Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 33


“Ragini” said Sanskar entering Ansh’s room. Ragini who was wearing Sindhoor looked at Sanskar through mirror and they had brief eye lock. Sanskar approached her and turned her and took the Sindhoor box in his hand and took a pinch of Sindhoor and placed it on Ragini’s hairline. He kissed her forehead and Ragini closed her eyes. “Ragini” called Anu bringing her out of her dream. “Haa maa aayi” said Ragini who jerked. She looked at her reflection in mirror. She placed the Sindhoor and said to herself “What is wrong with me. Why am I dreaming about him accepting our marriage though I know he will never do it with his will” She nodded her head and headed down.
“Ansh stop jumping” said Ragini glaring Ansh and combing his hair. Ansh pouted and stood straight. Ragini finished combing his hair and kissed his cheek holding his face with her one hand. Ansh smiled widely and hugged her. “Come now your school bus must be coming” said Ragini and she rushed out lifting him in her arms. “Ansh’s tiffin went in his bag along with water bottle” said Ragini arranging Ansh’s bag still holding him in her arms and headed out. Anu was smiling looking at Ragini’s antics. It had been a month of Ragini and Sanskar’s marriage. Ragini became integral part of their life. She never failed to make others smile though she had hill size pain in her heart. Sanskar and Ragini’s childish fights filled their life with joy. Though both were suffering they made sure thair pain doesn’t effect anyone.
Ragini came inside the house and was arranging breakfast on the table and Ananya cried. She smiled and headed to her room. She gave Ananya bath and headed down playing with her. “Sanskar” called Anu from the dining table. “He did not wake up still?” asked Ragini. Anu nodded her head. Ragini handed Ananya to Anu and went to his room. “Sanskar” said Ragini peeping inside his room and looked around and found Sanskar still sleeping. She nodded her head and headed inside. She neared him and found Sanskar shivering. She looked at him confused. She neared his face and placed her hand on his forehead. His skin was boiling. Ragini got worried. “Sanskar… Sanskar…” called Ragini shaking him. He was not responding. He held her hand as he was feeling hell cold. Ragini looked at him worried. She looked around and found the AC remote and turned the Air conditioner off. Sanskar felt sudden temperature rise at his surrounding and turned and hugged Ragini who was kneeling beside him. Ragini jerked suddenly as his hands touched her bare back. Her eyes opened wide. She looked at Sanskar who was still shivering and he dragged her more close to him. He was not in his senses. Ragini was looking around nervous. Her heart started beating unevenly. She held Sanskar’s hand from his shoulder and turned him and due to his weight she was dragged by his hand and her lips were just a millimeter away from his lips and his breath was mixing with her breath. She got up and straightened herself and tried controlling her heart beat. She again shook Sanskar and tried waking him up but no use. She searched the blanket and covered him and headed down worried. “Maa Sanskar’s body is boiling with fever and he is not waking up aslo” said Ragini holding Anu. She started tearing. Anu got worried and rushed to Sanskar’s room with Ragini.
“Now what to do Doctor Sharma is not in town” said Anu as she disconnected the call which she made to call their family doctor. Ragini was changing the wet clothes on Sanskar’s forehead. “We have to take him to Doctor maa. He is still unconscious” said Ragini worried. Anu patted Ananya’s back and asked “How to?” Ragini wiped her tears and said “I will take him” Anu looked at her and said “Ragini beta how will you take him. He can’t even walk.” Ragini said “I have to take him maa. Ramu kaaka is also not there. Yohan is also not in town and we cannot wait for anyone. You stay here. I will take him” She headed out to get auto. She supported Sanskar and walked placing his one hand around her neck and headed to nearby hospital.
“Hey you gained consciousness” asked Doctor Sakshi (played by Sakshi Tanvar) sitting beside Sanskar near his hospital bed. Sanskar looked around confused to realize where he was. “Don’t worry you are in hospital” said Sakshi smiling. “How?” asked Sanskar confused. “Your wife. She brought you here” said Sakshi. “Ragini?” asked Sanskar. Sakshi nodded her head. “You are so lucky to have such loving wife. You know in what condition you were when she brought you here” said Sakshi
“Doctor… Doctor….” screamed Ragini entering hospital holding Sanskar’s hand. Doctor Sakshi ran to her and instructed the ward boy to take Sanskar inside. Ragini was panting heavily. “Doctor please do something. I cannot see him like this. His body temperature is too high” said Ragini holding Sakshi’s hand. “Relax. Nothing will happen to him. You just complete some formalities and wait outside ward number 11” said Sakshi and headed in. Ragini wiped her tears and neared the reception to fill the form and paid the fees and headed to ward number 11 and sat outside. The nurse came out two to three times and told her to get some medicines. Ragini ran and brought the medicines. She looked inside from the glass opening when Doctor was injecting him. Sanskar’s eyes shrank and Ragini closed her eyes feeling his pain.
“She is waiting from morning outside. Let me inform her” said Sakshi and turned to leave. Tears dropped from Sanskar’s eyes. “He is awake” said Sakshi standing beside Ragini who stood up as soon as she spotted her. She wiped her tears and rushed inside. Sanskar sat straightening himself and looked up and found Ragini who stopped her approaching feet looking at him. Her eyes turned painful and started flooding. Sanskar’s eyes were locked to her eyes.
Chahe mai rahu jaha me chahe tu na rahe
tere mere pyar ki umar salamath rahe
Ragini ran and hugged him and burst out crying
Chahe yeh zameen yeh aasman rahe na rahe
tere mere pyar ki umar salamath rahe
“Ouch Mrs. Elephant it hurts” screamed Sanskar. Ragini sat back and glared him. “I won’t talk to you idiot Maheshwari. I’m dying here due to tension and you don’t have little commonsense when to joke and not to joke” said Ragini pouting and sobbing and trying to wipe her tears. Sanskar cupped her face and kissed her forehead. “I’m sorry” said Sanskar shrinking his eyes. “You better be” said Ragini rubbing her nose. Sanskar smiled at her childish behavior. Sakshi looked at them smiling and headed to her cabin.
“He is all well. You can take him home and this is the prescription and diet. He will be completely fine in two days and take complete rest.” said Sakshi sitting in her cabin opposite to Sanskar and Ragini. Ragini took the medicines and diet chart carefully and smiled at Sakshi. “Wait I will get auto” said Ragini while getting up. “Why auto? You want me Sanskar Maheshwari to travel by auto really?” asked Sanskar. “I think fever has reached your empty head. For your kind info you came here by auto only” said Ragini. Sakshi controlled her laugh. “What?” screamed Sanskar at top of his voice. “Yes Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. Now if your so called drama is over shall we leave or just wait here I will send Sahil sir to pick you” said Ragini annoyed. “What kind of wife you are? You are leaving your husband and going?” asked Sanskar. “Now you remembered that you have wife also. All this time you were screaming that you don’t consider me as your wife” said Ragini folding her hands. Sakshi was looking at them embarrassed as these two forget the world when they fight. “Oh hello I still have no interest to call you my wife. It’s just slip of tongue” said Sanskar. Ragini glared him. “I will book the cab for you. Give me the address” said Sakshi dragging their attention. “Maheshwari Mansion” said both of them at a time and glared each other. Sakshi smiled and nodded her head and booked the cab. “Thank you doctor” said Ragini as they headed out. “That’s okay. But never ever change. You both are wonderful couple” said Sakshi smiling caressing Ragini’s cheek. Ragini smiled and headed out behind Sanskar.
“I miss you Ram” said Sakshi looking at her wedding pic which was the wallpaper of her phone. And hugged her phone feeling her deceased husband’s presence still in her life. She wiped her tear which was peeping at the corner of her eye and smiled.
“Chachu” screamed Ansh and ran to Sanskar as soon as they entered home. Anu got up from her chair and approached them. Sanskar stumbled. “Ansh careful bacha. Chachu is still weak” said Ragini dragging Ansh to her side. Anu caressed Sanskar’s cheek and tears flew from her eyes. “Maa” said Sanskar holding Anu’s hand and hugged her. “I cannot lose one more person of my family Sanskar” said Anu in broken voice. Ragini looked at her in a questioning look. Sanskar sensed it and tightened his grip on Anu’s shoulder and signed her to control herself. “I’m fine maa. It’s just fever” said Sanskar and rubbed her shoulder to console her. Ragini heard Ansh’s sobbs and knelt to Ansh’s height and wiped his tears and hugged him.
“Yuck I don’t like soup” said Sanskar sitting on his bed making faces. “Chachu no nakhra have it” said Ansh glaring him. “Maa” said Sanskar pouting pleading Anu. “I’m out of this. You and your wife matter. Me and my grand kids are out of it. Come Ansh I will sleep with you today” said Anu taking Ansh and Ananya along with her. “Maa maa” called Sanskar but Anu headed out without giving him any heed. “Don’t you dare to make me eat it” said Sanskar looking at Ragini who was looking at him with the soup bowl in her hand. “Who said I will make you eat it. I will make you drink it” said Ragini smirking and fed Sanskar forcefully. Sanskar widened his eyes. “Dare you spit it out Mr. Maheshwari” said Ragini glaring him. Sanskar gulped the soup being helpless. “Good boy” said Ragini and patted his back and gave him water to drink. Sanskar glared her and drank the water. Ragini gave him tablets and he swallowed them uninterested. “Sleep now” said Ragini. “And what will you do?” asked Sanskar. “I will sleep on the couch for today.” said Ragini and went to the couch. “Will you be able to sleep there. Otherwise go to maa’s room and sleep na” said Sanskar concerned. “I can’t leave you alone here” said Ragini and sat on the couch. “Do you trust me?” asked Sanskar. Ragini looked at him and nodded her head unknowingly. He made a pillow barrier on the bed and patted the bed signing Ragini to sleep on the bed. Ragini smiled and headed to bed and lied down on bed beside him with a pillow barrier between them. Sanskar smiled and slid down. They both looked at each other and lost themselves. “Good night” said Ragini smiling. “Good night” said Sanskar smiling and closed his eyes. Ragini looked at his calm face and closed her eyes smiling.
“What are you doing?” asked Ragini to Sanskar when she found him getting ready in the morning. “Fishing” said Sanskar. “Trying to be sarcastic? that too with me?” said Ragini placing the breakfast plates on the table and folding her hands. “I have important meeting” said Sanskar and stood in front of mirror combing his hair. “Doctor had told you to take rest right” said Ragini glaring him. “It’s really important Bandariya otherwise why will I insist” said Sanskar looking at her through mirror. Ragini sighed and picked his phone and dialed a number. “Hello haa Sahil sir. Can you please manage the meeting today without Sanskar. He is not well” said Ragini over the phone. Sanskar who was adjusting his collar looked at her through mirror shocked and turned. “Thank you so much sir ya I will convey him your message” said Ragini and disconnected the call. “Why are you behaving like a typical wife Ragini” screamed Sanskar angry. Ragini held his elbow and dragged him and pinned him to the wall and locked him with her hands on both the sides and smirked looking at him. Sanskar looked at her nervous. He wasn’t expecting this. “If I want to be your wife nobody can stop me not even you. Got that Mr. Maheshwari” said Ragini in Sanskar’s ear. Sanskar closed his eyes to control his excited emotions when her soft lips were teasing his rough skin. Ragini looked at him and bit her cheeks inside. “Phattu” said Ragini and turned to leave. Sanskar who opened his eyes listening to her comment held her elbow and dragged her close to him and she jerked and landed on his chest. He looked straight into her eyes and neared her face and her heart beat started to rise. His intense gaze made her cheeks go crimson. “And if I want to prove myself not phattu nobody can stop me. Not even you. You got that Mrs Maheshwari” whispered Sanskar in Ragini’s ear in husky voice. Ragini’s heart fluttered with joy and she shivered a bit as his hot breath fanned her neck and sent goosebumps all over her body. She folded her toe finger nervous and bit her lower lip. Sanskar left the room leaving blushing Ragini. She jumped in happiness when she realized he addressed her as Mrs. Maheshwari. Reason for her happiness she didn’t know.
“Arrey Kavi. Come inside” said Swara as she spotted Kavya at her home door. Kavya smiled and entered their house. “Arrey Kavya beta. How are you?” asked Sumi who came outside. “I’m fine Aunty. How are you?” asked Kavya smiling. “I’m okay beta. Wait I will get tea for you” said Sumi and walked to kitchen. “No aunty don’t bother. I just came to talk to you people and spend time” said Kavya stopping her and signed her to sit beside her. “So?” asked Swara. “You tell me Swara dee how are you? Without Ragini?” asked Kavya. Swara’s smile faded. And she got up furious. Kavya held her wrist and made her sit. “She has no relation with me. She is only related to that Sanskar Maheswari. He might be happy that he is saved as he got married to Ragini and there will be no one to appeal against him in the higher court. I totally understand his plan now. But he forgot Vikram’s one more sister is still alive and she will fight him” said Swara and hot tears flew from her eyes and traveled through her cheeks which she wiped furiously. “You know Swara dee Ragini is very special. You know why because she never ignored anybody in her life,not even Sanskar. We do mistakes dee. You might have also done number of mistakes. I swear if I was in her place I wouldn’t have managed to look after you all alone. Aunty ignored you, the whole world ignored you but Ragini did not ignore you. How could she ignore you? Acting as your mom she really started feeling like your mom or I can say more than your mom. And moms cannot ignore their kids never ever.” said Kavya and looked at Sumi and said “No hard feelings aunty” Then she turned to Swara and continued “When your mom failed to prove herself your mom, when life was giving her chances to move on. You might not be knowing but Yohan and Sahil had feelings for Ragini and she knew about it. But she never left your hand to build her future. She had a chance dee to ignore you and move on but she did not do. But she did not had single complaint not with you not with God not even with your mom. Ask your mom how many times she has fought with her for you. You might know about the things Ragini did for you which you have seen in front of your eyes. But there are uncountable things which she has done for you without your knowledge, without anybody’s knowledge. Her problem is she doesn’t show that she has done something for you. She just does it and smiles and moves away like she hasn’t done anything” She wiped her tears and controlled her choking voice. Swara was shocked beyond expressing. She was collecting herself. “And Sanskar is not at fault at all. It was just an accident dee. His family was already shattered by that time. He lost his brother in plane crash and his dad was in coma. He was just trying to save his Bhabhi who was pregnant and was fallen down due to shock. His hands were shivering. But he had no option other than driving. You don’t know how much he has suffered. You can’t even imagine. He had the guilt always for killing your brother but he couldn’t repent for it as nobody was there to take care of his nephew and niece of just few months old. He still has that guilt dee which is eating him inch by inch. And look at the fate he fell in love with Ragini. What worst can happen than this. When Yohan told that Ragini’s life will be in danger due to her sudden anger bursts he decided to stay away from her all his life. Where do you see such selfless love dee. He ignored her and was ready to step out of her life completely but I stopped him. I told him to fight back for his love. He did that but he did not force Ragini for this marriage in fact Ragini forced him for this marriage. It increased the burden of sins on his shoulder but he carried it happily for Ragini. And do I need to tell you to what extent Ragini loves him. You very well know about it” said Kavya. Swara hugged her and sobbed “I don’t deserve to be even called as her elder sister. My baby sister was going through so much and I also ignored her. I’m the worst sister in the world. How will I face her now Kavi. How will I” said Swara with cracking voice. Kavya dragged her out of the hug and wiped her tears. “It is your and Vikram bhai’s upbringing and your family values that she fought her battle alone with so much courage. So you are the best sister in the world who taught her to be compassionate towards people around you. So stop cursing yourself. And you both are Swaragini. Nothing can separate you both and words are not required to convey your feelings for each other. You just hug her and she will sense you. I know you need time to accept Sanskar but trust me once you yourself see his love for Ragini you will have no regrets that Ragini got married to him. I swear” said Kavya pinching her throat. Swara smiled and nodded her head and hugged Kavya again.

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