. Perhaps she is Karela and yuck” said Yohan making face and Ragini fumed hearing him.

“And you Kadva Neem” said she folding her hands. “Okay fine. But let me know every hour what she is doing?” said Vikram.

“Bro it’s night and other than sleeping what else will I do?” Ragini asked him confused. “I can’t trust you” he looked at Yohan who assured him with a smile.

“Some times I doubt you are my brother. You never be at my side” Vikram stopped hearing her. Sumi placed her hand on his shoulder. He composed himself. “Actually that’s the fact we picked you up from Dust bin” said Vikram showing his tongue which made Ragini frown.

He walked out guiding Yohan properly and warning him what and all the chota tufan can do and headed out of the hospital with Sumi. He had forgotten that there was someone else also a ward away. ‘Sanskar’

“Now sleep” said Kavya helping Sanskar to lie down. “Kavya” he called when she was arranging the things around. “Hmmm” she hummed without her knowledge. Later realization stuck her. She turned with a surprise on her face.

“I saw Ansh is Okay. How is that girl?” asked he hesitantly. “Ragini?” asked she and he nodded his head. “Umm she is fine” said Kavya. “I mean she is completely alright?” asked he and Kavya looked at him confused. “Yes Sanskar she is fine. Only thing she was unconscious for some time and now she is okay” “When? Why?” he asked her jerking. “Some time ago” said Kavya finding his behavior weird. “Is she okay?” he asked like something he will miss. “Yeah” said she shrugging her shoulders.

He did not know why was he feeling so weird suddenly. He was worried for Ragini and wanted to see her as soon as possible but his condition made him helpless. There was no other way he had to take Kavya’s help in this. He just prayed she won’t mind helping him. Though they were childhood friends there was kind of formality wall which had formed in between them.

Finally he gathered enough courage and spoke “Kavya if I tell you something will  you mind?” his question stirred her already disturbed mind and she just stared him unaware of his thinking. “Please take me out from here. I’m getting bored” she sighed nodding her head.

“You are impossible” she fumed and helped him to sit on the wheel chair and pushed it out of his ward. He looked around searching her but he could not find her. “Where is Yohan?” he casually asked. “He is with Ragu. Her family has to go out due to some emergency so he is taking care of her” said Kavya and Sanskar’s face lit up immediately.

“Chalo na we will see him” said Sanskar and Kavya was again confused. Haven’t he met Yohan just an hour ago? She thought to herself. She brushed her thoughts and spoke “But Sanskar we aren’t supposed to go to the other wards. Wait here I will call Yohan”said she and went to the ward where Ragini was.

“Sleep na?” Yohan folded his hands in front of Ragini who was eating the chocolate. “But I haven’t finished the choki and mumma says you should brush before sleep. Duffer don’t you know” she said licking the chocolate. “If your brother came to know I bought you chocolate he will surely rip my body. Now I understand why he gave me warnings that I cannot handle you” said Yohan pouting.

“You are the best Chimpanzee I ever met?” she kissed his cheek placing her hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her surprised. Kavya’s eyes went wide looking at them when she just entered the room. He was still looking at her shocked when they heard “ahem ahem” Kavya cleared her throat and both turned at the same time. ‘Wah kya timing hai’ Kavya spoke in her mind.

“Kavi” Ragini screeched and was about to run when Kavya stopped her saying “Ragu You need rest” and Ragini sat pouting. “I just came here because Sanskar was calling you Yohan” Yohan sighed listening her. “Thank God I got saved from this afat” said he and Ragini glared him.

“But Kavi I can’t leave her alone here” said he pouting. “Yaay. Now go” said Ragini mocking him. “Get her also na. She will also feel better” said Kavya which made Ragini and Yohan’s face light up instantly. ‘isme bhi timing’ she wondered.

“Chalo chalo” both rushed out like small kids holding Kavya along. She just wondered in which mess has she landed. ‘Sahil told also he will stay. But no I wanted to be the good bahu’ Kavya cursed herself in mind looking at the duo.

Yohan walked to Sanskar who was on the wheel chair and Ragini stopped looking at him. She held herself responsible for his condition. Sanskar’s eyes fixed on her and he looked at her and did not even try to move his gaze away from her.

Ragini looked down and around not able to meet his gaze and tucked her hair strand behind her ear. Yohan hugged Sanskar which brought him to the world but he was still not in a condition to record anything which was happening around him.

He was so happy to find her safe he could not express. He was confused about his changed feelings towards her. Again and again her eyes which were filled with tears and horror when he held her momentarily flashed in front of him and he felt bound to a magic spell.


Out side the hospital the hospital staff celebrated Diwali by decorating the garden and a coconut tree and lighting diyas at the door. They burned the soundless crackers and all four of them stood watching them. “I want to play” Ragini stamped her foot like a small kid. “No ways” said Yohan strictly. Sanskar looked at her. “Please na Yohan” she pleaded him.

“No ways” said he strictly. “Akdu” she huffed and stood folding her hands. Kavya chuckled listening to her. “Akdu? I’m akdu?” asked he pointing to himself. “No actually there is a better name” said she giving him a fake smile. “And what is that?” asked he. “Hitler” said she and he fumed hearing her and Kavya burst out laughing.

“It’s okay Yohan take her” said Sanskar and all looked at him shocked. “What? Can’t I behave normal?” asked he shrugging his shoulder. “Lo finally he agreed he isn’t normal” said Ragini. “And you are certified abnormal” Sanskar said signing she is mad.

“I agree I’m abnormal” she said proudly. “I feel you lost your screw somewhere” he searched around. “Oh you heard that sound na? Actually I also but it wasn’t my screws but yours” she said mocking. “I thought she is crack but she is awesomely crack” said Yohan smiling at Kavya who gave him a death glare. She dragged him aside from there.

“Ahh I’m in no mood to argue Dumbledore. I have half the energy today” said she sitting beside him and he smiled at her antics. “Haa you only start argument and then blame it on me” said he with fake anger. “Kshama Mandha budhi Kshama” said she folding her hands dramatically. His heart stopped beating hearing the word.

“What did you just said?” he asked with his wide open eyes. “Oh freak. Don’t scare me like this” Ragini said placing her hand on her heart to relax.

He held her elbow and dragged her near to himself and Ragini looked at him shocked. “Tell me” he deadly whispered. She tried remembering what slipped out of her tongue but the great bhulakkad she was she forgot what she said a minute before.

“I’m sorry I’m not able to recall” she said struggling in his hold. His eyes softened looking at her pain and he left her hand and looked away “I’m sorry” he said looking down.

“OMG” she almost screamed and he looked at her confused. “The great Dumbledore said sorry. This day should be marked in history” she said with pride.

“Girl you are too dramatic” said he nodding his head. “Wo tho mai hu” she said bending her head cutely. He could not resist his smile. She felt lost in his smile at that moment. “Hey” he waved his hand in front of her and she landed in the world. She looked forward and found Kavya and Yohan who were playing.

“Cheating” she screamed and Sanskar closed his ears and looked in the direction she was looking and pouting. “OMG you don’t get tired of screaming and talking?” he asked and laughed remembering the day he met her in office and how she was screaming.

She laughed remembering the same. The night looked beautiful for an unknown reason for both only if they knew the reason.

There wasn’t moon today and the sky was dark. The garden was filled with light. But still his heart was dark and her smile brought that light to his heart which the lights of the world could not bring. He could feel the happiness after so many years.

“Let us bust the crackers here” said Sanskar when he saw Ragini sitting pouting. “Here?” asked she confused. He nodded his head.

“See this is agarbathi” said Sanskar simply holding his hand like there is something. “Agar bathi?” asked she confused. “arrey that will sparkle na when you lit it. It will be dark silver colour” said Sanskar. “That’s Phuljhadi” said Ragini giving him a weird look.

“Oh ya ya the same. I was about to tell the same” said he maintaining his pride. “And see this is burning and see the sparkle” he said and she smiled imagining it. “And this is Anar” said he and he burnt it and Ragini looked up as if the sparkles raised up astonished. Sanskar smiled looking at her.

“And this is bomb” said he with wide eyes and Ragini looked curiously. “And it is burning and burning” said he and she looked with more curiosity. “And boom” said he acting the blast. She got scared and fell back and Sanskar laughed looking at her.

She pouted looking at him. “One more one more” said Sanskar and acted again.

“Boom” said he and she closed her ears. “What’s happening here?” asked Yohan looking at them confused. “Patake Chimpanzee can’t you see” said Ragini. “Wo waw where?” asked he. “In your dreams” said Sanskar and Ragini burst out laughing more.

He looked at her and lost himself in that beautiful moment. Wish he could control his jumping heart.

Dil kya kare dil ko agar acha lage koi

The time felt moving slowly. Her laughs filled every empty corner of his heart where there was only darkness from years.

His heart denied to listen to his mind which was screaming to control himself but he did not listen to his mind for the first time.

“Very funny. Come now sleep” said Yohan taking her from there. “You told Kavi about your feelings?” Yohan widened his eyes looking at her. “What?” asked Sanskar confused. Yohan just prayed that Sanskar did not listen anything.

“Haaw you don’t know your cousin loves Kavya madly” said she. And Yohan closed his eyes tightly. “What?” Sanskar screamed. “Now don’t prove me you are dumb” said Ragini placing her hand on her ears.

“Haa bhai. You did not understand her joke only?” said Yohan smiling nervously. “Joke?” asked Ragini looking at him.

“Ha ha ha Ragu. You are too funny. But see Bhai did not feel it amusing. Now stop your bekar ke jokes. Time to sleep” said he and dragged her with him. “Joke but I…” Yohan pleaded her to shut her mouth. “Are you sure?” asked Sanskar.

“Haa Bhai. Is there any doubt in that. Actually we like each other and this girl is taking revenge that I haven’t proposed her” said Yohan and Ragini opened her mouth shocked. “We?” she asked pointing to herself and Yohan. “Ohho Jaan you are so funny” said Yohan acting.

“Jaan?” asked Ragini shocked. “Oh common now. I will speak to mom this weekend don’t act weird now” said Yohan pulling her along. Kavya who was standing behind him just then heard him and it hurt her and she could not understand the reason.

It also hurt someone else whose heart which was fluttering with joy some time ago broke into pieces.  He closed his fist to control the anger which was ready to bust as volcano.


One more patakha for the Diwali night. 

Happy Diwali and stay blessed.

Sally ?

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