“And you think I will agree to that?” she asked crossing her arms. “You got to do that bandariya.” he shrugged his shoulder. “Why on the earth will I help you Mandha Buddhi. Go help yourself. At least your brain will grow” she giggled. “You again called me that bandariya” he deadpanned at her.

“That’s what you are. MB….. Mandhabudhi” she screamed running from there. “Yaar bandariya stop na. I need your help in this. Kishan bhai really loves that girl. You know him. He will never say it to her” he got hold of her finally.

“Do I look like a cupid to you?” she waved her hands in air. “More than that” he smirked. “Bandariya” he screamed deafening her and ran from there sensing her moves. She chased him all over the park. The park which had been the witness of their bond over the years.


His heart beat raised as the past flashed as a fresh wound in his memory. The machine attached to count his heart beat beeped faster and with louder sound and he rose and fell on the bed like as if his breath was going away from him.

He felt something strange just before he lost his senses. Her eyes which raised all his dead emotions in a moment. The magical moment. And that fraction of second passed and his memory was replaying the vision of the headlight which approached him.

His breathing again sped and made him restless. Restless like he will miss something so dear to him. Something which he had cherished all his life.

“Doctor” the nurse’s voice made the doctor rush back inside the Operation theater. Sahil watched through the glass opening and found the doctors and nurses panicking and Sanskar body being moving with uneven speed. His mind deciphered that something is wrong with Sanskar’s health. May be something very bad.

The time seemed like dead for Ragini. She continuously shed tears out of her eyes for her helplessness. She badly wanted to see Sanskar. Her heart felt restless. The tears not stopping the downpour was making her vision blur. She was not understanding what kind of pain it was. What she felt right now.

She placed her hand on her fast beating heart. She inhaled heavy lump of breath. “Hey hey are you okay?” Yohan held her stretched right hand. She felt breathless for a moment.

“Ladoo” a scream played in her mind and she felt her vision blurring and squeezed his hand. He looked at her worried. “Hey Ragini” he bent his head. “I….I want to see Sanskar” she spoke with difficulty. “P…Please” she said controlling the pain in her heart which went on increasing. Like it was matching it’s pace with the pain in Sanskar’s heart.

“Okay okay. We will go. Before that I think you need a doctor” said he and helped her to stand. She was about to fall when he held her. “Please Yohan just once. Please” she pleaded him and he was not understanding why is she behaving so weird. This is so isn’t her.

“Fine” he said giving up and helped her to walk inside.


“What happened to my son?” Anu collapsed on the chair. Sahil knelt in front of her and held her hand. “He will be fine Badi maa. He will be” his assuring word made her look at him with squeezing heart. He himself wasn’t sure will his Sanky be back to normal.

Yohan walked in the scenario. Sahil fumed looking at Ragini. She walked near to the door like there was some magical spell bound to her and was attracting her. As she was just some inches apart from the door she found Sahil standing on her way.

“Sir I… I want to see him” she said with tears in her eyes. “And you think I will let you meet him?” asked he. “Sir please” she held her paining head. When she was losing her balance Yohan held her. “Bhai please. Can’t you see her condition. Please let her see him once. I will take her from here” pleaded Yohan. “Sahil please” said Kavya.

He glanced at Ragini whose condition was very bad. He felt pity on her and let Yohan take her inside. Yohan was interrupted by the doctor who rushed out. “We need O negative blood as soon as possible. His pulse is dropping. I checked in blood bank it isn’t available. Please check with your any relatives. It’s a rare blood group so you have to contact many people” said he and was about to walk in again. “Doctor can we see him once?” asked Yohan.

“Dr. Yohan being a doctor don’t you sense the seriousness of the situation. I can’t let anyone inside” he said strictly. “I do understand doctor. But…” he showed him Ragini who was struggling to keep herself awake. “She needs a medication but she is refusing to take it without seeing him” said Yohan. “And as I doctor for me everyone’s life is important” he pleaded the doctor.

“Fine” said the doctor and Yohan walked in with Ragini. They stood near Sanskar. “See he is fine Ragini. Now we will get O negative blood and he will be fit and fine” said he to Ragini who had rested back her head on his chest.

She tried speaking something but her heart again pained looking at Sanskar who was pierced with number of needles and was struggling to breath. She stretched her hand to touch and feel him for a moment but her wits gave up and she collapsed on the flood with a thud. Yohan panicked looking at her.

“Ragini…. Ragini….” he patted her cheek. “Bhai…… Vicky bhai….. Blood…..” she said and fainted in his arms. Her body temperature was dropping. Yohan picked her up and walked outside the Operation theater. Kavya felt strange looking at his concern. Sahil looked at her blankly.

“Ventilator” Yohan screamed placing Ragini on the bed of emergency ward. The duty doctor and the nurse followed his instructions. He rushed out towards Kavya. “Kavi do have any of her family members number? I did not find her mobile near her” Yohan held Kavya’s hand. “I…” she was blank for a moment.

“I don’t have” she said. “What happened to her?” she asked when he pulled his hair. “That’s what I want to know” he said looking at her worried. Kavya got more worried. One side it was Sanskar and on the other side it was Ragini.

“I know her family” Sahil said “May be” he created the confusion. Sahil dialed a number from his phone. He heard the ring and waited for someone to pick up the call.

“Hello” Vikram spoke and the next line made him drop the mobile phone. “Maa” he screamed.


“Where is she?” asked Vikram nearing Sahil along with Sumi. “What is he doing here?” asked Durga Prasad furious. “I’m not talking to you Mr. Rawat. So please” said he not giving any heed to DP. “Where is my sister?” his eyes went red and tears fought to drop down.

“She is here” said Yohan and Vikram followed him to the emergency ward with Sumi. Sahil sighed as he disappeared in the direction. “Did you people check with your relatives?” asked the Doctor who came out of the Operation theater. “Oh shucks. How did I miss it. Vikram has the same blood group” said Sahil and rushed in the direction Vikram had gone.

“Ragu bacha” Vikram sat beside her holding her hand. She was still struggling to breath. “What happened to her?” asked Yohan to Vikram. “She had an accident five years ago and had a heavy blow on her head. She has lost her memory and…” Sumi placed her hand on his shoulder and he stopped from further blurting out. “And?” Yohan asked.

“She gets these attacks when she experiences heavy pressure on her mind” said he and buried his head in her hands. Sumi looked at him painfully.

Yohan looked at Ragini who was unconscious. “Vikky” Sahil approached him. Vikram looked at him but did not turn.

“I need your help” said Sahil. Vikram looked at him confused. “Sanky… Sanky needs blood and you are O negative” said Sahil hesitant.
Vikram closed his fist hearing Sanskar’s name which did not go unnoticed from Yohan. “Please” Sahil pleaded. Vikram looked at Sumi who nodded her head in positive. “And I’m doing this only for our friendship as the last thing. Not for him” Vikram said with stiff voice.

Yohan looked at them blankly. In first place he did not understand how Sahil; for that matter DP and Annapurna knew Vikram. And if they are friends why Sahil behaves like he hasn’t seen Ragini before. So many questions ran in his mind. And there was only one person who could answer his question.


“He is stable now” said the doctor coming out of the Operation Theater. Everyone relaxed hearing him. “Thanks yaar Vikram” said Sahil. Vikram who was rubbing the blood vein gave him a sarcastic smile. “I wont let him die before he pays off for all his sins” said Vikram and walked away from there.

Yohan looked at him confused. So was Kavya.

“You are okay?” Yohan made Ragini to sit. “I’m” she said in a weak voice. She looked forward and found Vikram who was standing controlling his emotions.

“Bhayyu” her whisper brought him to life and he rushed to her leaving the breath he held from a long time and crushed her in his embrace. “You want me to die out of suffocation” she smiled weakly. He dragged her out and looked at her furiously. Sumi sat beside her and caressed her hair.

“Dare you said that again?” Vikram glared her. “Oh wow bhai relax Yamraj ko aapke pake hue jokes nai sunne. He wont dare to come near me” she chuckled and Sumi hit her on her head playfully. Finally Vikram chuckled through his tear filled eyes.


“Sanskar Sir?” she asked Yohan. He found her behavior strange. She wasn’t the vulnerable Ragini who was before whom he had seen earlier the same day. “Umm he… he is out of danger” said he smiling at her and she gave him the smile back.

He remembered how she was struggling just before the attack and was so vulnerable.
“Hey” Vikram stood beside extremely thoughtful Yohan who was looking at the sky blankly.

Yohan smiled at him. “Can I ask you something?” he said a bit hesitant. Vikram nodded his head. “Why is she behaving strange like nothing happened. I mean she was sobbing so badly looking at Sanky a moment before she fell unconscious and now…” he said and analyzed Vikram’s face which was showing his fear.

Fear to lose something very dear to him.

If he knew it wasn’t the fear but the pain from the past.

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