Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 29


“Hello Aunty” said Kavya standing outside Gadodia house with Dayal. Sumi welcomed them inside. “Kavya” said Swara as she spotted Kavya with Dayal as she came out of her room. Kavya’s heart started jumping with joy finding Swara talking normally. Kavya and Dayal looked at each other shocked. She turned to Swara and neared her. She cupped Swara’s face with one hand and said “You remember me?” Swara held her hand and said “How can I forget my Kavi. My partner with whom I watch Doremon” Kavya smiled through her tears and hugged Swara happy. “Can I call you dee?” asked Kavya in cracking voice. Swara nodded her head and Kavya hugged her more tightly. “Where is Ragu?” asked Kavya coming out of the hug. “She is gone to Yohan’s house. They might be planning some idiotic prank” said Swara laughing. “So I will go there” said Kavya running from there. “Namaste Uncle” said Swara bending and touching Dayal’s feet. “Kush raho beta” said Dayal caressing her hair and hugging her from one side smiling. “Arrey bhaitiye” said Sumi to Dayal and headed to kitchen. He complied and sat on the sofa and Swara sat beside him and they talked on random things.

Kavya reached Yohan’s house smiling. She saw Ragini standing in garden and Yohan standing in front of her smiling. She approached them silently.
“I have no idea how I was living before. But after I met you I have realized a new thing about myself. That is I cannot live without you. I love you.” He smiled widely. He bent and sat on his one knee and forwarded a ring fixed in a velvet box and said “Will you marry me?” with his evergreen smile and little blush.
Kavya held her heart which wanted to jump out of her mouth. Tears flowed from her eyes. She looked at her tears. This much pain she did not even feel when Sanskar proposed Ragini in hospital. She stumbled a bit not able to control herself. She walked from there swiftly before anyone could notice her.

“Yar Yohan. That’s so cheesy. I’m damn sure Kavi will not like it. She will burst out laughing” said Ragini. “Is it? Now what to do? I’m so nervous Ragu and instead of consoling me you are making me more nervous. Not fare” cried Yohan getting up. Ragini cupped his face and said “Don’t speak what your mind says. But speak what your heart says. Very less people get opportunity to express what their heart feels. I’m so glad that my Kavi has got someone who loves her so madly” Yohan pouted and said “That means I have no importance? You are not happy for me?” Ragini hit his head playfully and said “Idiot. Both of your happiness are connected So if I’m happy for her it means I’m happy for you. Now practice more and prepare well. Waise where will you propose her?” asked Ragini placing her elbow on his shoulder when both of them settled on the bench. “How about here?” asked Yohan excited. “Great. My buddhu is going to get settled. I’m so happy” said Ragini encircling her hands around Yohan’s neck and drooling happy.
“No I have to control my emotions. For poppy’s sake” thought Kavya and controlled her emotions. “Arrey Kavi you came back so early?” asked Swara surprised when Kavya entered their house. “Are you okay?” asked Swara concerned as she found Kavya’s face turned pink. “Ahhh wo shona dee. Too much hot outside I got heat stroke so couldn’t go and came back” said Kavya. Dayal neared her worried. “Doll what happened?” he asked holding Kavya’s cheek. “Poppy. I’m not well. Shall we leave home” said Kavya controlling her emotions. Dayal could sense that but he thought Swara had recovered recently and he did not wanted to stress her. So he nodded his head. They bid bye to Swara and Sumi and headed to their home.
“Doll” screamed Dayal as Kavya ran to her room without waiting for a second also. Kavya leaned to the door and sobbed as she slipped slowly to the ground. She held her mouth to not to sob loudly. “Doll” screamed Dayal banging her door. “Poppy just 5 minutes” said Kavya and controlled her cracking voice.
“Today we have come with Shagun.. Today you cannot say no Sumi ji. Now tho Ragini also has no objection hai na beta” said Avantika sitting on the sofa in Gadodia house. Ragini nodded her head happy. Sumi smiled at her weakly and looked at Ragini painfully. Sahil smiled happy. Harish caressed his hair smiling.
“But I’m not ready for this marriage” said Swara coming out of her room. Sahil’s smile disappeared. Avantika and Harish’s faces fell listening to her. “Shona dee” said Ragini looking at Swara confused. She knew how madly Swara loved Sahil. Then why was she refusing it now. Swara headed out of the house controlling her tears without answering anybody. “Shona dee” screamed Ragini. Sahil wiped his tears. He kept his hand on Ragini’s shoulder and signed her that he will talk to her. Ragini stopped and allowed Sahil to go behind Swara.

Swara reached Mandir and stood outside and sobbed. “Why Shekar. Why my Ladoo has to sacrifice always. I’m so helpless. She loves Sahil so much but due to Shona she has to sacrifice her love. I’m torn between my two daughters Shekar. Please I need you so much with me. Please” Swara remembered Sumi’s conversation with Shekar’s portrait. Sahil kept his hand on her shoulder. Swara turned and found Sahil. She jerked his hand and walked wiping her tears. Sahil held her hand and stopped her. “How far will you run from me Swara? How far? Don’t repeat your mistake what you did years ago. Don’t refuse your feelings again. Please” said Sahil in cracking voice. Swara closed her eyes letting her tears flow. She controlled her paining throat and said “Sahil. No need to do all this now. No need to feel pity on me. I’m totally fine. I don’t need anyone’s sympathy” Sahil’s grip tightened on Swara’s wrist. “Please don’t do this Swara. Please. I love you. Don’t insult my love saying that I felt pity on you” said Sahil pleading her. Swara’s heart pained. It looked like somebody pierced her heart. She controlled herself and said “But I don’t love you”

Before Sahil could speak anything they heard Ragini who said “Really Shona dee. You don’t love him. There was no second of your life in which you did not miss him. If you didn’t love him then why did you broke up with Laksh. I still remember you confessing your feelings” Swara looked at her shocked. “I don’t want to give any explanation to anybody. Just leave me Sahil” said Swara turning avoiding eye contact with both of them. Ragini frowned. She signed Sahil to drag Swara and hug her. Sahil nodded his head no. Ragini glared him and said do it. Sahil looked at her annoyed. He did not find another option as Swara was struggling to get out of his hold. He sighed and dragged and hugged her. Swara was shocked. Ragini smirked looking at them. “Leave me Sahil” said Swara struggling in his hold. “Unless you tell me why are you behaving like this I’m not gonna leave you” said Sahil holding her more tightly. “All the best Jeeju. I’m going home. Convince her for marriage and come home ok” screamed Ragini and ran from there. Sahil smiled and hugged Swara and drooled happy. “Please Sahil try to understand” said Swara giving up.

“So make me understand” said Sahil not budging. Swara huffed as she couldn’t get out of his hold. “Ragini loves you Sahil. I cannot shatter her dreams for my happiness. Please marry Ragini. I just want her happiness” said Swara and tears dropped from her eyes. Sahil dragged her out of the hug and held her shoulders and looked at her confused. “Are you out of your mind?” asked Sahil. “No Sahil. This is only right” said Swara pleading him. “Swara I don’t think you are cured completely. What is wrong with you? Where did you get this idea from stupid girl” said Sahil annoyed. “I heard mumma speaking to poppy’s portrait. That’s why I ran away from home, so that Ragini can be happy” said Swara. “Ragini and me? Please Swara you are misunderstanding. Neither she feels for me. Nor do I” said Sahil.

“Good that Shona refused this marriage. Now you both can be married and live happy” said Sumi caressing Ragini’s cheek. “Maaa. What is wrong with you? How can you even think like this? Me and Sahil sir? Gosh I never even looked at him in that way. He was my friend before I came to know about him and Shona dee and later also I considered him as my Jeeju only. I don’t love him infact I…” before she could blurt out Ragini controlled herself. “What?” asked Sumi looking at Ragini shocked. “Haa maa. I never had such kind of feelings for him, I swear” said Ragini holding her neck. “Hey Bhagvan. Such big misunderstanding” said Sumi holding her head.

“And she is not alone Ragini your sweet Shona dee also had the same misunderstanding” said Sahil entering. Ragini and Sumi turned and looked at the door where Sahil was holding Swara who was staring ground. “Brainless you are” said Ragini standing in front of Swara and patting her forehead. Swara hugged her and sobbed. Ragini caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. Sumi looked at them teary eyed. “Dekha Shekar. They are still inseparable” said Sumi looking up. “Thank god. This misunderstanding cleared soon” said Avanthika smiling. Harish side hugged her and rubbed her shoulder. Sumi sat and accepted the Shagun happily. “We will fix the marriage date and inform you” said Harish. They bid them bye and headed to their home with Sahil.
“Why is this sadu not picking my calls” said Ragini looking at her phone frustrated. She kept the phone on table and headed out annoyed to have dinner. “I miss you Sanskar. I don’t know why I want to listen to your voice once. I feel you are in trouble. Please speak to me once” said Ragini looking at her phone while sleeping on the bed. Swara patted her head and she dozed off.

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