Guess the suspect in DABH’s current Neelvish track?


Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum has got an interesting Neelvish track. The current track has lots of suspense. The show is going right way to present the IPS officer Sandhya Rathi working on offline subjects than fighting with criminals and terrorists. Sandhya had gone on a small vacation with her family. She then landed in a strange villager where everyone seems to be mysterious.

Sandhya has seen many people making their beliefs down and raising superstitions. Now Sandhya got the new task to prove how a human mind is earning money from devotees on the name of Devi Maa. She wants to prove everyone that there is nothing like Dui Mukeshwari Devi, who curses a person by giving neelvish disease and then cures the person’s disease by her blessings. Some people are behind the strange incidents happening in the village.

Sandhya started losing her son Ved in the wrong beliefs. Ved has turned superstitious and lost his faith on science. Sandhya wants to prove that science exists and superstitions do not. Sandhya is making science win in practicality over the assumed superstitions. The fight is between Sandhya and those clever minds who are using money by fooling people. She has to expose those wrong people who are using a person’s devotion in Lord. Who might be the culprit behind Dui Mukeshwari’s truth? What do you think about the suspect? It may be Rishabh, Binny, Riddhi, or all of them together working out this scam? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Of course today itself they showed off who the culprits are.I felt chills run down my spine today after seeing three riddi’s.I think rishabh and binny know about this but are helpless or something.

  2. I think rishabh because ,it was a man’s hand which sandya caught when she was in duimukheshwari mandir

    1. Yes, I feel too, in temple the persons look likes very toll and strong.
      My feeling is that shadow in temple is not suite for Rididi. There might be hidden twist in story.

  3. richa (titli)

    i thinkk all in the binni familyy r d suspectss and masiii g might hav thought mote murge hai i mean Rathi’s hav moree moneyy so just got wrong scape goats 😛

  4. yesterday’s epi showed a man as bazi so rishabh is the real culprit behind the neelvish . I think so what do u all think

  5. jab sandiha is village main enter hoi car par to main ne aik bache ko dekha tha may be rishab binni and riddhi are connected to him

  6. It may also be binny’s husband who is behind all these and all others are helpless and that’s why binny Masi brought the rathi family here as she knew sandhya is a clever officer and make the things clear to others because the newspaper was very old and the family too modern

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