Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 35

“Maa….” called Sanskar standing near the dining table as soon as he came back from office. It was already 11 in the night. He had been spending his most of the time in office to avoid Ragini. He used to leave home early and used to reach very late. Ragini tried speaking to him but he completely became silent. Ragini came out of the kitchen. Sanskar looked at her. He wasn’t expecting her to be awake. Ragini arranged his dinner and poured a glass full of water and headed up. Sanskar felt bad. She did not even meet his eyes. He had dinner silently and went to his room.
Ragini closed the door of his room. Sanskar who was loosening his tie looked back and found Ragini who latched the door. “What’s this Ragini?” asked Sanskar. Ragini just folded her hands and stood staring him. Sanskar approached her furiously and crossed her to open the door. Ragini held his elbow and dragged him in front of her. “What the hell?” said Sanskar. “The hell has not yet started Mr. Maheshwari” said Ragini looking straight into his eyes. A tear fell from Sanskar’s eye feeling her pain in her voice. He turned his face and wiped his face and took a deep breath to cool his burning face. “Why are you doing this?” asked Ragini. “What did I do now?” asked Sanskar.

“Don’t you try to play this innocent game with me” said Ragini. “Will you please explain me what are you trying to say?” asked Sanskar annoyed. “Why are you avoiding me?” asked Ragini nearing him. Sanskar huffed in anger and held her elbow and dragged her near to him. “What is your problem Ragini? If I come near you have problem. If I avoid you then also you have problem. Why can’t you decide one thing Ragini?” screamed Sanskar. Ragini jerked to his outburst. Sanskar jerked her hand and turned and walked. Ragini ran and hugged him from his back and placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. “I Love you” said Ragini in choking voice. Her tears flooded from her eyes. Sanskar felt his heart will pump out of his mouth. He closed his eyes and tears flew uncontrollably from his eyes. How much he craved to listen those magical words from Ragini’s voice. Ragini grabbed him more close to herself as if he will go away from her forever. Sanskar tried freeing himself from Ragini’s grip but Ragini held him very strong. Sanskar with much difficulty freed himself from her and held her wrist and turned facing her. Ragini hugged him but he did not respond.

Chahe mere jism me jaan rahe na rahe
tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe
She slid down holding him and burst into a bitter cry. “I love you Sanskar. I really do” said Ragini between her sobs. Sanskar looked at her painfully. How much he wished her to accept her feelings. He closed his eyes turning his head, letting his tears to flow as he could not see her state. “All this has no meaning Ragini” said Sanskar as he wiped his face furiously. “Why?” asked Ragini getting up furiously. “My wish” said Sanskar. Ragini held his collar and dragged him close to her and placed her lips on his lips. Sanskar opened his eyes shocked. Ragini closed her eyes letting her tears to flow. As they felt difficult to breath they departed. “You expressed your love. Now let me express my love Mr. Maheshwari. And this is just the trial. Asli picture abhi baaki hai” said Ragini and turned to leave. Sanskar was recollecting himself. Ragini stopped at the door. “Try running away from me. I will also see how much you can run away from me, from my love, from our love. I challenge you I won’t let you go away from me. Not now not ever.” said Ragini and headed out of his room. Sanskar pulled his hair to cool his racing heart. He sat on his bed and held his head. “No Ragini I won’t let you come near me. Not now not ever.” said Sanskar to himself.
“Your babu is duffer only” said Adarsh side hugging Pari looking at Sanskar. Pari hit him on his chest. “But I know she will change him” said he placing his chin on Pari’s head. Pari smiled through her tears.

“What the hell? What are you doing here?” asked Sanskar as he came out of washroom after taking bath. He was just in towel. Ragini turned her face blushing. “Get out. Don’t you have manners?” screamed Sanskar. She got angry and turned to him and walked approaching him. Sanskar looked at her and stepped back nervous. “What… What are you doing? Don’t you… Don’t you dare to come near me” said Sanskar. His body was shivering. She held his towel and dragged him close to her. Sanskar was shocked and stumbled and stood very close to her and looked at her widening his eyes. Ragini smirked mischievously and placed her other hand on his bare chest. Her hand traveled on his chest reaching his neck. Sanskar closed his eyes not able to control himself. Ragini bit her cheeks inside looking at him. “Ragini” said Sanskar losing himself. She dragged him more close to her. She encircled her other hand also across his neck and kissed his neck tickling him. “What… What are you doing Ragini?” asked Sanskar struggling in her hold. She neared his ear and spoke “What is wrong Mr. Maheshwari we are married right?” and moved her hands sensuously in his hair and back. Sanskar was struggling to control himself. Ragini touched his face with her nose making him more nervous. Ragini touched her nose with his nose and her lips were very near to his lips. And their hot breaths were mixing and their lips were craving to touch each other. Ananya started crying disturbing them. Ragini smiled and kissed Sanskar’s nose and ran out of his room blushing. “Gosh… What is she… How should I control myself around her?” thought Sanskar as he realized what was actually happening. “I have to do something to stay away from her. We cannot move forward in this relationship unless she forgives me and I know it will never happen” said Sanskar to himself.

Ragini entered her room and blushed closing the door and leaning to it. She took Ananya and headed in the washroom to give her bath.

“Arrey dee… Maaa” screeched Ragini when she found Sumi and Swara at door. She hugged both of them and took them inside the house and made them sit on the sofa. “Namaste ji” said Sumi standing up as she spotted Anu. Anu smiled and wished Swara and Sumi.
“Maa…” said Sanskar heading down the stair and folding his shirt. He spotted Sumi and Swara and was surprised. He neared Sumi and touched her feet. Sumi blessed him and caressed his cheek smiling. He smiled and greeted Swara. “Ji wo actually. In fifteen days Swara’s marriage. I came to take Ragini with me for the functions. If you are okay” said Sumi hesitant. “Arrey. She is your daughter first Sumi ji. Why you need my permission. Take her without worry” said Anu smiling. She turned to Ragini and said “Ragini beta pack your stuff” Ragini got worried. She did not wanted to leave MM and go. “Maa but Ansh’s school. If I take them there…” said Ragini. “Who told you to take them. We will manage them for 15 days. You don’t worry” said Anu consoling Ragini. Ragini smiled weakly and headed to her room to pack her stuff. Sanskar’s heart was sinking. She had become like a habit for him. He needed her presence in his house. Sanskar sighed and went behind her. Swara and Sumi chuckled looking at them. “Thank you Sumi ji. You came on such short notice” said Anu holding Sumi’s hand. “I also want them together Anu ji. As you told let them stay away from each other for some days. They will realize the value of togetherness” said Sumi smiling.
Ragini was placing her clothes in bag furiously. She was wiping her tears in between. “Ani is saying don’t go please” said Sanskar sitting on the bed holding Ananya. Ragini looked at him and twisted her lips and continued packing. “Please” said Sanskar looking at Ananya. “Ani tell your chachu that I’m not spring whom he will push and pull on his wish.” said Ragini looking at Ananya. “Ani tell your mumma that she also was doing same with me. She can do that. But I can’t do? That’s not fair na” said Sanskar looking at Ananya. “Ani tell your chachu that I’m not interested in arguing with him” said Ragini looking at Ananya. “Ani today is again my luckiest day. Your mumma is not arguing with me” said Sanskar widening his eyes. Ragini threw the cushion on him. Sanskar looked at her annoyed “See Ani your mumma has become bandariya again” said Sanskar and threw the cushion back on Ragini. Ragini opened her mouth shocked and said “And your chachu has become Sanki again.”
“You called me Sanki again” said Sanskar as he placed Ananya in cradle and nearing Ragini. “Toh Sanki ko Sanki hi bolungi na” said Ragini mocking him. “You…” said Sanskar. “Ragini beta. Come fast” said Anu disturbing them. Ragini and Sanskar came to reality and looked around avoiding eye contact. Ragini finished packing and started moving out of the room. “Ragini” called Sanskar again stopping her heart beat. Ragini stopped and closed her eyes. “Ani is saying she will miss you” said Sanskar holding Ananya. Ragini turned and dropped her bag. She ran and hugged Sanskar. “Ani’s chachu will not miss me?” asked Ragini in cracking voice. Sanskar closed his eyes. “No” said Sanskar with difficulty. “Ani’s chachu is a lair” said Ragini. “I know he will miss me” said Ragini. “No he will not” said Sanskar pouting. Ragini lifted her head and glared Sanskar. She kissed Ananya’s cheek and then kissed Sanskar’s cheek and said “ But I will miss you” and ran from there wiping her tears. “I will miss you more” said Sanskar as Ragini went out of the room and hugged Ananya.


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    awesome amazing excellent superb mind blowing plzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be regular bcoz u become habit of reading

  2. Keerthu


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    Wow Sally dr………… Its amazing………. Finally Rags told her luv………I luv d way rags tease sanskar dr………… Keep Rocking dr…………Waiting for ur next ff…

  3. Deesh


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    I just loved this shade of ragu. The epi was amazing. I just hope that sanki insan realize soon. Just can’t wait for that. But patience gives the fruits of happiness na? So I am waiting patiently for that.

  4. Pinky

    Omg again tears flowing in my eyes ….awesome ragoo has become took naughty.sanky can’t control himself. Lol ..last scene was emotional.

  5. Asra


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    wow Sally fatabulous update dear…finally ragini told her feelings to Sanky…superbbb loved it….Ohhh my naughty ragu….i love ur naughty side dear…u r correct adarsh…pari ur babu s duffer only…ragsan conversation with ani s soo cute….love all the scenes dear….loved loved loved loved it alot….takecare Sally dear….

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    hospital admit hone se aapka dimag tezzz chalne laga ha hahahhah 😂😂😂😂 ok ok jokes apart ragini finally said i love u ahhhhh yeh sunne ke liye mere kaan tadap gye the yaar hehehhe and ragini’s naughtyness ab tak nahi dikhi ff me aj dekhke mazza aaa gya i could even imagine sanky’s face and their kiss 😍😍😍😍 and i hope iss separation se sanky ko akal aa jaye

    • Sally_blr



      That was funny. I feel so. I should check with my doctor has he done something with my brain also. You are more desperate to listen her confession than Sanky LOL.

  7. Naz

    OMG I think dis is my most fav chappy so far….ragini’s confessionn sanskar’so nervousness is truly a treat….DIS IS AMAZING SALLY…KEEP GOING DEAR

  8. Ima

    Heart touching episode. I read your last 5 Epi today only due to my exams.. They are awesome… my eyelids wet due to the intensity of your story… I can’t explain how much i love your story, the story line.. You are a such a wonderfull writer. You expressed every emotions with apt words.
    Please update next part quickly dear..

    • Sally_blr



      Awww so sweet of you. Hope you did well in exams. Thank you so much for such encouraging comment sweetheart. I’m really grateful to you. Thanks a ton. And do prepare for exams well you can read the updates later.

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    What an amazing part.. Loved it so much. N ragu rocked today.. Hehe.. I’m loving her man…. n the last part was so cute when they were talking thru ani… Lovely 😍😍😍😍

  10. Kutty

    Wow Sally. Though this update is little emotional, I loved it a lot. I loved the way Ragu shows her love, Sanky’s determination, Ragu’s stubborn nature either in her love or hate, Their families trying to unite them. Wow it’s amazing. Day by day getting more addicted to it. Superb episode dr. Take care

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