You got that one thing (Part 8)

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Ragini was all ready for the evening. She was so excited .She had called Mom and kriti.She was asking them every minute that how she is looking and all.She wore a simple yet beautiful gown.
She thought of simple proposal.She and virat were not a lover of wasting money.She knew Virat likes simple things.

So she decided to take him to temple and after taking darshan then to the cricket stadium.

Mom and kriti left the room and were busy in cooking.
In kitchen :
Virat (seeing that she is not there):where is she?
Mom and kriti : Who
Virat : Mom…don’t tease me
Mom : Okay …she is getting ready .She is very nervous and don’t make her more nervous. Zaldi se Zaldi tell your feelings.This is her first time
Virat: Mom even its my first time and now only you started to take sides..Okay I’m going to see her.
Mom and kriti :All the best
Virat :Thank you. .

Ragini in room
There in the centre of the stadium she wanted to say to him that she loves him.But how..
She got to thinking(in mind)
” I love the man who loves to play cricket.I never liked cricket. I was not a fan of it. I loved the passion you have towards your game. If everyone loves what they are doing like you then definitely we all will reach infinite height . Cricket is indeed a lovable game as you. Cricket is..” hold on hold on she shhshed her mind. Why am I taking cricket in my proposal so much. He would get irritated.Okay I’ll directly say loudly “I love you over there”.
Virat entered the room.He was mesmerised to see his girl in the attire she was wearing.
Virat : Oye whom are you going to propose that you are saying i love you..and you know what first time you’re looking like a girl.A perfect girl.
Ragini : (she loved his compliments but to show attitude ) woh actually I’m gonna propose someone. (Nervously ) am I looking good
Virat :stunner…but you broke my heart. I thought you would propose me. first love broke my for the first time
She was very happy.
Ragini : chalo…you also get ready. .
Virat (even though he knew what she was upto ) : Me..why
Ragini : suna nahi ..driver bhaiyya.
Virat was angry now. .but his lady love was going to give him life long happiness. So he calmed down.
Virat : Don’t call me that…(with an angry face)
Ragini ( in mind ) : wahh he is so handsome…even when he is in angry mode he looks man
Virat : Oye ..are you out of you’re mind..
Ragini : No no… I was thinking about my man..(in mind:(seeing him)why is he not getting jealous. .does he know ? Or what if he doesn’t love me ragini you shouldn’t give least you should tell your feelings .If yes the we will be a couple.Otherwise good friends)
Virat :Wait a minute I’ll get ready and come…

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