Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: AJ insults Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says to Guddan that how come you are here? Guddan slips but falls in AJ’s arms. Flashback shows that Guddan had put idol in AJ’s room ad said that nobody can remove you. AJ comes there and glares at her, he says let me tell you that I odnt like my things to displaced so dont try to change my life or my things. Guddan says its God’s idol so if you change it then you will be punished, she leaves. AJ tries to remove idol but cant do it.

Kaushalia is with her neighbor, neighbor says Guddan might get roles in movies, tell Raiti to do something too. Kaushalia says look at your house before taunting my Raiti. She thinks what if Guddan really come on TV? I have to go there and tell that Raiti is better than her.

AJ looks at his mother’s

photo and says I am not ready for change, for my second marriage.

Guddan comes to Dadi. Her saree gets stuck in fan and it blows away.. All are stunned to see her real avatar. AJ and Guddan looks in each others eyes, ishq mukamal plays. Lakshmi says this is Guddan, she was lying and came here too. Druga says why are you here? Lakshmi says she must have sensed our wealth, she had put cake on AJ and now wants to have a relation with him and brought her family too? Guddan says dont blame my family. She gives bangles back to Dadi and says I am sorry, I wanted to tell you all that I am not Leela even if you put me out of drama. Durga says you think that all this is a drama? AJ’s wedding is a drama for you? Guddan is stunned and says marriage? I came here for Sita’s role in a show and you thought that I am here for AJ’s marriage proposal? he is old. Lakshmi says why are you lying? Guddan says did I talk about marriage anytime? If I knew that we were talking about AJ then I wouldnt call him Ram, I would never marry him even if he is a last person, he should be ashamed to marry in this age, have some shame. Kaushalia comes there and shouts Guddan. Kaushalia says to Guddan that stay silent, think about our respect. Lakshmi says whole family is a drama, they stooped low for money, they are using their own daughter. Guddan says hello.. AJ says enough, he shouts to leave. Guddan starts leaving but glares at AJ and leaves.

Family comes home. Kaushalia shouts that we give you these manners? why did you go there if you cant do anything? you fooled them and they thought that they are searching for a bride? Raiti says but.. Kaushalia says enough, you both have spoiled her, she lied. Guddan says I didnt lie, if you dont believe me that it was not my mistake then take me to place where you always take me when I am punished, I am ready to go with you, I will make you believe that I am not wrong, lock me in room where you always do. Father tries to stop her but Guddan takes Kaushlia to room.
Kaushalia sees Guddan’s mother photo on wall and many notes on walls. Guddan says I never lied in this room because it has my real mother’s photo, I can never lie here. Guddan writes note and says I swear on my real and step mother that I didnt lie, it was not my mistake, she shows her note which says that I am sorry but it was not my fault, she cries. Kaushalia tears note angrily and says stop your drama, I cant trust a girl like you, you will irritate us so much that we will die like your mother because of you, dont know when you will get married and I will be free from you and have a peace in this house with my husband, she leaves. Guddan gets hurt.

PRECAP- AJ gets angry on his brother. Guddan looks at newspaper and comes to AJ’s house, she confronts him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Leisa s morris

    Dat step mother eh hmmm. Y is it u marry a man knowing full well he has a child yet tries to make it seem like ur life cant b happy because of dis child and wants her out. Wat kinda father guddan has dat in all these yrs he has never once notice d way his wife treats his daughter and makes her feel as if she cant do anything. Im just so pissed off right now at dat step mother eh thk god is just a show hmmmm. I think I need to lol to get my anger in check wei smh

  2. Yes,Leisa ,Kaushalya,in her frustration ,has come out with her true colours today…so far ,she has been discreet about her dislike for her step daughter….but the taunts of her neighbour and her own jealousy have brought out her meanness into the open ..I felt like slapping her when she says that she is waiting for that time when Guddan gets married and leaves home so that she can stay happily with her husband and daughter…Thank god,her daughter is not like her….she seems to love her sister….well! What to say about the husband ….it is obvious he is hen pecked type…Overall, this new serial seems to be interesting as of now ….

    1. Guys it seems Nishant is not the male lead.There will be another entry of male lead in this show.

    2. Leisa s morris

      Lakshmi is these type of stepmoms dat give other stepmoms a bad name. Wen I met my husband he had a daughter already and even though he mother was alive and well I considered her my own and I was young,17 to b precise and she 5. We had and still do have a gd relationship even though im not with her father anymore. To luv a person u have to also luv and care for d kids dat dey have wether its a man with kids or a woman with kids. I could understand a person ferlin animosity towards a child dat was born during ur relationship but still I always believe it isnt d childs fault and u have to treat it as such. I know wat im talking bout cause I have two such kids dat I dont have a grudge against and d way I treat them even now dey call me mom.

  3. The promos have shown him to be the main lead and Guddan ,in her capacity as the wife of AJ ,to be the youngest Saas of India…if another lead is going to be introduced ,I wonder opposite which female lead character as there seems to be only one ,…Guddan as of now….But we never know who will be replaced by whom in our serials like it happened with Yeh teri Galiyaan…both Manish and Vrushika ,who had been used as the leads in the promos are now given a choice to look for something else or wait for six long months as the leap is postponed…If the news is true ,Nishant should thank his stars for being retained as one of the two leads if not the only one…..

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