Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) Promo 1

“Vikram” screamed Swara

“I cannot live without Ansh and Ananya beta” cries Annapurna sitting on a bench

“I failed as a father beta” said Dayal looking at a distance and Ragini holds his shoulder to console him

A newly married couple is standing at the door of Maheshwari Mansion. Annapurna is seen twirling the Aarti thal across their faces.

“Will you marry me?” asks Yohan sitting on his knees and holding a ring.

“We have come with Shagun for marriage for your daughter” said an old couple sitting in front of Sumi.

“Your sorry will not bring back my bhayyu Mr. Maheshwari” says Ragini with tears in her eyes.

“Ragini” screams Sanskar on a road side.

“Can I call you maa” asks Ansh.

“Your my best friend first Sanskar. I know you from childhood. Why are you backing off” asks Kavita standing beside Sanskar on terrace.

Sahil hugs Sanskar and consoles him.

Dayal hugs Kavita and cries and rubs her shoulder.

“Why are you doing this Ragini?” asks Sanskar helplessly. “I have decided it and I don’t need to give you any explanation” said Ragini with rage.

Kavitha cries leaning to the room door.

“I Love you Swara. I really do. Don’t insult my love saying I’m felt pity on you” said Sahil holding Swara’s hand when she was leaving.

Sanskar slaps Ragini and she looks at him with tears in her eyes and holding her cheek.

“My love is strong Ms. Gadodia. I don’t need your confession. I know you love me” said Sanskar smiling.

“ha ha ha ha “ laughs Ragini and Sanskar lost himself in her laugh.


  1. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    dear u gave such a big shock promo is awesome awesome superb i don’t wanna gueess what’s next i just wanna read next part this is my hearty request plsz update soon

  2. Luvrags


    |Registered Member

    Its kk happens nd btw promo is many shocks are u going to give me man…waiting for the episode

  3. keerthu

    OMG…..What will happen to my ragsan dr………. Greet confusion yaar….. Plz update next episode as soon as possible dr………

  4. Kutty

    Shocking promo dr… So Sahil proposed swara. What abt swara. She recovered or not? Ragini nd sanky’s marriage or something else? Yohan proposing Kavya or Ragini? Everything is like this or that . Waiting for the revelation of what happened in past exactly.. Take care

  5. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Baaaaap re!!!!wt is disssss!!!!!!so many emotions ,confession,heart break,mystry in jst one promo!!!!!!wohooooo!!!loveit!!!waitng eagerly for d update!!!!!sty blesssed my mindblowng sallly!!!keeep rockng😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  6. Anu

    Vry nyc dear of all the characters i connected more with sanskaars ……….he is bearing so much pain.he deserves sooooo much love.even rag is in pain but atleast she has everyone to share her pain……….
    Now the situation is lyk ……………..NO ONE IS IN FAULT BUT EVERYONE IS IN PAIN…………jst want ragsan.swahil and kavya yohan to be happy sooon………….atleast ragsan………….cant wait for their lovely moments………..i knw its gonna take much tym to unite everyone………….but i jst cant wait.EK REQUEST HAIN PL SAY IN EVERY EPI WHEN U GONNA POST NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will help to hold our anxiety plz keep rocking dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sally_blr



      My cheeks are burning due to blushing after I read your comment. You really made my day. You are absolutely right dear. Sanskar is really suffering a lot because one thing is he is alone but the other thing is he has isolated himself. Men are like that they don’t open up easily. Everything will be fine but with the twists. I hope you will like the twists. Unite will take time but they will have their own sweet times hope you will like that also. I will surely dear. Problem is I’m writing one more ff so I have to adjust my timings and moreover these both are completely different so I just want to avoid mixing up emotions. If I can assure you the time I will surely mention. Sometimes if I don’t please don’t feel bad. Love you

  7. Asra


    |Registered Member

    Sally dear what a promo….u give me a mini heart attack dear….u gave heart attack in promo means Wht r u going to do in update? ? omg….
    married couple , Sanky slap ragini , yohan proposal…omg soo much twist….mystery queen and masterpiece….ur promo made me curious to read ur update….i can’t wait ya….so plz update soon dear….loved it dear…tkcr dear….

  8. Ragz_teju


    |Registered Member

    omg!!!! this promo increased my curiosity even more… now I can’t my self thinking what happens next… it’s beyond amazing.. I am eagerly waiting for next update…. loved it 😘😘😘

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