The great wall of Shivaay – ep 6

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Lavitra was so lost in her thought of Chulbul and the information she got from Om’s room. For being the person who go with the instinct and heart, there was something intrusive about Chulbul, it was so off as if there was some problem. At the same time she felt a connection with chulbul. She reached the hall and didn’t notice everyone present there. Being caught by the thoughts, she didn’t notice Anika coming towards her and Shivaay following her behind… Lavitra and Anika bumped into each other…
Anika lost her balance and Shivaay caught her on the right time…
Anika and Shivaay shared a cute eye lock… *Oh jaana plays* Shivaay put a strand of Anika’s hair behind his ears and looked at her lovingly… his fingers trailed down her cheek tentatively… his thumb brushed her lips with adoration.

Even though Pinky understands how Anika was important for she Shivaay, she don’t want her to be the daughter-in-law of the house and she was still caught by the lie that Daksh implanted in her head saying Anika slept with him for the money.
Shivaay’s fingers touched Anika’s cheek again and it was like a magic. Anika’s hand was in Shivaay’s shoulder and she was about to move it further and hold him tight, Rudra coughed loudly to make them come out the beautiful moment as the whole family was witnessing it…
Anika was red as tomato… Shivaay as usual got very conscious about the surrounding. He took his phone and went saying he have to make an important call… Now everyones attention shift to ANika and she became more conscious about herself and felt helpless as she can’t give away any other excuses. Lavitra out of blue decided to help her even though she don’t want to she felt she was responsible for Anika’s embrassment…

Lavitra: I am sorry Anika… I was thinking of something and I didn’t see you… Thank god you didn’t fall or something… I am so sorry…
Lavitra looked genuinely concerned…
Anika: It is Okay Lavitra ji! Are you okay? You were looking tensed…
With that Anika hold Lavitra’s hand and Lavitra looked at the hand… she furrowed her eye brows looking at Anika’s hand hold her hand… this made Anika to feel awkward and she removed her hand…
Lavitra noticed this and held Anika’s hand…
Lavitra: I am fine Anika ji! Just thinking about an important matter and I have to call someone regarding the same… I will finish the call and come… you guys go for break-fast first! Anika can you please make some fresh juice for me if you don’t mind…
Anika: I will make it. Any preference in juice…
Lavitra said no preference as such. With that Lavitra left to her room and locked the room…
She called someone!
Lavitra: I want information on Chulbul Sharma and Anika Singh Oberoi as soon as possible. Anika don’t have surname before her marriage… I want you to dig in to her past life as early as you can go!
Other side:…
Lavitra: Take your time! But I need constant update!
Other side:
Lavitra: Also I need you send my personal guards to Oberoi Mansion. I am sure Sakti would do something to kill me! I want to take precaution and increase surveillance for my room!
Other side:
Lavitra: That’s it! Bye!

‘I am thinking so much. Any one can have that bracelet right? But that bracelet looks the same as Ninu’s… How to find it? If there was a lack on solid information about her then I have to take it away from her smoothly and without her knowing. I came here for one thing and found too things to focus on.’ Lavitra spoke to herself before leaving for breakfast…
She reached the table and everyone was already seated there except Anika and Shivaay as Anika was making the juice for Lavitra and Shivaay was still busy with his ‘so-called-escape-call’.
When Anika was bringing the juice for Lavitra she had to pass through Svetlana. Svetlana was as usual obsessed with her beauty flipped her hair back and her hand hit Anika’s elbow… this made Anika to lose slight balance on her hand and juice spilled on Svetlana… Svetlana’s hair, face and dress was covered with juice… Svetlana stood up angrily…
Svetlana: How dare you?
Anika: You hit my hand and that was how I lost balance…
Svetlana: You spilled juice on me and didn’t even apologise and above all you were saying it was my fault… how dare you? How dare you blame Svetlana? Apologize now!
Svetlana demanded. It was an accident and Anika was definitely not at fault. Anika would have apologized if it was not egoistical Svetlana whom she spilled the juice on…
Anika: It is not my fault and it was an accident…
Svetlana: You low class girl… how dare you? You are nothing but cheap women who trapped Shivaay for money…
Anika: 2 rupees person like you don’t have standard to talk about me!
This made Svetlana angry and she raised her hand… Anika was about to hold the hand and before that another hand stopped Svetlana… the hand force her to turn towards the other direction… Lavitra stood there with a smirk on the face…
Svetlana: How dare you stop me?

Lavitra: You dare to raise your blo*dy hand at Anika! So I did…
Svetlana: you better stay out of this… there is no connection between you and this…
Lavitra: I have every single connection with the matter when it involves my mother’s bahu!
The word bahu soothed Anika and made her feel emotional as after Shivaay, OmRuPri, Jaanvy aunty and dadi, Lavitra was someone who treated her as Shivaay’s wife!
Svetlana: Why are you supporting that low class character-less girl…
A sound of slap echoed the room… Lavitra slapped Svetlana hard that Svetlana’s cheek had finger print mark…

Svetlana apologized to Anika…
Tej felt threatened by Lavitra infront of the family…
Shivaay felt helpless as Lavitra don’t trust them…
Lavitra thinks that Om is more stupid than Rudra…

Author note:
Many were expecting Priveer’s romance in the story and I broke your heart on the last episode saying he is negative character. I want to explain myself. What kind of guy threatens a girl into relationship? He wants revenge from her, not that he want give her love. Threatening a girl and forcing a girl into relationship is not heroism but it is showing how bad he is. I am a feminist and will never have something like that in my stories… that is why! Hope you guys understand…

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  1. Hey!loved ur fanfiction.But my take on Priveer.Don’t u think Priyanka was also at fault.I mean she did Ranveer’s sister accident nd went back as if nothing happend.As of Ranveer he helplessly watched his sister in coma since last 2 years.When he got the chance he investigated his sister’s case and got the culprit.He s filled wid anger nd pain.Also he has an opinion dat dey kept quite to keep the family He blackmailed her into relationship but also saved her when she was helpless.It makes Ranveer a grey character not a negative one.He has every right to b angry on her.

    1. VJey

      I totally agree with you but in this story there is a twist of how Ranveer comes to negative and not in a grey area. It will happen in couple of episode and kamini is also there in the story. No mahi track though

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      Thank you Sairan

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  4. Thedreamsoul

    Waiting for the next one , this was nice and amazing to read .

    1. VJey

      Thank you Thedreamsoul… next chapter will be out by the Monday evening!

  5. Awesome…

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      Very unique name you have for the profile

  7. One quick question: Understand your reasoning regarding -ve Ranveer and agree. Is there any pairing for Priyanka?

    1. VJey

      Yeah fffan 1234! There is a pair for Priyanka!

  8. It is nice one dear… Lavitra support Anika and confront svetlana is awesome….

    1. VJey

      Thank you Nikitajai… And more to come on the next episode!

  9. Excellent

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    Excellent…. Precap!! Eagerly waiting for that part.

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      Thank you Gayatri.visu. next chapter will be up by Monday Evening…

  12. [email protected] more stupid than Rudy ??….
    I had the freaking SAME thought about ranveer. I was totally disgusted by the pair (i mean no offense to anyone). Whateva his past might have been. He cud have let the law handled it. He has no right to force her into a relationship against her wish or whatsoever.
    Coming to story, i loved it! Quick q. Why didn’t lavi just call anika her bhabhi? She said her mother’s babu… Now, which mom? Pinky or Shivaay ki actual mum?

    1. VJey

      Thank you Harshada! ?❤️
      Anika don’t want to accept Oberois as her family and that is why she called Anika as her mom’s bahu.
      Anika meant Shivaay’s real mom not Pinky! It will be clear in the next episode though!

      1. U mean lavitra ?. Oh! Okay. Thanks!

  13. Madhu.r

    is lavithra is anika ma?

    1. VJey

      I don’t understand your question. But if it is about Anika and Lavitra’s knowing each other, then it is a no. Only Lavitra know about Anika!

  14. Vincy

    Nice dear…. Is Anika n lavitra connected

    1. VJey

      Thank you Vincy!
      Anika’s and Labitra’s past meet at a point!

    2. VJey

      Thank you Vincy!
      Anika’s and Lavitra’s past meet at a point!

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    Loved it

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