Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 5

Vikram : Bhavesh Balchandani
Swara : Jannat Zubair Rahmani
3 yers old Ragini : Anannya Kolvankar
5 year old Ragini : Harshita Ojha

“Papa. Mumma will be alright na?” asked a boy of age 7 years keeping his hand on Shekar’s shoulder who was sitting on a white bench outside the labor room; worried. Shekar smiled and caressed the boy’s hair and said “Haa Vikky. Don’t worry. She will be okay. Mama will bring a gift for you and Shona”

The boy smiled at the thought of gift. “Go see where is Shona?” said Shekar to the boy. He went happily. As soon as he came back with Shona, Shekar took him inside a hospital room where Sharmishta was lying on the bed cladded with white hospital dress and something beside her. As he approached he saw the bundle of white cloth moving slowly. He walked looking at it. Sumi was smiling and looking at him waiting for his explosion of expressions. As he neared her bed he saw a new born baby was sleeping and moving its hands and legs faintly. He opened his mouth surprised and shouted “Mumma” and held his mouth excited. “Babyyyyy?” he shouted. Sumi saw his excitement and smiled widely. Shekar smiled looking at his excitement. Swara who was busy sucking the candy ran to him and saw a cute baby beside her mumma. She smiled widening her eyes with excitement. Sumi got up and sat on the bed holding the baby with Shekar helping her. Vikky sat beside her and touched the baby nose and the baby moved its hands and rubbed its nose; Vikky smiled looking at it and looked at Sumi who was smiling looking at his excitement. He grabbed the baby in his embrace carefully. “My gift. My Gudiya” he said with a wide smile on his face admiring the innocent soul in his hand. Sumi smiled caressing his hair and nodded with happy tears. “My gift” Saying Swara tried to grab the baby. “Behave Shona. He is elder than you” said Sumi showing her eyes to Swara. “Just 10 min elder than me” said Swara pouting sadly. “She is my Gudiya.” said Vikky dragging the baby close to his chest. “No mine” said Swara trying to hold the baby. “Stop fighting guys. God why did you make them twins. Now I have to get a gift for Swara also” said Shekar winking his eyes looking at Sumi. Sumi opened her mouth in shock and hit him playfully. He burst out laughing. “Really poppy. You will get me a gift?” asked Swara excited. “No Shona. You both have to share this gift only. โ€œsaid Sumi glaring Shekar who was controlling his laugh.

“Mamma. What will we name her?” asked Swara excited. “Ragini” said Sumi thinking a bit. “Woow Swara and Ragini. Swaragini. Yippe mumma” said Swara hugging Sumi. “Not fair mumma. You always think about her.” said Vicky pouting. “Yew” said Swara showing her tongue out. “She is my Gudiya. What if her name is attached to your name? She is attached to my heart” said Vikky kissing the baby’s head. After fighting for some more time Swara sat beside Vikky playing with baby when she woke up. After two days they were discharged and Sumi was back to household chores within a week. Swara and Vikram used to take care of the baby to avoid the burden on Sumi’s head to manage house and Ragini at the same time.

“Mumma Gudiya is crying come” said Vikky dragging Sumi who was combing Swara’s hair. “Haa Vicky. Let me plait Swara’s hair. Ladoo might be crying because of hunger.” said Sumi consoling Vicky. “Leave this chipkali. See na how badly she is crying” said Vicky pleading Sumi. “Bandar” she huffed looking at him. “Leave mumma I will plait myself. You go to Ragu” said Swara dragging her hair from Sumi’s hold. Sumi went and fed the baby and came back and saw Swara had already plaited her hair. She smiled and caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. “Mela Shona bacha. Don’t feel bad. Ladoo is small na…” said Sumi to her. “Mumma she needs you more than me I know. She is my Ragu. How can I be angry at her” said Swara smiling. Sumi smiled and hugged Swara.
“Vikky you are getting late beta” shouted Shekar. “Haa papa just a minute.” said Vikky. He sat beside baby Ragini. “Bacha. I’m going to school. I will come back soon. Don’t cry ok.” said Vikky holding the baby’s hand. She smiled looking at him and started clapping her small hands. And he headed out smiling. “Bye Ragu ma” said Swara heading out and kissing the baby’s cheeks. Ragini touched Swaraโ€™s face with her small hands.
“Today I will sleep with Ragu” said Swara showing her tongue to Vikky. “Whatever” said Vikky avoiding the fight. After Ragini’s arrival he had become calm. He avoided fighting with Swara most of the time sensing it will have a bad effect on his Gudiya. His life started revolving around his Gudiya.
“Bhayya bol. Bol bhayya” said Vikky sitting and playing with his Gudiya. “Di bol di” said Swara counter attacking. “No she will tell bhayya first” shot Vikky. “No. No. She will tell di first” said Swara folding her hands. Ragini was just moving her head left to right and then right to left looking at Vikky and Swara’s fighting. “ma ma ma” said Ragini fumbling. Both of them got surprised and looked at her. She was still biting her lips. “Mumma” both shouted at a time. “Kya hai” said Sumi coming out of the kitchen. “Ragu said ma ma” said Swara excited. “Really?” asked Sumi. “Haa mumma” said Vikky getting up and holding the baby. “When she will say papa?” asked Shekar coming out of his room pouting. “Shekar” saying Sumi glared at him. All of them burst out into a roaring laughter.
“Bhayyu. Didi” said Ragini calling them both with her little hands near the temple. Vikky lifted her. “Kya hua Gudiya?” he asked. She showed a direction where a balloon wala was going. “Ballu” she said stumbling. “Ragu ko ballu chahiye?” asked Swara pulling her cheek. She nodded her baby head saying yes. Swara went and brought the balloon and made Ragini hold it in her tiny hands. Vikky and Swara touched 3 year old Ragini’s cheek with their cheeks hugging her from both sides and smiled looking at her excitement due to the balloon. Though they fought like cat and dog all day. Ragini was the link who connected them like siblings. The fight to have the best thing for themselves changed to giving the best thing to Ragini. Both of their happiness bonded to Ragini’s happiness. She was soothing breeze in their life that cooled them and glued them together.

“Today is your first day in school. Be with Vikky bhayya and Shona Di. Don’t go outside the gate. Samjhi?” said Sumi tying 5 year old Ragini’s hair in a ponytail. She nodded her head smiling.

“Bacha come fast. We are getting late” called Vikky. “Haa bhayyu coming” said Ragini and ran with her bag. “Give I will hold it” said Swara taking the bag from Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini held Vikky’s finger and walked with them. “Gudiya. Come” said Vikky lifting her and making her to sit on his shoulder. She clapped her hand smiling as she could see the world at a different height. Swara smiled looking at her excitement.
“Ansh. Don’t run beta.” said Annapurna trying to catch hold of Ansh who was running around in the Mall. She was pushing a trolley of baby with her. “I should have taken the Sugar tablets.” she said holding her head which she felt is spinning. She tried hard to stand still but was failing miserably. As her strength drained the trolley in her hand slipped and she shouted “Ananya…” Ragini who was with Riya for her kid’s shopping heard a lady shouting and turned and found a trolley with the baby; moving fast and nobody holding it. She ran and held it before it could fall from the escalator. People gathered around horrified. Ansh ran back to the spot hearing Annapurna’s cry. Ragini sighed in relief as she could save the baby at the right time. Annapurna gathered her strength and came to the spot where she saw a girl pulling the trolley near the edge of the escalator. She sighed finding her grandkid safe. She wiped her tears and approached her savior. Ragini turned and saw Annapurna who was struggling to walk. She walked to her. “Aunty relax” she said helping Annapurna to sit on a bench nearby holding the trolley in the other hand. Annapurna was struggling to not to faint due to low sugar level. Ragini sensed it and gave her a chocolate which she purchased for Swara and consoled her. Ansh ran to the spot as he saw his Dadi sitting and is about to faint. “Dadi” said Ansh running. Ragini saw him and got surprised. “Ansh?” she called out with excitement. “Ragini Di?” said Ansh turning to her. “Thank you beta” said Annapurna caressing Ragini’s cheeks. “Arrey that’s ok Aunty. You should be careful na? You are a Diabetic patient. You should be more careful. Why have you come alone that to with this shaitan in this state” said Ragini consoling Annapurna and hitting Ansh playfully. “Ouch di” cried Ansh. “Why were you running leaving your Dadi? Bad boy. โ€œsaid Ragini glaring Ansh with fake anger. Ansh held his ears in front of Annapurna and said “I’m sorry Dadi. Because of me all this happened. Forgive me na”. Annapurna smiled at his cute face and caressed his hair. “You know each other?” asked Annapurna. “Arrey Dadi I told you na about meeting one didi in Park. She is the same didi” said Ansh smiling. Annapurna smiled looking at Ragini and said “Thank you beta. If you weren’t there today. I would have lost my Ananya. ”
“Arrey Aunty. Leave it. You be careful ok. Don’t come outside like this alone. Tell your son to come with you” said Ragini consoling her. Anu’s face fell but she covered her expressions and said “Thank you beta” Ragini felt strange but brushed her thoughts. “Come Aunty I will drop you to your house” said Ragini helping Anu to get up. “It’s okay beta. Car is there and driver is also there.

Just help me till parking. I will manage” said Anu not willing to bother Ragini more. “Ok aunty as you wish” said Ragini smiling and supporting Anu to walk. Riya pushed the baby trolley till parking. “Thank you beta. Come home someday” said Anu sitting inside the car with Ansh holding Ananya. Suddenly Ananya started crying. “Owww. Relax baby. ” said Ragini taking Ananya in her arms to cool her. Anu smiled looking at Ragini who was cooling Ananya. Ananya never cooled down so quickly. She started smiling looking at Ragini who was making funny faces to cool the baby. After sometime the baby fell asleep. “Sorry Aunty for taking her without permission. But I cannot see baby crying” said Ragini apologizing and handing the baby back to Annapurna. Anu smiled and said “That’s okay beta. Now I will take your leave. Someday come to our house okay”
“Sure Aunty I will definitely try to” said Ragini smiling. “Acha driver chalo” said Anu turning to the driver. “Bye Ragu di.” said Ansh waving his hand as the car moved. “Bye Ansh” saying Ragini waved back and headed back to the mall. The car headed to Maheshwari mansion. On her way Anu was remembering Ragini and her generous acts. It drew a wide smile on her face.
“Tarun” called out Sanskar from his cabin. “Yes sir” said Tarun peeping inside and entering the cabin. “Tarun can you please do me a favor. Please get me the info of Company where she is working.” Tarun smiled and headed out of the cabin acknowledging his Boss’s command. After the meeting with Ragini there was a surprising behavioral change in Sanskar which didn’t go unnoticed. He started using the words ‘please’ and ‘sorry’ often. And his attitude towards his employees had softened a bit only a 0.0001 percent, but it had huge remarkable effect. The arrogant Sanskar Maheshwari was losing his arrogance bit by bit. Ragini had already occupied his mind from the day he saw her first time but slowly his personality was getting dissolved due to her. Before Tarun always thought even if the moon falls to the earth his Boss cannot live without his arrogance. Tarun wondered how Ragini can affect him so much that she was healing his messed up life and lessoning his rude behavior. He felt she is the only person who could completely break the arrogance wall his boss had built around his heart which was colder than the coldest thing on earth. He brushed his thoughts and got back to his work
“She is doing something to me. Why is she affecting me so much? Why do I need to clarify to her or justify to her. Why her anger breaks me. Why her tears builds a tornado in my heart. This stupid idiot heart of mine starts racing remembering her fragrance. She is driving me crazy. No no I should not let my heart take over my mind. I will break her confidence. I will surely. How can she avoid the conversation with me? Only I got the right to do so. She will witness my limit up to which I can go to destroy her.” thought Sanskar twirling his chair. But he wanted to talk to her at any cost.
“Wait Mss. Gadodia. I need to talk to you” said Sanskar stopping Ragini who was heading back to her house. She was surprised looking at Sanskar in front of her. She raised her one eyebrow and said. “Don’t you understand English? I don’t want to listen whatever you want to say. Now move out of my way” she said and pushed him aside. Sanskar’s ego got hurt, nobody till now dared to push him and humiliate him this way. He held Ragini’s hand and dragged her with all his force. Ragini was surprised and she landed on him backwards. He covered his hand around her waist still holding her hand. She was cursing him and struggling to get out of his hold.

He never let any girl to come so close to him all his life. Her soft curves and the fruity smell of her silky hair arouse a feeling to grab her more and more. So he pulled her still close. Ragini got horrified due to his closeness. Her fragrance was making him wild. He leaned to her neck and inhaled her fragrance and got himself lost. His face was approaching her neck and Ragini felt an urge to drag herself away from him. The more she tried he was tightening his grip more on her; not willing to let her go. He saw her milky neck which was inviting him to feel it and he moved close to it and pushed her hair to fall on one side. Ragini guessed his move as his hand touched her skin sensuously. Not finding any option to get out of his hold she blurted. “Already you are a murderer.

Now do you want to spend your time in Jail as a rapist?”
He felt somebody has stabbed him. “Rapist” the word made him feel disgusted about himself. He stopped his approach and turned her with a force and pushed her. She fell on the ground not able to balance herself. He bent himself and locked his eyes with her and said “If I wanted to, I have plenty of options far far better than you. Don’t fly in dreams Ms. Gadodia” He straightened himself brushed his blazer moved to his car and drove off from there. He banged the steering wheel frustrated. “Rapist” her voice echoed in his ears.

Ragini got up and clapped her hands to wipe the dust and brushed her dress and straightened her hair. She looked at the direction he drove off and said “Jerk” and walked to her home.

“Sanskar…” before Anu could complete Sanskar ran to his room and banged his door without giving any attention to her. She felt bad at his cold behavior. But she was helpless. She wished some miracle to happen and to get her old Sanskar back.
“Damn. What does she think of herself? Am I despo. A rapist? How dare she?” he said roaming inside his room frustrated. “Why is she affecting me so much? I should not give her importance. I will make her life hell. Just wait and watch Ms. Gadodia. Your countdown starts now.3, 2, 1 and boom” said Sanskar smirking.
Hi guys. Actually I’m writing this as FF only but telly updates is posting as few shots. Don’t get confused. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you people liked it.


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    I love ur writing skills its just incredible i totally fell in love with ur both ffs to the core suprb keep it up n keep rocking as alwaysssss ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“ keep smilinggg

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    Superb episode….
    Fantastic dear….
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