Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 10

“I’m sorry Kavs. I cannot meet you today. I have shifted the business to new office. This month is not possible at all” said Sanskar over the phone entering into the building. “Thanks for understanding. I will talk to you later” said Sanskar and disconnected the call. He pressed the lift button and waited for the lift to open. As the door opened he entered it. Before he could turn Ragini who was late ran and bumped into him and he stumbled and fell down and Ragini fell upon him. Her hair had scattered all over her face and she closed her eyes fearing she will fall. Sanskar looked up annoyed and found Ragini. She was looking damn cute. Her fruity smell, fruity lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows, cute sharp nose. He could not resist himself from noticing her face features which made him crazy. His hand moved without his knowledge to move her hair strands which were blocking his view to her face. His fingers touched her delicate face and moved the silky hair strands. His sensuous touch made her shiver. She felt goose bumps all over her body. She opened her eyes and met hazel orbs which bound her to a spell. She was not in position to recollect what is happening. She was completely fallen on him. His one hand was around her waist and other hand was tucking her scattered hair behind her ears. He touched her earlobe and she felt an adrenaline rush in her body. As their eyes met Sanskar heart raced and his hand which was around her waist tightened its grip and she closed her eyes and breathed heavy. As his hand moved up she came back to sense immediately. She got up with a jerk as she realized what was happening. She uttered a sorry and waited the door to open. But their bad luck the power surge made the lift stop suddenly. Again both of them stumbled. Sanskar leaned to the wall for support and Ragini fell on him again and Sanskar held her from falling. Ragini opened her eyes and again told him sorry and stood straightening herself. She cursed the power cut due to which she was stuck in lift now with Sanskar. She had no escape now. “Ms. Gadodia, wo…” said Sanskar. She heard him but behaved as she did not hear him at all. “I’m talking to you Ms. Gadodia” said Sanskar annoyed when she did not respond to him. “Talk. Who’s stopping you? Your mouth you can talk whatever you want. But you cannot force my ears to listen and my brain to respond” said Ragini coldly. This is what he hated the most. The attitude of not budging. Whatever happen not to back off. It irked him. He held her elbow and turned her with rage. She turned and looked at him annoyed. That face, that anger made him loose himself to his anger. He tightened his grip on her elbow. She closed her eyes frustrated. She jerked his hand. “Mr. Maheshwari. Don’t you try to force me to do something for which you will regret all your life? And you very well know that I can go to any extent to destroy you” she said rubbing her hand. He pinned her to the wall. “And you don’t force me to do anything which will make you regret not only for this life but every life you get on this earth. Nobody messes with Sanskar Maheshwari. Did you get that? Nobody.” said Sanskar looking deeply into her eyes nearing her. She smirked looking at him. “I already messed it up. Look around Mr. Maheshwari. Your life is already a hell” she said and pushed him aside as the door opened and stormed out. She was absolutely right. His life was already messed up. He hit the wall frustrated. She was not even giving him a chance to speak. Nobody had the guts to speak to him this way. He was confused why he was letting her to insult him. He did not give her back. Or the fact was he could not give her back. She was equal competitor to him. When same poles meet they repel and the force is more powerful than attraction. So this repulsion of their egos created new waves in both of their lives. The effect of it was still to be known.
“Chotu why are you upset. Be happy that chipkali has gone for four years” said Vikram putting his hand around Ragini’s shoulder. “Bhayyu. I know you miss her more than me. Don’t act.” said Ragini with fake anger. “Fine. We cannot bring her back now. But won’t you enjoy your bhayyu’s company? You need your Shona dee only?” asked Vikram with fake anger. “Awww bhayyu you look so cute when you get angry” said Ragini holding his chin. “Oye I’m not cute ok” said Vikram. “Okay. Okay Let’s leave home. You have interview na tomorrow. You have to prepare for that” said Ragini dragging him.
“Maa….. Ragu….” shouted Vikram as soon as he entered the house. “Kya hai” saying Sumi came out. Vikram twirled her in air and said “I got the job mumma. I got the job” “That’s great news. Wait I will light diya and come” said Sumi stopping him. “Kya hai bhayyu?” asked Ragini who just came out. “Bacha I got the job. My dream job” said Vikram twirling her. “Yeppie…. I knew it. My bhayyu is the best” she said and hugged Vikram excited.
Vikram started working hard. Slowly the burden from Shekar was moved to Vikram’s shoulder. He was happy to carry the burden.
“Hey girl. Come here” called a college boy to Ragini who was walking back home. She got scared. She moved towards him. “Look at her such heavenly beauty. Sweet heart what is your name” asked the person. There were still three more boys with him. They started making a circle around her and started teasing her. She got scared and started crying. One boy tried to touch her cheek. A strong hand held him. Ragini who was sobbing looked up and found Vikram who was furious. He beaten all the boys black and blue. Ragini hugged him sobbing. He consoled her and they headed to their home.
“Chotu. you have to be strong. When will you learn fighting back?” said Vikram standing in front of Ragini who was sobbing. She hugged him and said “You are there na bhayyu. You are my strength. That’s enough for me. I’m never weak as far as you are with me” . “Shhh chotu. Don’t cry” said Vikram caressing her hair.
“Ragini. I just came to ask you? Can we consult a good psychiatrist for Swara?” asked Sahil standing near Ragini’s work station. “Actually I feel so. But we cannot afford it sir” she said worried. “Don’t worry. I’m there na. Now she is my responsibility” said Sahil holding her hand to console her. She smiled at him gratefully. A pair of eyes were watching it which turned red. Sanskar’s face stiffened. “Tarun. Call Ms. Gadodia to my cabin” said Sanskar. He complied and headed out of the cabin. “Ma’am. Sanskar Sir is calling you?” said Tarun standing in front of Ragini when she was smiling and talking to Sahil. Her smile faded and annoyance over took. Sanskar observed her face change, it pained him. “Excuse me sir” she said peeping inside the cabin. “Come in” said Sanskar. “Take your seat. I need to talk to you” said Sanskar pointing the chair. She sat uninterested. “Wo Ms. Gadodia. Actually that night….” before he could complete Ragini stood up furious. She started moving. “Stop Ms. Gadodia. I need to talk” said Sanskar standing up from his chair. “If you have any work to assign me tell me. Otherwise I don’t have time for your non sense” she said. “Is it non sense?” asked Sanskar swiftly standing in front of her. “Yes it is. Anything not related to my job for which I’m getting paid is non sense” she screamed. Her anger had crossed its limit already. He reminded her that he is the person whom even if she kill she will not feel pity upon. Her eyes were red emitting fire and voice sharp yet cold. He shivered due to fear a bit looking at her. He felt helpless. “Please give me a chance to explain Ragini” he said pleading. First time she heard him taking her name. It had all the emotions he wanted to convey. She lost herself for a second and closed her eyes. “Bacha” Vikram’s voice ringed in her mind and she opened her eyes and shivered. “I don’t have single second of my life to waste for you. You are not worth it. You are a murderer. You destroyed a family. And what do want to explain after taking a life Mr. Maheshwari. You are only worth of my hatred. You are the person whom I hate the most in my life. And this hatred will never reduce even an inch” said Ragini leaning in front of him looking straight into his eyes. It pierced his heart deep. Her hatred tore him into pieces. He closed his eyes and a drop of tear dropped from his eye. Some corner of her heart pained looking his tear. But her mind was strong enough to suppress her heart feelings. She smirked looking at his condition. “Please” he said collapsing on the floor. “Have you ever looked back at what have you done? At least for a second were you guilty of what you did? No. You just fought to get out of it. But Mr. Maheshwari you forgot one thing. Karma comes back. Unless you understand what have you done you will not be guilty. And I’m sure even if you realize what you have done, it will have no effect on you. Because you don’t know what I went through. And you cannot even feel a bit of feelings what I felt” she said bending to his height. She huffed and walked out of his cabin. Sanskar sobbed looking at her direction.
Ragini’s face was red. It was burning. That night that horrible night. This beast reminded her again. So many days she wondered how she was cool seeing him in front of her. Hot tears wanted to escape from her eyes which she was fighting to hold back. She left a hot breath to cool her burning face, but it didn’t work. She felt difficult to breath and sudden headache. “ I hate him. I hate him” she told and held her head which pained like hell. Her vision started blurring and blacked out and she fell unconscious. Before her lifeless body could touch the ground, two strong muscular hands held her. Sanskar carried her in his arms and walked to his cabin. The traces of tears which escaped her pink face pained him. He felt so helpless. He placed her on the couch of his cabin. Everyone rushed as Riya shouted Ragini when she was falling unconscious. Sahil came running worried. Sanskar’s tears flowed as he could not see her condition. And he sat on his knees beside her and started rubbing her hands which were cold as ice. Sahil pushed the people surrounded the couch and noticed Sanskar sitting beside her and rubbing her hands and she was unconscious. It boiled his anger. He pulled Sanskar and held his collar and made him stand. “I told you Mr. Maheshwari. You cannot treat Ragini like this. What did you do this time? What’s your problem? Why don’t you let her live?” asked Sahil almost shouting. All employees were shocked. They had never saw this face of Sahil. He was always the cool ever smiling boss to all of them but now his eyes were emitting fire. Sanskar removed his hands from his collar. “And I told you she is assisting me and you don’t have rights to interfere” said Sanskar coldly. Riya came and stood in between them so that matter does not get worse. “Sir. I think we should call a Doctor” said Riya. “I will call” said Sahil and stormed out. Sanskar sat beside her and started caressing her hair. Her eyebrows were shrank depicting her pain tension which was felt by Sanskar. He hated himself for putting her in the condition.
“I think she just fainted due to stress” said the Doctor after injecting Ragini with an injection. “She will awake after 10 minutes. Nothing to worry” said the Doctor leaving. Tarun accompanied the doctor out of the office. After 10 minutes Ragini gained conscious and found herself lying on a couch. And Sanskar sitting beside holding her hand. She jerked his hand and got up. She held her head as it was still paining. “Ahhh. What am I doing in your cabin?” she said annoyed as she realized where she was. “You were falling down. Sanskar sir saved you” said Riya standing behind Sanskar. Ragini just stood up to walk out as soon as possible. But she stumbled and Sanskar held her again and said “You are still weak. Come I will drop you home”. She looked at him annoyed and jerked herself away from him and said “No Thanks. You have done enough”. When she was about to fall again Sahil held her. Sanskar got furious when he saw Ragini in Sahil’s arms. “Come Ragini I will drop you home” said Sahil. “Yes Sir” she said and looked at Sanskar. He closed his fist. “What is her problem? Why only with me she behaves so rudely” said Sanskar to himself. “You are the person whom I hate the most in my life” her words ringed in his mind. He closed his eyes frustrated.
I know you people are waiting for the mystery to solve. You will know it in next chapter. Keep smiling.

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