Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 38


“Hey Swara.” said Sahil waving his hand to Swara who just entered the lift. Sanskar who was walking looking at his phone looked up and found Swara. His eyes just wished Ragini should be with her and he started searching. He felt bad and smiled at Swara weakly and was about to enter the lift after Sahil. “I hate you kavi you said you will come. I won’t talk to you. bye” he heard Ragini’s voice and his body froze as he stepped near the lift stopping it. Before he could turn he felt someone locked his body to the lift door with their body. He looked at his left and found Ragini struggling. They were stuck in the lift door like earlier.
Darr hai tujhe main kho na doon
Mile jo Khuda toh bol doon
Main do jahan ka kya karoon
Tu bata… o..
Tu jo mere paas hai
Mujhko na koi pyaas hai
Meri muqammal ho gayi har duaa..

Sanskar felt his all emotions are drained at the moment, he could just stare her. Ragini looked up annoyed and found Sanskar. His eyes were depicting his happiness to meet her.
Chahe mere jism mein
Yeh jaan rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe
She herself wondered how few months earlier the Same Sanskar Maheshwari used to be the reason for her annoyed face and now his same face makes her annoyed face turn happy. This is really called the 360 degree turn of life. Sahil and Swara gave high five and chuckled looking at them. Sanskar came back to reality. “Can’t you concentrate while getting inside the lift. Isn’t it odd every time you are about to get inside a lift only someone calls you. All people in your life have great timing” said Sanskar annoyed. Ragini frowned and said “Ya. Exactly” and pointed at him signing you are also included in that list. Sanskar dragged her out of the lift. Both of them stumbled and Sanskar prevented her from falling holding her waist and leaning to the pillar near by for support. And the time stopped as they lost looking at each other. Sanskar’s grip on her waist tightened making Ragini blush and she lowered her head not able to meet his gaze on her. He came back to sense and dragged his hands back. Ragini lifted her hand to tuck her hair strand behind her ear but Sanskar was so lost he tucked her hair strand behind her ear. His cold hands made Ragini’s heart race and she looked into his eyes which showed her his limitless love. Sanskar’s struggle to control himself around her was clearly visible in his eyes. He wanted to express his love but he has to keep himself away from her for her life. Ragini could understand his plight his struggle but she did not knew the reason for his reluctant behavior. There were lot many mysteries she has to solve. And she was ready to go through all of them for her Sanskar who was hiding behind them and suffering. She was determined to heal him even if he denied she knew he needs her and she accepted that she needed him in her life.

They came back to reality and stood composing themselves. “Hello Shona dee where are you people” asked Ragini dialing Swara’s number. “Ragu we are in third floor Sherwani section” said Swara controlling her laugh. “Okay” said Ragini disconnecting the call. “They are in third floor Sherwani section” said Ragini. “Come” said Sanskar walking and Ragini followed him. “Escalator?” screeched Ragini shocked. “No moving staircase” said Sanskar casually. Ragini glared him. “Shall we move?” asked Sanskar moving. “No I will come by lift or stairs” said Ragini moving backward and making way for other people to go. Sanskar looked at her confused. “That will take time come on” said Sanskar. “I’m scared of escalators” said Ragini shrinking her eyebrows. Sanskar chuckled. He forwarded his hand smiling. Ragini looked at him confused. “Do you trust me?” asked Sanskar. She nodded her head and placed her hand on his hand.

Sanskar grabbed her hand dragging her near him and lifted her in his arms in bridal style. People around were looking at them shocked. Ragini just kept staring him. “How much can someone love a person” she thought. Sanskar just climbed the escalator and stood holding Ragini. They became prey to many eyes who were awestruck. Sanskar was just concerned about Ragini and Ragini was just enjoying his care and love. He climbed all the escalators holding Ragini in his arms. He made her stand after they reached the third floor. Swara who saw them patted Sahil’s back as they were selecting Sherwani when Sanskar and Ragini just reached third floor from the escalator. Sahil and Swara looked at them open mouth. Sanskar really had guts to show his care for Ragini in front of so many people. Sanskar walked to the shop and Ragini just followed him smiling. She was really overwhelmed by his love and care.
“This color doesn’t suit you” said Ragini to Sanskar who was holding a dark green blazer. “Did I ask you?” said Sanskar looking at the blazer. “I did not tell you. I told the blazer that Mr. Sanki Maheswari’s skin color will not suit it” said Ragini looking at the blazer as if it will reply. “You again called me Sanki; Bandariya” said Sanskar frowning. But his heart was jumping with joy hearing her calling him Sanki which he was missing from five days. On the other hand Ragini danced in her subconscious mind listening Bandariya from his mouth. She missed him calling her like that equally. “I will call” said Ragini folding her hands. Sanskar showed his finger to reply but Sahil called “Sanskar” declaring pause for the war for the time being. “Aaya Sahil bhai” said Sanskar glaring Ragini and heading in Sahil’s direction. “Akdu” said Ragini huffing. Swara controlled her laugh looking at their childish fights and Ragini’s restlessness and struggle to grab Sanskar’s attention.
“Come now Ladies section” said Swara as they finished billing Sahil’s and Sanskar’s dresses. “God save us” said Sahil looking up. Sahil and Sanskar looked at each other horrified. Swara glared them both and dragged Sahil holding his hand. Sanskar and Ragini looked at them and smiled and headed behind them.

“Sanskar” called Ragini as she peeped out of the trial room. Sanskar turned and looked at her and asked what through eyes. She said to come near the room. He signed he will send Swara. Ragini nodded her head and signed him only to come. He stood near the door helplessly. Ragini held his hand and dragged him inside. Sanskar was shocked. “What the hell Ragini? This is ladies trial room. If someone saw me here…” said Sanskar but Ragini hugged him immediately encircling her hands across his stomach and placed her head on his chest. Sanskar’s voice was stuck in his throat. He was unable to grasp anything. Ragini was turning emotionally weak day by day and he was not finding ways keep the distance from her. “What happened Ragini?” asked Sanskar in calm voice as his anger vanished. Ragini just nodded her head.

Sanskar felt her tears on his chest. He got worried. He dragged her out of the hug and cupped her face and asked “Hey what happened? Why are you crying. Did anybody said anything?” His eyes were tearing looking at Ragini’s condition. “I missed you” said Ragini pouting like a kid. “Awww” said Sanskar and dragged her and hugged her placing his hand on her head and patted to console her. “You did not miss me?” asked Ragini sobbing. “No” said Sanskar immediately. “You were not out of my thoughts for one second also how could I miss you” said Sanskar in his heart. Ragini felt she heard him. “Stop lying Liar Maheshwari” said Ragini complaining. “And you stop trying on me Ragini. This really doesn’t suit you” said Sanskar chuckling. “What do you mean? I’m trying on you?” asked Ragini angry holding her waist. “Ya. I know I’m irresistibly handsome….” before he could say more Ragini held his tie and dragged him and placed her lips on his lips. Sanskar was shocked and his eyes were struggling to jump out of the socket. “Fine I’m trying on you. I will also see how much you can run away from me. You have one week. Do whatever you want to do.

After that I will show you what is the meaning of trying in Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheswari’s terms” said Ragini as she pushed him after the kiss. She wiped her lips and headed out proudly. Sanskar was still recollecting himself. He was horrified. “Oh no what did I do. I thought she will stay away from me. Why do I always forget that she is ulti khopdi (person whose brain works on reverse psychology). Now what to do?” said Sanskar to himself biting his nails nervous. He peeped out to find anyone was around and came out of the trial room and relaxed. Ragini looked at him and smirked. Sanskar became nervous and turned closing his eyes when Ragini twisted her lips into a kiss. Sahil kept his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder scaring him to the core. Sanskar opened his eyes and jerked and relaxed finding Sahil. “What happened?” asked Sahil. “N.. Nothing” said Sanskar and smiled nervously at Sahil. “Finally Swara’s shopping is over come will go to food counter” said Sahil and walked and Sanskar followed him.
“Baskin Robins…. Dee I wanna have ice cream” cried Ragini. “Okay okay Ragu relax” said Swara consoling Ragini. Sanskar was smiling looking at her childish acts. They four settled on a table. “What can I get you?” asked the waiter. “I will have strawberry scoop” said Swara. “Me chocolate” said Sahil. “For me one Vanilla” said Sanskar. “And for her Vanilla with choco chip” said Sanskar when the waiter moved his head to Ragini. Swara and Sahil looked at him and signed impressive. In just two months he knew about Ragini so well. Swara remembered Kavya’s words that once she witnesses Sanskar’s love she will not regret that Ragini got married to Sanskar. She was happy that she gave a chance to Ragini and Sanskar’s marriage. She just wished everything to sort out soon.

“What happened?” asked Swara concerned when Sanskar chocked and coughed. “Nothing” said Sanskar giving her fake smile and glared Ragini who was smirking looking at him and winked her eye. Sanskar again chocked and Ragini controlled her laugh. Swara looked at them doubtfully. She purposefully dropped her tissue and bent to pick it. Her eyes opened wide when she saw Ragini was teasing Sanskar with her legs moving over his leg. She controlled her laugh and sat straight. Sahil asked her what through eyes. She just nodded her head smiling and blushing. He looked at her confused and continued eating his ice cream. Suddenly he chocked. “Sahil what happened?” asked Swara. “Nothing” said Sahil smiling weakly. He signed Ragini who was staring Sanskar to bend as he wanted to say her something. Ragini looked at him confused and bent. “That’s my leg” said Sahil. Ragini jerked and sat straight and apologized looking at him. Sahil controlled his laugh looking at Ragini’s flushed face. Ragini dragged her leg shy and continued eating her ice cream fast fast. “What are Jeeja and Sali talking so secretively?” asked Swara. “That’s Jeeju Sali secret we won’t tell you” said Sahil. “Fine” said Swara huffing and continued eating.
“Sanskar come have food” called Anu bringing Sanskar out of his trance. “Haa maa” said Sanskar and headed down. “Sorry beta yesterday by mistake I made Lauki. Che you did not have food also” said Anu apologetically. “No that’s ok maa. I had food yesterday don’t worry” said Sanskar. “You ate lauki?” screamed Ansh. Sanskar rubbed his ears glaring Ansh. “Sorry” said Ansh biting his tongue. Sanskar smiled and caressed his head and said “No your mumma had sent parcel through Tarun”

“I knew it mumma will do something when she heard Dadi made lauki” said Ansh happy. Anu smiled looking at them. Though Ragini was miles apart she knew and cared about every single thing about her family. Grasping small small things is the main quality of a complete woman and there was no doubt she was one. She was so sure Ragini was so right for her son’s messed up life. She thanked Kanha ji and had her dinner smiling.
Sanskar’s phone beeped with message tone. He wiped his hands from towel. He sat on the bed placing the towel back and grabbed his phone and opened text.

“Missing me?” he read Ragini’s message. Sanskar looked around nervous. “Better I keep quite. Stubborn bandariya will not leave me” said Sanskar and lied on his bed. His phone again beeped and he picked it annoyed getting up and read Ragini’s message “Phattu Maheshwari. So much nervous. This is just beginning”. “Don’t you dare to call me that” texted Sanskar annoyed. Ragini bit her lower lip blushing. She exactly knew what triggers Sanskar. “Then what should I call you? Darling?” texted Ragini smirking. Sanskar looked at it and his eyes widened. “I’m not gonna budge for all these tricks okay” texted Sanskar. Ragini burst out laughing as she could imagine Sanskar’s nervousness. “Arrey I have not yet started playing my tricks Jaaan” texted Ragini. Sanskar started sweating as if she was near to him and teasing him. “Good night” texted Sanskar not able to answer her. Ragini nodded her head and texted “Love you. Good night and”. “And?” texted Sanskar. “Don’t miss me much” texted Ragini and chuckled imagining Sanskar. Sanskar huffed and threw his phone and lied on bed annoyed. Ragini bit her nails blushing. “Ragu” called Swara. “Ayee dee” screeched Ragini and ran to her room.

I hope you liked this new shade of Ragini. Happy new year in advance for all the readers of this ff because I will meet you guys next year. Keep smiling.

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