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Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 46


“Sanskar get up fast. You will get late” said Ragini waking Sanskar up. Sanskar who was sleeping with his back facing ceiling turned and dragged Ragini with him. “What the hell Sanki insan. What are you doing?” asked Ragini horrified when Sanskar pinned her hands to the bed. “Morning romance Bandariya. You are looking so fresh” said Sanskar kissing her cheek. “Ahhh. I just took bath and came Sanki leave me” said Ragini. “You think I will listen to you?” he said moving his hand over her waist. “Please Sanskar why are you torturing me so much ha?” asked Ragini. “Acha bachu when I do; torture and when you do; romance haa? Yeh kis desh ka kaanoon hai?” he asked kissing her neck. Ragini held his shirt tightly. “Leave me na please. Again I have to take bath” said Ragini pleading him. “So what come both will take bath together.” said Sanskar removing her pallu. “Shameless Maheshwari” said Ragini pushing him and ran out of the room blushing.

“Sanskar” called Anu bringing Sanskar out to present. His eye lashes moved to control his tears. He headed down to the dining table. He finished his breakfast and headed to his office. Anu looked at him painfully. “Why is it so difficult for you to express yourself Sanskar. Why?” said Anu looking at his direction
“Papa ji. You know today your pothi said “Maa” It looks like yesterday only Ani also spoke her first word and you remember that day only I met you for the first time” said Ragini holding her two years kid in her hand and sitting beside DP on his hospital bed. “Pari bacha this is your Dadu” said Ragini making her daughter touch DP’s hand. Pari clapped and looked at her Dadu who was lying lifelessly.
“Maa” said Ansh and Ananya running to Ragini as they got down from the school bus in front of school and hugged her. Ansh took Pari in his hand and started playing with her. Ragini bent to Ananya and wiped her tears. “No bacha no crying” said Ragini. “Maa come back to home na. See I’m in 2nd standard now. You said you will come after vacations when I was in Lower KG” said Ananya pouting. “Awww mela bacha is so smart ha? Leave all that. What did you had for breakfast. You did homework properly na?” asked Ragini avoiding the topic. Ansh’s face fell as he knew Ragini was not gonna come home this time also as she avoided Ananya’s question again. He hugged Pari and looked at both of them.
“You are late Ragini” said Sanskar standing at Ragini’s desk when she just reached her work desk. “You can cut 25% pay of the day as per the company rules. Now if you move. I have to do my work” said Ragini pushing him a bit and sitting on her desk and working in her system. He closed his fist and walked back to his cabin. “Why don’t you people forget everything and start a fresh Ragini?” asked Riya. “Will you forgive your husband if he tries to kill your kid?” asked Ragini with cold tone. Riya could not answer her and she kept quite. She looked at Sanskar who was watching Ragini with stiff face but his eyes were filled with pain. “I don’t know Ragini what made him to even think of it. But one thing I’m sure he loves you madly. And that love that pain in his eyes has not reduced an inch also” thought Riya and turned to her desk sadly.
“Ragini please get Mehra’s file. And make it fast I have to go at 3” said Sanskar over the intercom. Ragini looked at her receiver annoyed and headed to file room. She found the file and rushed to his cabin. “Execuse me sir” she said peeping inside his cabin. “Yes” said Sanskar staring his mac book. “Your file” said Ragini and turned to leave after keeping the file on his desk. “Thank you” he said and Ragini moved uninterested to reply.
“Love reduced or not I don’t know but Tashan did not reduce an inch also” said Tarun to himself looking at them.
“Where will you go searching for job in this state Ragini? Pari is still very small. You work in our company only in the same position” said Sahil holding Ragini from her shoulder. “But Jeeju” said Ragini. “Why? you feel you cannot face him?” asked Sahil. “Why should I care. You know right I was never scared to face him. I will face him” said Ragini to Sahil.
“Three years Ragini still you people did not leave your stubbornness” said Sahil looking at Ragini and Sanskar standing near Sanskar’s cabin.
“Where does he goes at this time?” asked Ragini when she saw Sanskar going out of the house at 3’o clock. It was his daily routine. “Why do you care?” asked Riya. “Because he tells me some work and disappears and he strictly instructs me not to go home unless he comes back. And 5 o clock he comes back and says you can leave. I’m just annoyed” said Ragini.
“Pari” said Sanskar hugging his kid as soon as he entered Ragini’s room in Somany mansion (Parinita’s Mayka). Pari smiled widely and hugged him immediately. “I know today my bacha had gone to meet Dadaji hai na?” asked Sanskar and little Pari nodded her head smiling. He kissed her forehead closing his eyes. “You know your Bandariya mom na came late today and she is showing me only attitude. Am I any less? I also told her to stay and came here. See I will go at 6 o clock today” said Sanskar making faces and Pari nodded her head smiling.

“Why don’t you tell her the truth Sanskar?” asked Mrs Somany sitting beside him. “Will she believe me maa? I agreed that I did not wanted kids in front of her. How will I tell her?” said Sanskar sad. “You know why Ragu is angry on you? Not because you tried killing her kid but because you did not tell her the reason” said she caressing his hair. “I cheated her for two years maa” said Sanskar painfully.

“But you did to save her life. Why you did not tell her at the time when you came to know that she knows the truth already” asked she. “I was scared maa. I was scared because though she knew the truth I was not sure her disorder has cured completely. I did not wanted to lose her” said Sanskar sobbing. “Every man will be happy more than his wife when his wife gives him the best news of his life. My fate is so bad that I could not even feel the happiness when I heard she is pregnant with my child. My blood. What and all dreams a man has about his kid and his pregnant wife. How he will take care of her and how he will enjoy her mood swings and tortures and her cravings. But me I’m such bad fated person that her pregnancy was like my nightmare. My worst nightmare. I was so scared that I will lose her. I did not wanted any happiness in life other than her presence in my life. Nothing else” said Sanskar sobbing. “Try telling her once Sanskar” said she caressing his hair. Again he was in the same position. He wanted to justify his action to Ragini. Will he be able to do that?
“Ragini come to my cabin” said Sanskar on the intercom. “You called me?” asked Ragini peeping inside the cabin. “Yes Come in” he said and she entered his cabin. “I want Mehra’s file to be complete before you leave office today” he said handing her the file. “You could have told me when you were leaving. Now it will take time to complete” said Ragini annoyed. “I have told you plenty of times Ragini that don’t teach me my work” said Sanskar showing her the file raising his eyebrows. Ragini snatched it with rage and stormed out of his cabin banging the door. Sanskar jerked and closed his eyes as he got scared due to the door banging noise. “Kaali Matha back to track” said Tarun under his breath. His phone ringed and he received it smiling. “Hello haa meri maa Sanskar uncle is here only. Wait” said Tarun and handed the phone to Sanskar. “Sara. Baby how are you?” said Sanskar over the phone smiling. “I hate you Sansku. You said you will come to my birthday party” said Sara from other side. “Sorry baby. I will meet you tomorrow pakka” said Sanskar smiling. Ragini who entered his cabin to ask something stopped “Baby?” she said and headed from there back to her work space. She looked at Sanskar who was laughing while talking. “Ahhhh why should I care?” thought Ragini and got back to her work.
“Your file” said Ragini placing the file on Sanskar’s table. She turned to leave. “Ragini” he said stopping her heart beat. Still his painful voice had the same effect. She closed her eyes and a tear dropped from her eye which she swiftly wiped. He stood near her and her heart sensed his closeness and started beating rapidly. “I’m sorry. I’m….” before he could say Ragini walked swiftly. Sanskar held her hand and dragged her and she landed on his chest.

“Chahe mai rahu ya na rahu
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamath rahe
Memories never leave you. They reload and pains more everytime. “I have no time to waste Mr. Maheshwari my kid is waiting for me. I do care for my kid not like some people who want to kill their own kids” said Ragini pushing him and stormed out of the cabin wiping her tears. Sanskar collapsed on floor and cried “I did not wanted to kill her Ragini but I did not wanted to lose you. I did not. I again tried running away from my problems. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry”
“Again you are doing same mistake chotu” said Vikram looking at Ragini from stars and wiped his tears
“Chandaniya…. Chup jana re….” Ragini sang patting Pari’s back. Her all moments with Sanskar flashed in her mind and a tear dropped from her eye. “How many chances I gave you Sanskar. But still you did not tell me. Now why you want to justify yourself. I’m still not able to digest the fact that you wanted to kill your own kid. Didn’t you have trust on me? Didn’t you think once how will I feel when I will know the truth when you were cheating me. You know I can tolerate anything but you thought about killing our kid. I cannot forgive you for that. I cannot” said Ragini to herself.

“I know Ragini I have hurt you very badly. But still I don’t have courage to tell you the truth. When I came to know you are pregnant I wanted to lift you and twirl you in air to show my happiness. You were carrying my blood. I wanted to take care of you like a kid. But I did not wanted to lose you. I was so scared hearing your pregnancy news I could not hold myself. That nightmare of losing you was flashing in my mind. I know I did wrong. But I could not tell you why I did that. Now also if I try to say I don’t think you will believe me after whatever happened. You did not forgive me for your bhayyu’s death and you will not forgive me for thinking of killing our kid. Symbol of our life, my Pari. I know you still love me and I do too but this hatred is stopping you. I will win you again Ragini. I will surely win you back. For our Ansh, Ananya and Pari.” said Sanskar looking at the dark sky.

“Tomorrow might be unpredictable Sanskar. But it will be there always. Don’t stop trying. Be stubborn” Ragini’s words flashed in his mind. “I will be stubborn this time to get you back in my life. I will” said Sanskar and closed his eyes lying on the bed.
What happened in this three years and how did they survive without each other and how will they reconcile now. Why did not Swara or Yohan told truth to Ragini?
I know I have made you people more restless now but I love it when I confuse people and then clear them.

Did you enjoyed their Tashan which is back again?
I will meet you guys with next update on Thursday.

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