My Grandpa Shot 1

Sanskar Ali Khan came from abroad to meet his father’s family mainly his GRANDPA who has thrown his father out of the house but Sanskar wants to reconcile with his GRANDPA who is an angry person with lot of strictness , traditional values etc..!!!!

Sanskar also found his love when he came reconcile with his GRANDPA who turns out to be his cousin with a same behaviour like his GRANDPA!!

This shot story is how he reconcile with him and the difficulties he face to win his love!!!

My Grandpa

Shot 1

Taxi Stand

“Where you need to go Sir” taxi driver asked to the man sitting in his car while starting the car

“Here..I need to go here” Man said to the driver while showing a note in which the address is written

“What relation you have with  Sahib” asked the driver

“Ya he is my GRANDPA I’m his son Rahman Ali Khan’s son” the man said

“What’s your name” the driver asked shockingly

“What a person I’m …..I introduce my dad and grandpa not me!!!! I’m Sanskar.,….Sanskar Ali Khan” Sanskar said with a smile removing the cap from his face

“You’re here after so many years!!!!”

“Yup…It’s the first time I’m coming to India!!! ”

“Let’s go!!”


“This is your father’s house” driver said to Sanskar while standing in front of the big house

“OMG this is amazing the house wow!!! (He suddenly saw a girl wearing a churidar with a scarf around her face) Beautiful”


“I meant the house is beautiful”

“Hmm…Swara ” he calls the girl who’s revealed to be Swara

“Ha Uncle Assalamu Alaikkum” Swara said to the driver

“Wa alaikkumussalaam swara”

“You here…Did you came to meet grandpa” she ask while glancing Sanskar

“Not me but he came to meet  Sahib”

“Hai…Sanskar” Sanskar said and gave his hands for a handshake

“Assalamu Alaikkum” Swara said not giving her hands

“Wa alaikkumussalaam” Sanskar said taking his hands back

“Uncle come in I’ll call grandpa”

“No i need to go have some work and Sanskar she will make you meet him”

“Kk bye and thank you here is the money” Sanskar said while giving him the money

“No…no..need of money” saying this he leaves

“Why he didn’t take money”

“You..Come I’ll call grandpa” Swara said while showing him the way

“I said my name but you didn’t tell me yours”


“Swara…Indian name!!”

“You sit here….I’ll come just now”


“Grand ma somebody came to meet grandpa” Swara said while entering the kitchen where so many ladies are working is shown

“He’s  doing namaz” Swara said

“Okay make some juice for the guest I’ll go and meet him” her grandma said while leaving the kitchen



“Who are you beta!!” Grandma asked Sanskar

“…Me…I’m Sanskar ”


“I’m Rahman’s Son”

“What are you doing here?????” A sound came from the hall .

“Beta…Pls…Go from here….” The old lady (grandma) said while pleading to Sanskar with tears in her eyes

“I asked you what are you doing here???” The owner of the voice came forward and is revealed ​to be Muhammed  Ali Khan put Geandpa…”Your father cut all the relation between us and now what you want”

“I came to meet you all”

“To Meet us for what???” Grandpa shouted angrily

“Beta plss leave from here ” the old lady said

“I didn’t came here to just leave Grandma” Sanskar said looking towards the old lady

“And i have heard that Muhammad Ali Khan’s family is treating guest as their gods…I’m a guest here and I’ll stay here ”

“I’ll be here for some days ” sanskar said while moving forward taking his luggage with a smirk on his face

Swara was coming with a juice kept in a tray . Sanskar move towards her and took the juice

“Thank you beautiful” he whispers silently to her and she opened her mouth in shock

“Where is my room Grandpa!!!!!!!!!” He shouted while moving forward and Our Grandpa Muhammad Ali Khan gritted his teeth and clutched his walking stick angrily….

I know guys it’s tooooooo  small . I’ll post longer one if you like this . Pls comment if you like . Thank you



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