Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 14


“Thank god the khadoos has not come today. I can be peaceful and leave in the afternoon. Idiot when he was not coming why did he stopped me from taking leave” said Ragini looking at Sanskar’s empty cabin. She remembered their moments and touched her cheek unknowingly. “What happened Ragu. Machar ne kaata kya?” asked Riya controlling her laugh looking at Ragini and showing her cheek. Ragini looked at her still holding her cheek and said “Hmmm?” lost. Riya said “Did you got mosquito byte that you are rubbing your cheek” This brought Ragini to reality and she dragged her hand and composed herself. “Haa Dengue ka machar tha shayad” said Ragini avoiding the topic. Riya chuckled silently and concentrated on her work.

“Okay Riya. I’m leaving. Bye” said Ragini while leaving. “Ok dear. Enjoy” said Riya waving her hand and got back to work. Ragini reached home and made Swara ready with the Anarkali gifted by Sahil and she got ready in the Anarkali gifted by Kavya. “Maa we are leaving” said Ragini heading out with Swara. “Take care. And come back on time” said Sumi from the kitchen. “Saloni maasi….” screamed Swara standing outside. “Haa Shona” saying Saloni came outside and looked both of them. “Both are looking like Angels. Kisi ki nazar na lage” said Saloni keeping kaala teeka behind both the sisters ears. Swara and Ragini kissed her both the cheeks and left waving her bye.

“Haaa Sweetheart we are in bus. We will reach in 10 to 15 minutes don’t worry” said Ragini to Kavya. Kavya was roaming inside her room nervous. “I’m so nervous Ragzz. I need you come fast” said Kavya biting her nails. “Relax dear. I’m coming na. chill. Okay I will meet you there” said Ragini disconnecting the call.

“I’m so confused Bhabi. I know Kavya will be having lot of expectations from me. But the way I feel with Ragini, I don’t feel with her. I need time to figure it out. And anyway Ragini will never forgive me for what I did and we can never be together. But still I get myself dragged to her. I have come across more beautiful girls than her but she makes me crazy, I don’t know why. How should I marry Kavya with so many confusions. I need you very badly” said Sanskar looking at the photoframe. A tear dropped from his eye which he wiped. “Sanskar we are getting late” Annapurna’s voice made him to realize the situation. He kept the photo frame back in the drawyer and headed down wearing a grey blazer. Annapurna who was holding Ananya in her arms looked at Sanskar and smiled. Ansh also smiled widely looking at Sanskar’s new look.

Sanskar headed to car and Ansh and Anu followed him. They were silent in car. After 10 minutes of driving they reached Party venue. Dayal welcomed them. Sanskar smiled weakly at him shaking hand and hugging him. Annapurna could feel her son wasn’t happy with this. But she was helpless as she could not take a stand for her son. It pained her. Sahil entered the venue nervous. Sanskar saw him and smirked thinking his plan was successful. He went to Sahil and tried making him feel comfortable so that he doesn’t leave party soon. Kavya was in her room nervous. She was getting married to her childhood crush, she was damn happy as she was waiting for this from years. Sanskar considered her only as best friend but when Dayal went with her proposal he agreed for it which surprised her. She was in clouds from then thinking about her future with Sanskar. Though she had hundreds of friends whom she knows from many years but the comfort Ragini’s presence used to give nobody could give. After meeting Ragini there was a huge change in her attitude which Dayal appreciated. He was hell bent on meeting Ragini and thank her for that night and for the changes she brought in Kavya which he failed to bring as a single parent. Kavya’s happiness mattered most for Dayal in the world as she was last remembrance of his deceased wife Sakshi who left him alone with Kavya while giving birth to her. He was damn happy today as his gudiya was getting married to her childhood love. He was happily enjoying the party unaware of the storm. Ragini entered the venue with Swara. Swara was hell scared to enter a place filled with so many people. She held Ragini’s hand more tightly and walked with her. As Dayal spotted them and went to inquire as he did not recognize them. Sanskar was standing with Sahil facing his back and talking to some clients.

“Hello. Sorry I’m not able to recognize you” said Dayal standing infront of Ragini and Swara who were searching here and there like lost puppies. “Hello sir. I’m Kavya’s friend Ragini” said Ragini smiling at Dayal. Sanskar heard her and turned swiftly shocked and saw Ragini who was standing infront of Dayal wearing a wine red Anarkali with open hair and with minimal makeup and Jwellery. His heart started beating fast. He felt some Angel has landed on earth. Her wine red shiny lips the little blush and the kajal highlighting her eyes perfectly and sparkling orbs bound him to a spell. As her head moved while talking her jhumka was moving and Sanskar wished the time to stop. Sahil who was surprised at Sanskar’s behavior followed his eyes and saw Ragini with Swara. Swara was wearing the Anarkali he gifted her. Her perfectly combed hair, pink cute lips made her look amazing. Her lower lip was sealed inside her upper lip and she looked at the person standing infront of her horrified and her innocent face and big eyes which were higlighed with Kajal made her look like his old bubbly Swara. He smiled with tears in his eyes and was mesmerized looking at her. Sanskar came back to senses when he saw Sahil approaching Ragini.

He acted swiftly and held Sahil’s hand and dragged him. Sahil looked at him annoyed and with questioning look. “Mr. Raheja concentrate we can meet the guests later. But we should not lose our investors” said Sanskar reasoning as he feared where Sahil will get a chance to be with Ragini. He got annoyed as his plan got spoiled. As always after Ragini entered his life nothing happened according to him. She always brought a twist and spoiled his plan. She did the same here also. He planned to keep Ragini and Sahil away but they were together. But he determined not to let Sahil meet Ragini in the whole party. He was making excuses when Sahil tried to escape his hold. It looked like Sanskar is so possessive about Sahil the way he held Sahil’s hand all the time. Sahil was feeling awekward due to Sanskar’s behaviour.

He badly wanted to meet Swara and talk but this dumbo was not giving him a chance to move away. Dayal instructed Ragini with Kavya’s room. Ragini went to Kavya’s room with Swara. “Shona bacha. I’m there na don’t be scared” said Ragini holding Swara’s shivering hand and consoling her. As Ragini knocked Kavya’s room she said “come in”. Kavya who was adjusting her hair nervous looked in mirror and found Ragini and turned happy and hugged her in a bone crushing hug. Ragini smiled and hugged her back. Swara got a bit scared due to Kavya’s sudden behavior. She hid behind Ragini. Kavya who noticed Swara and dragged herself away from Ragini and asked her through eyes showing Swara. Ragini dragged Swara infront and introduced to Kavya saying “She is Swara. My sweet and special sister” and hugged Swara from one side. “Say hello Shona” said Ragini.Kavya understood that Swara was not normal. She looked at Ragini with painful eyes. Ragini blinked her eyes assuring her she is fine and signed her not to say anything infront of Swara. Kavya smiled and complied. “Hello Swara. Can I also call you shona” asked Kavya forwarding her hand. Swara looked at her and her nervousness vanished when Ragini signed her to handshake. She happily grabbed Kavya’s hand and shook it. Kavya smiled at her excitement. Kavya hugged both Swara and Ragini in a group hug initiating a new warm friendship.

“I’m so nervous Ragu. I’m totally blank” said Kavya sitting in front of mirror. “Don’t worry Kavyu eveything will be fine” said Ragini hugging Kavya. Kavya saw Swara who was playing sitting on the bed and asked Ragini “How do you manage to smile with all this happening in your life” Ragini smiled widely understanding what Kavya meant. “Time teaches you everything dear.

At one point of life you will have no option other than smiling at your wounds as you will be tired crying over it” said Ragini emotionally. Kavya said teary eyed “Still I did not understand your bhari bharkam sentence but I know one thing you are the strongest person I have ever met” and smiled. “Oye stop there. Your Kajal will smudge god it costs 2500 as per your make up package” said Ragini cheering her. Kavya laughed and held Ragini’s hands and swinged happily as she found a gem of a person as her friend. She found her mom in Ragini whose care she could never feel all her life. Ragini’s friendship was as warm as mother’s love. Now she had no complains with God that he snatched her mom from her. “Come let’s leave. After the music Dad will announce my marriage and I’m so excited” said Kavya dragging Swara and Ragini with her. Swara and Ragini stood on either sides of Kavya while stepping down to the hall from stairs.

Dayal looked at Kavya’s glowing face and smiled widely as his daughter was getting wish of her life and he could fulfil it. Sanskar was lost in Ragini and Sahil was lost in Swara’s innocence. Both of them kept their hand on their racing heart to control it. Kavya looked at Sanskar who was standing numb and she blushed looking at him and continued stepping down. “Where is Jeejs?” asked Ragini excited to Kavya when they stood beside Dayal. “Sanskar come here” said Dayal calling Sanskar to stand with Kavya. At the same time Kavya blushed and pointed at Sanskar who was approaching them. Ragini’s heart skipped a beat. She felt immense pain in her heart. Her voice was stuck in her throat and she felt a lump of spit stuck in her throat as her smile faded. Sanskar walked uninterested and saw Ragini who was looking at him with horror. Dayal made Sanskar stand beside him. “So guys I have an important announcement but I am waiting for an important guest. Just enjoy the party” said Dayal over the mic. Sanskar was getting married to Kavya. Something inside her heart made Ragini restless.

The singer who was invited for the party started to sing a song for the entertainment of the gathering. Sanskar realized now that he had started loving Ragini. The new feelings which he discovered was called love which always dragged him to her.

As the music played Sanskar was feeling he is experiencing it again.
“Ishq Mubarak dard mubarak ishq mubarak dard mubarak” sang the chorus singers. The lead singer then started singing
Teri baarishe bhigaye mujhe (Sanskar looked at Ragini with teary eyed)

Teri hawaye bahaye mujhe( Ragini looked at him and her hair flew a bit in air)
First time Sanskar felt something in her eyes which was not hate for him
Paavo thale mere zameene chal padi (Kavya dragged him to the center of the hall)
Aisa tho kabhi hua hi nahi. (He was still looking at Ragini who was looking at them passing behind the people)
A tear dropped from her eye revealing her feelings for him. His heart bated fast as he saw the same love which was in his eyes visible in Ragini’s eye
Ae mere dil mubarak ho yehi tho pyaar hai.
Ae mere dil mubarak ho yehi tho pyar hai.

He left a hot breath to relax his senses which were excited as he discovered that he is in love with Ragini and she also feels the same for him
Ishq Mubarak dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak dard mubarak
Ragini wiped the single tear shocked as she was confused why did it left her eye in first place and looked at Sanskar
Aisa lagta hai kyu teri ankhe jaise aankho me meri reh gayi (They had a painful eyelock for a long time. As Kavya held his hand again both of them came to reality)
Kabhi pehle maine na suni jo aisi baate keh gayi (He felt Ragini wanted to say him something)
Tu hi tu hai jo har taraf mere tho tujse pare mai jahu kaha (Sanskar felt his life was going away from him while he was going away from Ragini)
Mere dil mubarak ho yehi tho pyar hai
Ae mere dil mubarak ho yehi tho pyar hai

Ragini turned and wiped her tear flow which were not stopping and she did not know reason for it.
As the song continued she ran from there upstairs to take her bag and leave the venue soon. Sanskar saw her and got worried. He excused himself from Kavya and ran behind Ragini. He saw Sahil was searching someone. Sanskar searched and found Ragini in a room. As she turned wiping her tears taking her bag she was shocked to find Sanskar standing closing the door. She looked at him angry. And tried to get out of the room. Sanskar pushed her and locked the door and kept the key inside his pocket. He could not let her go now. It was very crucial point of his life and if he doesn’t clear her then he will lose her forever as she will not admit her feelings ever after this. For him tonight was like do or die situation. He realized his love and he understood that Ragini also loved him. Ragini looked at him shocked. “What the hell? Mr.Maheshwari. I will scream and I can spoil your image don’t you dare to come near me” said Ragini standing up when she saw Sanskar approaching her dangerously.

Sahil found Swara who was scared and was searching Ragini and was crying. “Swara…” said Sahil keeping his hand on Swara’s shoulder. Swara turned and hugged him tight sobbing. He was shocked initially but receprocated and covered her in his embrace consoling her. “Ra…. Ragu maa” saying Swara sobbed. “Shhh bacha. We will find her come she is here only somewhere” said Sahil caressing her hair. She nodded her head still hugging him. He held her hand and walked searching Ragini.
Sanskar was standing near Ragini looking straight into her eyes which she lowered fearing he will understand what is there in her heart. His intense gaze made her heart race. She shivered to his approach. “Ragini…. Ragini….” they heard Sahil calling. Sanskar closed his fist angry. Ragini was relieved and opened her mouth to shout. Sanskar held her waist in one hand pulled her towards him and covered her lips with his lips passionately kissing her and closed his eyes taking a deep breath as if that was what his soul required all its life.

Ragini widened her eyes and she tried to push him with her hands. But he covered his other hand around her shoulder and pressed her body against his rigid body. Ragini struggled hard but Sanskar did not budge, he pressed her lips more wildly and his hand traveled on her back sensuously which gave her goosebumps all her body. Tears started flowing from Ragini’s eyes feeling helpless in his hold. Ragini struggled to scream and moaned. Sanskar inhaled her heavenly fragrance still closing his eyes. Tears were flowing from his eyes. His breath mixed with her breath and conveyed all his feelings what he wanted to speak. Ragini’s lips struggled to get out of his lips which were stubborn and her lips started bleeding not able to tolerate the force of his lips. Sanskar opened his eyes when he felt her blood on his tongue.

He saw Ragini struggling in his hold and crying. His grip loosened on her and he dragged himself away from her shocked for his act. Ragini collapsed on ground kneeling and burst into a bitter cry. Her lips were bleeding still. He was unable to grasp his beastly behavior towards her. He pulled his hair frustrated. He looked at Ragini who was crying holding herself and bending. Sahil and Swara heard Ragini sobbing.

Swara turned and went back to Kavya’s room which was closed. Listening to Ragini’s sob elder sister inside Swara was awaken. She banged the door hardly as she understood Ragini was inside. “Ragu maa….” she cried. Ragini heard Swara’s cry and got up swiftly and ran to the door. She also banged the door form otherside. “Ra Ragu maa…..” cried Swara leaning to the door.

Ragini also leaned to the door and sobbed saying “Shona bacha…” Sanskar looked at her condition helplessly. “Ragu maa… Why are you crying” said Swara in cracking voice. Ragini sensed Swara is panicking. Sahil held Swara from her shoulder to console her. It seemed they are in two different worlds though they were only seperated by a door.

Ragini wiped her tears and said “Shhhh Shona bacha. I’m fine. Don’t cry. Please” and cried silently supressing her cry. Her paining lip was nothing infront of Swara’s cry for her. “Open the door Ragu maa. I want to see you. You are telling lie” sobbed Swara. Ragini controlled her throat and said “Shona bacha. This door is very bad….. it….. it is jammed. Wait for sometime. I will come out” as she doesn’t wanted to scare Swara. “I’m waiting Ragu maa. Please come out soon” said Swara wiping her tears. Her heart was beating fast as soon as she heard Ragini’s cry. Ragini wiped her tears and approached Sanskar furiously. She slapped him hard and looked at him with full rage. Her anger, her hatred was back. She wiped the blood on her lips furiously staring Sanskar who looked at her shocked holding his cheek. Ragini grabbed the key from his pocket. Her head pained and her face burned.

She held her head feeling difficult to tolerate the pain. She felt difficult to breath. Her vision blurred and a drop of blood was escaping her ear which Sanskar noticed. She stumbled and fainted in his arms. He panicked. He patted her cheek worried and called “Ragini..Ragini” Sahil heard Sanskar’s voice. His blood boiled not able to figure out what the beast might be upto. He banged the door with his shoulder with full force though it hurt him, Ragini’s safety was what mattered for the time being. Sanskar was lost looking at Ragini’s face which was full of her tears and the key slipped her hand and slid below the bed. His heart pained looking at her state. He was horrified looking at the blood which flew from her ear. At last Sahil opened the door and found Sanskar holding unconscious Ragini in his arms and standing like a lifeless body. Swara got up and looked at Ragini’s state and panicked and cried “Ragini” The music downstairs was on peak so nobody could hear her cry. Her heart pumped out looking at Ragini unconscious.

Sahil stormed in and held Sanskar’s collar with rage. Sanskar did not move he was numb. It pained him as he was responsible for Ragini’s current condition. He kept staring Ragini helplessly. Swara ran and touched Ragini and shook her saying “Ragu maa…” Sahil loosened his grip on Sanskar’s collar and turned to hold Swara who was panicking as it was bad for her health. Sanskar fell on ground holding Ragini with a thud. Sahil held Swara and tried to console her. Sanskar looked up at them. “Sahil…. Ragu maa….” said Swara choking. Sahil was surprised as Swara called him Sahil. He hugged her and said “Shona. Cool down bacha. I’m there na your Sahil is there na. Nothing will happen to your Ragu maa” Sanskar widened his eyes shocked. “Sahil please save her, look at her. She will go away from me” said Swara sobbing and pleading Sahil. “Shhh shona. Nothing will happen to her. She is my love’s life. Your life. I will not let anything happen to your life.

Don’t you trust me” asked Sahil cupping her face. Swara nodded her head and hugged him. Sahil caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. Sanskar was shocked due to Sahil’s confession that Swara is his love not Ragini. For that misunderstanding he punished Ragini for a fault which was not hers. Sahil looked at Ragini. He lifted her in his arms and headed out of the room. Swara followed him sobbing. Sanskar wiped his lips and stood up with difficulty and followed them. As Sahil was stepping down holding unconscious Ragini in his arms with Swara beside him; Sanskar followed them wiping his tears looking at Ragini whose head was fallen from Sahil’s shoulder. He approached him and held her head to support. Sahil stopped and looked at him with rage. Sanskar kept staring Ragini. But Ragini’s condition made Sahil to control his growing anger and step down.

The singer was finishing the song with the lines with chorus
Mere dil mubarak ho yehi tho pyar hai
Ae mere dil mubarak ho yehi tho pyar hai

Ishq mubarak dard mubarak…. Ishq mubarak dard mubarak…..
Kavya panicked and by the time she could understand anything Sahil had carried Ragini outside. And Sanskar and Swara were on his both the sides. Annapurna closed her mouth shocked looking at Ragini’s condition. “Ragini dee. Shona dee” cried Ansh and tried to run but Anu stopped him and nodded her head in no as she knew it was not good for Ansh to see Ragini in that condition. Dayal was shocked and was standing numb not able to grasp anything.

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