Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Final promo

“What are you doing here?” asked Ragini to Sanskar who was standing at Gadodia house door along with Annapurna, Ansh and Ananya.
“Hello my name is Parth” said a person introducing himself to Ragini in Maheshwari mansion.
“You really don’t know Ragini. She might be free from her promise to Poppy but forgiving you for Vikram’s death I don’t think it is ever possible. I hope she will come out of it” said Swara with tears in her eyes looking at Sanskar
“Fill the hairline of the bride” said Pandit and Sahil filled Swara’s hairline. Ragini looked at them with happy tears in her eyes.
“You are no more Ms. Ragini Gadodia. You are and always will be Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari and you have no place here now. Just leave” said Swara dragging Ragini holding her elbow and pushing her out of Gadodia house. Ragini stumbled and was about to fall but Sanskar held her.

Ragini hugged Sanskar from his back and sobbed holding him and Sanskar closed his eyes painfully letting his tears. “I love you” said Ragini in choking voice.
Ragini pins Sanskar to wall and locks him with her hands. Sanskar looks at her nervously. Ragini smiles mischievously.
“Swara relax” said Sahil holding Swara who was on stretcher and screaming holding her baby bump and breathing heavily.
“Please take care of my daughter” said Dayal holding Yohan’s hand. Kavya hugged him and sobbed in her bridal dress. Yohan held Dayal’s hand and said “I will always”
“She is pregnant” said Doctor to Sumi. Ragini heard it and stumbled and sat on the chair outside the clinic. She touched her stomach feeling the new life and smiled through her tears.
“Can you get me that one moment. Just that moment” screamed Ragini when Sanskar pinned her to the wall.
“Ma…ma…” said Ananya in her stumbling voice. “Maa see… Ani started speaking. She said maa” said Ansh happy. Ragini sat beside them took Ananya in her one hand with other hand she caressed Ansh’s hair and dragged him to a hug smiling through her tears. She looked at Pari and Adarsh’s photo and closed her eyes
“I … I…..“ Ragini struggled to say when she was taken inside operation theater on a stretcher holding Sanskar’s hand. “Relax Ragini. We can talk about it later” said Sanskar controlling his tears. “I don’t know I will survive Sanskar” said Ragini sobbing. Sanskar collapsed on the floor as tears flowed from his eyes continuously after Ragini was taken inside a operation theater.
I had lot of confusions regarding posting this promo. I felt I will lose the curiosity of readers but then I thought I’m just presenting the plot and the way I portray my story will still have my hold on the story.
Thank you all for your immense love and I’m really grateful.


  1. Pinky

    Awesome Sally .waiting for the episode. Please update soon ….
    Please unite swaragini. Y ragini said she can’t survive ???
    Please update today……

  2. Richa19


    |Registered Member

    Omg… Lots of fun coming up…. So excited….. I’m really worried for ragini… But y is swara behaving too harsh with her… not liking her…….. Well seems interesting n I’m eagerly waiting for ur updates… …all the best!!! 😘😘

  3. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    awesome too excited but feeling sad for ragini plsz post next part sooon
    having a strange feeling after reading this prmo hope this guilt doesn’t seprate ragsan because of sanskar’s mistake hope he don’t loose ragini
    ragini pergnent too excited plsz post sooonnn………..

  4. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome promo Sally dear…plz don’t kill my ragini….thz promo make me curious to read ur story….waiting for update…tkcr dear….

  5. Kutty

    What’s happening here? OMG full of shocking promo… Ragu’s pregnancy, Ragu’s love confession, swara’s anger, Kavya’s marriage. I’m waiting to read all upcoming updates… I may not be able to comment in all updates. I’m quite busy in my office work. But sooner or later I’ll be reading all ur ff. Take care

  6. Ufaq

    In last promo, you wrote that sanskar slaps ragini you did not mention that why he slaps?
    And please update next part soon!!

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