Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan finds Antra’s painting

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dura opens the door. She says who is this? A guy turns back. Duga says who are you? He says I am Majnu. She says don’t you know your own house address? He says I am here to meet you. Durga shoves him out and says I don’t know you. He starts making noise. Guddan makes the same voice with him. He says see.. SHe is my partner since childhood. Guddan says come in. Durga says who is it? Guddan says he is my friend majnu. Durga says what is he here for? She says to help me. Majnu says nice house Guddan. You got a big fis. Durga says yes she did. Durga says is she your mother in law? Guddan says no my daughter in law. He says what? She says I will explain in sometime. He says wont you serve me? She says there’s nothing. A thief came and took everytime. You have

to help me in finding it back. Or uncle would.. He says uncle? She says the one I married. He laughs. Guddan says don’t laugh please help em with finding the stuff.

The truck stops at a place with all the stuff. Saru is in it. A man says you are selling your own house stuff? Majnu texts Guddan address of that shop. Guddan says I will find stuff and theif both.
Guddan comes in the market. She looks for the shop. Saru takes all the money from them. Guddan falls and fire alarm rings. The man says go from here. He says to antra’s photo take it please. It is useless. SHe says no you keep it. saru comes there. She sees Guddan adn says what is she doing here now? Guddan looks for the shop. THe keep throw Antra’s picture out. It falls on Guddan and she catches it. Guddan smiles. She says you threw it out? This was stolen from AJ’s house. How did you get it? He says I get trash. Guddan says Majnu told me you deal with theft. Is it in your shop? Let me check. He says there’s nothing inside. Bring police. give me this picture back. Guddan says give me this picture please. I will give you what you want. He says would you give me everything? She says yes. He says give me these earrings. She gives him her jewelry. He says that mangalsutra too. uddan recalls her wedding. She says but this picture is very important for AJ. But pandit ji said it is very important for a woman. The man says why did you stop? Guddan looks at the picture and takes off her mangalsutra. She gives it to him. He gives her the picture. Guddan recalls her wedding.

AJ calls police and you can’t find that paintin. I want it in a few hours. Guddan comes in with the painting. AJ looks at the paintin. He says don’t find anything. Guddan smiles.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Precap: Gudden is shown blamed by Durga and Akshat shows her hand.. Voice over say will Gudden prove that she can do anything after bringing Antra Picture…

    1. First part and last part was amazing…
    2. I wish everyone find soon that its saraswati behind all this….😡😡😡😡
    3. Akshat smile😊 seeing Antra picture was directly from heart as baby got want he wanted….😊😊
    4. I hope atleast now Akshat be soft toward gudden…

    1. Ooshi


    2. I totally agree on that smile point😍

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

  3. Lokesh

    Ok , late update but fir bhi thanx, so guddan get that, but she looses Mangal sutra, koi na kuch cheese Anmol Hoti hai, everything can be sacrificed.

  4. Anonymousaa

    Today I will give a short update only.
    The epi starts with Durga opening door.She is startled to see Majnu, who is bending slightly with a hat on.Durga asks who he is. Majnu says- entire Indore knows me as Majnu, Majnu, Majnu but you don’t know me?- in a filmy style.
    Durga asks him if he forgot his house address so he wants her to tell him. Durga drags him out, Majnu collides on interior wall.
    He cups his one hand over his lips sideways and makes some whoo sounds. Guddan too hears the sound and comes downstairs reciprocating the sound. Guddan exclaims Majnu and both have some tête-a-tête moments.
    Seeing empty house, Majnu assumes the lounge is emptied in order to paint the house. So he asks Guddan if they are painting house after diwali😂.He says it seems Guddan has trapped a big fish (badi machli) seeing the big house. Guddan signals him to stop. Durga asks Guddan why she is bringing Majnu at time of crisis? Guddan aays Majnu will help them, not increase problems.Durga is irritated with all their talks and gets inside angrily.
    Majnu asks her who the woman(Durga)was and whether she was Guddan’s saas. Guddan says’bahu’. Majnu is so shocked that he falls on floor😂. Guddan calls him nautanki and says she will tell him whole story.
    Guddan is sitting on stairs, she pulls a reluctant Majnu to the stairs to sit. She explains him that everything is stolen and asks him a chorbazaar’s shop address as he almost knows everything there.
    Scene 2
    Goddess Lakshmi is sitting among furniture and other household accessories. A seth of chorbazaar sees the goddess and joins hand infront. The goddess is revealed to be Saru😅 whom the seth hallucinated to be Lakshmi mata. Saru brings him out of illusion and demands money. Seth is surprised to see her selling her own home’s goods after causing a theft. But the deal gets finalized.
    Saru and the seth are in Seth’s shop, bargaining and dealing. Guddan reaches the chorbazaar. It seems Majnu has given the same address of the shop the Seth owns.
    She is standing outside while she collides with someone and falls down accidentally pressing the fire alarm.
    Saru is asked to rush out where she sees Guddan and plans to escape beforehand.
    The seth who termed Antra’s painting worthless infront of Saru too, flings the painting outside whuch Guddan holds at nick of time.
    She is glad to see Antra’s painting. The seth comes out and she starts scolding him for throwing such valuable painting out. (Stupud girl she should have just carried painting and gone away😑)The seth is surprised and says to get painting a value is needed. Guddan is ready to give anything in return. Seth asks for her earrings, payal, kangan,which Guddan gives with no hesitation. Realizing Guddan would give almost anything for the painting, Seth asks for her mangalsutra( It looked like diamond, it would also fetch him a better price). Guddan pauses, she has flashbacks of her marriage and her promise to AJ. The seth asks her if the mangalsutra is too costly that she would not part with it. To which Guddan replies, no money or commodity is valuable than the emotional value that the painting has. She gives the mangalsutra and gets painting after suggesting him to not be too greedy as karma pays.
    Scene 3
    AJ is scolding someone(maybe police) over phone that they are able to find neither painting nor the shop. He is interrupted by the painting of Antra coming towards him. It is Guddan who held Antra’s painting forward hiding herself backwards. AJ on phone says no need to find anything now while his face lights up. His face beams with happiness.Seeing this Guddan smiles and epi ends.

    Hope I didn’t miss inportant parts.

    1. Ooshi

      Thanks for the update Anonymousaa

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