You got that one thing (Part 9)

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Virat’s room
Virat(in mind):You know Ragini, right now I’m happiest in the world.Thank you God for this wonderful day.

As Virat was taking selfie from his mobile.He saw a message that popped up.It was from BCCI saying
“Dear Virat,sorry for the inconvenience caused.It has been reported from the climate department of India that weather will be worse and flights may get cancelled for next few days. So due to this we are going to England today itself.The flight is at 9:45pm.Hope you understand the situation”.
He was taken aback.What he thought about this day being the happiest turned out to be the worst.Even though he was angry he understood the situation and always cricket was his first priority and he knew Ragini wouldn’t mind as she is also a workoholic person.But deep inside he was depressed.
He was afraid to tell Ragini.But somehow he made courage to tell her.

Kriti’s room
Virat:Sorry Ragini.I can’t be your driver today.As I have to go to England today itself . I’m really sorry.

He left the room because he cannot see his girl disappointed or crying face.
Ragini was shocked.She couldn’t believe what just happened.But she cannot change the situation.She was on the verge of crying.She said to herself “I should be his strength not the weakness”.She tried hard to control tears.But you know tears don’t listen to anyone they come out without permission whatever mood it might be happy or sad.She cried.
After sometime she went to kitchen.Mom and kriti were also sad.
Ragini: Mom we shall prepare the dinner before he goes.
Mom : Sorry Ragini
Ragini :Mom what’s wrong with you?Why are you asking me sorry?It’s fate.
Mom :He’ll come after 2 months.
Ragini : I know but I don’t know how can I live without him.

Virat was packing all the stuff.He ate the dinner and waved them bye and went off.

1st ODI
Virat scored a century.
Anushka sharma was present to cheer the team.
India won the match.
Here in India Ragini was very happy as India won and Virat was man of the match.
The man of the match award was given by Anushka .She hugged him.Virat was uncomfortable.

In India
Ragini (in mind):How dare she.If I was there I would slapped her and see him he is also hugging her.

After 2 days.
The breaking news in India was
Virat and Anushka are dating.They were seen hanging out hand in hand.They were caught kissing.

Ragini was broken.She didn’t believe this all.But she saw a picture were Virat was really holding anushka ‘s hand.She got angry on herself loving him.She was continuously crying.
Kriti: Don’t cry.He really loves you.
Mom:He really does.He has already told me.
Ragini :Then what are these pictures maa.All is in front of my eyes saying this she ran to virat’s room.
In virat’s room
Looking into virat’s picture.
You always flirted with me.I thought it was love.I was mad to think like that.I forgot that a celebrity chooses his life partner of his caliber like equal famous.But you know this heart is only for you.It has melt down in your name.Its you who exist in here.
She was continuously crying.

Mom: Don’t cry.I’ll tell him.How much you love him.
Ragini: No mom.Its his life.he can be with whomever he wants .I’m his friend that’s it.Its my mistake.

After sometime mom fed her and she slept.

Thank you so much everyone.all the love to you all.Im sorry as I’m not reaching to your expectation.Sorry.But your comments make me happy.

Let the girl be anushka or someone??.Sorry if I have disappointed anyone

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