“Annika puttar”- Dadi said smiling ,”What do you think about Omkara??”
“Bhaiyya bhaiyya!!..”- Annika muttered under her breath.
“I want you in our home permanently”- Pinky,the veteran actress with her loud mouth said ” I am happy at the way you helped our family and saved us from all the problem every time”.
“You are very caring and it will help Om to grow his hairs to some more inches”- Jhanvi said,”My Om will be very happy after his marriage with you”.
“Rakhi rakhi…”- Annika muttered once again.
“I will make both of you married soon”- Dadi tried very hard to control the bubble of laughter arising from deep inside her heart.
“Er..Dadi I was planning to tie a Rakhi to Both Om and Rudra in the upcoming Raksha Bandhan”- Annika said finally,”As Saahil don’t have an elder brother”.
” Oh..Then the next eligible bachlor is Billu”- Dadi looked sad,”but both of you always fight like Tom and Jerry”.
“If Shivaay ask you to marry him will you agree for that”- Tej said smiling,”Just answer my question”.
“No..never ..not at all”- Annika jumped from her seat ,”who will marry a Bhagad Billa who always kills his mobile brutally??”…
“I want you to marry Shivaay then”- Shakti broke his silent ,”Only you can tam the lion now”.
“Cat..I mean Billu”-Rudra uses his smart logically active brain,”Not lion”.
“Same to same “- Dadi replied back,”From the same family of Falidae”.
“Tia called and gave the good news that she is pregnant”- Shivaay entered the living hall loosening his tie and opening the first button of his grey shirt,”Now the way is clear”.
“Oh my maatha”- Shakti shouted,”How did this happened now”.
“I am happy for her Papa”-Shivaay smiled sarcastically,”she accepted that she tried to harm us and ran away with money right after marriage as planned by her mom and elder sister”.
“I knew it..I knew it”- Om Ru sang in unison,”that Lady baba is not good for our Shivaay bhaiyya”.
“I am happy that Lady Baba left my Billu in peace”- Dadi prayed God,”Who the hell brought her proposal to us”.
All remained silent . The answer is unknown still.
“Yay!!yay!!”- Rudra shouted,”The kawab ki skeleton is finally removed from the love story of my super hero bhaiyya”.
Tia cheated was not that blasting news. None of them were ever interested to make her their daughter-in-law ever.
” Will you marry Billu now”- Dadi again asked ,”Will you??”
“Why should I ??”- Annika returned the same question ,”Now that Tia left him behind after cheating and all of you are now traping me in the web of love!!”….
“Will you marry me Annika??”- Shivaay asked from his own mouth ..his husky voice more dangerous then his kanji blue eyes.
“Say say”-Prinku smiled slightly “now that Bhaiyya have proposed directly ..you have to agree for the promotion from my best friend to my bhabhi”.
“I will not..never”-Annika ran to poolside to collect her bag and key to leave Oberoi mansion. Shivaay followed.

“Why are you denying the proposal Annika?”- He tugged her arm behind her back ,”this is a very good deal for you to sign with me”.
“Deal..deal deal…”- Annika felt immense anger to that Business addicted Bhagad Billa,”be in hell with your deal of marriage Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi”.
“I was in hell till today”- Shivaay tightened his hold on her arm to never let go of her ever ,”Now only I am in heaven “.
“Your Kanji green eyes are opened finally”- Annika accused,”Till yesterday it was closed. congratulation on your operation”.
“It is finally opened..thank you”-Shivaay hugged her close,”It was me who called Tia and gave a heart attack..not she who gave me heart break by disclosing about her husband and pregnancy news”.
“Heart break and heart attack !!”- Annika got confused,”what is the difference??”
“I denied her for marriage from my side..its of no reason to both the problems of heart”- Shivaay reasoned,”Her secret wish to destroy Oberoi family left unfulfilled”.
“I think you have gone mad after being heart broken by Tia”- Annika gave him the result of heart test.
“How can Tia break my heart when it was with you all these time?”- The dangerous Billu reasoned,”I said her last evening that I am canceling the wedding as I don’t want to marry her. She cried and then informed me about her husband,pregnancy and then the cheap trick of her mom”.
“Last night I talked with my family about their son falling in love with some one..”- Shivaay further revealed,”They must have told you about the same thing when I was not here as I heard very little last part of all your discussion down stair”.

“I am an orphan and you may found this deal have a limit of not having a naam,khoon,khandaan and hurt me again”- Annika laid her fear bare in front of him,”I am Annika only Annika”.
“Annika……”-Shivaay kept his hands as she respond,”I think you have a name to respond as you did now”.
“This lubb dubb sound of your heart…may be due to flow if blood there…”- He further cleared her doubt,”I think very large amount of blood is being pumped to your heart now..why Annika??”
“I don’t know Shivaay”- Annika is a self made scientist,”may be I am suffocated here in pool side and very less amount of oxygen is here to intake”.
“Is there any more thing to say !!”- Shivaay encouraged her,”I think about Khandaan”.
“Exactly the same”- she returned his word.
“What is the use of feeling proud about lineage when people does cheap work “- Shivaay broke his ideology,” no gene is defected in the body of a healthy person”…
“Thud!!”- Annika sat on the ground slipping from his little loosened by now arms ,”Who are you??you are not my Shivaay Singh Oberoi”.
“You are right yaar”- He joined her on floor,”Hi..I am Shivaay”.
“Your Shivaay!!”- her word registered his mind a little late,”only your Shivaay..Kanji ankhen wala Bhagad Billa..Billuji…”.
“This deal is very profitable for you it seems”- Annika threw her final dragger.
“I don’t know actually”- Shivaay brought her to his territory of arms again,”I am signing a deal first time from my Dil. I don’t think it is a deal..it is my love”….
“What ever is the situation is Shivaay”- Annika the judge concluded,” I will not marry you “.
“What the wuck!!”- He wanted to shout “Why Annika ??”- he maintained some peace by no murdering the new mobile he brought yesterday.
“Here by sitting beside you.”- Annika described,”I am feeling like a very Irritating Ghanti is ringing on my mind,some raita is being spread on my heart and a very sensual mich michi feeling is running on my whole body. How will I be able to live my whole seven life with the symptoms of the disease you have caused me”.
“Er…We will manage it together”- Shivaay couldn’t decide to feel pity,happy or to laugh out loud at her talk..

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