Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 37

“Mr. Maheshwari. Excuse me” said Sahil peeping inside Sanskar’s cabin. Sanskar who was lost looked up and smiled weakly at him and signed him to come inside. Sahil sat on the chair in front of Sanskar and smiled. “Actually. I need a help from you” said Sahil hesitant. “Tell me Mr. Raheja. I will surely try to help you” said Sanskar. “Yohan is out of town and I have to do shopping. So I just need a company. If you are free can you join me?” asked Sahil shrinking his eyes pleading. “But how will I be able to help you. I’m really bad at selection. You are gonna look a fashion disaster” said Sanskar. Sahil laughed and said “But not worst than me. Please yar Sanskar” Sanskar looked at him surprised. In so many days of interaction he called Sanskar by his name for the first time. “I hope I can call you that” said Sahil sensing his astonishment. “You can. Can I call you Sahil bhai?” asked Sanskar. “Of course. You know my dad used to say that if he had a younger son he would have married him to Ragini.

So you are already my brother” said Sahil. “Ragini” her name was enough for his heart to race. It has been 5 days that she had gone to her myka. From the second she stepped out of Maheshwari Mansion there was not a second he did not miss her. He tried to smile at Sahil but without her; his face muscles also had no interest in showing any expression. “So it’s final. Tomorrow we are going to Forum mall for shopping” said Sahil smiling. Sanskar nodded his head. Somewhere Sahil filled Adarsh’s place in Sanskar’s life from the day he alone from Ragini’s side attended their wedding. He had someone to look up to now. Ragini always brought a happiness in his life though indirectly.

“Shona plan executed”said Sahil dialing Swara’s number as soon as he reached his cabin. “You are the best Sahil. Love you love you love you” said Swara jumping with happiness. “Haaye” said Sahil leaning to his table imagining Swara’s excitement. “So what are you doing now?” asked Sahil continuing the conversation. “I’m just getting bored. Your Saali is not letting me to get out of the room also” said Swara complaining placing the pillow on her lap while sitting on the bed. “Good for you” said Sahil chuckling. “Sahil” said Swara in warning tone. “I’m really missing you badly” said Sahil standing near the glass window of his cabin enjoying the sunset. “Me too” said Swara smiling. “Shona I need to tell you something.

In fact I wanna confess something” said Sahil. “I know Sahil. You want to say that before you met me for the second time you had started feeling for Ragini hai na?” asked Swara. “Shona..” said Sahil shocked. “I knew it Sahil. I knew it” said Swara. She wiped the tear drop which escaped her eye. “It was just kind of attraction Swara. I was at the verge of moving on. And she looked like your shadow. So basically I got attracted to reflection of your personality in her” said Sahil. “I know you Sahil and I know my Ragu maa also. I trust you both more now. If you wouldn’t have attracted to her there was no chance that we would have met for the second time. So it was necessary for our destiny. I’m all okay with it” said Swara relaxed. “I just wanted you to say it to me. Thank you for accepting it before marriage. You did not break my trust” she replied smiling. “I just have no words what to reply Shona. Just wanna say one thing. I’m really blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for coming in my life” said Sahil smiling widely. “I love you Sahil” said Swara. “Love you too” said Sahil leaning to the wall beside the window looking at the setting sun.

“Daadi made lauki today” said Ansh over the phone to Ragini. “That’s good. You had dinner na?” asked Ragini folding the clothes and supporting the phone with her shoulder near the ear. “Haa maa. I know you won’t talk to me if I skip food” said Ansh smiling. “Very very good boy. No my Ansh is best boy” said Ragini smiling. “Ani slept?” asked Ragini placing the clothes inside the closet. “Haa maa. Dadi is just patting her back for some more time” said Ansh looking at Anu who was walking around the room holding Ananya in her arms. “Ok that’s good. What else what else” said Ragini remembering her daily query. “Chachu” said Ansh. “Haa yaad aya. Your chachu did not reach yet?” asked Ragini. “No maa. He has not yet come.

I’m so worried for chachu” said Ansh worried. “What happened Bacha?” asked Ragini sitting on her bed. “Chachu will always come late and I doubt he eats properly” said Ansh. Ragini got concerned. “Is it?” asked she trying to react normally but her heart was paining. “Haa maa.” said Ansh. “Don’t worry bacha. When I will return na I will teach him a lesson. Now time to sleep. Go to bed and sleep. I will call you tomorrow. And keep the phone on table don’t keep it near your head okay” said Ragini instructing Ansh with her daily concern routine. “Good night maa” said Ansh. “Good night bacha” said Ragini and kissed the phone. Ansh disconnected the call and headed to bed smiling happy keeping the phone on the table as instructed by Ragini. Anu placed Ananya in cradle and slept beside Ansh patting his head and shoulder.
“Ohho Maa made lauki today. This lauki maheshwari tho will not have it. What to do? Riya also told he did not eat lunch” said Ragini thinking. “Let me try this” said Ragini and dialed a number.

Sanskar stood at the dining table as he came from the room after freshening up. He looked at the bowl sitting on the chair and made weird face and got up from the chair to head back to the room as he had no interest to have food specially lauki. “Who will be at this time?” thought Sanskar as he turned to walk towards the door as he heard the calling bell. “Tarun? What are you doing here at this time?” asked Sanskar to Tarun who was standing at his door. “Wo sir. Ragini ma’am sent this” said Tarun handing a parcel to Sanskar. “I’m really sorry Tarun. You have to come at this time for me” said Sanskar apologetically. Tarun smiled and said “You do so much for our meal sir. Can’t I do this much for you” Sanskar looked at him confused. “You are really lucky to have Ragini ma’am in your life. At this time she called me and said to meet her near her house and gave this to give it to you” said Tarun smiling. “Thank you Tarun” said Sanskar smiling. “That’s okay sir. Good night” said Tarun leaving. Sanskar waved him bye and closed the door.

“Lauki is good for brain mandh budhi. If you eat that your brain will run like horse” said Ragini serving Sanskar. “I don’t like it means I don’t like it Bandariya.” said Sanskar pushing the plate aside. “You are worst than Ansh” said Ragini annoyed. “Only in lauki’s case” said Sanskar. “Fine wait for five minutes” said Ragini heading to the kitchen. “What is this?” asked Sanskar looking at the curry Ragini served in bowl. “This is curd curry. Eat” said Ragini. “But” said Sanskar. “Look Mr. Maheshwari don’t do nakhra. Eat it. Its not lauki and at this fast I can only make this” said Ragini folding her hands and glaring Sanskar. “Baap re you are threatening me” said Sanskar widening his eyes. “Think whatever you want to but eat it and go” said Ragini. “Fine” said Sanskar and had the first byte. “Wow this is so tasty” said Sanskar. “Now eat” said Ragini signing him. He complied.

He smiled widely coming back to present. “So Mr. Maheshwari had food?” he read Ragini’s message on his mobile. “Just now I started” texted Sanskar. “Okay have it. Good night” texted Ragini. “Let me finish food till then at least talk to me” texted Sanskar. After sending the message he realized he shouldn’t have said like that. He just prayed Ragini should not see it. Bad luck Ragini saw it. Good luck she replied back. “Fine. Why did you skip your lunch?” asked Ragini. “How do you know?” asked Sanskar surprised. “First tell me why did you skip lunch” texted Ragini. Sanskar smiled looking at the message. “Because Sahil bhai reminded me of you and I started missing you more” thought Sanskar. “I had important conference call and in that I forgot” replied Sanskar. “Was it a video call?” asked Ragini. “No normal call only” texted Sanskar having food at the same time. “You could have had food also simultaneously. Your delegates wouldn’t have come to know about it” texted Ragini. Sanskar bit his tongue. There was no escape from Ragini. “Next time I will keep it in mind. Now tell me how you know” texted Sanskar to avoid the topic. “You tell me how you know to make wear the Sari. I will tell you how did I come to know” texted Ragini.

Sanskar chocked looking at the reply. He smiled as this was the only question for which Ragini needed answer desperately. He remembered how he made her wear the sari on her first day and blushed. “I told you that day only. People who know to remove it will be knowing to plait it also” texted Sanskar. He imagined Ragini’s annoyed face reading his reply and smiled and started washing his plate. He wiped his hand and picked the phone. “That’s not fair” he read Ragini’s text and burst out laughing. Though they were away from each other they could sense each others reaction so well. “Happy guessing Bandariya now answer my question” texted Sanskar and headed to his room after turning the lights off. “I have my own detective team” replied Ragini which Sanskar read while sitting on bed. Now he got annoyed. “That’s not fair” texted Sanskar. Ragini burst out laughing imagining Sanskar pouting due to her reply.

“Tit for tat” replied Ragini. “My time also will come” texted Sanskar. “Why your time is stuck in traffic jam” replied Ragini and burst out laughing. “Yes. You have any problem?” texted Sanskar annoyed. “No no. Why will I have any problem. Let it take it’s own time” texted Ragini controlling her laugh. Sanskar laughed at last at his stupidity and texted “That was master stroke” Ragini composed herself and texted “Okay now sleep. Good night” Sanskar’s face fell. “Okay good night” texted Sanskar sad. Ragini sensed his sadness. “One second” texted Ragini. Sanskar who lied on the bed keeping the phone beside him looked at his phone and picked it and saw Ragini’s text. His lips curved to a big smile and he replied “tell me”

“I love you” texted Ragini and placed the phone on table and headed to bed smiling. She knew Sanskar will not reply for the text but he will surely reply to himself and these three words from her were enough for him to cheer up for lifetime. She slept beside Swara and Swara sang her lori and she dozed off smiling.
Sanskar’s heart skipped a beat looking at her text. He could sense her happiness and calmness when she texted. A tear dropped from his eye. “I love you too” he said looking at his phone screen saver which had Ragini’s picture which he clicked when they went for their first date. He moved to his cupboard and took the jar in which he had placed the sea shells.

He remembered their first date. He smiled widely. He kept the jar back and headed to bed and lied looking at the ceiling. “Even if this phase of life is painful your presence in my life makes it easy and bearable Ragini. I just wish we could live our life normally some day. I will wait all my life for that. As Swara said I feel you will never forgive me. But I cannot stop loving you. I need your forgiveness at any cost” said Sanskar and smiled closing his eyes.

So guys exited for RagSan meet. Uff me too. Hope you liked the chappy. And I want to sort the time for updating my ffs. Guilt I will update on Monday and Thursday and if possible I will try to update on Sunday also. Casanova I will update on Wednesday and Nakchadi on Tuesday. Friday Rishtey. I hope I’m not loading you people.

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