Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 43

“What?” asked Ragini looking at Sanskar through the mirror when he was staring at her lying on the bed as he just woke up. He got up and neared her and made her stand. Ragini looked at him confused. He took the sindhur box from her hand and took a pinch of Sindhoor and filled Ragini’s hairline. Ragini closed her eye and a tear dropped from her eye. And Sanskar kissed her hair closing his eyes cupping her face. Ragini’s eyebrows shrank with pain. How much she wished him to do all this. “Chachu….” screeched Ansh entering their room and disturbing them. He smiled widely when he saw Sanskar with Ragini and both of them smiling. “Ha Ansh what happened?” asked Sanskar bending to his height and picking him in his arms.

“Cha…” said Ansh and stopped again and stared ground. “What happened champ?” asked Sanskar. “Wo I have a wish” said Ansh pouting. “Tell me bacha what is your wish?” said Ragini holding his cheeks. “Wo wo…” said Ansh. Ragini and Sanskar looked at each other confused. “Champ” said Sanskar. “Can I call you poppy?” asked Ansh playing with Sanskar’s shirt button. Sanskar looked at him smiling widely. He then turned to Ragini smiling through his tears. She nodded her head and signed him to talk to Ansh. “Thank you thank you thank you Ansh. Thank you for giving me that place. I love you Bacha. And why are you asking permission. That’s your right” said Sanskar twirling him in air and drooled happily hugging him. Ragini smiled looking at them.
“Lauki” said Ansh making weird face. “Ansh” said Ragini glaring him and signed him to have food. “That’s not fair maa. You don’t make poppy eat lauki like this. Why me?” he asked pouting. Sansakar showed his tongue to Ansh and continued having food. “Wo kya hai na Ansh. Your poppy is born Mandh budhi so his brain speed will not increase even if some miracle happens. But my Ansh bacha is clever na. I want your brain to run like horse” said Ragini and Ansh burst out laughing showing his hand to Sanskar teasing. Sanskar chocked and coughed very badly. Anu who was feeding Ananya patted his head and cooled him. Sanskar cooled down and glared Ragini who smirked and brushed her shoulder feeling proud.
“Am I mandh budhi?” asked Sanskar holding Ragini from her waist and dragged her close to him. “Sanskar what are you doing? Ansh slept just now. He will wake up” whispered Ragini and tried getting out of his hold. “Shhh” said Sanskar and placed his finger on her lips. Ragini looked in his eyes and lost herself. Sanskar picked her in bridal style and headed out of the kids room.

“So what were you saying?” asked Sanskar moving to Ragini who was walking backward when he approached her smirking. “N.. No nothing” said Ragini smiling nervously. Sanskar held her waist suddenly and dragged her close to him. Ragini jerked and looked at him shocked. He neared her face and nuzzled his nose against her cheek sensuously and she closed her eyes and let a lump of breath to relax her thumping heart. He moved to her neck and placed few wet kisses and Ragini clutched his shirt tightly.

“I’m sorry” said Ragini sobbing when she was resting her head on Sanskar’s bare chest. “Hmmm? What happened?” asked Sanskar cupping her face with one hand. “Just felt like saying” said Ragini and wiped her tear. Sanskar glared her. “I’m not able to give you one happiness also na? I only forced you to have expectations and now I’m disappointing you” said Ragini painfully looking at him. “I”m more than happy to have you in my life. I don’t want anything else. Just be with me” said Sanskar and kissed her forehead. Ragini closed her eye and encircled her hands around him hugging him tightly and placed her head on his chest where his heart was thumping making her to blush.
“Ani” said Ragini forwarding her hand to Ananya. Ananya smiled and walked to her swiftly and stumbling. Ragini hugged her and picked her smiling. “Yippie Ani started walking” said Ansh clapping. “Yay” said Sanskar who was recording it in a handycam. He neared Ragini and Ananya smiled and fumbled “Pa… pa….” Sanskar smiled through his tears and lifted Ananya and twirled happy. Ragini looked at him and smiled. “I want to see your this happiness again Sanskar when our kid will call you papa” thought Ragini. “Today double celebration” said Sanskar holding Ananya. “Yay” screeched Ansh hugging Ragini from her legs. Anu looked at them and smiled through her tears. Life was blissful again. She couldn’t have wished more than this.
“Sanskar” said Ragini when he brushed his lips over her back when she was drawing the Rangoli for Navratri. “Hmmm” whispered Sanskar in her ears kissing it. “Have some shame Mr. Maheshwari. Someone will come” said Ragini blushing. “I’m waiting in room” said he and headed from there kissing her blushing cheek. Ragini smiled hitting her forehead with her palm which had Rangoli and little Rangoli got applied to her forehead. She bit her nail and headed to her room.

“Kya hai?” asked Ragini entering the room and folding her hands and faking anger. Sanskar turned and looked at her and burst out laughing. “What?” asked Ragini confused. Sanskar approached her controlling his laugh and rubbed his finger against her forehead and showed his finger which had the Rangoli. Ragini looked at his hand and frowned and moved her hand up to wipe it but Sanskar held her hand and stopped her. Ragini asked him what raising her eye brows. He wiped the Rangoli with utmost care and Ragini kept staring him. “Why do you love me so much” escaped her mouth. Sanskar looked in her eyes which had filled with tears. “Because I cannot imagine my life without you” said Sanskar and smiled. Ragini hugged him and closed her eyes. He held her head and placed his chin over her head and closed his eyes.
“Ragini what are you doing? You will fall sick Bandariya. Come inside” said Sanskar holding her hand and tried dragging her inside from the balcony of their room when she was playing with water. “Ohho Sanski. It is fun. Come” said Ragini with half closed eyes and dragged him also to the balcony and he stumbled and stood near her. Ragini stretched her hands and signed him to do the same. He did it lost looking at her. She lifted her head up and enjoyed the rain drops tickling her skin. Sanskar did the same thing and they enjoyed the rain.
Dhage thod lavo Chandani se noor ke
Ghungat hi bana lo roshni se noor ke
Sanskar kissed her palm and brushed his lips over her hand reaching to her shoulder and Ragini shivered to his touch

Sharmagayi tho aagosh me lo saanso se uljhi rahi meri sanse
She blushed and turned and hugged him and he kissed her hair and she clutched his shirt
Bol na halke halke bolna halke halke hoth se halke halke bol na halke
He lifted her and headed to the room
Umre lagi kehte hue…. Do lafz the ek baat thi
He placed her on the bed and leaned to her and she closed her eyes and turned her head blushing

Wo ek din sau saal ka sau saal ki wo rath thi
He kissed her cheek and moved to her ear and neck and lowered her pallu and untied the dori of her blouse.
Kaisa lage jo chup chap dono pal pal me puri sadiya bhula de
She unbuttened his shirt and moved her hands over his bare chest and stroked his hear driving him more crazy and he leaned to her more and moved to her lips and they kissed passionately.

Bol na halke bol na halke halke hot se halke halke bol na halke
Dhage thod lavo Chandani se noor ke Ghungat hi bana lo roshni se noor ke
Sanskar moved over her neck and traced her cleavage as they were sleeping under the bed sheet and Ragini moved her neck in sync making way for his lips to trace her skin
Sharmagayi tho aagosh me lo saanso se uljhi rahi meri sanse
As he fell on the bed facing ceiling, She blushed and hugged him.
Bol na halke halke bolna halke halke hoth se halke halke bol na halke
He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes and dragged her close to him breathing heavily.
“What happened?” asked Ragini sitting beside Sanskar who was sitting on the bed holding his head frustrated. He looked up and closed his mouth with his hands and tried cooling himself. “Just work pressure” said Sanskar and tried smiling at her. “Ohho Mr. Maheshwari is complaining about work pressure not happening” said Ragini thinking. “Ohho Bandariya nothing you are just over thinking” said he and got up. Ragini held his hand. He turned and looked at her confused. She signed him to sit on the floor. He shrank his eyebrows not understanding anything. “Ohho Sanki sit” said Ragini annoyed. “Fine” said Sanskar and sat on the floor. Ragini took the oil bottle from the drawer and applied it in his hair and started doing champi.

Sanskar was shocked. “How do you know?” asked Sanskar shocked turning to her. “What?” asked Ragini confused. “How do you know champi cools my frustration?” asked Sanskar surprised. She turned his head and continued the champi and said “Ohho Mandha budhi maa told me. And moreover, oil champi cools everyone without differentiating between mandh budhi and sharp budhi” said Ragini. “Sharp budhi?” asked Sanskar confused. “Means sharp minded Sanki” said Ragini annoyed. “How will I know if you create such weird words” said Sanskar. “Now keep quite” said Ragini and he complied and closed his eyes. He never did champi after Parinita left. It felt she was back in his life. He could not express his happiness in words. “I know Pari dee used to do your champi. Maa told me. And I know it will give you immense happiness. I will do anything for your happiness Sanskar anything” thought Ragini looking at his calm face and kissed his forehead from the side and Sanskar’s smile widened.
“Ragini” said Sanskar holding Ragini’s shoulders when she was weeping holding the pregnancy kit. She hugged him immediately and cried. “Ohho you are worrying like if you don’t get pregnant this year you will miss a olympic gold. Relax Bandariya” said he caressing her hair. “I’m just feeling bad for you” said Ragini sobbing. “Why?” asked Sanskar cupping her face. “I’m not able to give you single happiness also na so” said Ragini pouting. “My happiness is only you. Only and only you. I have three kids already so please I don’t want to load myself with one more” said Sanskar worried. “Three?” asked Ragini confused. “Haa, Ansh, Ananya and the smallest baby their mumma” said Sanskar. And Ragini frowned and started hitting him with her hands. “I hate you I hate you” said Ragini pouting sadly. “That you can never Mrs. Maheshwari” said Sanskar dragging her and hugging her.

For the bakwas I did in A/N in last chappy, to compensate I wrote this chappy in a hurry. Hope you liked the chappy. Love you all and thanks a ton for lifting my mood and cheering me. I actually don’t realize that I’m writing so emotional. I was just going through all the chappys and it made me depressed like I was thinking I’m only making people cry but then realized that’s only charm of this story as it touches your heart and you believe the story and believe me. I know I have disappointed some people who were expecting Ragini to not to forgive Sanskar. You got to wait for the story to unfold yet. I don’t know my upcoming chapters will justify my characters or not but I just want to say thank you all for making this story special with your love. And I will update one chappy tomorrow also as I’m feeling blessed to have such wonderful readers as a token of thanks.

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