Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 16


“Why did you come to office today. You should have taken rest Ragini” said Sahil worried when he spotted Ragini in his office. “Wo I’m fine sir” said Ragini smiling weakly. Sanskar who entered office looked at her and she looked at him and they had a painful eye lock. Sanskar composed himself and headed to his cabin without uttering a word. Ragini felt bad but she did not knew the reason. She smiled looking at Sahil weakly and got back to work. Riya observed it and got confused. She looked at Sanskar. Today he was not stealing glances at Ragini but instead was busy.
“Ma’am. Sanskar sir wanted this file” said Tarun standing in front of Ragini. Ragini turned back and looked at Sanskar who was busy in work. She gave the file to Tarun weakly smiling. Ragini’s intercom ringed and she picked it up happy.

“Hello Ragini. Can you please tell Riya to come to my cabin. Her intercom is busy” said Sahil. Ragini’s face fell and she said “Yes Sir” and disconnected the call. “Who?” asked Riya. “Shail Sir is calling you to his cabin” said Ragini weakly. She looked again at Sanskar. He was looking into his macbook, holding a pen near his lips. His eyebrows were shrank as he was concentrating on his work. Ragini got back to her work. Sanskar looked up and saw Ragini working on her system. He controlled himself and got back to his work nodding his head.

“Tarun. I feel we should shift to our old office? What you say?” said Sanskar looking at Tarun. Tarun’s eyes popped out. His boss was asking his opinion for the first time. He could not believe it. Sanskar smiled at his reaction. “Wo sir wo. As you wish sir. If you say I will arrange for migration” said Tarun composing himself. “Okay Tarun. Let us move back to our office. I hope you won’t find it difficult to do it. Take your own time. Anyway you have become father recent so you might have personal commitments also. I can understand” said Sanskar. Another shock for Tarun. “Yes sir” only could come out of his mouth. “So what’s your daughter’s name?” asked Sanskar. Gosh this man is hell bent on sending Tarun to mental assylum. “Sir Sara” said Tarun weakly smiling. “Nice name. How is she. Doesn’t trouble you people a lot. You know handling babies is very difficult. My Ani she used to cry a lot ofcourse she did not had her mom with her” said Sanskar and suddenly remembered Pari and became sad. But he composed himself and said “But she always cooldown immediately in my arms. She is just like her mom’s shadow” said Sanskar. A tear was fighting to drop from his eye. He took a deep breath and controlled it. He smiled at Tarun and said “So you want to take time no problem” and got back to his work. Tarun was still staring him with shock. For the first time his boss was asking about his family and he was sharing his family moments. He was not ready for more shocks for the day.
“Execuse me sir” said Ragini entering Sanskar’s cabin.

Sanskar could sense her presence. His heart started beating again. He stopped his typing for a second. He controlled himself with much difficulty and said “Yes” and started his work again. Ragini just stood there looking at him waiting he will look up at her. “Yes Ms. Gadodia” said Sanskar as he understood Ragini will not move. He was still working on his laptop. “Mr. Malhotra’s company file. Sahil sir told to give it to you” said Ragini staring him. Her voice. Her magical voice made him lose himself for a second and he was about to look up “Control Sanskar” he said to himself and said “Thank you so much. You can give it to Tarun” said Sanskar still looking into the laptop. Ragini got frustrated due to his unaffected behavior. She handed the file to Tarun and headed out banging the door.

Sanskar closed his eyes feeling her frustration. He took a deep breath and looked at Ragini who sat frustrated. ” I know you love me Ragini though you deny it. But we are not meant for each other. It is better for you if I stay away from you. I can tolerate your hate but I cannot tolerate your pain” said Sanskar and got back to his work. That was the only way to escape his thoughts.
“Why is he going so early?” said Ragini looking at Sanskar who headed out of the office at 5. “What is your problem. He is boss. Anyway today you can also go at 6 o clock” said Riya. “I was just asking” said Ragini. “I know” said Riya smiling. “Tarun why are you people leaving early?” asked Ragini as Tarun came out of Sanskar’s cabin. “Wo ma’am. Sanskar sir has changed his timings. He want to reach home early now onward. Ok ma’am bye. Sanskar sir told to inform you that you also can leave at 6 from today” said Tarun smiling and went behind Sanskar. Ragini was surprised at his sudden change. She weakly smiled at him and got back to her work. Riya observed her restlessness and smiled within herself. She was happy as Ragini was realizing her feelings slowly.

“Come Ragini. Will leave” said Riya standing in front of her at 6 o clock. “No yar Riya you carry on. That Khadoos will ask me something….” said Ragini and suddenly realized that Sanskar has already left and got nervous expecting Riya’s questions. Riya looked at her amused and bit her cheeks. “Wo I forgot. Wait 5 minutes I will freshen up and come” said Ragini running from there to escape from Riya. Riya smiled and nodded her head in disbelief.
“Hello Haa sir. Ya I reached home. Wait I will give the phone to Shona” said Ragini entering her home. She was shocked to see the scenario. Sumi was furiously holding Swara and she was staring ground scared. “Maa” screamed Ragini and kept her phone on table and went and released Swara from Sumi’s hold. “Today I will not leave this girl. She is burden on you Ladoo. Because of her your suffering. I lost my son, I lost my husband and now I’m at verge of losing you also. Why can’t she just die” said Sumi screaming. “Maa” screamed Ragini at top of her voice. “She is your daughter for god sake. Don’t say like that” said Ragini hugging Swara. Sumi stormed to her room and closed it. Swara hugged Ragini and started sobbing very badly. Ragini kept her hand on Swara’s head and tried consoling her. Swara remembered Ragini’s state in hospital and cupped her face and wiped her tears and said “Ragu maa. Don’t feel bad. See I’m not hurt. Mumma loves me na that’s why she speaks like that. She will be alright” and smiled. Ragini looked at her and smiled with tears in her eyes. Swara dragged her in a hug. After 2 years Swara behaved like elder sister. Ragini was on clouds discovering change in Swara. Then suddenly she remembered she did not disconnect Sahil’s call. Sahil had tears hearing their conversation. Ragini gave the phone to Swara. “Sahil” said Ragini smiling.

Swara took it and spoke “Hello” Sahil wiped his tears composed himself and said “Hello Swara? How are you?” asked Sahil. “Sahil I’m angry on you” said Swara pouting. “Why?” asked Sahil worried. “You used to call me Shona na. And you did not meet me also” said Swara complaining. Ragini looked at her surprised. Swara was showing signs of recovery. “Ha ha ha.” Sahil laughed through his tears and said “Okay okay sorry Shona. I will meet you tomorrow pakka. You had food?” asked Sahil and they continued talking for more time. Ragini was smiling looking at Swara who was smiling and talking to Sahil. After so many days she saw Swara happy.

That’s all she wanted.
“Okay Swara sleep now ok. We will meet tomorrow” said Sahil and disconnected the call. Swara smiled and gave the phone back to Ragini. Ragini smiled and they both headed to their room. “Ragu maa. I will sing lori today” said Swara. Ragini smiled and complied. Swara made Ragini to rest her head on her lap and patted her head and shoulder and sang the lori. A tear escaped from Ragini’s eye remembering her childhood. She dozed off and Swara made her sleep on the pillow. She caressed her hair and kissed Ragini’s forehead ans lied beside her. “I will not let anything happen to you Ragu maa” said Swara and dozed off.
“Why have we come here?” asked Swara looking at the hospital. “Shona bacha. We will go to park from here ok. We came here to meet Yohan” said Ragini holding Swara and dragged her with her. Swara looked at Sahil confused. He nodded his head smiling and signed everything is fine. Swara turned and followed Ragini.

“What happened Yohan?” asked Ragini when he was analyzing Swara’s report and recent happenings. Yohan smiled at her and said “Ragu. Nothing to worry. You should be happy. Swara dee is recovering. She needed a shock to start recovering and yesterday when she saw you in that situation it has triggered her recovery. She just need time now. She will be completely alright soon” Ragini held his hand and said “Thank you so much Yohan. Thanks a ton” Yohan was surprised at her touch. He composed himself and said “No thanks and no sorry in friendship. You forgot our friendship rule Ragu” and pouted. “Chal dramebaaz” said Ragini smiling through her tears. Yohan lost himself in her smile which he craved to see from years.

“Yohan” called Ragini bringing out of his dreamworld. “Okay Yohan I’m leaving. I will meet you next time” said Ragini heading out. As she went out she saw Swara pouting not able to drink the water from the water cooler. Sahil was laughing looking at her pouting. He held her cheeks and shook her head and took a bottle from the nurse and made Swara drink it carefully. Swara was looking at him smiling. Ragini felt good. Everything was falling in place. She just wished Swara to get back to normal soon.
“Ansh come fast we are getting late. Today Ani’s first day in park” said Sanskar holding Ananya in the baby bag and preparing the water bottle and milk bottle in the bag. “Coming Chachu” screeched Ansh running down. Anapurna admired them sitting in the dining table. “Ale alele” said Sanskar looking at Ananya and making faces infront of her. Ananya laughed looking at her chachu. “Come chachu. I’m so excited today” said Ansh dragging Sanskar. “Relax Ansh. We will stay there all day” said Sanskar holding Ansh as he stumbled due to Ansh dragginig him. “Ramu kak you can help maa. I will manage them” said Sanskar as Ramu kaka followed them. Ramu kaka smiled and complied. He was so happy to get back the old Sanskar. And they headed to Park.
“Yay Sahil. This is the park where we play every Sunday” said Swara holding Sahil and dragging him inside the park. Ragini smiled and followed them. Swara was bonding with Sahil very well and she was happy about it. “We will meet Ansh also today” said Swara happy clapping her hands. “Ansh?” asked Sahil. “Wo he is our chotu friend. Very sweet
kid” said Ragini standing beside him. “Oh” said Sahil and smiled. “Chalo chachu” said Ansh which Ragini heard and turned and found Ansh dragging a person who was wearing a white cap which was covering his face as he was looking at Ansh bending his head. She saw the person holding Ananya in a baby bag near his chest.

Ansh stood near Ragini and Sanskar who was walking looking at Ansh stopped with a jerk near Ragini and looked up. They were lost again in each others eyes. Time was not moving for them. “Ragu dee” screamed Ansh which brought them to reality and they composed themself. Sahil looked at Sanskar with rage as he was appraoching him Ragini stopped him keeping her hand infront of him and signed Ansh. Sahil controlled himself. “Ansh I will sit there near the tree. You play ok” said Sanskar and passed Ragini not even looking at her. It pained her. “Yay Ansh” said Swara hugging him. Ansh smiled and headed with her to play. Sahil stopped Ragini who was going with Swara and said “You need rest. I will take care of her” and went behind Swara and Ansh. Ragini complied. She was looking around to find a place to sit. She saw where Sanskar was handling Ananya. He was trying to hold her properly.Ragini neared him without her knowledge. Ananya’s head was falling Ragini held it in her hand and at the same time Sanskar tried holding her head and both of their hands touched and both looked at each other and kept staring for long time. “Ahhh” said Ansh falling down when he was coming to get the water bottle. It brought them to world and both looked at him. Ragini worried and ran to Ansh to rescue him. Sanskar tried getting up holding Ananya. Ragini wiped Ansh’s dress and face and consoled him hugging and lifted him in her arms hugging and turned. Sanskar stood and looked at her. She came with Ansh and took water and made Ansh drink. A old couple passing by said “Such lovely couple” Both of them got embarrassed and avoided eye contact. “Ansh come fast” called Swara and Ansh ran in her direction.

There was awkward silence between Ragini and Sanskar. Ananya crried breaking it. “Ale le baby, relax” said Sanskar rubbing her back and hugging her. Ragini could not see Ananya crying. She forwarded her hand signing she want to hold Ananya. Sanskar looked at her and complied and handed Ananya to Ragini. Ragini hugged her and started consoling her walking here and there and showing different things and Ananya cooled down and started laughing when Ragini made faces. Sanskar lost himself in her face expressions. Sanskar wondered how Ananya cooled down in Ragini’s embrace.

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