GUILT (Extended Chapter) (Rishtey, Nakchadi, Casanova, Locha E Ulfat)

Sanskar: Bandariya why is love is so complicated
Ragini: Sanki you should ask this to Nitin
Sanskar: Why?
Ragini : Look how he answered
“Why is love so complicated” said Ragini sitting beside Nitin when they were spending time in their fav place Gurudwara’s lake. Nitin looked at her confused. “What?” asked Nitin. “Dumbo” said Ragini. “Ragu” said Nitin glaring her. “Love is so complicated na” said Ragini staring the sky. “Love is not complicated. People make it complicated” said Nitin staring the same direction. “How?” asked Ragini. “First tell me why have you started this topic I will explain” sad Nitin. “Shruthi loves Arjun and she can’t even tell him this. And Arjun loves Shruthi but thinks she doesn’t love him” said Ragini explaining her tension. Nitin smiled at her widely. “Why are you smiling?” asked Ragini confused. “In your problem people only have made love complicated” said Nitin. “How?” asked Ragini bending her head. “Arjun expressed his love already right?” asked Nitin. “Hmmm” said Ragini. “Then why can’t Shruthi express it?” he asked. “She is thinking that she will look cheap if she accepts her feelings” said Ragini. “And why she thinks that way. Arjun is her childhood friend. He knows her more than anybody and he is well aware of her life. Still he is supporting her. You know when all were angry and against her Arjun was the only person who stood beside her. Don’t you know?” asked Nitin. Ragini nodded her head in yes. “Then where is the question him misunderstanding her as cheap came in?” asked Nitin smiling. “Oh yaaa” said Ragini smiling widely. Nitin smiled at her expression. “That’s why I call you Dumbo. Simple thing you don’t understand” said Nitin hitting her forehead playfully.
Sanskar: Must say he is very intelligent
Ragini: Yaa not like you Mandh Budhi Maheshwari
Sanskar (pouting): At least I’m not like Raj who misunderstood Swara as his mystery girl.
Ragini: What to do he is Nakchadi ka Nakchada
Sanskar: That’s weird name Nakchada.
Ragini : And their fights are also weird.
Sanskar: And the fights gonna increase more
Ragini : Why?

Sanskar : You see yourself
“Haa Supriya ji We have come here with proposal for your second daughter” said Sunita sitting in front of Supriya in Gadodia House. Sanjay looked at her shocked. “You never told me this?” whispered he. “I thought of giving you a surprise” whispered she as she smiled weakly at Supriya. “But I also had dreams about my son’s marriage. I wanted Ms. Gadodia as my daughter in law” whispered he helplessly. “Sanjay this girl is best for Raj. Try to understand” said she. “A bhajan girl best for my son are you kidding me?” he asked sarcastically. “Any problem?” asked Supriya confused looking at them. “No nothing he wanted to see your Girl. I have met her but he hasn’t na that’s why?” said Suni smiling. “Oh she has gone for a official trip to Goa” said Supriya. “Where she works?” asked Suni. “Khurana Industries” said she smiling. “That’s our company. What’s your daughter name?” asked Sanjay surprised. “Ragini” said Supriya and his eyes widened shocked. “OMG Ms. Gadodia?” asked he shocked. “Haa” said Supriya confused. “Suni this is the best surprise you have ever given” said he and kissed her cheeks. Sunita glared him and she smiled at Supriya weakly who was watching them embarrassed.
Ragini & Sanskar: Ha ha ha ha . Ab bajega Raj ka band baja
Ragini: Sanki why you guys are so weak at expressing
Sanskar: I know Bandariya about whom are you talking.
Karan: I love you Ragini. Will you marry me?
Ragini looked at Laksh and he found something strange in her eyes. Reflection of his feelings. He nodded his head and smiled through his tears.
Ragini (turning to Karan): Yes.
Karan got up and hugged her. She looked at Laksh painfully.
Laksh (in mind): I know Ragini you love me the way I love you. But I don’t deserve you. You will be happy if you stay away from me.
Ragini(in mind): Why didn’t you understand my feelings Laksh. I was a fool who expected you will understand me
Sanskar(wiping his tears): You girls are so heartless.
Ragini: Not more than you boys

Shekar (holding Parth’s collar): You and only you are responsible for my kid’s condition. She begged me not to get her married to you. I was so blind thinking about her future I just put her in this situation where her life is at risk and the person I chose as a life partner put her in this state.
Ram: You always hurt her Parth. I thought my son will at least consider his wife as a human being but you proved me wrong. I just can’t see your face
Parth jerked Shekar’s hands and entered ICU where Ragini was lying with ventilator support.
Parth(holding Ragini’s hand): I love you Ragini. This is what I was about to tell you. But now I have to keep this in me forever. I always give you pain, always. I hate myself.
Sanskar: So many shades of love?
Ragini: Ya….
Sanskar: She is so confusing
Ragini: Who?
Sanskar (Annoyed): This Sally
Ragini: You know right she loves making people confused
Sanskar : And us also
Ragini: Come let’s get back to our Betrayer looks.
Sanskar: I’m just wondering what will she name me this time.
Ragini: For this confusion only she can answer.
Sanskar: Our readers also must be scratching their heads.
Ragini: I know I know. She loves to do this. So let me clear the confusion.
Hey guys whatever you read till now was promo mashup presented by your favorite Sanki Insaan and Bandariya. I know you are missing us. What to do this Sally na ended our love story so soon. Don’t you think.

Sanskar: I think something is cooking in her mind.
Ragini: Yeah I feel so.
What do you guys feel what is cooking in Sally’s mind?
Will Nittu and Gini marry this year at least?
Will Laksh ever understand Ragini and accept his feelings?
Will you ever come to know what did Parth do that both the dad’s hate him?
Will ever Raj stop behaving like a kid?
Will ever Suhani will stop feeling restless?
Will ever this Sally stop thinking. Hold me Sanki I’m gonna faint

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    There are many more things to come in Rishtey, I think. So Suhaani’s feelings play something in their life.?
    Parth loves her but why he’s hiding his feelings. ?
    So Rajrag parents are getting ready for marriage. If both comes to know, world war is gonna start ?
    Omg. What will happen to my Raglak. Why ragu is making herself fool by accepting Karan. Even after realising why Lucky is silent ??

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    So much stress to my tiny brain.. 😛
    N treat to see bandariya n sanki insaan back..missed them alot.
    Eagerly waiting for ur all stories..specially BETRAYER,CASENOVA n NAKCHADI.. Please update soon. 🙂

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