Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan tries to fix everything

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan tells AJ that she lied to her family too. He says what? You lied both families that they’ll apologize each other? What will you do when they face each other? She says my stomach is better. He says your over confidence.. You have to be serious in life. Anyway, it is your problem handle it yourself. Merry Christmas. He leaves. She says I can fix it without your help.

Bhushan, revati and kaushaliya come home. Bhushan says namasty. Dadi says come in. They all wait for each other to apologize. Perv says dadi I am coming. He goes upstairs. Revati goes upstairs too. Bhushan says where is Guddan? Dadi says she is in kitchen. Bhushan says we dont’ want any problem. Durga says you are here to apologize, then go ahead. Your daughter said apologizing isn’t

a mistake. Then apologize for talking to us like that and we are here to forgive you. Kaushaliya says you had to apologize to us. Saru says why would we apologize? Guddan comes there. Durga says Guddan lied to everyone. Dadi says what? Saru says she lied to both families. They have no shame. Bhushan says what are they saying Guddan? Durga says what is this?? Tell us why you lied. Guddan locks the doro and goes out. She says what should I do? She collides with AJ. She falls AJ holds her. He says running from your problem? She says please help me. You are right. I don’t think before doin anything. I thought before thinking work is done from heart but I was right. I will think before doing anything. He says what happened? She says both families are fighting. So I ran from there i locked the house. You were so nice to my papa, that is why I am asking for help. What should I do? He gives her napkin an says swipe your tears. If you want me to help you, close your eyes. Don’t think anything for two minutes. She does it. He says better? She says how will i solve this? He says if you think before doing anything this wont happen again. She says please wont do this. Our families are fighting on Christmas.

Perv takes Revati to Siddhi’s room. HE says look how she is.. When we married she wanted to be a mother. Before we could be parents, we were divorced. I will fulfill her dream with you. I want to get married to you. She says please stop. Siddi is here. He says I divorced her. I love you only and I am not scared of her. she says Siddhi can see. He says to Siddhi can you see us? Oh yes. He pits coins on her eyes. Rvati says what are you doing. We can do this after wedding. Why don’t you accept this love in front of everyone. She leaves. Perv says go. I wont miss my target.

Durga says see how your daugter is. She lied to everyone. Bhushan says she must have lied because of a reason. Durga says she is responsible for all this. Dadi coughs. Bhushan asks Revati to look after dadi. Guddan comes there as santa. She says the solution is very easy, you all have to hug each oher and say Merry Christmas. Durga says what is all this? She says I am santa not Guddan. Christmas will end in a few hours. I want everyone to delay the fights, I got gifts for everyone. Dadi says but why did you lie? Bhushan says what is all this? She says santa was confused. I wanted to make this day memorable. Sorry I hurt you all. Now I brought gifts for all of you, to make your day. Guddan gives dadi glasses. She says papa got it for you, because he respects and cares for you. She gives a watch to Bhushan and says dadi brought alarm wrist watch for you. Durga says what is all this? These gifts came when both families respected each other. Now we don’t. Nothing is fine.

No precap.

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