Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Thugs after Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan leaves crying. Saru and Laxmi tells Durga. she says Guddan shouldn’t come back. She will tell AJ. Guddan is leaving. Revati says where are you going? Guddan says i am going out. You should stay here. Revati says please come with me. guddan says I can’t come in.
The bride is getting ready. Her mom says my daughter looks like a princess. Perv looks in and says I wont let your princess marry AJ. He has to marry Guddan.
The bride comes gets ready. Perv says to Kaushaliya you are equally useless as Guddan. SHe says shut up. He says Guddan left. she has to come back. He says in heart now my Revati will save this game. Guddan has to come back here.

Guddan is on her way home. She recalls how the daughter in laws insulted her saying she can’t

do anything. Guddan says why do they treat me like this. Guddan is walking in an arti. Some thugs follow her. They come to the tempple where Guddan is praying.
Perv mixes something in the juices. He says now when Revati takes it Guddan will have to come back to save her and then she will have to marry AJ.
Revati takes that juice from servant and drinks it. Perv smirks.
The thugs say no matter what happens we have to stop this girl from going to the wedding. guddan gets a video message of a girl in bed fainted. Someone takes off cloth from her face. It is Revat. A guy with face covered says you left her alone here? If you wanna save her come to AJ’s wedding. I will leave her if you come there. If you not then.. He shows her a knife.

The thugs try to kidnap Guddan. Guddan cries and says I have to go to my chutki please God.
Perv comes close to Revati. He holds her hand and says my dear revati.. If your Guddan doesn’t come on time what to do with her? I would need your help for that. If she doesn’t come on time you will have to die. Good idea right? storm rages on. The thugs can’t see Guddan. Guddan runs from there.
Kaushaliya asks papa have you seen Revati? Guddan isn’t pickin phone either. He says they must be getting ready. I will check. Lets go from here. Kaushaliya says we wont go from here.
Dadi asks Kaushaliya where is Guddan? Kaushaliya says she is on her way. she wonders where is Guddan.
Guddan is running. The thugs look for her. They get a call from durga. He says madam that girl ran. We don’t know how. We can’t see her anywhere. Durga says she ran that means she will come to the wedding directly?
Precap-Guddan is running from the thugs. Revati is with perv. Guddan enters the wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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