Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Everything stolen from the house

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Durga says the keys are here. they were in the trash. Guddan says I don’t know how they ended up in trash? I kept them in the room. I asked kathor to look after them. AJ says you left the keys to an animal? Saru says wow sasu ma you did all this. Durga says this house is looted because of her. AJ says we have to tell police. Saru says I called police already. AJ runs upstairs. Durga says an irresponsible woman is looking after this house now? What do we expect. AJ sees that Antra’s photo is take as well. He touches the wall. Guddan comes and says I am sorry. I dont’ know how all this happened. Are you okay? He asks says I am okay. I dont’ need your sympathy. You have done enough already. His phone isn’t there either. He leaves in anger.


comes downstairs. Everyone is upset. Laxmi says they took our phones too. There is nothing to eat. Dadi says they took idol too. How would I do pooja. Guddan says I have an idea. Durga says she has a solution for all problems because she is root to all the problems. Guddan makes Krishan on a card board. Dadi smiles. She gives arti to dadi and says do the pooja. Dadi says you are right. Dadi does arti. DAdi says you showed that you find solutions for everything. Saru says now make food and medicine on a paper for dadi. She gets sick. Saru says she knows everything.
Guddan makes charcoal stove and says to laxmi and saru to help her. Laxmi says we can’t cook like this. Durga says I will help you. This is my responsibility but accept your mistake. You did this. You can’t do all this. try to fix your mistake. Go I will make it.

Guddan comes to room and says to kathor I did all this. AJ comes in. Guddan says could police find out anything? Who were the thieves. She says I have made a huge mistake. Your precious picture of antra is gone too. You are so nice. you didn’t even shout. You can shout at me and tell me I can’t do anything. He is leavin. She stops him nd says shout on me. He says would that bring everything back? He says I painted that picture. She made me promise I will keep that picture around me always. That promise is broken too. Guddan says I created all this mess. I will prove you, you didn’t make a mistake by trusting me. I will bring that photo back for you. Guddan says I know your pain. See this locket, it has my mother’s picture. I always keep it near me. When I miss her I see this. Until I dont’ bring you Antra’s picture back. I wont see my mother’s picture with me. She gives the locket to him.

Guddan says Kathor I have to bring everything back. How can I do this? Kathor makes noise. Gudda says thank you kathor. I have an idea.
No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Precap: Saru sell Antra pic in Chor bazar and Gudden too reach there.. Voice over says will Gudden get back Antra picture…

    Poor Gudden, she get punished without any mistake, her self confudence ke band uski step mummy hi bajayi hai, jiski wajha se uss se kuch ho nhi pta or dusre ka blame bhi uss pr phutt jata hai…
    Though show is really interesting, but tooooooooooooo slow

    1. Ooshi

      Thanks for sharing the precap SS

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

  3. Ooshi

    Akshan kahan ho missing Ur update apni update ka koi specific time bta do ta k us wkt tk main chup chap sbr kr skoon.
    Pta hai ye ksi ki wish poora krna koi choti baat nhi hai jb hm ksi ki wish poori krte hain to wo shaks hm se ye umeed krta hai k hm hmesha us ki wish poori krein ge aur us ki ye hope hmari responsibility bn jati hai aur life complicate ho jati hai phir chahe expectations parents ki ache marke k liye hoon, public ki national/ provisional team se hoon, contractors ki engineer se hoon ya ksi ki ksi se b hoon formula yehi aply hota hai. Ab meri yehi dua hai k tumhain ye language smj aati ho wrna meri iss ltni lmbi tkreer ka koi faida nhi.
    Sorry to all people who wants to understand this msg but can’t due to language problem. So I m just telling U the main point of my this long speech and that is
    When we fulfills someone’s wish so the one expects that we will always fulfil his/her wish and this expectation becomes a responsibility for us. Like parents expectations from children for good ranks, nation’s expectations for victory from the national team or whatever the matter is formula will be the same
    And the main point of the formula is
    Trust/hope is a responsibility. Sometimes we doesn’t even say someone to expect/trust but they does and it’s a helpless situation for us to keep that trust or expectation. It’s called responsibility. A bitter truth to live and if we will not it will hurt the one and will increase our sin so we r helpless.

  4. Anonymousaa

    Here I go with the detail update:
    The epi starts with Durga giving the keys to Guddan.
    Durga- No need to go anywhere. Here are the keys. I got them in garbage.
    Guddan- But How? I don’t know anything. I am saying truth. I had left the keys in room and asked Kathor to keep eyes on the keys😵
    AJ- Do you even know what you are saying? You left the keys, the responsibilities into the hands of a kabootar?
    Lakshmi and Saru- Saasu ma, if you did this then the theft was bound to happen.
    Lakshmi- My jewelleries that I had brought from my maayka are also gone.
    Saru- Stop it Lakshmi. Saasumaa didn’t bring a single penny from her maayka then how would she know the value of things brought from maayka?
    Lakshmi- True, only my jeweleries are stolen.
    Durga- No it isn’t only about jeweleries. If it was only jeweleries, it would be theft. But this is an entire plotted robbery.
    Saru has flashbacks of her confrontation with Kathor and seling of the materials😡
    AJ- We would have to tell police about duplicate keys.
    Saru is startled at mention of police.She says that she has slready informed police and police may arrive at any moment.
    Daadi looks at a vacancy and realizes the idol of Kanha is gone.
    Daadi- The one who stole kanha shouldn’t get a peace in life and happiness.
    Lakshmi The thief didn’t leave jewelleries. Why would he leave the gold statue? Now only this Mangalsutra is left of mine.
    AJ senses something and runs towards room.
    Durga- If irresponsible people get responsibilities, the members will have to run like this(hinting at AJ running upstairs)
    AJ pulls curtains in his room and sees no painting of Antara. Broken, he leans onto wall.
    Guddan reaches room and confronts him.
    Guddan- Please forgive me. I don’t know how
    keys were gone and everything stolen.Are you alright?
    AJ points index finger towards Guddan and stops Guddan from speaking any further.AJ sternly says no sympathy is needed from your side. You have done already so much (hinting at the mishap/mess she created)
    Where is my phone?
    He realizes even his phone is stolen. He bangs his fist on wall and goes.
    Guddan is getting down the stairs. Lakshmi and Saru are sitting on stairs.
    Lakshmi- They were so bad people that they didn’t spare even phones. I can’t even ask for help without phones. There is no food either. What to eat now?
    Daadi- Even there is no statue. Its time for pooja.How will I perform the pooja?
    Durga- Daadi, now when temple has no statue/god , whose pooja will we do?
    Guddan thinks of something and exclaims idea!
    Durga- Wow you came up with a solution again? Anyway you yourself are the root to all problems.
    Guddan goes and brings a cardboard. She sketches the pic of Kanha and Radha, using colours for filling.
    (Note: The picture here is artistic.Not like her actions in rangoli making)
    Guddan brings aarti plate. Daadi is hapy. Guddan says that god is omnipresent so whether the idol is gold or cardboard, it doesn’t matter.
    Aarti music pkays. They perform pooja.
    Daadi is impressed and says that Guddan handled the situation cleverly which maybe no one else could have done better.
    Lakshmi- Yeah, she is really clever. Saasu maa plz take another paper and make food and medicine for daadi as daadi falls sick if she doesn’t get food in time.(taunts)
    Saru- How many times do I need to tell you Lakshmi di that she is saas.We need not tell her anything.

    Guddan goes and brings clay/ash, bricks, wood for firewood. She makes a stove that is giving off too much smoke. She tries making khichdi.
    Saru and Lakshmi come there disturbed by smoke.
    Saru-There uses to be 1708 things here,but now see…
    Lakshmi- What is there to see?Everything is gone.
    Guddan-I know you both are angry. But your anger is justified. But we need to eat so please help me in cooking khichdi.
    Lakshmi and Saru- What?We prepare food here?No way.
    They go. Durga appears with a voiceover that she will help.
    Durga-I will help you a Jindal bahu, I have my duties to fulfill. But you should accept your mistakes that everything here happened due to your mistake. What else could we expect fron your reign? You accept your mistakes and improve. You try and that is enough for me. Now I will cook.. you just leave
    Durga sits and starts cooking amidst all soot and smoke. Guddan helplessly goes from there
    Guddan is in room. She speaks to Kathore.
    Guddan- Kathor, I am not feeling good. I troubled everyone, especially daadi and uncle.Durga said it right. I am at fault.
    AJ comes.Guddan inquires about thieves and police investigation development.
    AJ doesn’t speak. He sits on bed. Guddan kneels on her knees and sits facing AJ.
    Guddan-I created problem for everyone.Your most precious asset, Antra’s painting is gone. The house feels like the bank account of a middle class man at the end of month. But you are a good person. I am not saying this due to the fright for you. But I mean it from my heart. All the kaand happened due to me and you didn’t shout at me, let alone say tumse na hopayega .Please say something. Shout at me, get angry, say tumse na hopayega. Break the promise that you had done that you won’t say-tumse na ho payega. Please say something, shout, scold, say I am fool, I can’t do anything.
    AJ is about to leave, Guddan stops him nd requests him to speak.
    AJ-I will scold you, even shout but will that bring Antara’s pic back? That was Antra’s favourite pic as I had painted it. She had made me promiss that I wouldn’t part with the painting ever. But now the promise is broken.
    Guddan- Don’t take tension. I caused the problem. Now I will handle everything. I will bring the painting back and prove everybody including myself that you didn’t do wrong by trusting me.
    Guddan is about to go but stops and turns back.Ishq nhi aasan plays…
    Guddan-I understand your problem. (Showibg her locket) I have my mom’s photo here which is always with me.Whenever remember my mom, I look at the photo and I feel she is near to me. But now I have no right to look at my mom’s photo till I get Antra’s portrait back.
    Lakerrein plays…Guddan holds AJ’s hands and puts locket into it. They have an eyelock.

    Scene 2
    Guddan is in room and speaking to Kathor
    Guddan- Kathor, I am confused what to do. I did so big big promises in front of uncle. Now I don’t know how to fulfill the promises. I have to bring back not only pic but also the respect and dignity of thus house. But you are not helping me.
    Kathore makes sound of Gutargu.
    Guddan exclaims Oh yeah, thanks kathor.
    Screen freezes on Guddan’s hopeful face.
    Precap: Sorry, I watched the epi online and it has no precap.
    Hope I didn’t be tooo descriptive.

    1. Ooshi

      Precap has been told by Sharaddha Sharma by the way thanks for the update.

  5. Thank you anonymousaa…efforts appreciated.
    @ooshi I understand ur plight but don’t be too harsh..Akshan was only helping out.. he never promised to do updates everyday and it’s not his duty.. he did a selfless thing..and it’s appreciated… if he can’t do.. it’s no big deal..he might tomorrow.. life gets busy sometimes…at least another selfless person has written detailed update today as well. Be happy 😊

    1. Anonymousaa

      Hey wait.. Akshan is me only. I was logged out then so I used that name.
      And its a ‘she’ not ‘he’😅
      I think you are right. I may not be regular even as much as Atiba is.But I will try to give the missed out update. It may be only some scenes as well.
      Thanks for everything.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hey Hi! Remember me?
        Once again our show selection is the same 😂😂😂

      2. Anonymousaa

        Haha…yeah it is.

  6. Leisa s morris

    Saru really is evil how can she sell antara photo? She and het brother r d same

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    These Saru and Perv is getting on my nerves. And some of the scenes r quite unrealistic. Like how can everything be stolen from the house like that. Didn’t know a sleeping pill can be that strong n work on everyone.
    But whenever I see Akshan scenes I just forget about all the unrealistic scenes. Akshan is love. They r the MVP of this show 😍😍😍. Nishant who plays the role of AJ is an amazing n underrated actor.

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