Guilt (A RAGSAN FF) Chapter 27


“Come” said Sanskar forwarding his hand to come out of the car as they reached the beach. Ragini stepped out of the car holding his hand. They neared the sea and Ragini stood dipping her legs in the sea water and closed her eyes feeling the tickling sensation. Sanskar looked at her calm face. He clicked her photo from his phone. Ragini opened her eyes and looked at him confused and asked “What are you doing?” Sanskar who was looking at the picture in his phone lifted his head and said “From tomorrow you will become Ms. Rapid Fire again so just want to capture this beautiful time” Ragini smiled at his childish behavior and nodded her head in disbelief. “If I could give him happiness for a small time also I don’t think I should back off” thought Ragini. She walked a bit back and bent and took some drops of sea water and splashed it on Sanskar. “Fish. What the hell Ragini” screamed Sanskar as the water drops touched his face. Ragini laughed looking at his annoyed face. Sanskar smiled looking at her. “Wait I will not leave you” said Sanskar. He kept his phone back in his pocket and took some water droplets and splashed it on her face and started laughing. Ragini opened her mouth shocked. “You… I will not leave you” said Ragini and splashed some more water. They kept playing like that in water for sometime and Sanskar chased her and lifted her holding her waist. “Sanskar. Put me down” screamed Ragini shocked. “No ways” said Sanskar. “Please” said Ragini and he melted and brought her down slowly. “You stupid Maheshwari” said Ragini chasing him back.
“Kulfi” screeched Ragini. “No. You will catch cold” said Sanskar. Ragini pouted and said “I thought we are on a date. Here tho you are not letting me eat also” “Fine”said Sanskar giving up. “Bhayya do kulfi” said Ragini to the vendor. “Take” said Ragini handing one kulfi to Sanskar. He took it and started tasting it. Ragini tasted it and closed her eyes enjoying the cooling sensation and sweet taste and smiled widely. Sanskar smiled looking at her. “Why don’t you live your life the way you want Ragini. It is so blissful to watch you enjoy your life. You deserve all the happiness in the world” thought Sanskar lost in her beautiful calm face. “I want to capture each second of this time. Don’t know I will ever have it again or not” They walked eating Kulfi.
“What?” asked Ragini looking at him. Sanskar came back to world and smiled nodding his head. “You are mad” said Ragini. “And you are beautiful” said Sanskar. Ragini looked at him and they had a brief eye-lock. Sanskar neared her and cupped her face. Ragini’s cheek turned crimson and she lowered her eyes feeling shy due to his intense gaze. His face neared her face and Ragini felt difficult to breath. “Ragini” said Sanskar. She looked into his eyes. He kissed her forehead. Ragini closed her eyes and lost herself in his touch.

“Done” said Sanskar keeping the small flag on the sand castle they made together. “Yippie” screached Ragini looking at it. “Come will collect some sea shells” said Sanskar dragging her holding her hand. They collected some sea shells. The setting sun was enjoying their childish acts as it was dipping down the sea. “Why do we collect sea shells “ asked Ragini. Sanskar picked a colorful seashell happy and said “I don’t know about others but I collect them and store them in a box and name the box with the date. So that I can remember the date always” Ragini smiled at his answer. “And moreover I want to cherish this day as best day of my life in memories” he said meeting Ragini’s eyes with his love filled eyes. A tear escaped from Ragini’s eye feeling his love. “Why are you hurting yourself so much” said Ragini with painful eyes. “Because I love you. You give me pain or happiness I will always love you” said Sanskar smiling with twinkling eyes. “But I will never love you back Sanskar” His name looked so beautiful in her voice. His smile widened and he said “My love is very strong Ms. Gadodia. I don’t need your confession. I know you love me” Ragini lowered her eyes not able to meet his eyes which were speaking only truth. “And I also know you will never accept it. But I cannot stop loving you just because you cannot accept it. I know why you cannot accept it. I don’t have any regret due to it also” said Sanskar as a tear dropped from his eye. Ragini looked at him again. She was about to hug him but stopped her approach. “At least live your life like you want to live for today” Sanskar’s words echoed in her heart and she hugged him encircling her hands around his stomach and rested her head on his chest. He encircled his hands around her shoulder and placed his chin on her head and enjoyed the cool evening breeze. Two souls never wanted to depart from each other. And the orange sun delighted them. “Life is very short to hold the grudges and regrets Ragini. I know you cannot come out of it immediately. But I will wait all my life for that moment” thought Sanskar. He kissed her hair. “My heart wants to forget everything and forgive you Sanskar but whenever that horrible night comes in my mind I can’t listen to my heart in any case. I love you. I love you a lot. But I cannot accept it. Not now not ever. I want to give you pain but I cannot tolerate your pain. I can’t run away from your love” thought Ragini. She closed her eyes tightly and held his shirt tightly as she felt his lips touching her hair.
“Come let’s leave. Its getting dark” said Sanskar dragging her out of the hug and holding her hand. Ragini tightened her grip on his palm looking at him following him. Sanskar felt her grip and smiled and walked.

“Why Shekar. Why my Ladoo has to sacrifice always. I’m so helpless. She loves Sahil so much but due to Shona she has to sacrifice her love. I’m torn between my two daughters Shekar. Please I need you so much with me. Please” said Sumi sobbing in front of Shekar’s portrait. Swara who just woke up and came to Sumi’s room heard her. Tears rolled from her eyes. “My Ragu maa loves Sahil. Because of me they are departing? But why?” thought Swara. “Mumma was right. I’m burden on my Ragu maa. She always suffers because of me. But no not this time. I will go away from her. But where to go I don’t know anybody. Haa I will go like people go in cinemas. Some good people will help me” said Swara to herself. She wiped her tears and headed to her room. She picked her teddy and walked out of the house. She looked around if anybody watched her and ran out of the gate.

“What happened?” asked Sanskar placing his hand on her shoulder when she looked around worried when their car halted in signal. “I don’t know I’m feeling restless. I want to see Shona dee” said Ragini worried. Swara who was holding her teddy passed behind Sanskar’s car looking around carefully. “Nothing to worry. Just two minutes we will reach your home” said Sanskar consoling her. She nodded her head weakly smiling.
Sanskar stopped the car in front of their home. Ragini bid him bye and walked inside the home. She heard Sumi shouting. “Shona….. Shona……” screamed Sumi holding a paper. Ragini got worried. She ran inside and found Sumi panicking. “Maa What happened?” asked Ragini holding Sumi’s shoulder. “Ladooo Shona” said Sumi sobbing. “What happened to Shona dee” screamed Ragini. Sanskar panicked hearing her scream. Her scream was dangerous for her health. He ran inside. “I don’t know beta where she went. When I went to check on her she was not in room. I searched her everywhere. Then I found this paper” said Sumi holding a paper in front of Ragini. Ragini grabbed it and read. Her eyes widened due to shock. Swara had written in her kiddish handwriting “Sorry. Bye Ragu maa Bye mumma” The paper dropped from Ragini’s hand. She was about to fall but Sanskar held her from her shoulders preventing her from falling. “Ragini… Ragini what happened?” asked Sanskar concerned. “Sho Sho Shona dee… Shona dee. Sanskar my Shona dee. She went somewhere. She never goes leaving me” sobbed Ragini looking painfully at him. “Shhh. Relax Come we will search her. I don’t think she might have gone far” said Sanskar. Ragini wiped her tears and nodded her head. Sanskar grabbed her hand and both of them headed out of the house. “Please bappa. Please protect my Shona” sobbed Sumi folding her hands looking up.
“I think we should tell this to Sahil” said Sanskar as he drove the car. “I cannot face him” said Ragini sobbing. Sanskar felt her pain. “I will tell him” said Sanskar and dialed Sahil’s number and narrated him everything. Sahil became numb listening to it. His heart stopped beating for some time. “I… I will come there” said Sahil and disconnected the call and headed out of his house. “Why Bappa why are you playing with my life like this. Where she might be. She doesn’t know anything. Please protect her” prayed Sahil driving his car.
“I’m really the worst sister. I told Sahil sir that I will take care of her all my life but will not give her responsibility to anyone. Now see I lost her. I don’t know where she is how she is…. I deserve punishment why is God punishing my Shona dee. I cannot live without her Sanskar. I cannot…. Please do something. Please” said Ragini looking at Sanskar. His heart pained to look at her condition. The strong Ragini had become so vulnerable in front of him. She was so helpless. Her state was heart wrenching. Number one business man Sanskar Maheshwari reduced to a tiny particle in front of the situation. And the thought that he was the main reason for her this state ate his soul. He held her cheek with his left hand looking painfully at her. Ragini leaned her head to his shoulder cried bitterly. “How will she ever forgive me. Anybody in her place will not be able to do that” thought Sanskar and kissed her forehead and caressed her hair and tears flowed from his eyes like water fall.

“Have you seen her?” asked Sahil to a person walking on the road. The person nodded his head in no. He moved to next person. Ragini and Sanskar were doing the same thing holding Swara’s photo. Ragini panicked and held her head. She started breathing heavily and her head pained. Suddenly Sanskar’s gaze went on Ragini who was struggling. “Oh no” said Sanskar and approached her. “Ragini” said Sanskar and held her. “Come you sit inside the car. You are not well” said Sanskar dragging her to the car. “How will I relax. My Shona dee don’t know where she is” said Ragini and sobbed holding his shirt. “Ragini. Please relax. Please” said Sanskar and tears dropped from his eyes. Sanskar signed Sahil to convince Ragini as she was not listening to him. Sahil approached them and kept his hand on Ragini’s head and said “Ragini please relax. Go sit in the car. We will search Swara. Don’t you trust me?” asked Sahil. Ragini nodded her head still sobbing. Sanskar helped her till the car. He made her sit inside the car and came back to Sahil and started searching Swara. He came a bit far from Sahil and heard someone sobbing. He neared a tree and the sob became louder. He went to the other side of the tree carefully and found a girl sitting and sobbing holding her teddy. Still her face wasn’t visible. He neared her more and recognized that it was Swara. He smiled widely looking at her. He neared her carefully as he did not wanted to scare her. “Ragu maa” said Swara in between her sobs. “Don’t you wanna meet your Ragu maa?”asked Sanskar sitting beside her. Swara jerked due to his voice and got scared. “Hey relax. I’m your Ragu maa’s friend” said Sanskar trying to console her. Swara was still looking at him scared. “Hmmm. Wait” said Sanskar and took his phone and showed his and Sanskar’s selfie what they took in beach. Swara wiped her face and neared his phone to analyze it. “Ya…” said Swara smiling a bit. “So come now I will take you to Ragu maa” said Sanskar forwarding his hand. Swara forwarded her hand but before she could touch his palm she remembered Sumi’s words and dragged her hand back. Sanskar looked at her confused. “What happened?” asked Sanskar. “I only give sadness to Ragu maa. She always suffers because of me” said Swara looking other side. “But you are the only happiness in your Ragu maa’s life. Don’t you know that?” asked Sanskar. Swara looked at him. Sanskar nodded his head smiling. “Being reason for someone’s pain is unavoidable but you should not back off when you can be reason for somebody’s happiness” said Sanskar. “This is what your Ragu maa says right?” asked Sanskar. Swara nodded her head. “So common now. Be reason for your Ragu maa’s happiness” said Sanskar again forwarding his hand. Swara smiled through her tears and held his hand happily. They both got up and headed towards Sahil. Sahil was asking every single person. His tears were flowing uncontrollably. As he turned a bit he found Swara walking with Sanskar. He let a sigh of relief. He ran like a maniac and hugged Swara in a bone crushing hug. He took a deep breath his lungs were craving for oxygen. Swara felt a strange feeling. Her heart was fluttering with joy. “Sahil” screeched Swara. “Shona. Where did you go leaving me? Why did you go?” asked Sahil sobbing holding Swara. “I will die if you leave me and go anywhere?” said Sahil. He cried his heart out holding her tight like he never want to let her go. Sanskar wiped his tears and smiled looking at them. Ragini who was sobbing looked around and found Sahil hugging Swara. Her soul returned back to her body. She wiped her tears and came out of the car and ran to Swara. Sanskar who turned looked at her and his eyes moved to the truck approaching her. “Ragini No” screamed Sanskar and ran in her direction. Swara and Sahil jerked and looked at the direction Sanskar was running. Before they could grasp anything they saw the truck passing them with full speed. “Ragu maa” screamed Swara and tried running in that direction but Sahil stopped her holding her hand and she struggled in his hold. As the truck passed they saw Sanskar holding Ragini in his embrace and hugging her and consoling her. He pushed her and held her at the nick of the time. Swara fainted in Sahil’s arms. “Swara… Swara…” screamed Sahil patting Swara’s cheeks. Ragini and Sanskar looked at them and approached them. “Shona dee… Shona dee…” screamed Ragini patting Swara’s cheek. “Today only she had got a shock and again one more shock. I’m scared” said Ragini. “Nothing will happen Ragini. Come let us take her to hospital first” said Sanskar consoling her. Sahil lifted her and headed to the hospital.

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      Awww I’m sorry I made you cry. Thank you so much

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      That’s so sweet of you dear. Glad that you spent time to read my story thank you so much

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      Mummy bachavo…. ?.
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    1. Sally_blr

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