Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 39

“What are you doing here?” asked Ragini as she found Sanskar along with Annapurna, Ansh and Ananya at her door. “We really could not live without you beta” said Anu caressing Ragini’s cheek. Ragini smiled at her and her gaze shifted to Sanskar who was holding Ananya. He nodded his head in no and signed that they missed her not he. Ragini shrank her eyes and glared him. Ananya forwarded her hands as she wanted to go to Ragini. She smiled and took Ananya in her arms happy. “Maa we really missed you. And chachu missed you the most” said Ansh hugging Ragini from her legs. Sanskar was shocked he dragged Ansh and closed his mouth from blurting further and smiled at Ragini weakly who was controlling her laugh looking at his flushed face. “Maa why are you standing here? Come in” said Ragini taking them inside. Sanskar sighed and followed them inside. “Waise Mr. Maheshwari you can leave. You came to leave them na?” asked Ragini smirking. Sanskar had no answer. How she used to guess his replies also he just wondered.

Actually that’s what he wanted to say her and thought she will stop him. But again she failed his plan. He first nodded yes then nodded in no as he was nervous. Ragini bit her cheeks looking at him She just loved teasing him. It gave her unknown pleasure. “Okay maa. I’ll leave now. Be happy with your bahu” said Sanskar and started moving out annoyed. “Arrey Ladoo is that the way to behave. Sanskar beta stop. She is just teasing you. My son in law has come first time to our house and you are troubling him?” asked Sumi glaring Ragini and stopped Sanskar. Ragini chuckled looking at his annoyed face. Sanskar bent and touched Sumi’s legs and took her blessings. “Maa what about Ansh’s school?” asked Ragini worried as Anu settled on sofa. “Arrey chill maa. For me Christmas Vacation for one week” said Ansh standing in front of Ragini. “But maa. How you people will be able to adjust here for four days?” asked Ragini worried. “Don’t worry beta. Me and Sumi ji will adjust in Sumi ji’s room. Kids will adjust with Swara and you” said Anu. Sanskar was looking at them confused as they completely forgot about him in their ladies talks. “And Chachu?” asked Ansh much to his comfort. “Arrey your chachu likes AC a lot I will make arrangement for him on terrace. He will enjoy there” said Ragini looking at Sanskar. He looked at her shocked and widening his eyes. Anu smiled looking at them.

She really missed their nok jhoks a lot. “Ladooo” said Sumi glaring her. “Okay Good night” said Swara over the phone as she entered home after talking to Sahil. She was surprised to look at Sanskar along with his family at home. Sanskar looked at her and smiled and she smiled back. “Shona dee” screeched Ansh as he rushed to her and hugged her legs. Swara bent and kissed his cheek and lifted him in her arms. She looked at Ragini raising her eyebrows asking what is happening. Ragini nodded her head saying she will tell her later. “So final Sanskar will sleep at terrace” said Anu shocking Sanskar. “What?” asked Swara shocked. Sanskar pouted looking at them. “No no. How can he?” asked Swara. “Even I’m trying to explain this mother in law and daughter in law duo but they are not understanding” said Sumi helpless. “No Aunty. I will adjust in Maa’s room only. Let Sanskar sleep in our room” said Swara. “What? No ways” screamed Sanskar jerking everyone. “Ohho Sanki Maheshwari why are you screaming.

Nobody is dumb here” said Ragini closing her ears. “Exactly” said Ansh closing his ears. “I will sleep on the terrace only” said Sanskar. “It’s too cold outside Sanskar you won’t be able to tolerate it” said Swara concerned. “No I will manage” said Sanskar looking at Ragini who was laughing silently looking at his nervousness. Sanskar gave her death glare and she controlled her laugh. “Maa come have food” said Ragini. “No beta we had food and came” said Anu. “Okay then it’s time for sleep na?” said Ragini and everyone nodded their heads and started moving to their room. Ragini told something in Swara’s ear. Swara smiled at her and nodded her head. She screamed “Maa” and went behind Sumi. “Ansh go sleep bacha” said Ragini handing Ananya who slept on her shoulder to him. Ansh smiled and headed to room with Ananya. “Wo I want blanket” said Sanskar looking at Ragini.

“Come it’s in room I will give” said Ragini. He followed Ragini till her room door. Ragini turned when she reached her room door and smirked. Sanskar looked at her confused. Ragini held his collar and dragged him inside the room. Sanskar was shocked and he stood inside the room stumbling. Ragini closed the room door and put the latch. “What the hell Bandariya. Don’t keep proving that you escaped from the zoo” said Sanskar annoyed brushing his shirt looking at her annoyed. He walked to the door to open it. Ragini stopped him by placing her hands on his chest. Sanskar’s heart started racing when her hand was parallel to his heart. He looked at her hands and looked at Ragini and lost himself in her black orbs. He wished the time to stop. His breathing became uneven. “Ra Ragini” he said stumbling. “Shhh” said Ragini placing her index finger on Sanskar’s lips. “Do you trust me?” asked Ragini looking straight in his eyes. He nodded his head unknowingly. Ragini pushed him slowly and slept beside Ananya and Ansh and made a place for Sanskar beside Ansh at the edge of the bed. She patted the bed and signed him to sleep.

Sanskar sat and lied beside Ansh. He patted Ansh’s head and looked at Ragini who was patting Ananya’s back and her eyes moved to him and locked with his hazel orbs. “Why are you running away from me Sanskar?” thought Ragini in her mind. “I’m sorry Ragini I have to keep you away from me” thought Sanskar. “Share with me what is bothering you. Just once please” thought Ragini. “I have to tolerate this pain all alone Ragini. I can’t share it with you. I will never let you come to know” thought Sanskar. “And I promise myself I will find out the reason for your pain. I cannot see you suffer like this” thought Ragini. “Good night” said Ragini closing her eyes. “Good night” said Sanskar and looked at her innocent face. He closed his eyes and dozed off.

“Sanskar get up. Water will cool down. Then you have to take bath in cold water only” said Ragini entering the room after she finished taking bath. She started drying her hair and the water droplets fell on his face disturbing him. He slightly opened his eyes and looked at Ragini who was drying her hair. The water droplets were falling all over her fresh face and on her bare back and neck. He got up from his bed and approached her. Ragini looked at him through mirror and said “Get going Kumbakaran Maheshwari you will be late for Haldi Function” said Ragini as she wiped her hair. Sanskar stopped his steps as he came back to senses. He looked around nervous thinking what was he doing. Ragini looked at him confused. “Oye Sanki What happened?” asked Ragini looking at him confused. Sanskar just nodded his head in no and was about turn his face. Ragini sighed and held his hand and turned him. She neared him and held his face and placed her lips on his cheeks. Sanskar looked up shocked and his eyes widened. “Now go” said Ragini as she pushed Sanskar to the washroom as he was holding his cheek shocked. She blushed and rushed and took clothes from his bag. She got an idea and broke the button of the shirt and hid the luggage. She smirked heading out.

“Ragini” called Sanskar from his room. Ragini who was making tea for everyone smiled as she knew why was Sanskar calling her. Sumi smiled and signed her that she will handle and told her to go. She bit her finger and went to her room smiling. Sumi nodded her head. It had been years that she saw Ragini being so happy and naughty. She was damn happy her Ladoo’s life was falling in place.

“Kay hai Sanki” said Ragini entering the room with serious face acting as if nothing happened. “You did this na?” asked he glaring her showing his shirt’s broken button. Ragini hid her smile and said “Do I look like Chuhiya(mouse) to you? How will I and why will I do that?” asked Ragini acting innocent. “Oh Ms. Sorry Mrs Jhingur (Cockroach) Don’t try to be over smart with me did you get that? I had checked the buttons of the shirts while packing. Everything was fine” said Sanskar. “So? Does that mean I have done it. How can you put such big blame on me? Nahi yeh sunne se pehle mere kaan phat kyu nahi gaye? (Before listening this why didn’t my eardrums burst?)” said Ragini acting closing her ears. “Oye Nirupa Roy stop it now. Now give me other shirt” said Sanskar annoyed and started unbuttoning the shirt looking in the mirror. Ragini took the needle and neared him and turned him

. Sanskar looked at her annoyed not able to grasp anything. Ragini twisted her lips and buttoned his shirt. Sanskar looked at her rubbing his forehead and sighed. Ragini started stitching his shirt button standing close to him. Sanskar looked down at her who was dangerously close to him. He started sweating due to her closeness. “This bandariya will never leave a chance to make me nervous. What to do?” thought Sanskar. Ragini finished stitching the button and leaned to his chest to cut the thread with her teeth. “What the hell Ragini… Ouch” said Sanskar as he screamed to stop her but the needle pierced his skin as Ragini jerked due to his scream. He stood holding his chest. Ragini looked at him concerned. The needle was still hanging from his shirt. As she stepped towards him; he stepped back signing her not to come near him. Ragini glared him and jerked his hand and cut the thread with her hand and the thread cut her finger due to its sharpness.

“Ouch” said Ragini wincing in pain holding her bleeding finger. Sanskar looked at her worried and held her hand. Ragini dragged her hand back angry. Sanskar glared her and held her hand again and dragged it towards him. He looked around but did not find first aid kit. He sighed and sucked her blood which was oozing out of her finger as that was the option he had to stop further bleeding. Ragini looked at him lost in his face which showed concern and worry for her. When he looked up still her finger in his mouth he found her staring him with love. He came back to sense and dragging his mouth away from her finger and analyzed whether the bleeding stopped. He looked around nervous and was about to go. Ragini held his hand stopping him. Sanskar looked her and asked what through eyes. Ragini smiled and neared him and kissed his chest where he got hurt. Sanskar closed his eyes feeling her so near and losing himself in her fragrance. Ragini moved to his cheek rubbing her nose against his skin and he felt goosebumps all over his body. She softly kissed his cheek and ran out of the room blushing. Sanskar caressed his neck blushing.

“Ji we brought Haldi” said Avanthika handing the haldi bowl to Sumi which had the same haldi which was applied to Sahil. Sumi received it smiling. Avanthika applied the haldi first to Swara who was sitting in between the hall. After her Sumi was called to apply the haldi as it was turn for the girl’s mom’s turn. Sumi stopped near Swara smiling. Swara looked at her confused. “Ladoo” called Sumi. “Haa maa” said Ragini coming to her. “How can I take this right from Shona’s real mom. Come apply Haldi to Swara” said Sumi dragging her. Ragini’s tears flew due to happiness. She looked at Swara who nodded her head smiling through her tears. Ragini approached her holding Sumi with her. She held Sumi’s one hand and dipped it in haldi and she dipped her left hand in haldi and applied haldi on Swara’s cheek smiling. Swara closed her eyes and let her tears. “She never ignores anybody. Lucky you have her as your daughter in law” said Avanthika to Anu as they smiled at Ragini’s act. “She is not my daughter in law” said Anu. Avanthika looked at her confused. “She is more than my daughter” said Anu smiling widely. Avanthika nodded her head smiling.

“Relax Ani, mumma will come bacha” said Sanskar consoling Ananya who was crying uncontrollably. He was roaming in the room patting Ananya’s back. “What happened Sanskar?” asked Sumi as she was walking beside the room. “Don’t know what happened to Ani. She is crying very badly. Aunty can you please call Ragini?” asked Sanskar looking at her pleading. “First thing call me Maa not Aunty” said Sumi. Sanskar smiled and nodded his head. “Wait I will just send her” said Sumi walking from there smiling. She just wondered how Ragini made everyone dependent on her. Once someone comes across her it was highly impossible to manage without her. “Ladoo” she called as she found her looking after the guests. “Ha maa” said Ragini standing beside her. “Ani is crying. Sanskar is not able to handle her. Go check” said Sumi and Ragini rushed to her room. “What happened?” asked Ragini entering the room. Sanskar turned and approached her. “See na what happened to Ani. She never does like this. She is not cooling down at all” said Sanskar worried. Ragini took her in arms and tried consoling her. As her hand touched Ananya’s head she looked at her shocked. She again placed her palm on Ananya’s head and looked at Sanskar. “She has fever. Gosh what were you doing Sanki insaan. Couldn’t you understand she is burning with fever. You really are impossibly dumb” said Ragini glaring Sanskar. She just rushed out of the house before Sanskar could grasp anything and reply back to her.

“I think you missed her vaccination. I have already given her the vaccine and she will be fine by tomorrow” said the child specialist of her area to whom she rushed leaving all the functions. Annaya was fast asleep on her shoulder. Ragini glared Sanskar who was staring ground. Ragini smiled at the doctor and headed out after taking the prescription. She bought the medicines from the pharmacy and headed home. “Ragini listen to me once” said Sanskar entering the house behind her. Ragini did not answer him and headed to room. All the guest had left as the function got over. Sumi, Swara, and Anu were sitting tensed. They saw Ragini entering with Ananya and Sanskar following them. Swara got up and tried to approach them but Sumi stopped her holding her hand. “Let them solve it themselves Shona” said Sumi. Swara nodded her head and sat beside her pouting. Ansh looked at Anu pouting as he wanted to see Ananya. Anu nodded her head and hugged him dragging him near her.

Ragini patted Ananya’s back and placed her on bed after she slept and covered her with a light bed sheet and kissed her forehead. A tear dropped from her eye which she wiped swiftly. “Ragini please” said Sanskar standing behind her. Ragini glared him and dragged him out with rage.

“Stupid Maheshwari didn’t I fed the schedule for Ani’s Vaccination in your tablet?” asked Ragini as she dragged Sanskar out of the room and making him stand in between the hall. Swara looked at them worried. “Shona” said Sumi and signed her to relax and Swara sat worried. “I did not do it purposefully. It just went out of my mind sorry” said Sanskar staring ground. “Your not only stupid, idiot but also… also…” Ragini fumbled and tried remembering. “Mandh budhi” said Sanskar looking at her pouting. “Ha wahi. What is here brain or Gobar?” asked Ragini patting his head. Sanskar closed his eyes scared. Swara and Sumi were watching them with open mouth. “How can you be so careless about Ani’s vaccination. I’m only mental that I believed that you will take care of her. I should have at least followed up with you. It’s all my mistake. Because of me my kid is suffering now, I’m the worst” said Ragini and started tearing holding her head. Sanskar looked at her painfully. He held her wrist and dragged and hugged her to console her. “I can’t live without any of you Sanskar. I cannot” said Ragini sobbing in his embrace in cracking voice.

Sanskar placed his chin on her head closing his eyes. Sumi, Swara and Anu looked at them and smiled. Ansh smiled through his tears, he doesn’t know if his mom would have loved them so much but Ragini’s love for them had no limit. Sanskar cupped her face and wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. Though they fought like cat and dog but could never tolerate each other’s pain. “Please don’t flood Mumbai for some more days. Sahil bhai will become Sanyasi if his marriage gets postponed due to flood” said Sanskar chuckling. Ragini hit him on his chest playfully and headed to kitchen fuming. “Listen Bandariya. I was just joking” said Sanskar heading behind her. All burst out laughing looking at them. Swara’s mobile beeped and she struggled to hold it. Ansh took her mobile and held it near her ear after answering it. Swara smiled at him and continued her conversation with Sahil.

“Okay Tarun. I will be there in 10 minutes” said Sanskar coming out of his room. “Ragini” called Sanskar as he stood in the hall. “Haa” said Ragini heading out of Kitchen. “I have important meeting I have to go to office. I will be late in the night. You people have dinner okay” said Sanskar. “Okay” said Ragini and headed back to kitchen. Sanskar came out of the house and drove off to office.

“Kavi” screeched Ragini when she found Kavita entering with Yohan. Kavya smiled widely and hugged her. “Haldi already finished. You are coming now? Katti” said Ragini pouting. Yohan pulled her cheek and said “Aww she looks so cute” Ragini hit him on his shoulder. “Stop stop guys. You people still behave like you are in Pre-School” said Kavya stopping them. “That we will always be” said Ragini and Yohan in unison placing their hands across each others neck. Kavya sighed and said “God please save me from these two Bandars” “Haaw” said Ragini and Yohan chasing her.

Kavya ran all over the house and found Sumi and hid behind her and started screaming “Aunty please save me from these two chimpanzees” “Hey Bhagvan” said Sumi hitting her head and trying to stop them. “Now tho you are gone Chipkali” screamed Yohan and started chasing her. Ragini stopped when she heard it. Vikram chasing Swara in similar way flashed in front of her. She started breathing heavily as her head pained a bit. Swara who came out of the room after bath came in between Yohan and Kavya. Kavya held her to get protected from Yohan. She tried stopping them but all in vain. She looked at her right and found Ragini breathing heavily holding her head. “Ragu” said Swara worried. Yohan and Kavya stopped and looked in Ragini’s direction and panicked when she was about to faint. Yohan ran swiftly and held her. “Ragu… Ragu….” Swara patted her cheek. She started tearing looking at Ragini. Yohan lifted her and headed inside Sumi’s room and placed her on the bed. “What happened to her suddenly” asked Anu caressing Ragini’s cheek. “I think she remembered Vikram Bhai” said Yohan worried. Swara looked at him shocked. “But for that how can she faint like this” asked Sumi worried. “Her condition is very bad Aunty. Worst than you people can imagine” said Yohan injecting her the injection. “Yohan what are you hiding from us. Tell us” said Swara holding him rage fully. Yohan looked at her nervous.

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