“Sanskar” Anu called when Sanskar was heading to his room. “I’m not hungry” he said and just walked to his room without uttering a word. Anu sighed and served DP and Adarsh who were sitting on the dining table. DP held her hand and she smiled weakly at him and served him the food. “Pari beta” she called and Pari walked to the dining table holding her baby bump. Adarsh helped her to sit. “Sanky had food?” asked she. “Jaan have food” Adarsh tried convincing her. “He did not have” she glared him and he looked away.

“Sanky” she called from there only. “Bhabi I’m not hungry” he screamed back. “You know I’m not gonna have food. Then forget about your princess’s health” she pouted angry. Sanskar stood near the railing soon and looked down at her and found her sitting without touching the food. “You are crazy” he descended the stairs glaring her. “Do I need to give any certificate for that” she asked smiling. He sighed and sat beside her and she fed him the food and he walked back to his room without uttering a word.

“Only you can handle him” Anu smiled looking at Pari. “Some day try to be his mom than Mrs. Annapurna Durga Prasad Rawat. You also can handle him” Pari couldn’t hold her emotions anymore. “Pari” Adarsh kept his hand on her hand. Anu felt a stinging pain inside her. Definitely Pari spoke the truth.

She stood and walked to her room wiping her tears. “Pari Pari” Adarsh tried stopping her. “Sorry mom. She did not mean to hurt you. It is just her mood swings” Adarsh weakly smiled at her. She handed him a plate full of food and signed him to go to his room. He gave her helpless look and walked to his room.

Anu collapsed on a chair beside DP and held her head and sobbed. “Anu” DP placed his hand on her shoulder and tried consoling her. “Why can’t he understand. I’m his mom and whatever I do is for his good” she said helplessly. “Some times parenthood comes with selfishness and we fail to understand it. And that is what happened with us also. But the day he will realize your situation he will be fine. Just have faith” DP looked at her. She nodded her head looking at him.

“Pari Jaan” Adarsh entered the room with a food plate. Pari was sobbing holding the bed edge. Adarsh sighed and placed the food plate on the side table and walked to her and sat in front of her on the ground. “Jaan” he lifted her face and wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.

As he sat beside her she placed her head on his shoulder and he side hugged her. “Relax Jaan. Please this isn’t good for your health and moreover for the baby. Don’t you know how important this baby is? For us, for our family and for Sanskar” Adarsh’s words made her stop sobbing and she looked up at him with painful eyes and he nodded his head touching her head with his head.

He got up and took the plate and walked back to the bed and fed Pari the food. She wiped her tears and had the food. He made her eat the tablets. After some time he made her lie on the bed and she slept after trying a lot. Adarsh lied beside her and caressed her hair. “If only I could help Sanskar who is like your first kid, I would have done it long back. But I’m as helpless as you are. I just wish Sahil’s belief turns out true otherwise getting our Sanky back to normal is impossible” he looked at her and kissed her forehead.

Sanskar was working on his laptop sitting in his room. He was tired too much so he closed his laptop an walked to balcony to get fresh air to cool himself. His mobile beeped and he looked at the message. It was Kavya’s message. It read “Good Night with heart symbol” he sighed closing his eyes and placed back the phone in his pocket.


“What happened Doll?” Dayal asked as he saw Kavya dull on the dinner table. Yohan who was sitting in front of her noticed her and realized she was sad. “N.. nothing Poppy” she smiled weakly at him. Yohan found it strange. As they finished the dinner he called out “Sahil Bhai Kavi come we will go for a walk”. “Haa go beta. What will you do among us oldies” Harish pushed Sahil who walked uninterested.

“I’m sitting here. You both walk” Sahil said sitting on a bench with his phone. “You are so lazy Big bro” Yohan complained and got glares in return. He gulped in scared and walked with Kavya who couldn’t resist but burst out laughing. Yohan lost looking at her. “Come”she grabbed his hand and dragged him with her.

“So what’s the matter?” asked he when they reached the back side of the bungalow. “I never can hide anything from you isn’t it?” she asked giving up. “I’m all ears” he said. “Uhm I texted Sanky but did not get a reply. How much ever I try to give this relationship a chance it isn’t working out” she walked sad. More than her words her sadness made him sad.

He wasn’t sad for the matter she was talking about her future fiance but her sadness mattered to him more. “He realizes little late you know he is…” “Mandh Budhi” Kavya completed his words and chuckled. And Yohan chuckled with her. “I thought she will come running and stop me saying oye only I have the right to call him that” Kavya became sad suddenly.

Yohan placed his hand on her shoulder. “We will find her soon. I got the address and we will visit her soon” said Yohan. “Sachi” Kavya asked excited. He nodded her head and she jumped and hugged him and he was surprised due to her reaction held her back and smiled at her childishness. She kissed his cheek. “You are really the best thing happened to me Yohan.” she said smiling. He rubbed his cheek shocked.

“But after her” Kavya showed her tongue and ran from there and Yohan chased her biting his lower lip.


“Ragu bacha” Sumi entered her room tying her hair in a bun. She found Ragini looking at the wall. When she neared her she found her glaring a photo frame. “Bacha” she said placing her hand on Ragini’s shoulder. “Maa” she was still looking at the portrait blank. “Why don’t I remember Papa?” her question shook Sumi. She stood numb. “I might have been also his princess na” Ragini looked at Sumi with a smile and tears in her eyes. “Tell na maa. He used to love me more than Bhayyu na?” asked she and a tear tripped her eyes. Sumi looked at her painfully.
“Why don’t I remember anything maa. Why don’t remember my childhood. Why” she hugged Sumi and burst out crying bitterly. Sumi caressed her hair and closed her eyes painfully and looked at the portrait. “Only if I could tell her the truth Shekar” Sumi spoke in her mind and the portrait was revealed to be of Shekar who was smiling.

“Bacha” Shekar opened his eyes and sat sweating on the bed.


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