Sanskar woke up jerked. He was sweating and hyper ventilating. His palms were supporting his body against the bed. He brought his right palm and wiped his sweat. Still the horn sound was fresh in memory. Five years time span was no less than a nightmare to him. Five years were enough to drain his emotions and make him a stone. He was still hyperventilating and his heart was jumping. And the AC air wasn’t helping. The nightmare always looked fresh.

Getting out of the bed he removed the quilt and stepped on the marble floor. It was cold but not more than his cold heart. His steps moved towards the washroom. Turning the knob, he opened the door and stepped inside it. A huge lavish bathroom was on the other side of the door. He walked upto the shower and turned it on. The cold droplets of water touched his skin. Temperature change made him shiver a bit but he controlled his senses; after all he had mastered in it.

Half an hour. Approximately that was the time he stood below the shower and emotions or feelings not creeping and making way through his cold heart. Water droplets moved from his wet hair to his eye lashes. His eyes were red. Was he crying? Difficult to recognize through his stiff face that was he in pain? Those muscles had stopped contracting with his feelings. Feelings which were buried deep down. He wiped his face with his right hand. Physically his body responded but emotionally it was dead.


“Chidiya ka Ghosla uth jaa(Bird nest get up), Chipkali uth jaa, Budhu uth jaa” Vikram was banging his head slightly to the wall beside Ragini’s room door with half closed eyes and was re-bouncing. Sumi was walking to the kitchen tying her hair in a bun when she noticed Vikram. “Vikram” she looked at him confused. She sighed and walked to him and observed what was he trying to do. “Vikky” no response. “Vikram” again no response she glared him placing her one hand on her waist.

“Oye Vikram ke bache” she shook him and he opened his eyes jerked. “What are you doing?” she asked him showing the wall he was hitting his head to. “Maa I came to wake that Chipkali but see she had locked her door” he yawned. “What time you slept yesterday” she crossed her arms. “Normal time mom” he yawned again. “Really?” she paced her hand on her chin. “Hmmmm ya” he said yawning. “Then why are you still in sleep?” she looked at him. “I’m not mom” he rubbed his mouth and yawned again.

“Tho do you think you are Daya version 2. He breaks doors and you break walls. Or you think you are Shaktiman who can pass through this wall but yesterday night Kilwish bound you to some spell that you are not able to pass through?” she looked at him with serious look. He yawned again. “No maa. I was just” he yawned again. “Vikky get up it is morning” she shook him vigorously.

“Chimpu subah hogayi maamu” in next moment Ragini screamed in his ear who came out of the room just then. Vikram and Sumi jerked and rubbed their ears annoyed. “Ragu” Sumi screamed at her. “Bhootni” Vikram made a crying face. “I’m not going to office today. I will write zombie attack in reason while giving the application” he rubbed his eyes and walked to his room pouting.

Sumi who was looking at him moved her gaze to Ragini who was giggling looking in his direction. She sensed her mom’s gaze and turned slowly and gave a weak smile. Sumi pointed her look more at her. “Okie dokie” Ragini jumped like a small kid backwards and walked inside the room to get ready. Sumi nodded her head looking at her and walked to kitchen. She started preparing the breakfast.

“Bye mumma” Ragini kissed Sumi’s cheek after finishing the break fast and ran outside. “Aaram se Ragu” she screamed and then nodded her head when she realized Ragini did not hear her. Har Maa ki chinta Uski koi nai Sunta.(Every mom’s problem no one listens to her). She cleaned the dining table and while walking inside called Vikram who did not woke from his deep slumber. “These kids my God” she arranged her kitchen fed up of her daily routine of running behind her kids. Life sometimes looks unmoved. Is it really unmoved only time can answer. Asthana’s were literally unaware of the storm heading towards their happy family which looked content and complete.

Ragini was walking near the Ganpathi temple. She usually will not go daily to temple but today she felt she needed the divine aura around her which she believed as a protective layer. An unknown fear. Fear of some demon was making her heart shiver within the rib cage. A new chapter is going to start in her life. Was it so clear. God’s plans are never clear. If they are then you should think something is hidden behind it.

She walked inside the temple after removing the chappals. As she placed her right feet she felt strange. A film played in her mind. It was like a negative film which wasn’t clear. It looked far from reality and close to a fantasy or a dream. She was numb to take the next step like she was standing in between a bridge and she has to choose a side. Was it so easy? No answer.

“Ragu” the Pandit’s voice brought her out of her deep thoughts. She moved her eyes to him. “What happened Bacha?” he asked her calmly. She stretched her lips. She was not sure anyone will understand her confusion which was more like an illusion. She just nodded her head negatively and walked further. As she closed her eyes folding her hands the Bappa she daily used to converse looked like a stranger. Like she doesn’t know what is she supposed to do.

Some relations are bound to our hearts and her bond with her Bappa was same. Though her mind was failing momentarily her heart held her. “I don’t know Bappa I’m feeling strange today. It feels like I’m gonna face something which I don’t want to face all my life. It is a strange feeling I can’t even explain myself. But you know me na. You know me better than myself. So please get me out of this. It is unbearable” she shut her eyes more tight. And when you pray with all your devotion and when it looks you deserve it and best for you God will always fulfill the wishes that is what she believed in. Her beliefs were they worth keeping? Again just a question mark with no answer.


“Ragu” Kavya placed her hand on Ragini’s shoulder when she was outside the building. A kind of nervousness had covered her. And she wasn’t aware of the reason. She took few seconds to react and it made Kavya worry. “Are you okay?” she bent her head forward to get a clear picture of Ragini’s emotions. But they weren’t depicting out. May be she did not realize her own emotions and wasn’t reacting. “I’m okay” she smiled at Kavya. When you are friends it doesn’t matter you have spent years together or just few days, you can guess the changes in your friend and it did not take long Kavya to guess Ragini’s emotions. “You aren’t” Kavya crossed her arms. “I am trust me” Ragini pleaded her.

She did not wanted to stress on something which Ragini did not wanted to share. She thought they haven’t reached that stage still where they can share each and everything. And moreover it was necessary that she gave space to Ragini which was very much important for their friendship to grow a relationship she cherished so dearly. Though they met just two days before the feel Ragini gave she never felt all her life. It was kind of confidence that everything will be alright or she will make it alright.

“Trust me Kavi if I could explain you I wouldn’t have hesitated” Ragini thought as she smiled at Kavya weakly. Kavya’s arrival in her life was like something she gained after being away from it for ages. And she held it at the highest place in her heart. Mind will betray you but your heart never that is what she believed and followed.

“So Ragini ready to meet your new Boss” Ragini nodded her head at Riya who was still worried for her and gave a weak smile. She sensed something bad is gonna happen. She moved hesitantly to Sanskar’s cabin and Ragini moved behind her confused.

Riya opened the door of Sanskar’s cabin and sighed when she did not find him. She walked in and signed Ragini to enter. As she stepped in she felt a fragrance filling her nostrils. She knew this fragrance from ages she felt as the cool air touched her face and calmed her making her smile instantly. “You got your note pad?” Riya’s voice made her open eyes and she nodded her head. When she was about to turn and go Riya stopped her saying “Wait I will get” and Ragini nodded her head and Riya walked out.

Ragini moved more inside and analyzed the cabin each and every bit of it. It felt the person is familiar to her and she knows him from ages. She was walking backward lost and someone opened the cabin door and she jerked and turned back. There he entered the cabin and stood blank looking at her. Loud noises of a car screech and horn crossed his mind like a electric current refreshing his memory and the time stopped there for them. Riya who was walking looking at the book did not realize and opened the door and it made Sanskar stumble and he was about to fall but stood controlling himself very near to Ragini who had bent backwards sensing his closeness. The same cologne filled her nostrils and made her mind numb. Their eyes were just few inches apart from each other.

“Sorry sir. Sorry” Riya’s voice brought him to the world and both of them composed themselves and stood looking in different directions. “Riya” he screamed rubbing his forehead. Ragini jerked due to his voice. “Ouch Dumbledore why are you shouting she is standing behind you only. Oh that means your ears are not working properly. Uff I’m so dumb that I did not knew Mr. Dumbledore is deaf. I’m sorry” she screamed the last line.

“Ahhhh” he rubbed his ears annoyed. Riya who was trying to stop Ragini standing behind Sanskar walked in front of him and signed Ragini to keep quite. “Arrey Riya you should use sign language to him not me. He is deaf not me” Ragini looked at her confused. Riya hit her head with her palm. “What happened? Your head is paining? Come we will apply ointment” she then turned to Sanskar. “Okay Mr. Dumbledore I will come in some time she is hurt” Ragini screamed again making him shut his ears. As she walked dragging Riya out of the cabin all the limits to Sanskar’s anger crossed and he screamed at top of his voice “Tarun” “Ouch” Ragini rubbed her ears. Tarun who was in Sahil’s cabin stumbled hearing Sanskar’s voice and was about to fall when he was running out of habit.

“Tarun” Sahil glared him and Tarun gave him a confused look. “Tarun” he heard Sanskar scream again and walked out as he knew Sanskar will turn the whole office upside down if he don’t find Tarun. Sahil huffed and got up from his seat and walked out of his cabin.

“Get my black coffee” Sanskar ordered when he found Tarun. He nodded his head.”Tarun have you forgotten whom are you assisting?” Sahil stood crossing his arms. Tarun looked at him helplessly. “Tarun two minutes and you know if I don’t find my black coffee what will I do?” Sanskar gave him a death glare. “I mean seriously I feel like a girl who is stuck between two possessive lovers” Tarun looked up annoyed.

“Ohho Mr. Dumbledore you did not hear? Tarun is assisting Sahil sir and I’m assisting you. You want black coffee tell the office assistant why are you shouting at Tarun?” Ragini shouted so that her voice reaches Sanskar. Everyone closed their ears hearing her loud voice. Sahil who heard it couldn’t control his laugh and burst out laughing. All looked at him surprised. Specially Sanskar was so stunned. It had been five years that Sahil even chuckled. He looked like old Sahil. A smile crept on Sanskar’s lips.

Sahil who was laughing madly holding his stomach looked in Sanskar’s direction and his laugh faded and stopped when he realized the situation. He took a deep breath and walked to his cabin signing Tarun to follow. Tarun looked back at Sanskar who signed him to go with a slight smile. Tarun felt like flying in air. First time his boss smiled at him and allowed him to do something which Sanskar did not wanted. He turned and walked to Sahil’s cabin with wide eyes.

Sanskar’s eyes then moved to Ragini who was biting her nail and looking at everyone. And she looked at him. “Ramu kaka. Get me my black coffee” he screamed still looking at her. He signed her to come to his cabin and she nodded her head and walked inside. “Riya what was happening here?” Kavya who just walked out of her cabin asked Riya as she was busy on a conference call in her cabin and wasn’t able to witness. Riya narrated her everything. “She really did that?” Kavya widened her eyes surprised and Riya nodded her head. “Now I’m scared” Kavya looked at direction of Sanskar where Ragini just peeped inside the cabin.

“May I come in sir?” she screamed jerking him. He rubbed his ears and signed her to enter. She walked and sat on the chair in front of him. “Are you deaf? Why do you shout so much?” he asked her annoyed. “No sir. You have problem with your ears and I’m just trying to help you. And we should always help handicapped people. Bhayyu said. And we should not humiliate them that they are handicapped but should encourage them to come out of the depression” she was continuously talking shouting. “Stop” Sanskar screamed stopping her.

“First thing I’m not deaf” “Then why do you….” she screamed then lowered her voice “Then why were you screaming?” asked she like a small kid. He so badly wanted to smile at her innocence but his mind was strong. Strong and cold. “I talk with that tone only” he glared her. “Then don’t mind me sir. If you shout like that na in future you will surely become deaf” she shrugged her shoulders. He raised his one eye brow.

“Then what you think your ear drums are made of nylon cloth that will never tare?” she looked at him. He opened his mouth to say something and was stopped by her “It is very sensitive and can bust at any time and then don’t blame me for not informing you” she nodded her head. He opened his mouth again to say something and was again interrupted by her. “See sir this is not my scope of work but you know you are my boss and I don’t want my Boss to be deaf so soon. Think about me. I shouted only for five minutes and I’m feeling I became dumb” “If you talk this much you will surely become one day” he looked at her and rested his back on the chair.

“Haaw you are giving me Shrap?” she opened her mouth and closed it with her hand. He rubbed his forehead not finding ways to get out of this problem. “I’m sorry my maatha. Can you please send Riya to my cabin and only her” he folded his hand in a Namaste. She nodded her head and walked outside. He nodded his head and gulped the black coffee in the cup in a go and the taste made his face twist.

“He is calling you” Ragini stood in front of Riya pouting. Riya rushed to Sanskar’s cabin. Kavya held Ragini from her shoulders. “Ragu what happened?” she cupped her face. “He hates me. He doesn’t let me talk only and gives me shrap” Ragini pouted like a small kid. “Awww no problem I will talk to him” Kavya tried consoling her but she wasn’t aware she will be able to explain him. Ragini nodded her head and walked to her desk and sat.

Kavya walked to Sanskar’s cabin. “Riya wait out” she instructed entering his cabin. Sanskar who was looking at Kavya with anger threw the pen in his hand. “How many times Kavya I have to tell you don’t you interfere in my matters?” he looked at her. “I have no interest Mr. Rawat I just came here to inform you Ms. Asthana is assigned to you as your assistant from management team. And you cannot throw her out of the job” Kavya crossed her arms. “I wasn’t even thinking of it” he dead panned at her. “Even if now she cries she wants to leave the job I’m not gonna let her go unless she learns this job. You got that Ms. Singhaniya and one more thing I’m part of that management team and I hope I will be informed before taking the decisions next time” he collapsed on his chair. “Leave me alone” he whispered deadly and she walked giving him a confused look.

This wasn’t Sanskar whom she saw just now. Was that real Sanskar? She was confused within herself. Riya and Ragini looked at her and signed each other like they don’t know what happened to her and continued their works.

“Riya you make sure she follows the points I dictated you” Sanskar looked at Riya while walking out of the office. His eyes moved to Ragini who was looking into some file biting her pen. “And teach her some manners” he nodded his head and walked out. Riya turned and looked at Ragini and hit her head with her palm.
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