Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 7

“Shonu. Get up bacha. I will get late” said Ragini cooking breakfast. “Ragu maa don’t go today please” said Swara entering the kitchen sleepy and rubbing her eyes. “I will come early bacha. Promise. Now come I will get you ready.” said Ragini consoling Swara. “But” said Swara pouting. “Don’t you want to go to park tomorrow?” asked Ragini. “I want to” said Swara. “Then let me go to office today please” said Ragini pleading. “Okay” said Swara pouting. “My Shona bacha” said Ragini pulling Swara’s chin. “Saloni Maasi. I’m leaving” shouted Ragini heading out of the house. “Okay beta. I will take care of Swara” said Saloni waving her hands at her smiling
“Ohho Ragini beta. I know you will not forget your bus pass. No need to show it to me daily” said the conductor to Ragini who was searching something in bag. “Kaku. Kurla stop give me ticket” said Ragini forwarding money. “What happened this time? Didn’t you buy pass?” asked the conductor. “Oh kaku. Swara Di was not well na this month so karcha kuch zyada hogaya. Not to worry I will take the pass in two days” she said smiling. “You know you could have not taken the ticket as I never check your pass.” said the conductor smiling at her. “You know na Kaku. I don’t do it. That’s why you trust me right? How can I break your trust and risk your job?” said Ragini convincing her conductor Kaku. The conductor smiled and moved forward to issue the tickets to other passengers.

“Kurla Kurla” shouted the conductor alerting the passengers to get down. Ragini got down from the bus and crossed the road and headed to her office. “Hi Riya” she said as she spot her colleague come best friend Riya. “Hi madam.” said Riya with a bright smile. She settled in her work station and turned on the computer.

“So guys may I have your attention please” said Sahil grabbing everyone’s attention. “I would like to welcome Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari who is joining our board of members from today. He will be handling everything from this office. I will be assisting him. Sanskar came and stood beside Sahil with chin up feeling proud. He started searching for the face for whom he did so much of stupidity like buying the maximum shares of Sahil’s company at double the price and playing the blackmailing game with Sahil with whom he have to work now onwards and shifting his base to the new company. He wanted to see the shocked expression on Ragini’s face and wanted to torture her as to break her confidence. As he scanned every face standing in front of him his eyes stuck on familiar beautiful face to see whom he was craving all the time. And his smirk became more intense and eyes gleamed.
But wait. What did he saw shocked him to the core? He really did not expect this coming.

Ragini had folded her hands and she was smirking looking at him. He couldn’t believe his eyes which were widened as if they will pop out any time. Sahil saw his expression and a curve appeared on his face. He shook him and brought him out of his thoughts and introduced all the departments. After that he guided Sanskar to his new cabin where he will sit. He was still shocked. From his cabin Ragini was clearly visible. She was busy with her work. And he boiled in anger. Sahil was controlling his laugh looking at his condition. Sanskar sat on his chair and called Ragini on intercom “Ms. Gadodia. Come to my cabin” and banged the receiver. “I’ll take your leave” said Sahil leaving. Sanskar was not in a state to reply him he just kept thinking. “Excuse me sir? Did you call me?” said Ragini peeping inside his cabin. He shot some death glares at her and nodded his head. His face clearly showed his annoyance. The Great Sanskar Maheshwari; world revolved around him. Whatever he planned it used to happen or he will make sure it happens. But a girl, a mere middle class girl entered his life and turned his plans upside down. After she entered his life his plans have failed always. She was a bad news for him. But something inside made him to crave for her. Even if she meant to destroy him; his soul needed her. And he was doing all the stupid things to get her attention. But she always turned the plates and left him shocked and helpless. As he looked at her he saw her holding a letter and the curve came back to his lips. “So. Ms. Gadodia is ready to take the defeat. I knew it. But your resignation is not accepted” said Sanskar holding the table with his hands and turning his chair and pointed at the envelope she was holding. She looked at it and smirked looking at Sanskar and said “Who told you I’m giving resignation?” asked Ragini raising her one eyebrow. Sanskar leaned to the table shocked and said “What’s that in your hand?”

She showed the envelope to him and asked “This you are talking about? This is the envelope Sahil sir told me to give it to you. Sirrr”. She pressed the word sir purposely. He was shocked again. “You had any work to assign me sir for which you called me?” asked Ragini coldly brining him out of the shock which was not letting him recover. “Haaa? Nothing” said Sanskar trying to collect what is happening around. He planned so much to annoy her and shock her and she was giving him bigger shocks. She kept the envelope on his table and turned to move smirking at poor Sanskar.

He suddenly came out of his thoughts and said “Aren’t you shocked?”. She smiled and turned back as she expected he will surely ask this question. “Why should I?” she asked him countering casually. He was not able to take it anymore. “Didn’t you get annoyed finding me here? I mean you have to work under me now. The person you hate the most. I thought you will throw the resignation letter on my face and try going out of the company and I will not let you go so easily as I made you sign the bond blackmailing Sahil in which it was written that you cannot leave the company for 3 years, and if you want to you got to pay 1 crore to the company” he blurted out in a breath. “You know Mr. Maheshwari? You earn people with your money and I earn people with my nature. People might be scared of you but people trust me and be loyal to me” said Ragini looking straight into his eyes. He looked at her confused. “Sahil did not cheat me. He told me what you did to him. So I was not cheated but I knew what will happen.” she said biting her chin inside her mouth. He did not see that coming. “Oh waaw I’m so special that you are concentrating on my life spending all your wealth and time on Me.” she said dreamily. Then she straightened herself. The curve back on her face “Actually if you wouldn’t have done so much circus and made Sahil sir to go through all this also I wouldn’t have tried leaving the company” she said smirking. His eyes were fighting to pop out. “Oh poor you. You have to do so much for nothing in return” said Ragini teasing him pouting sadly. She again hurt his ego and he burned in anger and his eyes bled red and face turned red.

She looked at his ears teasing as if he is burning and she could see the virtual smoke. Ragini looked at him amused. She turned and walked a bit. Sanskar pulled his hair frustrated. She stopped at the door and turned a bit and said “And most important thing. You don’t affect me. Not even for a second. And when you have crossed my life or should I say trying to cross my life more appropriately, let me clear you one thing. This is my revenge. And you will see the worst side of me. Just wait and watch. Your countdown starts now Mr. Maheshwari. 3, 2, 1 and boom” said Ragini imitating the explosion and scared the hell out of him. She smirked and left the room banging the door. The banging noise of the door again scared Sanskar. Tarun who was watching all the happenings standing inside the cabin was shocked like anything. He was blinking his eyes collecting what just happened. He smirked looking at his boss who was so scared first time in his life and thought to himself looking at the direction Ragini went “This is called tit for tat. Where I was praying to God to save her. And here she scared the hell out of this beast. Wowww what is she? This is why it is said never underestimate a girl. When she will turn into Durga Maa nobody can predict.” and closed his eyes remembering Goddess Durga. “Hmmm what you thought Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari? You are ultimate? You chose a wrong competent this time. Now I have to pray for you” thought Tarun looking at Sanskar with sympathy. Ragini went and stood beside Sahil. He lifted his palm and she hit it with her palm giving him high five. Both of them looked at each other and busted out laughing. Ragini remembered what happened two days back.

“I trust you” said Ragini smiling at Sahil and turned to leave. “Wait Ragini. I cannot cheat you.” he said getting up from his chair. He walked and stood in front of her. She looked at him confused. He started narrating “Actually Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari had agreed to our deal which is very important to our company. We are running into loss from past year and I felt he could be the savior. But he turned out to be self-centered person. I don’t have any idea what is his problem with you. He blackmailed me to get your signature on bond paper which states you cannot leave the company for 3 years and if you want to do so you have to pay one crore to the company.” and left lump of air to relax his senses. Ragini looked at him narrowing her eyes. “Seriously I did not want to do this. But if he withdrew from the deal now our company will be at a non-recoverable loss. And so many employees depending on it would be on streets” he said pleading her for apology. “Please forgive me. I will make arrangement for your resignation. I will get one crore for you. You just throw it on his face and get out of this hell as he has planned to move his work base to this office in order to torture you” said Sahil feeling pity for her. “You are literally saying me to get scared and run away?” asked Ragini folding her hands. “He will not spare you Ragini. You need to get out of this. Trust me. You need not pay me back that money also” he said assuring her.

“I will not back off. And what’s the assurance that he will not stoop lower after I left the company. Wherever I will go he will cross my path. Running away is not the solution sir. I will face him. He has to pay for what he made you to go through. And it’s my promise” said Ragini determined. Sahil looked at her feeling proud. “You are not angry at me for cheating you?” he asked hesitant. “First thing. You did not cheat me. Thinking of cheating and cheating are two different things. I trust you more now” she said smiling looking at him. His heart beamed with happiness. Till now he respected her for her work. Now he respected her for her immense courage. He smiled proudly.

Sahil was walking in the corridor of his office to get to his cabin. A girl who was in a hurry bumped into him. He held her and prevented from falling. When he looked at her face his heart felt a tickling sensation. She had closed her eyes fearing of the fall. He kept staring at her. After some time she opened her eyes. He got back to the world as her eyes met with his eyes. But she had already bound him to a magical spell. He made her stand proper. “Sorry sorry sorry. I was just in hurry as it’s my first interview. I did not see you coming and bumped into you. Sorry” she said. Her eyes, her innocent face were not letting him to concentrate on what she was saying. “Hello?” said the girl waving her hand in front of him. He landed in reality and looked at her and said “That’s ok. Even I didn’t see you coming” and left from there nervous. “Khadoos” said the girl under her breath and continued her walking.

“Okay. We will let you know.” said Sahil smiling at a candidate after finishing the interview. He gulped the water in his glass tired due to continuous interviews. He looked at the next resume and called the peon with the calling bell and told to let in the next candidate. He was analyzing the resume and said “interesting” A girl peeped in his cabin and said “May I come in sir?” He without lifting his head said “Come in.” and showed the seat to sit. The girl sat on the chair. “So Ms. Ragini Gadodia…” and lifted his head but stopped as his eyes met her eyes. She was the same girl with whom he collided an hour ago. “You?” he said surprised. “I’m sorry sir for the morning incident.” she said scared looking at him. He sensed her nervousness. “No that’s totally fine. Forget about it.” he said smiling consoling her and continued the interview.

“Nice meeting you Ms. Ragini. You are selected for the post. Just complete some formalities with HR. I will instruct them. You can join the company from tomorrow.” said Sahil shaking his hand with Ragini. She smiled with excitement and said “Thank you so much sir. I will take your leave now”. She headed out of the cabin and Sahil smiled looking at her direction. From the day she joined, she worked with utmost honesty and helped Sahil to come close to his employees. They became good friends and she used to advise him so that he can get along with his employees very well. He became the best boss his employees loved. He loved the way she used to solve the issues and the she spoke to him boldly. He used always gets himself lost when she will be giving any presentation.

Whenever Ragini was upset his heart pained and he used cheer her with his antiques. And her laugh was soothing which use to make him forget his frustration and all the pain. He was not sure about his feelings towards her. Sanskar’s blackmail did one good thing which confirmed his feelings towards her. The thought of her going away from him triggered all the emotions of his heart. But he had to get her out of it at any cost. But she surprised him with her decision. He felt proud of her. His heart beamed due to her courage. He felt he will be the luckiest person to have her in his life. But he needed to know what she felt about him before proposing her. He looked at her smirking face and smiled. He had decided to be with her in all her fights now onwards. “Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, you will not have peaceful sleep now onwards. And that’s my confidence on my Ragini.” He said in his heart. “My Ragini? This sounds so beautiful. Just like her” he said to himself looking at her. Ragini waved her hand in front of him bringing him out of his thoughts.
“No. You cannot do this and I will not let it happen” said Sanskar frustrated. “I will not let you win Ms. Gadodia. Not now. Not ever” he said sitting on his chair. He was thinking how to tackle her now as she will not leave a chance to humiliate him now. His fears were right.

I know guys you might be expecting romantic scenes but you got to wait for it. But thashan tho I will promise. I don’t know how you people will take this. You have to tolerate this side of Ragini. Sorry if anyone felt bad about it. Keep smiling guys.

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