Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 15


“Bhabhi what is love?” asked Sanskar when Pari was doing his champi. “Babu what’s the matter? Why this question?” asked Pari. “My friend says he is in love and being in love is awesome. I was always away from all this crap but suddenly felt like knowing it I don’t know why?” said Sanskar.
“Love is very weird Babu. Sometimes it makes you strong and sometimes weak. Sometimes it makes you sad and sometimes happy” said Pari smiling. “Really it is so complicated” said Sanskar closing his eyes. Pari smiled and said “When you will fall in love you will understand” Sanskar said “Are you kidding me? Me and Love Impossible” Pari held his hair and said “Will see. But remember one thing when the other person becomes more important to you than anything in the world means you are in love. you will be ready to do anything for that person”

“You will take care of my Ansh and Daughter na… Other than you they don’t have anybody” said Pari struggling to speak on the hospital bed. “No bhabi please don’t leave me please I have already lost bhai and you are also leaving me alone. Please bhabi don’t go” said Sanskar sobbing holding Pari’s hand and bent closing his eyes sitting beside her. “I’m always around you babu. I’m always” said Pari and her heartbeat stopped and her hand fell from Sanskar’s hold. He was shocked and looked up at Pari whose eyes popped out as she breathed last. “Bhabi…..” screamed Sanskar horrified. A kid was lying in a incubator behind him moving its baby hands weakly which was pierced with some needles.

Sanskar opened his eyes suddenly with tears in his eyes when he stopped the car in front of a hospital. He looked at Ragini through rear mirror who was still unconscious in Sahil’s arms and Swara weeping beside her. Sahil carried her inside the hospital and the nurse came running with compounder to attend them with a stretcher. While she was pulled by them Swara kept moving with her and patted Ragini’s cheeks.

Sahil screamed “Yohan” The nurse told him to keep quite as it is hospital. “Sister. My friend works here. His name is Yohan. Please call him. My name is Sahil” said Sahil pleading her. The nurse complied and ran from there. “Doctor Yohan. One person named Sahil has come with a patient she is critical. He told he knows you. Please come” said Nurse running into Dr. Yohan’s cabin when he was analysing a X ray of brain in his hand. He placed the X ray ( and it is revealed to be Saheer Sheik). Yohan rushed out with his apron and stethoscope. “Sahil bhai” saying he placed his hand on Sahil’s shoulder. Sahil turned and found Yohan and hugged him. He consoled Sahil. “Yohan you remember I told you about Swara.

Her sister is critical. Please look what happened to her” said Sahil sobbing. Yohan started walking towards the room where Ragini was taken as he walked near the room he found Swara who lifted her head sobbing. “Shona dee” said Yohan shocked. Swara did not hear what he said. “That means Ragu….” he panicked and rushed inside. As he ran and stood inside stumbling he found Ragini unconscious. He ran and stood near her. He never thought that he will meet his angel, his childhood sweetheart in this state. His hands shivered while touching her forehead. He suppressed his cry and asked the doctor attending her what’s her state. The doctor said “On surface it looks like she fainted due to stress. We better keep her for observation.” Yohan nodded his head wiping his tears.

Sanskar was sitting on a chair like a lifeless body. They shifted Ragini to normal ward for observation. She gained consciousness in half an hour. As she opened her eyes she found a guy sitting in apron beside her. Her vision was still blurr as it cleared she recognized it to be Yohan her best friend Yohan who had tears looking at her. She got up and hugged him immediately. She needed him so badly she felt. Someone on whose shoulder she can weep and share all her pain she held from two years as Yohan was out of country for his studies and when he came back he searched her but as they had sold their old house he could not meet her. In those four years he was away from her he understood that he needed her in his life badly and thought of proposing her. In his wildest dreams also he did not thought that he will meet her like this. Sahil had taken Swara to canteen to feed her as Ragini was still unconscious. Sanskar who stood at the door saw Ragini hugging Yohan and closed his fist as his anger took over him. He moved swiftly and departed them with force.

“What the hell?” screamed Yohan brushing his collar standing straight. Ragini stepped out of the bed and stood in front of Sanskar whose eyes were bleeding. Her heart pained looking at his hot tears and her eyebrows shrank for a second but as she pressed her lips she remembered him forcefully kissing her. Her anger again crossed all the limit. “What is your problem Mr. Maheshwari? Why are you forcefully trying to fit in my life where you don’t have an inch of space” said Ragini straightly looking into his eyes. All his emotions broke. He held her shoulders with full rage and screamed “My problem is you dammit. My problem is I love you. I love you and only you. I want you in my life. I want to live with you. I want to die with you. All I want in my life is you only you” and bent his head sobbing. Ragini had mixed emotions. She was not able to figure out anything. She released herself from his grip and he looked up at her shocked.

The fire in her eyes was non tolerable. He again held her shoulders and asked “Don’t you love me?” dragging her more close to him. “No” said Ragini casually. “You love me I know that. It is visible in your eyes. Admit it” screamed Sanskar. Ragini turned and stared him with tears in her eyes. “I can only hate you. You got that I can just hate you. I will kill myself before loving you. You are a murderer. You killed my bha bha bhayyu. I will not leave you. I will destroy you” screamed Ragini and pushed him hard. Sanskar stumbled and stood looking at her shocked. Her head pained again. “Ahhh” she screamed looking up. She felt difficult to breath and was about to fall unconscious but Yohan held her and placed her on the bed. Her nose started bleeding along with ear. Yohan panicked as a doctor he knew it was dangerous. He instructed compounder and nurses to take her for scanning immediately.

He just prayed god nothing should happen to his Ragini. Sanskar stood there like a lifeless body. Kavya who just came there after getting info about where Ragini is along with Annapurna and Dayal stood there listening to Sanskar’s confession. Her heart broke into peaces. The love she craved to find in his eyes she could see now but it was not for her but for her best friend Ragini. She stumbled and was about to fall but Yohan who was moving out held her and looked at her. She had tears in her eyes. It pained him. He was confused as why was he worried for a stranger. As Dayal held her from other side Yohan assured him through eyes and moved behind Ragini. Annapurna had tears in her eyes. She was in mixed emotions. She felt happy that Sanskar admitted his feelings for the first time after 2 years and she was sad as he was in love with Ragini who has only hate for him nothing else. “I can only hate you.

I will kill myself before loving you” Ragini’s voice ringed in his ears and he shivered remembering her red fire filled eyes. He collapsed on the floor helplessly. Anu rushed to him. She kept her hand on his shoulder. Sanskar looked up and found Anu who was looking at him with tearful eyes. He hugged her still kneeling and sobbed “Maa” escaped from his throat. Anu tightened her grip around his head. She heard him saying maa after two years. Her dam of emotions busted and she sobbed silently suppressing her cry looking at Sanskar’s state. Kavya leaned and hugged Dayal and sobbed. Dayal looked at Sanskar with rage and took Kavya from there. He could not tolerate her tears. Her heart break pained him more than it pained her.

“Swara. Eat this baby. See you will fall sick” said Sahil holding a sandwich in his hand. She nodded her head still sobbing. He looked at her painfully. She was not even lifting her head. He wiped his tears and said “Don’t you want to meet your Ragu maa?” Swara looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She nodded her head in yes. “If you don’t eat you will fall sick and Ragini will not wake up being angry on you” said Sahil. She grabbed the Sandwich and ate it uninterested at the thought of Ragini not waking up. After finishing they headed to the ward where Ragini was. As they were walking they saw Yohan taking her on a stretcher. Swara ran and patted Ragini’s cheeks sobbing. Sahil ran behind her and held her and stopped her from following. Swara hugged him sobbing. Sahil assured Yohan he will take care of Swara and signed him to carry on. Yohan wiped his tears looking at Swara’s condition. “You killed my bha bha bhayyu” he remembered Ragini saying and closed his eyes remembering Vikram and his moments as best buddies. After the scan Ragini was moved back to her room.

Sahil was sitting in Yohan’s cabin as he was analyzing Ragini’s reports tensed. Sanskar entered his room and sat beside Sahil. Sahil’s blood boiled looking at Sanskar. He got up and held Sanskar’s collar. “Whatever you did till now was not sufficient. Why have you come here now like shameless” screamed Sahil dragging and making Sanskar stand. Yohan stopped Sahil and separated them. “Sahil bhai please. It’s hospital” said Yohan cooling Sahil. Sahil brushed his blazer and sat closing his fist. Sanskar sat beside him with null expression. For him most important now was Ragini’s condition though the world called him shameless he did not minded. Even if Ragini claimed that she hated him, his love did not reduce a bit also for her.

“What happened Yohan?” asked Sahil as Yohan was tensed analyzing Ragini’s reports. “Sahil bhai wo” said Yohan unable to reveal. “Please doctor what happened to Ragini please tell. You are scaring me” said Sanskar with tears in his eyes. Yohan controlled himself from punching Sanskar. Sahil closed his eyes frustrated. Kavya stumbled and came to Yohan’s cabin. Though Ragini was responsible for her misery she was worried for her. She knew it wasn’t Ragini’s fault as Sanskar loved her. Yohan looked at her painfully. Dayal held her from her shoulders supporting her. He knew how much Ragini mattered to his daughter. He was confused whether to be angry or feel pity on Ragini. Anu went and sat beside Ansh who was managing Ananya and hugged him sobbing.

“She is suffering from Intermittent Explosive Disorder.” said Yohan looking at Sahil. Sahil and Sanskar looked at him confused for the term he used. “It is a state where the patient suffers with sudden outburst of violent anger. And it is dangerous for her life if it crosses a limit as her nerves will burst. She had this outburst from childhood. I still remember how badly she beat up a boy in school when the boy hurt Vikky bhai” said Yohan. A tear escaped his eye remembering Vikram. Kavya closed her mouth shocked hearing Ragini’s problem. Dayal consoled her. Sanskar leaned back to his chair feeling helpless. “Is there no cure for it?” asked Sahil worried. “Only thing is we have to make sure her anger doesn’t cross its limit. And even if she suffers with battle of emotions her anger will burst out” said Yohan helplessly. “Karma comes back Mr. Maheshwari” Ragini’s words ringed in his ears. The sin he did came back as a curse for him. He has to stay away from his love for whole life for her life’s safety.

He headed out of Yohan’s cabin lifelessly. “This is my revenge. Your count down starts now 3, 2, 1 and boom” Ragini saying flashed in front of him. “Look around Mr. Maheshwari your life is already a mess” he remembered Ragini saying and smirking. He passed Kavya who was looking at him painfully. He was not aware of anybody’s presence around him. “You will pay for what you did for sure” Ragini struggling leaning him in the court flashed in front of his eyes. He smiled at his fate which scattered his life in a minute.

He walked to Ragini’s room where Swara was sitting beside Ragini. Swara turning horrified and closing her eyes in front of his car flashed in his mind. He looked at Ragini who was still unconscious with traces of tears on her face. He remembered his closeness with her in the lift, in his cabin and then his lips brushing her cheek.
Ishq mubarak dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak dard mubarak
He remembered how he forcefully kissed her. He felt disgusted about himself. Tears escaped from his eyes and he closed his eyes painfully. He moved from there. “Maa. Come Let’s leave” said Sanskar standing beside Anu. He took Ananya from Ansh’s hand and held her in his embrace. Ansh and Anu looked at him shocked for his sudden change in behavior. “Come Ansh” said Sanskar offering his hand to hold. Ansh came out of his trance and grabbed Sanskar’s hand happily. Anu looked at them with tears in her eyes. At last the cracks in her family was filling up but at the cost of Sanskar’s pain.

Dr. Yohan : Sahir Shaik (Uff I have never taken so much time to decide this character. Last moment I changed it. Hope you guys will like this change)
OMG Interval of my story. Im so excited. So Is this the end of RagSan or a new beginning. How will Sanskar control his emotions around Ragini. Whether Ragini will ever accept Sanskar. How will she feel when she will know because of her Kavya’s dreams are scattered. How will Sumi handle now after knowing Ragini’s condition. Whether Yohan will heal Ragini’s wounds. How will Swara and Sahil handle their life. How will Ragini cop up with her pain? Will Ansh Ananya Annapurna’s relation with Ragini will remain same or will it change? What will Dayal do now? Drop in your valuable comments as how you are finding the story interesting, boring or crap. I will not stop it if you say crap also ha I will feel bit bad. I started writing saying Im not writing for comments but as its my passion but now you people made me addicted to your comments. Thank you for your endless support. I know it is painful but please don’t stop reading.

And about the past I have given enough clues. You might guess it by this time. But my story is about Guilt so could not keep the suspense and I’m very bad in it.(I hope my title is justified). I know guys I should change my name to tragedy queen Lady Dilip kumar. Hey it sounds cool no problem ha ha ha ha. And one more important thing no villains in my story so don’t waste your guessing talent around the culprit. I hope culprit is clear now, its just the time and fate which is playing with Ragini and Sanskar’s love. Will they unite or not you got to wait to know. Enough of my bak bak. I will meet you guys with next update that is Monday. I’m sorry but draft is not ready so you got to wait. Love you all.

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  24. Sally_blr

    Don’t worry Asra still lot has to come in RagSan life. Still their tashan is not over and their ishq also. But you got to wait for the story to take turns. You know I’m very slow. So just bare with me dear. Love you too.

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