*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 3) *”*”*”*”*

SANSKAR MAHESWARI is a 25 years old, most rich tycoon businessman, the most eligible bachelor of India. he never wanted to get married, Other than his sister Uttara and nani Kunda shashi everybody else thought he never wanted to be committed , least they know tht he already was. He was being married when he was 13 years old to a 8 yrs old cute little japanese doll(thts wht Sanskar and Uttara used to call her) like baby girl . He did’nt knew what marriage actually was when his mother told him tht this girl is ur bride and u r gonna share ur whole life with her after we will take her to Maheshwari Mansion (MM) in a Baraat on her 21st birthday for the rest of her life. Uttara was 11 years old tht time.

Mishthi never wanted this to happen to her little daughter. But she was compelled becoz of her husband. Gadodias and Maheshwari’s were both businessmen’s families and 3rd generation family frnds. Shekhar Gadodia trusted Sanskar’s parents so much tht he even gave her daughter’s hand to them for Sanskar and they did all the wedding rasams and leave the bidai part for the right time. May be Sanskar’s parents were aware of their less time in this world thts why they hooked both of their children in their childhood ,by marrying Sanskar and engaging Uttara (engaging Uttara becoz the tradition of childhood marriage was’nt followed by their in laws) as per old Maheshwari custom. But unfortunately after their death Uttara’s engagement was broken.

Sanskar was not interested in kids who were not of their age but he was happy to have the name of this little japanese doll with his name. Swara’s name was changed to Swara Sanskar Maheshwari from the childhood.

But the destiny has written something else in their happy lives.

Sanskar’s parents were murdered and Shekhar Gadodia was accused of murdering them, Shekhar Gadodia was innocent but was not able to proof his innocence and so he was subjected to be hanged till death by the court.

Sanskar and Uttara were gone through hell after that and tht made Sanskar :- SM. They moved to Delhi and he achieved what he wanted in his life at the cost of losing his humanity.

Mishthi was successful in hiding her daughter from Maheshwari’s heed, although she knew tht they were not in a condition to claim her their daughter in law. Though Maheshwari family seemed to be very well mannered and civilized but she knew when they got on enmity with someone, their men turned out to be very inhuman and ruthless. So she did’nt wanted her little girl to suffer for being a murder’s daughter her whole life.

Mishthi changed Swara’s name again and she was Swara Gadodia once again. Mishthi sold her husband’s bussiness in Laknaow and started a new bussiness in Delhi.


“Bhai,I asked God for a beautiful bride for u” Uttara said to Sanskar in a happy tone.

“Relax Uttara, u know I’m not getting married” Sanskar said while typing on his laptop without looking at his sister.

“I know bhai,why u dnt wanna marry, but cant u just forget abt tht?? Don’t let ur past over come urself plz, and u don’t even wanna search her.then why bhai r u not agreeing to marry someone else? Wht do u actually want bhai????” Uttara asked her brother in a concerned voice.

“Uttara its nt abt her. I hardly even remember her face, and well she can’t be in this house ever and u very well knw why.., so don’t take her name again and again in front of me, I don’t wanna see her face in my life ever”Sanskar said in stern n anger filled voice.

“but bhai innocent Swara bhabhi has nothing to do with it, she was too young to understand what was happening around her that time, and well her father, he was sentenced to be hanged till death and he got his punishment, then why to hate Swara bhabhi for her father’s sin??? And may be Mishthi aunty have also kept her on ur name till now, in waiting for u bhai..,” Uttara tried to sooth his brother’s anger.

“if it were like tht she should not have hided Swara from us but they were having a theif in their hearts that’s why..” said Sanskar in harsh tone.

“but bhai what ever she wants tht does’nt matters coz u two were married and thts not a joke and well lets not blame Mishthi aunty till Swara bhabhi is not 21st” Uttara was cutted by Sanskar in the middle.

Well guys Uttara was elder dan Swara by 3 years,but Uttara prefers to call Swara as bhabhi only rather dan calling Swara by her name for giving respect to her coz of her bhai. as Sanskar was elder dan Uttara by 2 years.

“Uttara I said I don’t wanna see any of Gadodia’s faces, so just plzz end the topic here itself.” Sanskar said while interrupting Uttara’s sentence.

“but bhai u knw it was our parent’s last wish that only Swara bhabhi can be their daughter in law, how can u blame the whole family for only one person’s mistake???” said Uttara

“ENOUGH N ENOUGH UTTARA” Sanskar angrily shouted and left the place,leaving an upset and worried Uttara behind,she knew tht this discussion is very painful for her bhai but she was much more mature and positive to think differently.


“ohhh SM pp..p.pp.please go slow babyyyy. u u u r r r r hhhuuurrttting ooouch’” the girl spoke between her moans tht were now turned into painful ones.

“SHUT UP”he roughly grabbed her from elbow and turned her and entered inside her from behind , leaving the girl shocked and whimpering at this sudden pain. But she was too scared of him to complain about anything else now. So she compromised with the situation until he was done.

He can hear the cries of that girl who was tasting his warth..least did he bothered,he was too enraged to think about her. He was an angry lion now ,who was hurt and so, more dangerous than before. The girl got up from the bed clutching the sheet to her body and ran into the bathroom crying and came after some time dressed up in her dress which was torn from different places and ran out of the room picking her designer purse. She was one of SM’s company’s top models, Opportunistic, tall ,pale, attractive, sharp features and a sizzling personality. Who got impressed seeing him from at first sight and wanted to sleep with him since long but he was not giving any signals ,nor does she was having courage to go and ask him herself. Coz nobody dared. SM always choose himself what he wanted. Sanskar Maheshwari used girls like tissue papers, but none of them would have an experience of facing his rage in bed as today she faced. Unfortunately it was not her lucky day.

He did’nt moved from the bed,”HOW DARE SHE DO THT TOO MY SISTER??? HOW THE HELL SHE??? I’ll make her life hell, first her father make us gone through so much pain and now she?? she is her father’s daughter off course.. and I’ll make her pay for all her dirty tricks tht she used on Rajat for compelling him to divorce my sister Uttara,.I SURELY WILL” SM roared in anger

SM had hired detectives to investigate the real cause behind Rajat’s divorce and all he got a knew was about this 20 years old girl,he told them to investigate more and more about her and all he was told later was enough for him to go mad.. she was a murderer’s daughter, his biggest enemy and when the detectives showed him her picture he was shocked to see her sooooo beautifully grown up wid more milky-fairy color. Unconsciously his memories showed him flash backs of the days when she looked like a “japanese doll” ..thats wht he and Uttara used to call her. He could’nt control himself from thinking tht she still looked the same innocent japanese doll all she was having new was her beautifully curved s*xy n hot body.

“No doubt how she tricked tht bastred so easily, Now I’ll see how she does tht to me tht little b*t*h”SM said wid blood boiling inside him.


Mishthi was planning for Rajat and Swara’s marriage on her 21st birthday. Swara was least interested in Rajat and her marriage with him,she was even trying to escape from all this crap,she never liked tht guy but was forced by her mother into it, after an emotional encounter with her mother.

when she was trying to escape from her window to attend a late night party, she was caught by Mishthi..and an insecure Mishthi who was already hyper insecure about Swara, she accepted the proposal of Prof. Rajat Malhotra, and also forced Swara to marry him as well, as she now wanted to get some relief from Swara’s side.

Swara was a naughty kid since her childhood and she was still the same carefree soul who never thought before making a decision. She wanted someone to control Swara and her craziness and Rajat was one of those person she have seen controlling Swara many times. Least did she knew Swara was controlled by all of her professors as she respected all of them and she will soon be back to her antics if the relationship status would be changed.

But after all at the end of the day , khushi was a barbie doll dressed up in pink mostly, having a lot of innocence on her makeup free and bright face,most fairy beautiful angelic face, eating chocklates and jaleebies like main food items of her meal and playing with kids in the park near her house.

Mishthi cared for Swara like a 5 years old, being over protective about her she never allowed Swara to see anything bad happening around her, never even let her see serials like CID thinking it would create a bad impact on her mind, kept an eye on the type of frnds she was having, listening to her conversations with her frnds secretly, in short keeping an eye on her daily routine until she was asleep in the night.

Swara being in her mother’s care always was far from seeing the harsh realities of world being a total innocent only seeing positivity around her and enjoying her lovely life with her mother, She was loved and cared by her mother like a baby always and now Mishthi saw Rajat caring abt her the same way but with some different angle.

Mishthi investigated about Rajat and Rajat being a cunning fox used all his resources to hide his true identity of being married and created such a situation tht Swara got engaged with him.

Mishthi was relived but Swara was the one who never ever saw her husband in Prof.Rajat Malhotra. Calling Rajat Malhotra an oldie bore personality, she always look uninterested when Rajat tried to do things for her and she always avoided being alone with him..,

And after engagement when he wanted to celebrate in a 7 star hotel alone with Swara, she bought her mother with her, she knew her mom was having a meeting in 1 hour.

And trickily leaving her mother with him she left for a tour in tht beautiful hotel for one hour (planning to be back to home in one hour with her mother leaving Rajat alone) when she was caught by SM’s sight. And SM was a businessman who never left an opportunity and tht too a golden one.

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