Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 13


“Sanskar. You will get late wake up” called a female voice while taking the Arti thal all over the house to make the holy fire of Diya burn all the bad powers which may harm the family inside living. “Do minute Bhabi please” said Sanskar with his face covered in the pillow still. “When has that useless woken up so early” said Durga Prasad stepping down from the stairs. “Bauji. He is still kid. Let him enjoy his freedom” said a man standing in front of DP holding a 4 year old Ansh in his hand and bent and took blessing from him. “Khush Raho” said DP caressing his hair. As the man stood straightening himself it is revealed to be Adarsh. “Pari beta. Come have your breakfast” called AP standing near the dining table as DP and Adarsh sat for breakfast. Adarsh made Ansh to sit on his other side near DP. “Ji maa” said the female turned and smiled. She walked holding her baby bump and placed the thali back in mandir and walked to dining table.

Adarsh got up from his chair and walked to help her. He made her sit in the chair. She smiled looking at him. “Sanskar” again she called. No response. After few minutes Sanskar came freshened up. Pari had not touched the food in her plate still. He came down and touched AP and DP’s legs and sat beside Pari on her other side. She smiled and caressed his hair. She served him the breakfast. “Abbey gadhe. You know na your bhabhi will not touch food unless she sees you eat your food. In such state also you don’t think about her?” asked DP glaring Sanskar. Sanskar hugged Pari and said “Sorry Bhabi. Yesterday I slept late so could not get up in the morning” Pari caressed his hair and said “That’s ok babu. Now eat your food see it will cool”
“And how many times I should tell you not to wait for me” said Sanskar pouting. “And how many times I should tell you, mere gale se ek nivala nahi uthartha unless you have your first byte.” said Pari pouting.

“She is not worried about her Patidev and Ansh also so much. She doesn’t love me at all” said Adarsh complaining. “Really if she doesn’t love you then how come you are going to become dad for second time?” said Sanskar. The food stuck in Adarsh’s throat and he coughed badly. “Sanskar” said AP glaring him and patting Adarsh’s back. Pari and Sanskar burst out laughing looking at Adarsh’s condition and gave high five. DP nodded his head in disbelief. “Now eat. Enough of masti for today” said AP glaring them. They complied and had their food.
Sanskar opened his eyes which had tears. He sat on the bed and took a photo frame from the drawer which had Adarsh and Pari’s wedding photo. “I’m so confused Bhabi. And I need you now. My world is scattering and I’m not able to hold it. Why did you leave” he said sobbing and hugged the photo frame. He kept the photo frame back in drawer and walked to washroom wiping his tears. He came out of washroom with the same stiff attitude and got ready and headed out of the house. AP tried to stop him but as usual he did not listen and headed out. She felt bad but got back to her work. “Ansh come down fast your school van might be coming” screamed Annapurna calling Ansh who was packing his bag in study room. She heard Ananya woke up and started crying. She rushed to her room instructing the maid to serve breakfast to Ansh. She entered Ansh and Ananya’s room, lifted Ananya in her arms and started consoling her. Ansh who came to dining table asked “Kaki where is Dadi?” The maid said “Ansh baba. Ananya baby was crying so madam went to console her” Ansh took his plate and one more plate served and headed to his room. He saw AP consoling Ananya.

He kept his plate on the table and took the other plate and approached Anu. He held the morsel in his hand in front of her. Anu looked at him surprised and with happy tears for his concern. “Eat Dadi” said Ansh feeding her. She had the morsel and a tear dropped from her eye looking at little Ansh who was smiling and he wiped her tear after keeping the plate aside. She held Ananya in one hand and caressed his hair with other hand and said “You are just shadow of your dad” He hugged her and Anu hugged Ananya and Ansh and looked at the portrait of Adarsh and Pari’s marriage which was hung on the wall and tears flowed from her eyes.
“Ohho. I remember baba. Yup we are meeting na tomorrow. I said na I will be in your place” said Ragini over the phone as she entered the building. Sanskar who was already waiting for the lift to open heard Ragini and turned back and found her laughing and speaking over the phone. “Whom is she talking to?” thought Sanskar. As the lift opened Ragini said “Okay sweetheart I will meet you tomorrow” and disconnected the call and kept the phone back in her bag. All the people started heading inside. As Ragini tried to get in Sanskar also tried and both were stuck at the door. Both glared at each other. People inside looked at them confused. “What is your problem Ms. Gadodia? concentrate while getting inside the lift instead of talking to boyfriend over the phone” said Sanskar annoyed. “My phone. Whether I talk to my boyfriend, your girlfriend or gali ka kutta of my area what’s your problem?” shot Ragini glaring him. He dragged himself out and dragged her also out of the lift and the lift door closed and Ragini stumbled and fell on him who was standing with the support of the wall. He was still holding her waist. She jerked his hand and started climbing the stairs annoyed. “Khadoos. If he doesn’t annoy me one day his day will be incomplete” said Ragini climbing the stairs. Sanskar climbed the stairs swiftly and reached her and said “Ms. Gadodia don’t think about me always” and climbed passing her. “Think about you meri joothi” screamed Ragini standing and huffing. Sanskar stopped and turned and neared her. She bent back and stumbled and was about to fall. She held the railing fearing and Sanskar held her from her waist. He straightened her and said “At least your Joothi has more brain than you” and climbed smirking.

Ragini opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape and gave him death glare. As he climbed the last step he looked at Ragini who was glaring him with folded hands. She twisted her lips and started climbing the stairs angry. Sanskar’s smirk turned into a smile looking at her kiddish face. He stopped leaning to the pillar beside. Ragini climbed fast and showed him tongue while entering the office. Sanskar’s curve spread looking at her. It was better than her unaffected, cold attitude for him. He caressed his neck and stepped inside the office smiling behind Ragini. He leaned and saw her smiling and waving her hand to Riya. He held his jumping heart. Even if he has to stay away from her for her smile he was ready to do that.

“Ma’am parcel for you” said the office assistant handing a package to Ragini. She opened and found a anarkali with a note “It’s just a gesture of our new friendship. I will think as my gift for my marriage if you wear this and come. Kavya” read Ragini. She smiled and looked at the dress. “How will I wear this? I have to buy something for Shona dee also otherwise she will feel bad” said Ragini to herself. “Ragini. Take this” said Sahil handing a parcel to Ragini. She looked at him confused. “This is a dress for Swara. Sorry I did not know your taste so could not buy” said Sahil apologetically. “No sir. This is not needed. I will buy new dress for Shona dee” said Ragini hesitant. “Fine I will take the money from your salary in installment for this. Now atleast can you take” asked Sahil smiling.

“You are really the sweetest person” said Ragini smiling. Sahil side hugged her and headed back to his cabin. Sanskar saw this and closed his fist angry. “Oh with him you were speaking Ms. Gadodia over phone. Now see how I will spoil your date. He is gifting you dress and all how dare he. Just wait and watch Ms. Gadodia” said Sanskar smirking. He went to Sahil’s cabin. “Excuse me Mr. Raheja” said Sanskar entering Sahil’s cabin. Sahil who was smiling twirling his chair jerked and saw Sanskar who was giving him fake smile. “Yes Mr. Maheshwari. How can I help you?” asked Sahil. “I came here to invite you for a party tomorrow” said Sanskar sitting in the chair in front of Sahil.

Sahil looked at him confused. “Why will this beast invite me for a party. Better I avoid it. God knows what he has planned” thought Sahil and said “Sorry Mr. Maheshwari. I have an important meeting tomorrow. Not possible to postpone” apologetically. “Hmmm. Important meeting or date. Kahi yeh Ragini ko propose karne ki tho nahi soch raha hai” thought Sanskar and suddenly screamed “No” imagining Sahil proposing Ragini. Sahil jerked and looked at him confused. “I mean. Tomorrow party is very important Mr. Raheja. You have to attend as we will be meeting a very important investor. It’s the best opportunity for our company. And I cant handle it without you” said Sanskar pleading Sahil. Sahil looked at him weirdly as he saw him pleading for the first time. After much convincing Sahil agreed as he could not refuse. Sanskar smiled widely thinking Sahil’s date got spoiled.

Sahil looked at him confused and nodded his head in disbelief. Sanskar left his cabin and saw Ragini who pouted sadly looking at her phone. “So fast he informed her about the change in plan?” thought Sanskar and headed to his cabin. “Riya. I’m really confused how to handle Shona in party. You know na her condition. This kavya is not picking my call only” said Ragini sadly looking her mobile. “Nothing will go wrong Ragu. Don’t worry.” said Riya consoling her. Ragini got back to her work. Sanskar looked at her and smirked thinking he has spoiled her and Sahil’s date.
“Excuse me sir?” said Ragini entering Sanskar’s cabin. “Yes” said Sanskar. “I’m taking half a day leave tomorrow” said Ragini and started moving out. “You cannot take” said Sanskar still working in his laptop. “Who is asking you?” said Ragini turning and folding her hands. He looked up at her and said “I’m your boss. You need my permission for that” She peirced him with her eyes and said “Oh really. Why do you think so?” said Ragini. “My wish” said Sanskar not able to answer her. “To hell with your wish. I just came here to inform you that’s all. Not to ask your permission. My leaves and I have full rights to use it. Got that?” said Ragini showing her index finger at Sanskar leaning to his table. Sanskar’s anger crossed its limit. He held her finger and dragged her and she leaned more and her cheeks touched his lips a bit and she widened her eyes in shock.

Riya who was watching them opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape shocked. She looked around and relaxed as nobdy saw it. “Gosh these two love birds will forget that they are in a glass cabin in office. I should do something” said Riya thinking. Sanskar widened his eyes shocked as his rough lips touched and tasted her soft cheeks. Ragini felt goosebumps all over her body and closed her eyes. Sanskar breathed heavy inhaling her heavenly fragrance and moved his lips for a deeper kiss on her cheek but he was stopped by his intercom ring. Both of them jerked. Sanskar sat straightening himself and Ragini stood still holding her cheek.

Sanskar lifted the receiver but Riya had disconnected the call by then. Ragini rubbed her cheek and glared Sanskar. Sanskar shrank his eyes and said sorry softly. Ragini huffed and stormed out of his cabin. She sat on her seat and started rubbing her cheek with tissue paper hardly and pouted angrily. Riya controlled her laugh looking at her and Sanskar smiled looking at her childish behavior. He touched his lucky lips which brushed her heavenly soft milky delicious cheek.
“No Ladoo. I cannot come. You know na I don’t like all this. You go enjoy yourself” said Sumi refusing to attend the Party for which Kavya invited. “Fine mom I will go with Shona dee” said Ragini. “Why her. She will make it difficult for you to handle. You have to run behind her instead of enjoying” said Sumi glaring Swara who was playing biting her lips with a teddy bear. Swara’s face expression changed listening Sumi. She became sad. “Maa. I can handle her. My shona bacha is good girl. She will not trouble me. Hai na?” said Ragini caressing Swara’s hair. Swara nodded her head weakly. “Do as you wish. Have you listened to me ever” said Sumi storming to her room. “Maa” said Ragini but Sumi closed her room door, she leaned to the door and sobbed saying “How much ever I try Shekar they are inseparable. I’m really worried for Ragini. She needs someone in her life”

“Ragu maa. We are going to partyyyyy” asked Swara excited lying on the bed. “Hmmm Shona bacha. Now sleep.” said Ragini caressing her hair. “Lori….” said Swara pouting. “Okay okay” said Ragini and sang the Lori and Swara fell asleep. When Ragini turned and was about to lie on the bed Sanskar’s kiss flashed in her mind. A tiny curve appeared on her sealed lips and she touched her cheek feeling his touch. Immediately she came back to the reality and lied on the bed and covered herself with a blanket. As she closed her eyes Sanskar’s smiling face flashed. “Ahhh what is wrong with me” she said frustrated. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to sleep. After much struggle she fell asleep.

Sanskar was lying on the bed looking at the ceiling holding a pillow in his hands. He remembered how his lips brushed her cheek and smiled closing his eyes and grabbing the pillow more tightly and dozed off.

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