Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 8

“Hey kiddo. Give me that lollypop” said a tall guy to Ragini who was going to her class. Ragini got scared looking at him. She hid the lollypop and nodded her head. “It is for my friend. I cannot give you” said Ragini scared. “You are saying no to me. You know I’m head boy of the school. Who is asking you? I will take it myself” said the boy and tried to snatch the lollypop. Ragini started crying very badly. Vikky just came to check on Ragini. He saw her crying and a boy trying to snatch the lollypop from her hand. “Kishan” he shouted. The boy looked back and found furious Vikram. Ragini ran and hugged him crying. “What is your problem Kishan why are you troubling my sister” shouted Vikram angry caressing Ragini’s hair. “Oh she is your sister. Good. Now I will trouble her more” said Kishan approaching Ragini. He tried to snatch the candy again but Vikram held his hand and stopped. “How dare you?” shouted Vikram and jerked his hand away. Kishan winced in pain.

“Shona di” cried Ragini as she spotted Swara. She ran and hugged Swara who just arrived at the place hearing noise. “Ragu maa. What happened? Why are you crying” said Swara worried wiping her tears. “Wo… Wo… that bad bhayya tried to snatch my choki which I brought for Yohan. Bhayyu is fighting with him” said Ragini sobbing. “What” saying Swara got up with jerk. She held Ragini’s hand and headed where Vikram was fighting with Kishan. Kishan fell down. He found a stone and threw it in Vikram’ s direction and got up. The stone hit Vikram’ s head and it started bleeding. “Bhayyu” cried Ragini looking at Vikram who was wincing in pain. His oozing blood boiled her. She wiped her tears and her anger reached peak. She ran and pushed Kishan with full force with her little hands. Kishan fell down on the ground again. She sat on his stomach and started beating him. She held his hair and started pulling. Everybody was watching with open mouth. The girl who was scared of Kishan just few minutes ago, now was beating him black and blue.

Kishan started wincing in pain. Swara who was holding Vikram was still in shock looking at Ragini’s this side. She watched her with open mouth. Vikram saw her and followed where she was seeing. He saw his little princess was beating Kishan like some Matha has come in her body. He panicked and rushed to stop her because the way she was beating Kishan, he felt she will not stop until he dies. He stopped Ragini. She was still moving her hands to beat Kishan. “Bacha. Stop. Leave him” said Vikram dragging her. “How dare he. I will not leave him” said Ragini angry. Vikram saw this face of Ragini for the first time. Even he was scared looking at her big eyes. Swara cupped her face and said “Ragu maa. But this is bad. You should not beat someone so badly”
“I will kill the person who hurts my bhayyu or Shona di” shouted Ragini breathing heavily. Swara and Vikram saw each other tensed. Their chuyi muyi si sister was looking like a devil. Her anger was so scary. Even Swara jerked when she shouted. “Okay bacha. Now cool. He got his punishment” said Vikram turning her to his side. Her anger vanished looking at Vikram’s bleeding head. She started tearing. “Bhayyu. Its paining na” she said and touched his wound slightly and sobbed. Vikram felt the pain but composed himself as he saw her tearing. “No Bacha. It’s just small wound. It will be fine” said Vikram holding her little hand. She immediately hugged him and started crying. “Chalo we are getting late. I will get Ragu’s bag from her class” said Swara heading to her class. She picked the candy slipped from Ragini’s hand and went to her class. She called Yohan. “Yohan bacha. Ye lo tumhara choki. Ragu maa gave” said Swara handing the lollypop to Yohan. He smiled looking at it and waved her bye and went home. Swara picked Ragini’s bag and headed to medical room for getting first aid for Vikram. After that they headed to home. Sumi got worried looking at Vikram’s wound. He told her what happened in school. “Sumi” saying Shekar entered house. He sat on sofa after freshen up and called Sumi. “What happened ji?” asked Sumi. “I had got a call from kids school they have told to meet the principal tomorrow. Otherwise they will not allow Ragini inside class” said Shekar worried. Sumi told him whatever happened in school. “Okay let us go to school tomorrow” said Shekar and headed for dinner.
“Ms. Gadodia. Please come to my cabin” said Sanskar on intercom. “Now what is his problem” said Ragini and headed to his cabin. “May I come in sir?” she asked peeping inside his cabin. “Yes” said Sanskar coldly. “I need all the client details by end of the day” he said. “You could have told this in morning. It takes time.” replied Ragini. “I need not learn from you. Now get back to your work” said Sanskar looking at her. She knew it was no use arguing with dumb people and left his cabin. Ragini was searching all the files. She looked at the time. It was 6 o clock. She had just started searching the file. It will take minimum 2 hours to get the complete details and feed it in a document. She searched all the files and fed all the details in a document and mailed it to Sanskar. She checked the time. The clock was showing 7.50. She was already too much late. Sahil who came out of his cabin observed Ragini who was just preparing to leave. “Ragini what are you doing here still?” asked Sahil.

“Wo sir. Mr. Maheshwari asked me client details. I was just working on it” said Ragini locking her drawer. “Come I will drop you. It’s late. Today is Saturday and I don’t think you will get the bus at this time.” said Sahil. “No Sir. It’s ok I will manage. I will go by auto” she said hesitating. But she knew she has to walk as she did not have enough money for auto. Sahil was well aware of her financial condition. He knew she won’t be having enough money at this date of the month.

“Ragini. Don’t be so formal. I thought we are friends. It’s okay if you don’t consider me as” said Sahil sad. “No sir. Nothing like that. Fine I will come with you” said Ragini. Sanskar who was watching them from his cabin fumed. He came out of his cabin with rage. “Ms. Gadodia” he shouted taking all his anger out. Ragini who was smiling closed her eyes annoyed and turned to him and looked at him. “This is how you work? Your list is incomplete. I asked you all the client details. This is only Mumbai clients. Where are the list of clients around the country and international” said Sanskar. “Mr. Maheshwari. She will give you rest of the details Monday. Now it’s too much late. Let her leave” said Sahil. He was angry at Sanskar for making her stay so late. And now he was making matters worse for her. “Mr. Raheja. I think you have forgotten that she is assisting me. So I have rights to give her work. You need not interfere” said Sanskar coldly. Sahil closed his fist.

Ragini held his hand to cool him. Sahil felt her hand and looked at her. Sanskar fumed in anger looking this. Ragini assured Sahil to cool down through her eyes. It raised the boiling point of Sanskar’s blood more. He closed his fist and huffed. Ragini walked to Sanskar and looked into his eyes straight. “Can you please see the time sirrrr” said Ragini pointing at clock. It showed 8. “I feel you are not aware of Labour Laws” said Ragini rubbing her chin. “Ya I forgot IQ problem” said Ragini pouting. Sanskar fumed and neared her huffing. She did not move an inch from her place. She looked at him again and said “Let me enlighten you. Hmmm Labour Law states that whether you are private firm or government firm. The shift of the female working in your firm should be only till 8 if it is day shift. And if you make me work more. I will make sure that the Labour Law commission will be in you cabin soon. And you very well know I will definitely not leave a chance to humiliate you. All your companies will be sealed and investigation will happen and you know it’s like a black mark on your career as business tycoon.

Now I think it entered your thick brain” said Ragini smirking at him. He held her from her elbow and dragged her close. Sahil rushed to her rescue. “Misbehaving with your female employees also has a different Law. If you are not aware of it let me file an F.I.R, then you will understand” said Ragini looking at him. He left her hand and jerked. She was about to fall but Sahil held her on time. “Mr. Maheshwari. You cannot behave with employees like this” warned Sahil making Ragini stand properly. “Let’s go sir. You cannot expect better than this from him” said Ragini and stormed out. “Arhhhhh” screamed Sanskar and hit the glass table and his hand started bleeding. Tarun rushed to him and did his first aid. Sanskar jerked his hand after he finished tying the band aid. He pulled his hair frustrated. His hatred towards Ragini was increasing every minute. More than that her acts annoyed him to the core. He started driving his car furiously. At signal when the car stopped he saw Sahil and Ragini laughing and his anger increased looking at her when she touched Sahil’s shoulder for the joke he cracked. Sahil looked at her hand which touched his shoulder and smiled. Whereas Sanskar who was staring at them behind him held and pressed the steering wheel with rage and the blood started oozing from his wounded hand. But that did not pain. But Ragini touching Sahil’s shoulder pained him more. His eyes became red. He speeded his car as soon as the traffic light turned green. Sahil who was lost in Ragini’s laugh jerked due to the horn sounds as he had not started his car even after the light turned green. He caressed his hair blushing and drove to Ragini’s house. He stood outside his car and waved her bye. He waited as she entered her house gate. He turned to leave but a cute voice caught his attention. “Ragu maa” saying Swara rushed and hugged Ragini. Sahil stopped and turned back. His eyes popped out looking at Swara who was holding a teddy bear and behaving like a small kid. He closed his mouth which was open due to shock. He stumbled and leaned to the car. “Swara” escaped from Sahil’s mouth. He gained his wits and drove from there shocked. He couldn’t believe what he saw.
Sanskar entered his room furious. He messed his room angry. He remembered Ragini and Sahil’s closeness and banged the cupboard.

Ananya who was sleeping got up with a jerk and started crying. His hair was mess. He was sweating and fuming very badly. But Ananya’s cry cooled him. He went to Ansh’s room where Ananya was crying in the cradle and Ansh was trying to console her. Sanskar entered the room and picked up Ananya in his arms and consoled her. She recognized her Chachu’s touch and cooled down. He caressed her back and she slept. “How can I expect from a person who destroyed a family to understand the value of family” Ragini’s words ringed in his mind. A tear dropped from his eye. He wiped it and placed ananya in cradle back and kissed her forehead and headed to his room. Ansh looked at him and got disappointed again his Chachu did not speak.
A big sorry guys. I made you wait so much. Just was busy with other ff. Im holding my ears and asking you people sorry to make you people wait you so much. Hope you people will like it. Keep smiling.

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