Guilt (A RAGSAN FF) chapter 19

“Ragini” called Sanskar as he stopped the car in front of the hotel where Sahil had arranged their accommodation. Ragini was fast asleep. He looked at her face. He did not wanted to disturb her peaceful sleep. She looked like a small kid. He smiled. “Ragini get up see we reached” said Sanskar softly. “Shona dee let me sleep. Bhayyu see na this shona dee is not letting me to sleep only” said Ragini pouting in sleep. Sanskar who was admiring her, his smile disappeared and he composed himself. “Ms. Gadodia” said Sanskar bit loudly for which Ragini got up with a jerk. She half opened her eyes and rubbed her eyes and looked around to realize where she is and tried to open her eyes. “Gosh Ms. Gadodia how can you sleep like Kumbakaran within just ten minutes” asked Sanskar. “My wish. I will sleep like Kumbakaran or eat like Bakasur what is your problem” said Ragini annoyed. “You are really impossible Ms. Gadodia. Shall we get down we have to check in and park the car also” said Sanskar giving up. Ragini got down from the car and opened her eyes to reduce the sleepy effect. “Ms. Gadodia. Hurry up” said Sanskar standing near the stairs. Ragini walked behind him. Sanskar completed the formalities for check in. “This is your key Ms. Gadodia” said Sanskar handing her a room key. They headed to their rooms. “I will meet you in another half an hour at reception Ms. Gadodia. We have to attend the meeting in one hour” said Sanskar and headed to his room. As soon as she entered the room she found Sahil’s message asking her whether she reached safely. She replied back saying “Yes Sir. We have checked in and will be attending the meeting in another hour. I will text you once it finishes” “Ok” replied Sahil and she smiled looking at it and headed to washroom to freshen up. “Better to take a bath” said Ragini and closed her washroom door. Sanskar got ready and headed to reception hoping Ragini will be already waiting for him. As he reached reception he looked around to find Ragini but she wasn’t there. He asked the receptionist she said Ragini had not yet come. Sanskar went to her room. He knocked the door but he did not get any response. He again knocked and the door opened and he got in worried. Before he could call Ragini washroom door opened and Ragini stepped out of it. She had not worn her dupatta. Sanskar turned as he heard the door opening sound. Ragini looked up and before she could react her leg got stuck in the carpet and she stumbled and Sanskar jerked and held Ragini and both of them fell on the bed. Ragini was on top of Sanskar. Both of them looked at each other breathing heavily. “Sorry” said Ragini and tried getting up but her hair was stuck in Sanskar’s watch and she again fell on him with more force. “Ouch. Ms. Gadodia watch out. You are so heavy. I cannot handle your weight” screamed Sanskar. Ragini fumed listening to him. “You called me moti?” asked Ragini furious after releasing her hair from his watch. “So Moti ko moti hi bolenge na” said Sanskar annoyed. “Khadoos Maheshwari. I’m not moti ok. Take your sentence back” said Ragini pointing her finger. “Why should I. That’s the truth” said Sanskar. “Fine. I will not get up unless you take your sentence back” said Ragini moving her head other side. “Get up Ms. Gadodia” said Sanskar. “No. No and No” said Ragini. Sanskar smirked and said “Fine. I’m giving you last chance, get up otherwise” “Otherwise what?”asked Ragini shifting her face to him. “Don’t blame me then” said Sanskar. “Whatever” said Ragini and turned her face other side. “Fine” said Sanskar and held her waist with both his hands. Ragini widened her eyes and looked at him. Before she could grasp anything Sanskar turned her and held her hands and pinned them to the bed. Now Sanskar was on top of her and he was very close to her. Their closeness increased both of their heartbeats. Sanskar’s heated gaze made her shiver a bit and she closed her eyes when he moved more close to her face. Sanskar whispered in her ears “Shall we Leave Ms. Gadodia” which made her blush. He stood up straightening himself. He pulled Ragini with her hand and made her stand and left the room. Ragini looked at mirror. She could see her cheeks turning pink. “I feel with Swara dee even I need to consult Yohan” said Ragini. She wore her dupatta and combed her hair and headed out of the room. As she reached reception she avoided eye contact with Sanskar and headed behind him.

“Thank you Mr. Maheshwari. The presentation was awesome. I must say you have excellent staff” said Mr. Malhotra after signing the deal. Sanskar looked at Ragini who was arranging her files and said “Yup”
“So you people are leaving today?” asked Mr. Malhotra. “Hmmm? No Mr. Malhotra. We drove till here and I feel we better take rest and start tomorrow” said Sanskar shifting his gaze to Mr. Malhotra. “Oh that’s great. I would like to invite you for the dinner at our home. It will be great if you join us” said Mr. Malhotra. “Oh no no Mr. Malhotra. I don’t want to bother you. And Ragini will be alone” said Sanskar. “I mean to say you both to join for dinner. And I insist Mr. Maheshwari” said Mr. Malhotra. “Okay” said Sanskar smiling as he could not refuse him. “Ms Gadodia” called Sanskar. “Yes Sir” said Ragini standing beside him. “Wo we are going for dinner at Mr. Malhotra’s place.” said Sanskar. Ragini smiled at Mr. Malhotra and both of them headed to Malhotra Mansion.
Mrs Malhotra welcomed them and served them dinner. “Wow ma’am. In such short notice you arranged such tasty food” said Ragini complementing Mrs Malhotra. Mrs Malhotra smiled at her.
Ragini was eating like she has never tasted food. Sanskar got embarrassed. He stepped on her foot to grab her attention. “Ouch What’s your problem Mr. Maheshwari” screamed Ragini without realizing. Sanskar smiled at Mr and Mrs Malhotra nervously whose attention shifted to him when Ragini screamed. They both controlled their laugh.
“It was yummy food Mrs. Malhotra thanks a ton” said Ragini enthusiastically. “She is not just Kumbakaran but also Bakasur” said Sanskar to himself. “Okay Mr. Malhotra we will take your leave” said Sanskar. “It was really nice meeting you Mr. Maheshwari” said Mr. Malhotra and shook hand with him smiling. “Wait beta” said Mrs. Malhotra stopping Ragini. She headed in and came out with a gift wrap in her hand and gave it to Ragini. “No ma’am. I cannot take it.” said Ragini hesitant. “Please beta. It’s just a small gesture of thanks for being companion to this old couple” said Mrs. Malhotra. Ragini looked at her emotionally and took the wrapper and headed with Sanskar. “They really look good together Ashok” said Mrs Malhotra. “Hmmm” said Mr. Malhotra side hugging her.
“What happened?” asked Ragini when their car stopped with a jerk at a place. “Cold and cough” said Sanskar with null expression. “What?” asked Ragini confused. “Let me check it. Without that how am I supposed to know?” said Sanskar annoyed. “You are driving the car” said Ragini casually. “So?” asked Sanskar confused. “You should know everything about the car” said Ragini. “Oh please it’s my car not my wife that I should know everything about her. And you girls are impossible to understand” said Sanskar. “Hello the topic was your car. Why are you dragging girls in between” asked Ragini. “Car is also a girl” said Sanskar. “What?” asked Ragini waving her hands in air. “What we call car in hindi ‘Gaadi’ right so it is a girl” said Sanskar proudly. “Wow Mr. Maheshwari what a discovery. Why don’t you try to sell this logic to Discovery Channel. They will pay you good amount so with that you can also repair the screws of your brain” said Ragini keeping her index finger at right side of head signing him mad.

“Shall I check the car now?” asked Sanskar fed up. “No no. Why are you checking now, let the Prime Minister Mr. Modi announce then check it” said Ragini folding her hands. “What the hell?” said Sanskar. “This is not hell. This is called sarcasm. Oh ya I forgot. Mandh budhi (slow brain) Maheshwari will not understand so soon” said Ragini making pity face. Sanskar raised his finger to tell her something. “I really cannot win with her in arguement” thought Sanskar and closed his fist frustrated and got down from the car. Ragini also got down.
Sanskar was analyzing the car. He was not a mechanic. And worst part was he knew the least about cars specially the repair part. He did not wanted to give Ragini one more chance to tease him so he acted like analyzing the car. “Do you know anything about the cars or simply acting infront of me that you are analyzing” asked Ragini. “What do you mean? I’m seriously analyzing it” said Sanskar stumbling. “Oh really. That means you have magical powers also?” asked Ragini surprised. “Magical powers?” asked Sanskar confused. “Then how are you able to see this smoke filled engine in moonless night. You must have invisible LED lights fixed in your eyes” said Ragini making her eyes big. Sanskar face changed colour as his lie was caught. “Wo wo” he struggled to say. “Mr. Egoistic” said Ragini and turned on the torch in her mobile. Sanskar tried hard but he could not understand anything. “Gosh” said Ragini turning off the light and looking at other side. “I don’t know car repairing” said Sanskar pouting. Ragini looked at his face when he turned to her. “Ha ha ha ha ha” laughed Ragini as should not control her laugh. “What?” asked Sanskar confused. “Arere Mr. Maheshwari ne tho muh kala kardiya khandan ka” said Ragini. Sanskar gave her death glares. She touched his cheek and showed him the smoke on his face. He rubbed his cheek and found more of it. “Ha ha ha ha” Ragini laughed holding her stomach. Sanskar looked at her. First time he was watching her laugh in front of him. He was lost in her laugh and her eyes which had become watery due to heavy laughter. She controlled her laugh and wiped his face with a cloth. He kept staring at her lost. She waved her hand in front of him bringing him back to the real world. He composed himself and stared ground and looked around to control his feelings.

Thank you so much guys. Hope you people are enjoying. Next update I will upload on Monday

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  1. Words are not enough yar, I’m addicted to this ff

    1. Sally_blr

      Thats so sweet sissy. It really means a lot

  2. Asw

    Noh joke is cute between ragsan keep going

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      Thank you dear.

  3. Ragz_teju

    ragini and Sanskar are really hilarious…. it’s cute and sweet chappy… loved it so much…

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      Yup they are. Thank you sweetheart

  4. Sreevijayan

    Fm tashan to cuteness ki dukhaan..arrey waah..kya bhaat silent treatment is wrng wid ragu…hehe..mandha budhi was hilarious…am loving this

    U made me soo happy today..thank u my rockstar…. nw only on mnday…ufff..intezaar kab thak…smtng like dis some hindi dialogue is der rite

    1. Sally_blr

      Cuteness ki dukan. Wow thats awesome compliment. Finally. You know this was my dream. To make you happy ******Aliya Bhat cry*********
      I never heard that dailogue

      1. Sreevijayan

        I meant silent treatment is wrkng wid ragu..intezaar kab thak is a line frm a bollywood song my rock star..whr is my rishtey update

    2. Sally_blr

      Why do you wanna cry today only?

      1. Sreevijayan

        Baapre..that means its going to be an emotional update….. mummmyyyy… still u update….anyways wrk starts frm tmrw… wht mre can be depressing dn

  5. Awesome episode Waiting for the next episode

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  6. nice Ragini is so cute

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      Thank you Ammy

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear,

  7. nice sally awesome ur are a awesome writer

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  8. amazing next part soon

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  9. wow dr. After very long time , Ragini is happy and that too bcos of Sanky. but her dreams of being wth her bhayyu nd Di is not gng away from her. the pain is deep inside her heart. Something big shld happen to overcome that pain. I have no idea how it’ll happen. Update was awesome. Keep writing nd take care

    1. Sally_blr

      You know this is why I love you. You are absolutely right she is really happy(fake happiness she shows to the world) after a long time. You got to wait for that pain to go. Sanskar has atleast Ansh and Ananya as Pari n Adarsh’ s memory but Ragini’s case is different. For her to get away from those memories is difficult. Thank you so much

  10. Inu

    Awesome epi. Loved it.

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  12. Awesome epi….ragsan scenes are so cute…. ur ff is more interesting day by day….

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  13. Plzz.update soon…

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      Sorry Ali. You got to wait till Monday draft is not yet ready.

  14. Asra

    Sally dear love u lot….omg I love their nhok jhok dear…Both r sooo cute….love u lot dear for ur lovely update dear…fabulous fantastic amazing dear…no words for ur update dear….love it to core dear….omg what can I say….u know one dear now only I finished my xam…i little disappointed in my xam…After reading ur update…that disappointment gone dear…u made me happy…love u dear….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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      Awww Asru your comments make me happy always. Love you, take a chill pill it was just an exam. I am Happy that I could make you happy sweetheart

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    Awesome……. yaaar loved it to coreโ˜บ????

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      I knew it you will love it. Spring after storm is always pleasant. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      They are cute and sweet just like you. Thank you so much dear.

  17. Fairy

    Ahhh!!!sallly outstandng update yaaar…!!! I totallly agree wid lovely…m alsooo soooo much addicted to dis story…,,,n i reallly lack words to praise u yaara!!u again nailed ittt… ragsan r cho cho choooo chueeet…loved to seee dem together.. keeep rockng n stay blesssssdd dr u dheeer chala… waitng for monday ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Sally_blr

      Gosh Fairy. You really are a fairy who makes me smile with your magical wand of comments. Love you,

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    Gosh!! What an update sally dear!! I loved loved loved it to the core. It was so funny and cute. Ragsan rocked again!!

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      Thank you Deeshu. Love you. Flying kiss to your cheeks.

  19. Jazzy

    Sally yaar how can u do this????
    … How can u write soo beautifully u r superb I enjoyed today’s episode a lot right from starting till end
    Loved their nok jhok a lot and the discovery part was awesome and his face haahhh and how can I forget bed room romance hahhaha and ragini the bukhad
    Next update on Mon hmmm way too long but I’ll wait for u

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Jazzy.What to do busy with some official work. I get so late not able to type only. Rishtey is also pending. Sorry to make you wait.

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      Awww Anu. But I love your words. I love your big comments seriously. Sorry to make you wait dear

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