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One old man standing and looks at something gets tears in his eyes.. that time two kids came there.. and saw the old man crying..goes near him…touched his shoulder.. he turns and sees them..
Old man : what..swathi..and akash…
Swathi : wipes his tears..
Akash : what happen grandpa.. why r u crying..looking at this graveyard..
Old man : ya .. its graveyard.. but its not graveyard before..
Swathi : what r u saying grandpa.. we r seeing it from long na..its graveyard only then y r u saying like this.. confusingly..
Old man : smiles at her confusing face.. han what u said was correct.. but its creates when ur dad and mom 25 years.. says sadly..

Akash : is this have any story.. asks excitedly..
Old man : looks at akash..nods in s..
Swathi : wowww..really then tell us na that story…
Old man : k..
Kids and old man sat near there…
Old man : starts to tell them story…before few years …
Flash back starts*************
One boy is sleeping peacefully.. and another boy dreaming.. both r get disturbed by sunrays…then they hears the laughing sound.. they get irritated on it.. wake up cursing.. who r disturbed their peaceful sleeps.. and gets ready.. goes for breakfast.. to their surprise.. many people r there doing some work.. like they r preparing for festival.. a man sees them..
Man : oh.. come on sanskar and laksh.. why r both standing there…
Sanlak : comes near him.. takes his bleesings..
Sanskar : what is happening here uncle..
Man : u r asking about this arrangement…right..

Laksh : s..
Man : my daughters r coming here.. finishing their studies..
Sanskar : mm..thats y ur face have smile na..
Man : nods.. happily..
Old man : shekar did u arrange everything…for my cuties..
Shekar : ll go and come with them..
Sharmishta : ha.. k.. be careful..dont drive high speed in happiness.. u will crash with any of it..
Shekar : s o sweet of u shomi.. this much love u have for me..

Sharmishta : not for u.. i m saying this for my
Shekar : how mean shomi..
Sanlak and dadaji : r smiling seeing their cat fight…
Sharmishta : what mean..
Shekar : I thought u love me.. but u r only worry for our daughters..not me.. huu..
Sharmishta : whatever.. go and bring them..
Shekar : u always doing this with me..

Sharmishta : r u going r not now..
Shekar : fine.. im leaving..
Sharmishta : careful k..
Sanskar : y r u saying like this to him.. aunty.. he will be hurt for this na..
Dadaji : nothing like that.. dear..thy both r fighting like this only…
Sanlak : what???…shockingly..
Sharmishta : s.. i love to irritate him..its also love…
Lak : how.. confusingly…
Dadaji : smiles.. says.. what she said to him.. drive
Sanlak : nods..
Dadaji : then will be also safe na..
Sanlak : then only.. they both understand that..and smiles..

after that they both has breakfast and left to do somework..
1 hour later..
All r sitting in this time they all hears..a horn sound..turns and sees two beautiful girls r steps down from car…and comes runningly..they comes and takes everyone bleesings..and hugs dadaji and sharmishta..
Two girls : ma..dadaji..we both missed u lot..
Dadaji : we also missed u lot..without u both I m struggling with them points at shemish..
1 girl : we came na..dadaji ..
2 girl : we will take care of them..and our village also developed moer than before..
Shekar : ha…
All r talking..sanlak enters in..and sees two girls r speaking..showing their back side to them..that girls r turns..sanlak r skipped heart beats..shekar sees them..
Shekar : y u both r tanding at enterance..come in..
Sanlak : get embarrassed by it.. enters in..

Girls : r looking at them..thinks who they r..
Dadaji : they r sanskar and laksh..u r talking about development of our village na..its all done by them..
Girls : looking at them surprisingly..they both r get impressed by them..
Sanlak : also saw them..
Shekar : they both r my daughters..swara and ragini..we all call them..swaragini..
Sanlak : hi..smilingly..
Swarag : hi..smiles..
Sharmishta : k..all of u go get fresh up and come for dinner..
All : nods..let for fresh up…
Swara : gini they both r good na..

Ragini : ha..and also look good..
Swa : u will never change..
Rag : hu..whatever..
Swa : but u said correct..they look handsome..
Rag : its u swaru..r I m dreaming..
Swa : pinched her..

Rag : ahhhh..y r u pinch me..
Swa : u only got doubt clear it I did that..
Rag : sees her open mouth..well sis is growned up..its happen only by sanskar..right..
Swa : nothing like that..gini..but a like him..and u laksh right..
Rag : blushed hear it..
Swa : oh..i did not know that my sis knows about blushing..
Rag : come lets go down..
Swa : u r changing topic..well..not bad..
Both smiles at each other..goes down..and lost seeing sanlak in casual dress..compose them..
Sharmishta : come on..guys have dinner..its all ur favorite dishes..but what is surpring me is..both ur tastes and sanlak tastes r same..

swasan /raglak : looks at each other..smiles..
all r having dinner..
san : uncle we r shifting tomorrow to our home..
shekar : so soon..
lak : ha r
dadaji : mm..k..dont be sad shekar..they r going to live near as na..when ever we want we can go see them na..
sharmishta : ha shekar..and u both have com here for breakfast ,lunch and dinner…did u get that..
sanlak : nods smilingly..
hearing it swarag r get sad.. even sanlak also..after that all goes to sleep..
Sanlak left to their home..then they both goes to see their r get done..they r returning..when they seen swarag stops..and looking at them..smilingly..
Swarag paying with childrens chasing… Jumping and smiling whole heartly..sanlak lost in their beauties..swarag feels that some r staring at they turns sees sanlak r looking at them..lovingly..
Swa : hi..
San : hi..

Rag : what r u both doing this time..
Lak : mm..just now our work got finished..and returning to home..
Swa : oh..k..come we r also going home..
San : k..
Swasan r front and raglak r beak..
Swa : mm..where is ur mom and dad.. and y u both r living here..alone..
Sanlak : get sad by this question..
Swarag : saw that..did we asked anything wrong..
San : nothing like that..our parents r died when we r 20 years old..
Lak : so we completed our studies..and came here..there our parents..memories r hurting gets tars in their eyes..
Swarag : places their hands on sanlak shoulder..we all r hre for u both..dont worry..
Sanlak : looks at them and smiles..

They all goes home..and have dinner..then sanlak left..swarag tells about sanlak parents to dadaji ,shekar and sharmishta..thy all feels sad for thm..
Next day
When sanlak comes for breakfast..sharmishta..looks at them sadly..
Sanlak gts that swarag tells them about their parents..
Shekar : u both did not tell about this to us..i always consider u both my sons na..then..
San : no..uncle..nothing like that..we also consider u like our dad,mom and dadaji..
Lak : and our family also..after our parents we gt love only by u all..motionaly..
Dadaji comes near them..hugs them..sanlak also hugs him..back..and cries..sharmishta cares their hair..they feel motherly touch by this..looks at her emotionally..sharmishta extend her hand and welcomes them..with in fraction of time they both hugs her..
Shekar : what about one want to hug me..pouting and fake angrily..sanlak smiles..hus him..tightly..
Shekar : smiles hugs them back..

Its all seen by swaragini gets happy..and wonders..seeing their love towards sanlak..Swarag comes to them..
Swa : gini I think they all forget us..
Rag : han..swaru..
Sharmishta : stop ur acting..come..
All have family hug..and goes to their work..
Sanlak talks about swaragini..
San : laksh swaragini r nice na..
Lak : s bhai..and the way they both smoothing ..i liked it..this feeling is new bhai..

San : mm..i m also agree..their presence making us feeling good..smilingly..
Lak : bhai do love swara???
San : looks at him..and thinks about appears on his face…nods in s..and u loves ragini right..
Lak : nodes..happily..and hugs him..
San : don’t know what their r feels for us..
And falls asleep..
Days passes like this..swasan and raglak comes close to each other..they r falling for each other..swarag also helps sanlak in their work..
One day evening
Swasan and raglak comes home..smilingly..shekar ,dadaji and sharmishta..sees them together and happily..they wish to god stay our children’s like this forever..dadaji thinks something and smiles..
Sanlak and swarag comes to them…and they all talk for some time..and had dinner..left from their..sanlak also stays there only..because of tiredness..
Dadji : after they four left..shekar I thinking to do their marriage..
Shekar : mm..k..i ll arrange for this..
Sharmishta : ya..but I cant live without them..emotionally..

Dadaji : k..for that also I have one solution..
Shemish : really..what is it
Dadaji : if I tell that..then u both out of the world in happiness..
Shekar : papa..tell us na..y r u giving puzzle..
Dadaji : smiles..i thought about swasan and raglak marriage..what u both think..if this marriage happen they all live infront of our eyes..
Shekar : ya also thinks about this..once..but if they will agree for this..
Sharmishta : I think s..they all happy with each other..and swaragini with sanlak their faces r glowing..i think they all like each other..
Dadaji : mm..k..we will talk about it them after few days..k..
Shemish : nods..
They also left..and sleeps…

One of the fine day

Swa : comes down..but slips..screams in pain..ahhhh
San : hears her scream..gets panic..runs to her before anyone..without thinking anything..picks her up..shocking everyone..
Swa : stops..screams immediately..looks at him shockingly..
San : did it hurts..r u mad..cant u see then walk..always behave like kid..starts to scold her..did not saw his surroundings..
Dadaji ,shekar and sharmishta smiles..looking his care and love towards swara..raglak r in shock state..
San : just then sees swara..who r had tears in her eyes..sorry swara..i scold u more..
Swa : turns her face..
San : makes her turn towards him..sorry..says cutely and hold his ears..
Swa : see this hold his..hand and removes fron ear..smiles..
San : smiles..turns..looks at all ..what..
All : nothing..
Sharmishta : come all have breakfast ..
All moves..swara feels pain but did not say anything..tries to move..sanskar sees it..and picksup her again..swara smiles shyingly..san makes her sat..and feeds her..swara also feeds him back..
Lak : k..come on bhai..lets go for work..
Swa : gets sad..
San : noticed laksh u and ragini… go I ll stay with swara,,because she will feel boared..
Raglak : nods..left for work..
San : again picks her up and moves to swara room..
Dadaji ; now im conform..they will live happily..
Sharmishta : s..papa..seeing swara like this sanskar gets fear..and without she telling about her difficults..he understood it..
Shekar : ya..our daughter got a best lifepartner..
They all talking happily..
Swara room
San : make her sit on bed properly..
Swa : only stares at him..lovingly..
San : sees her..signals what..
Swa: nods nothing..
San : do u want anything..
Swa : lost in him..u..
San : what???..shocked..
Swa : comes to sense..says no..i don’t want anything..
San : takes a breath..

Swa : y u scold me like that..
San : then what r u expecting from me..hearing u scream..i got scared like hell..
Swa : y..
San : is this question..
Swa : nods..innocently..
San : smiles..lost in her cute face..because the fear of losing u is..its killing me inside..i don’t wanna lose u..i cant live without u..
Swa : has tears in her eyes..seeing his love for her..
San : come to sense..tries to go..
Swa : holds his hand..y..y r u doing this all..
San : thinks now r never..because I love u swara..yes I do..
Swa : cries in happiness..
San : thought thet she did not like him..and moves..
Swa : saw him moving..stands quickly..without realising that she had a wound on her legs..shh
San : hears her..turns and holds her immediately..
Swa : I love u too sanskar..
San : say it again..
Swa : smiles..i love u..i love u..
San : smiles..hugs her tightly..
Swa : reciprocate it..smiles..hugs him even more tightly..
They release the hug..swara gets shy looks at down..san smiles at her..and lifts her chin..swara looks into his eyes..his eyes fell on her lips..swa sense it..close her positive sign to him..within no minutes he placed his lips on her lips..they both share a passionate his..and broke it..hugs tightly..
Raglak r doing their girl comes to them..
Girl: lakh sir..

Lak : s..what u want..tanu..
Tanu : I have some doubt on this..plz explain me..
Lak : k..come..
Tanu : comes hear him..lak tells her details..she puts her hand on lak shoulder..
Rag : sees it..burns in jealousy ..left from there..angrily..
Lak : finished it..and turn to rag side..but he did not find her..gets worried for her..where she went..moves out.. searches..sees her standing some distance..goes to her..
Rag : what he think of him self..cant he understand that she is tring to flirt with him..huu..she is scolding him..
Lak : calls her..ragini palces his hand on her shoulder..
Rag : jerks his hand..
Lak : what happen ragini..y r u angry..
Rag : don’t u know..
Lak : nods in no..
Rag : then leave it..its waste of time..and y r u here go and talk to that tanu..henu..and menu…
Lak : now got it y she behaving like this..smiles..
Rag : sees him even more angry..moves..
Lak : holds her hand pulls her towards him..

Rag : struggles to free her self from his grip..but all in vein..he tighten the grip on her.. gave up..
Lak : so u got angry on this..but y??..
Rag : because I love u..its hurts me..says cringly..
Lak : wipes her also love u..
Rag : what????
Lak : s..u heared it right..
Rag hugs him…lak also hugs her tight.. they broke the hug..lak looks at her intensly..and lovingly..rag gets shy..runs from there..lak follows her..they reach their room..lak comes to her make her turn to him side..and the nlooks into his eyes which shows only love foe her..she closed his eyes..he kissed her..after that he broke it..and they r happy..and went to home early..

Swasan and raglak enters sametime in hall..
Dadaji : guys I want talk to u all..come sit near me..
Swarag/sanlak : takes a seat..
Shekar : we r thinking to do ur marriages..
4 of them get shoched by this…looks at each other tensely..
Swa : but..we r not ready for this..
Dadaji : we r do ur marriage with sanlak..and sanlak with u both..
4 : no we cant live without each other….we r..just then the realized what dadaji said to them..what…????’
Sharmishta : we r also cant live without our we decided it early..and we all know that u all like and love each ..
4 of them jumps on them hugs them tightly..
San : thank u ma..we all happy..
Lak : and we also love each other..
Shekar : we know that..thas y..we dedcide like this..anyways I want all my childrens r with us..and infront of our eyes..thats it..
Sharmishta : so u all r now ready na..r we should postponed it.
Swasan/raglak : r ready..
Others r smiling seeing their impatient..four of them get embarrassed..
After one month swasan and raglak got married..lives same house with dadaji,shekar and sharmishta..sanskar over proactive towards swara..and do anything for her this days passed..
One day
Swarag r doing house work..sanlak come with one man..
San : swaragini..where r u come out..
Swa : ha..coming sanskar..swarag comes out..
that man likes swara..and have bad eye on her..
Rag : ya tell me..
Lak : he is sahil..and work with us..
Swarag : hi..
Sahil : hi..who they r..
San : our wifes..
Sahil : what..
Lak : what happen..
Sahil : nothing I didn’t know that u both r got married..
San ; its k..come..
The three does and discuss about their works..sahil continuously..satring at swara..swara and ragini saw that..leaves from there..after sometime sahil left..swaragini tell about that to sanlak..but sanlak says nothing like that..
Sahil thinks ill get u at any cast..waits for right time..he gets he kidnapped swara..sanskar searching her madly..laksh was with him..ragini cries..dadaji shekar ans shomi also worried for her..
San : where she is gone..
Lak : bhai we will find her relax..

San : can I be life is in dangers ..and u..
Rag : cries..sanlak console her..something struck on her mind..did u both search her on sahil house..
Sanlak : what r u saying can he..
Rag : k..for my satisfaction this na.
San : k..lak be with her..if I did not return in an hour..then start to seach me..k…
Lak : nods..and sit with ragini..
Sanskar goes to sahil house..
Swa : r u mad..y u kidnapped me..
Sahil : ya but for u.. start to come close to her..
Swa : get scared..prys to god..sent sanskar soon..before happen anything wrong.. moves backward..stop right there..dont come close to me..
Sahil : no one here to help u..

Swa : my sanskar will come to save me..
Sahil : this much confidence..
Swa : yes..
Sahil comes near her..swara pushes him..strat to run..ans she sees a knife on table take that..
Sahil : what r doing..leave the knife..
Swa : no im only for one cant touch me..i wont allow for that..its better to die..
Sahil : no..dont do anything like that..
Swara staps her self..just then sanskar enters there..seeing his life like this..he freezed on spot..goes toward swara..

San : swara wake up ..see im came..
Swa : opens her eyes..smiles at him..i saved myself from him..uonly have the rights on one else..
San : how can u do this to me swara..swara breathes heavly..
Sahil runs from their..raglak gets tensed for start to come sahil home..swara takes last breath on sanskars lap..sanskar shattered..he took a knife staps himself..for unable to save his life..raglak reaches there..they get shocked seeing them..runs to tem..
Rag : swara..sanskar..wake up..dont scare us..plz wake up..
Lak : bhai plz..wake can u leave me like this..
San : live ur life happily with ragini..and take care of ma,papa and dadaji..
And if ragini says something is wrong then consider it.. don’t neglect that..because of that I failed to save my life..plz..take car e of ur self..a.hhh..
Saying this he died holding swara hand..both raglak r cring..
Then they decide to built something..for their love..

Fash back ends*****************************
That old man has tears in his eyes..saying all also have tears..
Swati : what they built..for them..
Old man : shows the graveyard..its only that..its not less than Tajmahal.. like Tajmahal..their love also true..
That time 2 person comes there..
Girl : papa..u again start to cry..for seeing that..
Old man : then what will I do ragini..lossing our precious of two..
They r ragini,laksh and shekar..that kids r raglak childrens..
Lak : if we cry like this..will they like na..then be happy..atleast for them…
Shekar nods..
Kids : so they r our bade papa..and badema..right..
Raglak : nods..
All sees that graveyard..swasan aatma sees them feels happy..

So is my os…if u all like it..then I’ll write more..if not..then I’ll stop writing.. Its up to u..plz comment guys..I’ll be waiting for it..plz if u dont like..then dont get angry..

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