Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 4

“Hello Madam. My name is Tarun. Mr. Sanskar…..” before Tarun could complete Ragini closed the door on his face. “Ouch” he screamed in pain as the door hit his long nose. Ragini heard his scream and felt bad. She closed her eyes leaning to the door and cursed herself. She opened the door with apologetically face. Tarun was holding his nose which turned red. “I’m really sorry.” said Ragini still holding the door. “No no it’s ok” said Tarun consoling her waving his hands in air. The blood which oozed from his nose caught Ragini’s attention. “Oh fish. It’s bleeding. Oh god please come in I will do the first aid” said Ragini coming out and standing in front of Tarun showing pointing at his nose. He touched his nose and saw the blood. After much insistence he followed her inside the house. Ragini made him sit on the sofa and went inside to get the first aid box. Tarun analyzed the house. He felt they are not in very good condition. Not even equal to his financial condition. But still the house was neat and tidy.

He saw Ragini coming out of a room with a first aid box. After much refusing at last Ragini wiped the blood from his nose and applied an ointment to prevent further blood flow. She brought some ice cubes wrapped in a cloth and rubbed it on his nose. Tarun was surprised to see Ragini’s caring side. A minute ago she looked like Kaali maatha ready to crush him beneath her leg. And now she was looking like a mother who is most worried for her kid’s pain. How can the same person change drastically so quick. “You need anything to eat or drink?” asked Ragini bringing him out of his thoughts. He just nodded no. “I’m really sorry. I did not know you are standing so close to the door. Please forgive me” she said holding her ears like a small kid. Tarun smiled and nodded his head and said “No ma’am. Don’t be. It was my fault too.”
“Are you okay? It’s not hurting na. Come I will take you to Doctor Uncle. He stays in next Galli only” said Ragini getting up. “No ma’am. It’s fine. I’m okay” replied Tarun. “Wo ma’am actually I came here from Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari’s side…” saying Tarun tried to getting back to his work. But stopped as Ragini’s face expression changed and she got up to leave. “Ma’am please listen to me once. It’s about my job. I will lose my job. My family will be on road. Please ma’am” said Tarun pleading. The word family caught her attention and she turned and stood in front of him folding her hands and said “Fine. Tell me”

“Ma’am. Sir wants to have a meeting with you. If you don’t agree he will sack me out of job. My wife has delivered a baby girl two days back only. It will be very difficult to manage my family and search for a new job at the same time. And people will not even let me inside their office after they come to know that I was sacked from job by Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. Please ma’am” said Tarun pleading folding his hands in front of Ragini. Ragini felt bad for him as he has to serve such a beast who will not understand anybody’s pain. “Fine fix a meeting with your boss today evening. I’m ready to face that beast only for your family’s sake. And this will be the last meeting. Just tell him. And I will make sure he does not give you such threats to your job anymore” said Ragini consoling Tarun. He was so happy as Ragini understood his plight which even his so called Boss could not understand. He felt the word beast really suited him as Ragini said. He smiled and left from there happy.

“Ragu maa. We are going to the park na?” asked Swara holding Ragini’s hand. “Haa Bacha. Come we will get ready and go” said Ragini caressing her hair. “Yay” said Swara heading inside the room. They went to the park near to their home. It was Ragini’s usual routine to take Swara on Sundays.
“Yippei” said Swara clapping her hands as they entered the park. Swara sat on a sea saw and tried playing but she fell down as on other side nobody was there. “Shonu” shouted Ragini heading to Swara. She made Swara stand and wiped her dress and hair to remove the dust. “I told you na to be careful. Why don’t you listen to me?” said Ragini worried. “Sorry” said Swara holding her ears and pouting. “Stop buttering me. Come now” said Ragini faking anger. “But I want to play” said Swara in a complaining tone. “Shonu?” said Ragini showing her eyes to Swara. “I want to play means I want to play that’s all” said Swara folding her hands and pouting. Ragini gave up and said “Fine. Come I will sit on the other side” “You are the best” said Swara hugging Ragini happily.
“Ansh. You know I don’t like coming inside the park. You go with Kaka. I will come after an hour and pick you up” said Sanskar convincing his nephew who was pleading him to come inside the park. at last Ansh gave up and headed inside the park upset due to his Chachu’s rude behavior. As soon as he entered he ran to the swing but fell down due to a stone on his way. Ragini saw a kid falling and ran to rescue him. She made him stand. He was crying bitterly. Sanskar saw Ansh has forgotten his water bottle and went inside the park to give it to him. He saw someone consoling Ansh who was crying bitterly. “Ohhh.

Arrey arrey. What happened how you fell?” said Ragini dusting off his dress and face. She wiped his tears and hugged him and consoled him. “Aww this stone made you fall?” she asked the kid. He nodded still crying. “Bad stone. See I hit him very badly” she said throwing the stone away. “Don’t cry beta. Where is your mommy?” she asked him trying to cool him. He cooled down and said “No mommy” Ragini felt bad for him and hugged him tight. “Who is with you?” she asked him rubbing his head. “Ramu Kaaka” the kid said sobbing. A 50 year old man came and stood in front of her. “Sorry beta.I could not hold him. Now Saab ji will throw me out of the job” said Ramu kaaka sadly. “No Ramu kaaka. I should have been careful. Not your fault. I will not tell this to chaachu promise” said Ansh consoling Ramu kaka. Ragini smiled looking at the small angel in front of her. Truly kids are God’s shadow. Sanskar removed his glasses and looked at the lady. He froze in his place as he discovered it was Ragini. He kept staring at her caring for Ansh. He was lost looking at her smile.

“Ragu maa. Come na we will play sea saw” said Swara coming into the picture Sanskar was admiring from a distance. His eyes widened looking at the girl who stood with Ragini. His mind travelled back to the horrible night of his life. He got horrified. He stumbled and started walking backward slowly. Ragini took Ansh to play with them introducing him to Swara who was so happy to get the new friend. Ragini sat on the other side of the sea saw with Ansh and played with Swara. She was laughing looking at Swara and pouncing up and down. Her melodious laugh bound Sanskar to a magical spell. His heart jumped looking at her happiness as if it wanted that’s all in its life span.
“You will pay for it Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” Ragini’s angry face flashed in front of him. He jerked and got back to world. He wore his glasses and headed out of the park and drove off.
“Okay Ansh. We will meet next week” said Ragini bidding bye to Ansh along with Swara while heading out of the park. “Bye Ragu Di. Bye Shona Di” said Ansh waving his hands towards them.
“Hello ma’am” said Tarun greeting Ragini who entered the Maheshwari group of companies Head Office. She smiled at him and asked “Are you alright? How is your nose?”

“It’s fine ma’am. Thanks to your first aid.” he replied smiling. She smiled back to him. “Ma’am. This is Sir’s cabin. He is waiting for you inside” said Tarun guiding her inside a cabin. “Thank you. I will manage” said Ragini smiling at him and headed inside the cabin. She went inside and stood in front of the big glass table. Sanskar who was at the other side of it facing his back; twirled his chair and smirked looking at her. “So Miss Gadodia is finally here” said Sanskar teasing her. Ragini closed her fist to control herself from killing the blo*dy bastard who was sitting in front of her with a sarcastic smile. “How much did Tarun offered you to attend this meeting. You were not even attending my calls.” he said smirking at her and holding the pen between his fingers of both the hands as she did not respond. “Hmmm. What else can I expect you to talk? I wonder what made Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari so desperate to meet a mamuli middle class girl.” shot Ragini back at him. He lost his cool and dangerously stood from his seat. “You will listen only what I say. You have no rights to talk.” he said nearing her.

Ragini’s expression did not change a bit. She was still standing at the same place challenging him. “I think your IQ is so low that you don’t even know that I have full rights to talk whatever I want to as the tongue I’m using belongs to me, not to you” said Ragini folding her hands. “How dare you speak to me, Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari like this” he said nearing her dangerously. “Hmmm. Again low IQ problem. You know. To talk to a coward and self-centered man like you guts are not required.” she said looking other side. His anger busted. He held her from her elbow looking at her with fierce eyes. Ragini looked at him straight into his eyes. Her black orbs were challenging his hazel orbs. His heart started racing due to her fragrance. He never felt the feelings he felt right now. He tightened his grip not willing to let her go ever. A tear dropped from her eye due to the pain. But she did not move her eyes.

His grip loosened and she dragged herself away from him. “Listen to me once. Give me one minute for explanation” said Sanskar pleading to Ragini who was heading out of his cabin. She stopped. “The person who does not understand his employee’s plight is not worth of my one second. Of course how can I expect from a person who destroyed a family to understand the value of family” said Ragini heading out of his cabin banging the door. “Damn” said Sanskar and hit his chair. His heart and mind was fighting a battle. His mind made him talk to her rudely. His heart pained looking at her tear. Her words pierced his heart like an arrow and made a deep wound. “Tarun” called Sanskar from his cabin. “Yes sir.” said Tarun entering. “I’m sorry I made you go through this and threatened you. Please take care of your family” said Sanskar looking apologetically at Tarun. “That’s ok sir. Thank you for the concern” said Tarun surprised at his sudden behavior change. Ragini kept her promise. He felt happy and thanked Ragini hundred times in his heart. Somebody was there who could make Sanskar feel the pain of others.

“I wanted to rip your body at the same place. But I’m not you. You will pay for your deeds for sure.” said Ragini heading out of the building.


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    amazing so sanskar recognized swara now waiting for complete story to unfold and i like this bold ragini update soon

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    Awesome…..m waiting eagerly to knw wat happened that night…..
    Awesome episode i loved it…..
    Superb superb superb….

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    Super episode……ragini is so good…. What’s the past btwn swaragini and sanky…waiting next part eagerly…

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