Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 12

“Shona come fast. See Ragu maa is getting late” shouted Ragini from the dining hall. “Coming Ragu maa” said Swara and she came biting her lips and holding both the sides of her Kurti. “Come sit here” said Ragini dragging Swara and making her sit on a chair. “Upma. Yuck I hate it. I don’t want to eat” said Swara making faces looking at the dish in her plate. “You are my shona bacha na. Today eat bacha. Tomorrow I will make maggie for you pakka” said Ragini holding the plate infront of Swara. “No. I don’t like upma” said Swara pushing the plate bit. “I will not take you to Park this Sunday otherwise” said Ragini glaring her. “Cheating.

How is going to park related to Upma” said Swara pouting. “If Shona will not eat Upma, she has to stay hungry then she will get fever and going to park cancel” said Ragini trying to scare Swara. “Not fair.” said Swara pouting. “Shona” saying Ragini glared Swara. She ate the Upma without interest. “Good Girl. My Shona Bacha is good girl” said Ragini caressing Swara’s hair as she was drinking the water from the glass. “Okay I’m leaving. Don’t trouble Saloni Maasi ok.” said Ragini taking her bag while leaving home. “Ladoo. Won’t you have breakfast?” asked Sumi coming out of her room. “Wo maa. I have important work in office. Don’t worry. I will eat in canteen” said Ragini weakly smiling at Sumi. Sumi looked at her with painful eyes. “Okay bye maa. Bye Shona” said Ragini heading out of the house. “Saloni maasi” called Ragini standing outside the house. “Haa Ragini beta. I will give food and medicines to Swara on time. Don’t worry” said Saloni coming out of her house. Ragini smiled at her and headed to her bus stop.
“Why are you doing this Ladoo. Why are you staying empty stomach to feed us. There was nothing in the world that your bhayyu, dadda did not get you to eat. And now see they can’t do anything looking you being empty stomach. Don’t you understand how much it will pain them” said Sumi with tears in her eyes looking at the vessel where only little upma sufficient which could be fed to only one person was left.
“Yeh lo kaku. Give me ticket to Kurla.” said Ragini handing the money to the condutor. He smiled and gave her the ticket and change. As she crossed the road and entered her office building her phone ringed. “Hello. Ha Kavya. Tell me” said Ragini answering the call. “What tell me madam. You told me you will come to my house this month. And look at you, no call also.” said Kavya in complaining tone. “I’m really sorry Kavya. I was just held up with some work. So could not come” said Ragini apologising. “I will forgive you on one condition” said Kavya. “Hmmm tell me. I will do it” said Ragini. “Arrey first listen what I’m gonna ask?” said Kavya. “Mere paas hai hi kya jo thum lelo iska mai gham karu” said Ragini. “I did not understand your bhari bharkam sentence” said Kavya shaking her head. “Leave that. Tell me what is your condition” asked Ragini. “This Friday Poppy is gonna announce my marriage. And I want you beside me. Atleast with that I can invite you to my home” said Kavya. “Done. I will be there with you” said Ragini smiling.

“You are really sweet yar” said Kavya. “Not more than you. Just in one meeting you made me your best friend” said Ragini. “Fine fine I know I cannot win in arguement with you. I will be waiting. Be there with your family. I don’t want any arguement on that. Chalo now bye take care” said Kavya disconnecting the call. Ragini smiled and kept the phone in her bag. By the time she finished the call the lift had moved up. She looked at the time. “Ohho. That khadoos will get a chance to scold me again” said Ragini. “Ehem ehem” some one cleared throat behind her. She jerked and looked back and found Sanskar adjusting his tie and looking at her.

“You were talking about me? Ms. Gadodia?” asked Sanskar coldly. “Don’t I have enough work in my life that I will be talking about you Mr. Maheshwari. Stop dreaming” said Ragini without any expression and rushed to climb the stairs. He closed his fist in anger and huffed and waited for the lift to open. Ragini felt a bit dizzy as she was climbing the stairs but managed to climb and reach her work station. She sat on her work station holding her head which pained. Sanskar who was walking in front of her observed her and worried. He was about to go to her but he remembered her state yesterday and stopped himself and watched her helplessly. Riya saw him and went to Ragini to check on her. “Ragu.

Are you okay?” asked Riya loudly so that Sanskar can also listen. “Ahhh Riya. Why are you shouting. Just a small headach” said Ragini looking at her annoyed. “You missed your breakfast again right” shot Riya. “Today we will get Salary. Everything will be fine” said Ragini consoling Riya. Sanskar looked at her painfully and headed to his cabin. He sat in his cabin but could not concentrate on work. He kept observing Ragini who was looking weak and pale. “Tarun” called Sanskar still looking at Ragini. He instructed him something. “Do it fast” said Sanskar sending Tarun outside his cabin. He again looked at Ragini who wiped her face feeling bit tired and drank the water in the bottle. A tear escaped his eye looking at her state. He wiped it and looked at it shocked.

“Why is this for?” asked Ragini as the office boy offered her a plate of Sandwich and a juice container. “New MD is giving treat to everyone” he said. “What for?” she asked again. “Ragu. Eat na. Why you want all that?” said Riya to avoid Ragini’s further questioning. “No Riya. Take it. I don’t feel like eating” said Ragini though she was hell hungry. “I have not added poison in it Ms. Gadodia. You can have it” said Sanskar over the intercom to Ragini. “I cannot trust a murderer Mr. Maheshwari” said Ragini banging the reciever. Sanskar closed his eyes. Sanskar again called her and said “Then throw it in dustbin” “I would definately if it wasn’t food” said Ragini and again banged the reciever. “Ahhh. What’s her problem” said Sanskar keeping the reciever annoyed. He looked at Ragini who had the first byte of Sandwich. Her twisted lips, satisfied eyes made his heart jump in joy. A huge smile appeared on his face when Ragini closed her eyes when the first byte satisfied her hunger a bit. She drank the juice and her face gained a bit life. That was what he needed. He smiled and got back to his work. Riya who was observing it said to herself “Sanskar sir is the one who will cure your every wound on your soul and heart Ragini. God please clear the misunderstanding between them. I can see limitless love in his eyes for Ragini. And I will try my best to make them together”

“Ragini” said Sahil approaching Ragini’s work station. “Haa sir” said Ragini wiping her face with the tissue paper. “One of my friend is a big psychatrist and he is in town for a week. I just came here to ask you to take Swara for a visit” said Sahil. “Sure sir. When?” she asked. “How about this friday?” asked Sahil. “I had a different plan this friday” said Ragini pouting and stiffening her lips. As Sanskar looked up from his laptop at Ragini. Her every expression was like a treat to watch. “Fine we will go on Saturday” said Sahil.

Ragini smiled and complied. Her smile was something which made Sanskar’s heart beat race. He always wished her to give him her ever sweet smile. But it could never happen. Her face always burned looking at him. Or annoyance used to cover her face. He always wished her to see him with calm eyes and genioun smile but he knew it could never happen. So he has to enjoy her beautiful smile maintaining a distance as his approach made her face to stiffen everytime. He wondered what is wrong with him. He is getting married to Kavya and here he is getting attracted to Ragini who has only hate for him. Was it love. He had no answer for that.
“Miss Gadodia. Please get me the details of meeting of today evening” said Sanskar on the intercom. Ragini collected all the info and took a printout of it and went to give it to Sanskar. “Excuse me sir” she asked standing at the door. “Come in” said Sanskar still looking his laptop. Ragini kept the papers on Sanskar’s table and stood folding her hands. Sanskar sensed that she is still standing infront of him and looked up at her and asked through eye brows what. “Details of meeting you asked” said Ragini. “So? You always just keep the papers and walk out right? Why are you telling now?” he asked confused. “My wish. I will tell when I feel like telling and when I don’t feel like I will just walk out” said Ragini turning and walked out of his cabin. She herself was confused why she stood and waited to give him a reply. Sanskar’s lips curved into a smile. This was new to him. Her childish behaviour. He nodded his head in disbelief and got back to his work.

“Sir. These are the salary cheques. You need to sign it” said Riya who entered Sanskar’s cabin as he was the new signing authority. “Sit down Riya” said Sanskar and took the cheques to sign. “Why is the salary so late?” asked Sanskar signing the cheques. “Wo sir. HR department have their procedures to follow. So usually the salary comes at this date only every month” said Riya nervous. “Fine. Please instruct the HR manager to meet me now” said Sanskar handing the cheques back to Riya. “Okay sir” said Riya smiling and headed out of his cabin. “Rahul. Sanskar sir is calling you to his cabin” shouted Riya after she settled in her work station. “What happened?” Ragini asked Riya curious. “Don’t know” said Riya.

“May I come in sir?” asked Rahul entering Sanskar’s cabin. “Yes” said Sanskar. “You called me sir?” Rahul asked. “Please take your seat Mr.?” said Sanskar pointing the chair. “Sir Rahul” he said and settled himself on the chair. “How many employees work in this office Rahul?” asked Sanskar. “Sir. 150” answered Rahul. “And do we have any other branches or sites?” asked Sanskar. “No sir. Only this office” he replied. “And how many people are there in your team?” asked Sanskar. “Sir 4. One for Labour Law compliance. And other 3 for HR works including me” said Rahul briefing him. “You know Rahul? In my other company we have 800 staffs including 4 sites and 3 branch offices in different parts of India and in our HR team there are only 3 people. And our staff gets salary on 3rd of every month. They have to collect the attendance from 3 branch offices, 4 sites and check it and process it in just 2 days. And today is 15th of the month and this company salary cheques have come today to me and tomorrow everyone will get salary.” said Sanskar glaring Rahul. Rahul lowered his head. “Don’t think just because I’m new here I’m not aware of your working style. Instead of wasting your time flirting around concentrate on your work. You should understand how important is your job? If not tell me I will handover this company job also to my other company HR team. They will not find it d

ifficult to manage 150 more employees” said Sanskar coldly. “No sir. I understood your point. Next month onwards we will process the salaries by 2nd of every month.” said Rahul fearing for his job security. “Good for you. Now you may leave” said Sanskar going back to work on his laptop. Rahul left the cabin annoyed. “What happened Rahul?” asked Riya as she spotted Rahul heading to his work station. “Nothing. He just instructed to process the salary by 2nd of every month from next month” said Rahul with fallen face. Riya controlled her laugh looking at his annoyed face. “Khadoos. Im sure he might have threatened Rahul” said Ragini looking at Sanskar who was working on his laptop. “Good for him. Bl**dy idiot wastes his time flirting around. And because of that we have to suffer. Atlast somebody thought about our plight.

Sahil sir tho always speaks so sweetly sometimes people like Rahul misuse his goodness.” said Riya. “Why are you taking his side” asked Ragini annoyed. “It is not necessary that the person is always wrong Ragini. Just because you don’t like Sanskar sir, don’t support Rahul” said Riya. “Whatever. I’m not interested to know him so deeply” said Ragini going back to her work. “I know you really want to know but your so called ego is not letting you to admit it” said Riya to herself. “How has he changed so much? He never cared about employees. Suddenly why so much concern?” thought Ragini to herself. Though Sanskar was cold hearted and used to misbehave with employees but he never delayed their payments and bonus. He respected his employees hard work but he never admitted it. People like a boss who respects and appreciates them for their work which Sanskar never used to do.

So he looked like tough boss always. He wanted the work done as early as possible which was what people used to find difficult to handle.
At evening Ragini was looking at the watch as she was getting late and Sanskar’s meeting was not getting over. Sanskar saw the clock in conference room. When they were having a tea break Sanskar headed out and saw Ragini who was tensed and looking at the watch again and again. “Ms. Gadodia. You can leave. The meeting will take more time. I will mail you the points and you can prepare the Moments of meeting tomorrow in my cabin”said Sanskar and turned to leave. “Your cabin? No thank you. I will finish my work now here only and leave” said Ragini determined. Sanskar closed his fist. Here he was trying to make her job easy and this stupid lady is giving him attitude. “Fine do whatever you wish to” said Sanskar and left from there. Ragini got the updates as the meeting finished. She started preparing the moments of meeting. Everybody had left the office and she was working alone.

Sanskar couldn’t go leaving her alone in office. “Such stubborn idiot” said Sanskar looking at Ragini from his cabin when she was engrossed in her work. “But she is beautiful” said Sanskar without his knowledge when Ragini was biting her pen and few of her hair strands were flying in air. She was looking damn cute as her hair strands flew and the single lit lamp was just focussing on her face and when she turned to her computer the light from the display reflected in her eyes sparkling her beautiful black orbs. Sanskar who was watching her keeping his elbow on the table missed the table and his elbow fell down making him stumble and bringing back to reality. He looked at his elbow and then at Ragini and leaned back to his chair smiling. His heart was jumping in joy discovering a new feeling which he never felt all his life. He looked at Ragini again smiling. She finished her job and was about to turn. Sanskar swiftly got back to his laptop so that she doesnt catch him staring her and smiling. He acted as if he is seriously working.

Ragini looked at him and her face changed and annoyance covered it. She took a printouts and headed to his cabin to hand it over to him. “Excuse me sir” said Ragini entering his cabin. “Moments of the meeting” she said keeping the documents on his table before he could ask her anything. Sanskar was surprised. He looked at her. “What? Don’t give me that look. I just don’t want to waste my time arguing to dumb people” said Ragini lifting her shoulders and chin up a bit proudly. Sanskar closed his eyes frustated as her cold behaviour was back. As she turned to leave Sanskar walked swiftly and stood infront of her and walked approaching her.

Ragini looked at him confused and walked back. “What are trying to do Mr. Maheshwari” asked Ragini still walking back. Sanskar did not stop. She stopped as the table blocked her way. She looked at him still he did not stop his approach she leaned back to the table. Sanskar blocked her with his both the hands keeping on table. Ragini closed her eyes due to his approach. His musculine strong body she could feel very near to her and his fragrance made her senses go numb. He neared her face. He looked at her eyes which were closed and her eye lids were moving inside. He bit his cheeks inside looking at her. Ragini opened her eyes and found Sanskar smirking. She pushed him and stood straightening herself. Sanskar brushed his blazer and stood straightening himself. She gave him disgusted look. He held his chin up and looked at her. “Shameless” said Ragini under her breath. Sanskar grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. She was shocked and landed on his chest. He twisted her hand and pinned it to her hip and dragged her closer to him and looked straight into her eyes which were showing clear annoyance to his act.

He neared her ears and spoke “You cannot even imagine how much shameless I can be Ms. Gadodia” His hot breath tickled her and she tried to close her ears with shoulder and closed her eyes loosing herself. A chill shiver ran through her spine. And she stiffened her body. Sanskar dragged himself away and while doing so his cold cheek touched her cheek and she opened her eyes coming to reality. He looked at her intensly and dragged her more close. His eyes softened and both of them lost in looking at each other. Sanskar felt himself dragged to her soft lips and he was leaning close to her. He closed his eyes when he was just a millimeter away from her lips and Ragini closed her eyes and her heart started beating fast due to his approach. His phone ringed which brought both of them to the real world. Both jerked and parted ways. Ragini ran out of his cabin nervously and Sanskar brushed his hair taking a deep breath to cool his racing heart.

Ragini packed her stuff hurriedly and started leaving. As she turned she found Sanskar standing near her. She jerked and was about to fall but Sanskar held her at right time. Her heart raced again. He made her stand straight. She held her thumping heart which was ready to pump out. “It’s late. Come I will drop you” said Sanskar lowering his head and looking around. “No thanks. I will go myself” said Ragini and moved. Sanskar hit the table nearby with frustration. He was falling in her eyes day by day with his behaviour towards her as he could not control himself loosing in her fragrance. Ragini walked to the bus stop still nervous. She touched her cheek where his cheek touched. She still could feel his touch and she closed her eyes remembering the recent incidents. “What is wrong with me?” said Ragini to herself and got inside her bus. As she opened her home door Swara ran and hugged her saying “Ragu maa” Ragini caressed her hair and smiled weakly. Ragini fed Swara food and Swara was explaining her whatever happened whole day. But Ragini was lost. Sanskar’s closeness was disturbing her again and again. Swara has to shake her to bring her back to real world. After making Swara sleep Ragini lied on her bed and kept turning her sides as she was not getting sleep. Whenever she closed her eyes, Sanskar’s closeness, his hazel eyes, his fragrance and his touch appeared and she used to open her eyes horrified. She struggled and dozed off after two hours.

Sanskar was turning his sides on bed thinking why does Ragini effect him so much. Why she awakes all his dead desires. Why her tears tore him and smile makes him happy. Why she binds him to something which he cannot understand. Why he cannot stop himself getting dragged himself to her. Why his heart wants her more and more close to him. Why her delicate body melts his tough rigid body. Why her fragrance makes him loose his senses. Why his lips crave to touch and swallow her soft lips and melt her inside him. Why her hot breath makes his heart race and his breathing uneven. What is this called? He closed his eyes and their closeness, her fragrance, her touch made him open his eyes horrified. He also struggled and dozed off finally.

I hope you people liked this update. Keep smiling. And if anybody has not suggested a parallel lead for Ragini you can still suggest it. Maximum people have voted for Parth and if you have any other suggestion you can tell me. Sorry for the typos. And please let me know if I’m slow or dragging. Or any other suggestion. And I’m sorry for being irregular. I need little time to move from one mood to other as my other ff is completely different than this. I would love to improve. Thank you so much for supporting my story. Love you all. A very Happy Diwali.

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  1. Parth, nice part

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    Nd my heart went out to ragini..skipping food bcz of money issues..painful …no wrds..u r my rockstar…
    Loved d update soooo much my dear….u r truly a blessed writer…..

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      Then I have to finish this story fast. After their misunderstanding clear there will be nothing in the story

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    N i would suggest arjun bijlani for d role??

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      It will blossom soon. Keep reading and be happy. Happy Diwali

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    Is sanskar not lead for ragini
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      Final pair will be ragsan only. Thank you dear

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    now also i have a doubt that he is not responsible for all that
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      A very happy wala Diwali shweetu.awww you were waiting. And I knew so without proof reading I just posted it. Ha ha ha ha. I knew you will be pissed off due to their incomplete kiss. You know me very well. Yup it will be damn special. Ha ha ha I know you will have sleepless nights now

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