Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 30 (Maha Episode)


I know most of you people missed Sanskar like Ragini. It was necessary. Hope you will like this chapter.
“Ragu dee” heard Ragini Ansh’s voice over her phone when she picked Sanskar’s call. “Ansh. What happened bacha? Are you okay” asked Ragini worried as she sensed Ansh’s sobs. “We are going Ragu dee. So thought of speaking to you for the last time” said Ansh sobbing. “Ansh where are you going? Why are you crying?” asked Ragini. Her heart was beating rapidly and and started sinking. “Wo Ragu dee…” before he could complete the call got disconnected. “Hello… Hello…. Ansh… Ansh….” said Ragini struggling. “What happened Ragini” asked Riya as she found Ragini worried. “Riya I need to go. If someone asked just tell them that I’m on half day leave and it’s an emergency” said Ragini picking her bag and running out of the office. She also could hear Ananya’s cry weakly in the background when she was talking to Ansh. “What happened to Ansh. Where is he going? Why was Ananya crying. This Stupid Maheshwari did not call me also from that day neither he picked my call.” thought Ragini worried.
“Hello Uncle” said Yohan standing outside Kavya’s house to Dayal. Dayal smiled and welcomed him inside. “Actually Kavya wasn’t picking my call from yesterday so I just came to check on her, Is she fine” asked Yohan. Dayal smiled a bit at his concern. “She is all well. Just tired a bit yesterday she suffered due to heat stroke so might be that’s why she did not answer your calls.” said Dayal. “Heat Stroke? How come. Is she okay? Are you sure. I will check her once” said Yohan running to Kavya’s room worried. Dayal smiled widely looking at his restlessness. Finally his daughter’s life was falling in place.
“Kavi… Kavi…” said Yohan entering Kavya’s room worried. Kavya who was crying standing in her room balcony wiped her tears swiftly and turned and headed to her room. “Yohan… What are you doing…” before she could complete she felt two strong hands grabbing her in a warm embrace. “Are you fine? Why didn’t you pick my call? You know how worried I was?” said Yohan in cracking voice. Kavya dragged herself out of the hug and said “I’m fine Yohan. No need to be so much concerned about me. I can handle myself” She sounded different. “No need of so much concern? What do you mean by that?” asked Yohan confused. Kavya was feeling difficult to meet his eyes. She lowered her eyes and said “Nothing Yohan. Just leave me alone. I want to be alone for some time” She tried pushing out of the room. Yohan held her wrist tightly. Kavya looked in his eyes which were full of rage. “Never Ever Miss Kavya. I will not leave you alone never ever” said Yohan and tears dropped from his eyes and his eyes became painful. “If I ever have to leave you alone before that I will leave this world” said Yohan. Kavya placed her finger on his lips and nodded her head in no. She sobbed closing her eyes. “I love you Kavya. I love you” said Yohan holding her from her shoulders. Kavya looked at him shocked. “You know how much I practiced to say you this. Ragu told that you will not like cheesy lines. I prepared everything and decorated my home garden also. You stupid girl did not pick my call only and I have to propose you like this. You spoiled everything” said Yohan pouting like a small kid. Kavya laughed through her tears as her misunderstanding cleared. She dragged him and placed her lips on his lips shocking him. She closed her eyes and her hands traveled in his soft hair. Yohan’s eyes opened wide as he was shocked to the core. When they felt difficult to breath they parted from each other. Kavya’s hand was still in Yohan’s hair. She touched his forehead with hers and said “Now fine?” and laughed through her tears. “More than fine” said Yohan and dragged her to him encircling his hands around her waist and kissed her passionately. Both enjoyed their blissful moment in each other’s embrace. After a minute they felt difficult to breath and departed from each other but still in each others embrace. “Will you marry me?” asked Yohan smiling through his tears. Kavya nodded her head and hugged him placing her head on his chest and he placed his chin on her head and closed his eyes cherishing the moment.
“Ansh… Ansh…” screamed Ragini as she entered Maheshwari mansion and found the door open. “Ragu dee” screamed Ansh and hugged her legs. Ragini got hell worried looking at him crying. She bent keeping her bag aside and cupped his face and wiped his tears. “What happened bacha? Why are you crying? Where is Ananya?” asked Ragini worried. “I will get her” said Ansh running from there. Ragini stood up and looked around searching Sanskar. Her heart was sinking as many bad thoughts occupied her mind. She found Anu sitting and crying. She approached her and sat beside her. “Aunty are you okay? What happened?” asked Ragini. She was not able to grasp anything. Anu looked at her painfully. “I cannot live without Ananya and Ansh beta” said Anu and sobbed badly. Ragini dragged her and hugged her caressing her hair. “Where will they go Aunty. Why are you speaking like this? Please tell me what happened? I’m scared. Where is Sanskar?” asked Ragini worried. “Beta wo…” before she could complete they heard Sanskar pleading “Please uncle don’t do this. I cannot live without them please” He was pleading a old man who was walking holding Ananya. An old woman followed him dragging Ansh. Ragini looked at them confused. As they stepped down Ansh stumbled and fell on the ground. “Ansh….” screamed Ragini and Sanskar at a time. Ragini ran to him and made him stand and wiped his face. “Are you hurt?” she asked examining him. She hugged him and caressed his hair to console him. She stood up looking at the old lady with rage. “Aunty you should be careful with kids. Usko lag jaati tho” said Ragini. She grabbed Ananya from the old man’s hand and consoled her. Ananya cooled down in seconds recognizing Ragini’s motherly touch. The old couple looked at her confused. Ragini was holding Ananya in one hand and Ansh stood holding her leg and she kept her hand and caressed his hair. The old lady had tears looking at her. The old man kept his hand on her shoulder to console her. “Wo Pari nahi hai” said the old man. The lady turned and hugged him and sobbed. “Where are you taking them who are you?” asked Ragini confused. “We are their Nana Nani. We are taking them to our house. They will not stay here” said the old man. “But why?” asked Ragini concerned. “We gave enough time to Sanskar. He did not fulfill our condition. So we are taking them with us” said the old lady. “What condition?” asked Ragini. “We told him that if he wants Pari and Adarsh’s kids to be with him, he has to get married. He cannot take care of them alone. Annapurna ji’s condition is also not favorable that she will take care of the kids. He promised us. But he broke his alliance with Kavya. Our grand kids will not have proper care with him. So we are taking them with us” said the old man. “What kind of condition is this? He is taking care of them nicely trust me” said Ragini. Sanskar looked at her shocked. She was taking his side for the first time. “Why should we trust you. If he needs our grand kids to be here he has to marry” said the old man. “He will marry” said Ragini with confidence. Anu and Sanskar looked at her shocked. “Ragini what are you speaking?” asked Sanskar approaching her. She showed her palm to stop him. He looked at her palm and then at her rage filled eyes. He was scared of her anger so kept quite not to provoke her. “Why should we trust you? He told same last time also” said the old lady. Ragini handed Ananya in Ansh’s hand. She looked around to find the house mandir and found it behind Anu. She held Sanskar’s hand and headed to there. Sanskar followed her blankly. She took the sindhoor box which was placed near Kanha ji’s statue and held Sanskar’s hand and made his thumb finger dip in the sindhoor and made his thumb finger touch her hairline. She closed her eyes and a tear dropped from her eye and her eye brows shrank with pain. Sanskar was shocked. He was not able to grasp anything. Tears flowed from his eyes. “How madly she loves me?” thought Sanskar looking at her painfully. He remembered her condition and Yohan’s words. He dragged his hand back. He neared her and said “Why are you doing this Ragini” Ragini opened her tearful eyes and looked at him angry as he was asking her the reason though he knew it. “I have decided it and I need not give you any explanation” said Ragini. She turned and looked at the old couple and Annapurna who were looking at them shocked. Ansh smiled through his tears. She neared Ansh and held Ananya in her one hand and kept her other hand behind Ansh’s back and said “Now at least you believe me?” They were still shocked to reply anything. “Tomorrow we will marry in Mandir if you still have doubt. You are invited” said Ragini with confidence. They headed to their home shocked. Ragini handed Ananya to Anu and she bent to Ansh and cupped his face. “No more crying. Your Ragu dee is there na?” said Ragini smiling through her tears. “Can I call you maa?” asked Ansh with puppy eyes. “Maa” is the word which can melt any woman’s heart. Ragini was no different. Tears flowed from her eyes. She nodded her head smiling through her tears and hugged him. Sanskar held her from her elbow and dragged her to his room furious. “Why did you do this?” screamed Sanskar as he pushed her in front of him. “Why?” said Ragini shrinking her eyes. “You are still asking me why? Come on” said Ragini frustrated and turned a bit folding her hands. Sanskar held her elbow again and dragged her close to him. Ragini looked into his eyes which were bleeding red and had tears ready to flow. “Don’t do this Ragini. We won’t be happy in this” said Sanskar pleading her. Ragini jerked his hand and said “I have no other option. You are stubborn enough to ignore Ananya and Ansh’s happiness but I’m not Mr. Maheshwari” She turned to leave. Everything was slipping from his hands again. It was against his conscious to marry her in this condition. He did not wanted to commit one more sin by forcing her into a relationship. “I’m sorry Ragini. I’m really guilty for whatever happened that day. Don’t push me into one more sin please” said Sanskar looking at her painfully. Ragini closed her eyes painfully. His pain was squeezing her heart. She pressed her lips to control her emotions. “Your sorry will not bring my Bhayyu back Mr. Maheshwari. You deserve that guilt” said Ragini and headed out of his room. Before she close the door she said “I will wait for you in Ganesh ji’s temple. And you are bound to come tomorrow” and banged the door. Sanskar closed his eyes. “Your struggle between this love and hate is killing you Ragini. Why don’t you understand” said Sanskar and sobbed.
“Are you out of your mind?” asked Swara holding Ragini from her elbow. “I don’t have any other option Shona dee. Try to understand me” pleaded Ragini. “Did you forgive him?” asked Swara. “I can never” said Ragini looking away. “Then this relationship has no meaning. You are trying to jump in fire and you expect me to just watch you doing that?” asked Swara with tears in her eyes and she tried to wipe the Sindhoor in Ragini’s hairline. Ragini stopped her by holding her approaching hand. Swara looked at her shocked. Ragini nodded her head painfully looking at her. “Swara” said Sahil holding Swara from her shoulders to console her. Swara leaned her head to his chest and sobbed. “Dee I have no option. I expect you will come to bless me” said Ragini and wiped her tears and headed out from there. “Why is she doing this Sahil?” asked Swara in choking voice. “Because she loves him Swara. She cannot see his pain” said Sahil caressing her hair. Swara looked at him shocked. Sahil nodded his head. “She has to struggle more now Sahil. I cannot let her spoil her life like this” said Swara wiping her tears. Sahil cupped her face and said “She has already decided it Shona. Don’t leave her hand. She needs you” “But” said Swara. “Don’t worry. Sanskar is there na. I have full confidence on his love. He will not let anything happen to her” said Sahil.
“Ladoo” said Sumi placing her hand on Ragini’s head. Ragini who was sobbing wiped her tears immediately and said “Haa Maa” and tried to smile. “You really want to do this beta?” asked Sumi. “I have already done it maa. Just with the rituals I have to accept this relationship” said Ragini smiling. “Will you be able to accept him as your husband?” asked Sumi. Ragini looked at her shocked. “Marriage is very sacred beta. Don’t make a fun of this ritual. You have to abide by all the seven wovs you take. Are you ready to do that?” asked Sumi sitting beside her. Ragini had no answer. Sumi smiled. “Will you be able to stand by him? Or stand against him to fulfil your promise to your Poppy?” asked Sumi. “I don’t know maa. I did this for Ansh and Ananya. I had no option because I know he…” said Ragini but stopped. “Because he loves you and he will not be able to think about someone else as his life companion. Hai na?” asked Sumi. “Maa” said Ragini as she was shocked how Sumi knows all this. “Ya I misunderstood that you love Sahil but when Sanskar came home to you when Swara was missing. I could see the love and concern for you in his eyes” said Sumi clearing Ragini’s confusion. Ragini hugged her and sobbed. “I don’t know maa. I’m confused like hell. I couldn’t see Ansh and Ananya’s plight then so I took this decision.” said Ragini in a cracking voice. “I know beta. But marriage decisions you cannot take in a hurry. I know you acted according to the situation. You are not wrong to think about Ansh and Ananya. But now you have bound yourself to Sanskar. What will you do for that? Will you be able to stand against him now?” asked Sumi caressing her hair. Ragini closed her eyes and tears streamed from her eyes. “I don’t know maa” said Ragini. “Then forgive him beta. Everything will be sorted” said Sumi cupping her face. Ragini looked at her shocked “Maa” said Ragini. “I cannot maa. I cannot forgive him for snatching my bhayyu from me. Never ever” said Ragini wiping her tears fiecely and rushed to her room. “She is just so stubborn like you Shekar. Though she will suffer she will not let others suffer. Hope she forgive him soon. Atleast someone is there to love her. I’m happy for that.” said Sumi looking up.
Ragini entered the room and saw Swara sleeping facing other side. It pained her. She knew Swara was just acting. Ragini slept beside her and sobbed closing her eyes. Swara also was awake with tears flowing from her eyes.
“Phero ke liye khade hojayiye” said the Pandit. Ragini and Sanskar stood and took pheras around the holy fire.
“With this sixth phera Groom wishes for Bride’s happiness and the bride commits to stand by his side always.” said the Pandit and Ragini stopped her steps. “You will not back off until the culprit is punished. Promise me” Shekar’s voice ringed in her mind and a tear dropped from her eye. Sanskar looked at her painfully sensing her confusion. Ananya cried bringing her out of her trance and she stepped the next step which shocked Sanskar. “How will be able to do this Ragini” said Sanskar to himself and turned for next phera.
“With the seventh promise the bride promises that she has become his spouse by the law of God, holy fire and the holy scriptures. She shall never deceive him nor let him down. And the Groom promises that by walking this seventh step with her their love and comapnionship have become inseperable and eternal. They have experienced spiritual union in God. Now she has become completely his. He offers his total self to her” said the Pandit. “And I will make sure you don’t hang like a pendulam between this marriage and your emotions towards your family and Bhayyu” promised Sanskar to himself.
“Now fill the hairline of the bride” said the Pandit which brought him to world when they were sitting infront of the holy fire. Sanskar looked at Ragini painfully. He wiped his tear and filled her hairline. Ragini closed her eyes when his tumb touched her hairline. “Make her wear the Mangalsutra” said the Pandit and Sanskar followed his instructions. “You both are husband and wife now” announced the Pandit. Ansh clapped his hands happy. Anu caressed his hair. “Take blessings from your elders” said Pandit. Ragini got up along with Sanskar holding the garland which was in her neck. She looked around there was nobody from her family expect Sahil. She approached him and bent to touch his feet. He stopped her and held her shoulders. He wiped her tears and said “Shh Ragini relax. Your dee is just angry. She will be fine” Ragini nodded her head. Sahil went to Sanskar and hugged him and rubbed his back to console him. “I know I need not tell you. You will always take care of her” said Sahil caressing Sanskar’s cheek with one hand. Sanskar just nodded his head uninterested. They went and stood in front of Anu and took her blessing. Anu caressed Ragini’s cheek looking at her thankfully for saving her family. Then they went to Pari’s parents. Ragini bent and dragged Sanskar to touch their feet. Sanskar glared her and Ragini frowned and signed him to touch their feet. And he complied. They made Sanskar and Ragini stand. Pari’s mom caressed her cheek. “Can you call me maa?” she asked sobbing. Ragini nodded her head and hugged her. “When you both have done my Kanyadan so obviously I will call you maa only” said Ragini.
“Ramu kaaka. Get the arti thal” screamed Anu excited. She was waiting for this moment from years. She twirled the arti thal across Sanskar and Ragini’s face. She did Ragini’s grah pravesh and took her inside the house happily. “Maa” screeched Ansh and hugged her. He was smart enough to understand what Ragini did was for his and Ananya’s happiness. Ragini bent and hugged him happy. Ananya chuckled and Ragini stood up and took Ananya in her embrace and hugged her happily. Sanskar broke the garland from his neck and threw it on the floor and headed to his room frustrated. Anu looked at him worried. Ragini handed Ananya to Anu and signed her that she will handle Sanskar and headed to his room. She opened his room door. Sanskar sensed her and turned and held her with force and pushed her to the wall and pinned her. Ragini looked at him breathing heavily. “This relationship has no meaning. Did you get that. I will not accept you as my wife” screamed Sanskar. “I also have no interest to be called as your wife Mr. Maheshwari. I did this only for Ananya and Ansh. So stop dreaming” said Ragini. She pushed him aside and walked out of his room. Sanskar hit his hand to the wall frustrated.
“Sanskar. Come down for dinner” said Anu from the dining table. “Ragini beta you also come” said Anu to Ragini who was sitting on the sofa playing with Ananya and Ansh. Ragini smiled and started walking to the table hesitant. Ansh dragged her and ran and made her sit in a chair. “Ansh” said Ragini stumbling. “Give I will manage Ananya” said Anu forwarding her hand. “No aunty that’s okay. I will manage no problem” said Ragini. “Beta call me maa” said Anu smiling. “Ok maa” said Ragini smiling. “This is Ananya’s baby food” said Anu fowarding a bowl. Ragini took it and feeded Ananya making faces and cheering her. Anu was enjoying it sitting in her chair. She looked at Sanskar’s room and felt bad. “Yelo. Hamali Ani ne tho complete kal diya” said Ragini feeding Ananya tha last portion. Ananya smiled innocently looking at Ragini. “Chalo. Now Ansh’s turn” said Ragini forwarding the morsel infront of Ansh. Ansh jerked a bit and looked at her. Ragini nodded her head and he smiled widely and had the morsel. He was craving for this love from years. His twinkling eyes and Ananya’s innocent smile were only solace she had right now. Again she was alone in her fight. Her fight for Ansh and Ananya’s happiness.
After feeding Ansh she looked at Anu who was looking at her plate sadly. “Maa” said Ragini bringing her out of her trance. Anu looked up lost and smiled at Ragini. Ragini understood that she is upset due to Sanskar did not had his food. “Have your food. I will see how that Khadoos will not have food” said Ragini and headed up with a plate full of food. “Sanskar… Dinner” said Ragini banging his room door. “Just go away” screamed Sanskar. “Sanki insaan first open the door” said Ragini. Anu choked listening the way Ragini addressed Sanskar. She smiled looking at her. Sanskar opened the door and screamed “Kya hai?” Ragini smirked and said “Oh I didn’t knew you love the name Sanki that you opened the door so fast” and pushed him inside the room with her elbow. Sanskar stumbled and stood. He glared her and folded his hands and stood huffing. Ragini placed the plates on the side table and said “Have your food” and turned to leave. “I’m not hungry” said Sanskar coldly. “Ragini beta have food come fast” called Anu. Ragini looked at Sanskar and screamed back saying “No maa. I’m not hungry” and started to leave. “You did not have food yet? Now go have don’t skip your meal” said Sanskar concerned. “Look who is talking. I said na I’m not hungry” said Ragini facing him. “You won’t listen to me ever right?” said Sanskar. He held her hand and dragged and made her sit on the bed. He took the food plate and forwarded the morsel in his hand. Ragini turned her face other side. “Fine” he said giving up and ate the morsel. A small curve appeared on Ragini’s face which she hid immediately. “Now your turn” said Sanskar and forwaded the next byte. Ragini had it faking anger. Like that they shared the food.
“What are you doing?” asked Sanskar as he found Ragini arranging the bed when he came out of the washroom after washing his hands. Before she could say anything he said “Don’t you dare to think that I have accepted this marriage?” Ragini looked at him confused. “Ok fine I will only go to some other room” said Sanskar. Ragini glared him and said “Are you mental? I was just arranging the bed. What and all you are thinking Stupid Maheshwari. I also have no interest to make you accept this marriage. I will stay in Ansh’s room.” said Ragini and headed out. Sanskar looked at her shocked and fell on his bed to sleep. He was turning his sides not able to sleep. “Will she be able to sleep? Hope Ani and Ansh are not troubling her. Let me check once” said Sanskar and got up from his bed and headed out.
“Chandaniya….” sang Ragini completing the Lori. She was lying on the bed resting her head on her right hand palm and patting Ansh and Ananya who were sleeping beside her. She smiled and kissed both of their forehead. Sanskar who was standing at the door looked at her peaceful face and smiled. Ragini leaned to sleep and found Sanskar staring her. She asked him what through her eyes. He just nodded his head and headed back to his room. Ragini closed her eyes and slept peacefully. It did not feel different than home. May be because the reason for her leaving home was so peaceful and innocent.
Sanskar sat on his bed and took Pari and Adarsh’s wedding photo frame from drawyer and spoke to Pari “Bhabi I know you must be very happy. Your kids have got such nice caring mother. But whatever happened shouldn’t have happened. I wanted to marry her and complete my family but not like this. I know how difficult this decision was for her and I promise I will get her forgiveness now with more determination. This time your Babu will not run from his problems, he will face them” and lied on the bed and dozed off
I don’t know how many of you feeling like killing me for this. I know most of the people will not be happy with this decision of Ragini getting married and you might feel she is disrespecting marriage but you got to wait how will she cop up with this. She has always come out of every problem with flying colours now lets see how will she tackle this fight within herself.
So guys now I will take a break from this story. The thing is story is ready but I have to bring it out more nicely as it is the final stage of the story. I will post a final promo. And then the final phase of the Story is gonna start. Still one more thing has to happen from last promo. Sorry I couldn’t cover it. I will surely cover it in the next phase. Thank you so much for loving this story. I love you all.

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