You got that one thing (Part 7)

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Mom comes to Virat ‘ s room. .
Mom: it’s Virat ‘ s room right.People say that some people forget things very quickly as they become old.I think I’m one of them.I didn’t see my grandchildren already I’m forgetting things.No…..When will Ragini accept my Virat.See how peacefully she is sleeping .
She checks the room..
Mom:it’s Virat ‘ s room ..then why ragini is sleeping here..hmmm..Virat is sleeping down.Ragini toh apni darbar shuru kiya hai idhar!!!
Virat wakes up and sees mom
Virat: Oh mom..why are you standing near the door..come give me tea..ahh my back is paining
Mom asks Virat by signaling that why ragini is sleeping here..
Virat tells the story…Mom laughs listening to the kick story..
Ragini’s sleep gets disturbed and wakes up
Ragini: How did the room change is one night. .Kriti Why your khadoos brother’s photo frames are here…
Ragini sees mom and virat drinking tea ..and realises it’s Virat ‘ s room
Virat : Oye maharani. ..I gave my bed to you..and spent a sleepless night and you’re calling me khadoos
Ragini :Sorry should have woken me up..
Mom:Ragini will you help me in cooking as you got holiday..Kriti and virat will do home cleaning
Kriti comes there
Kriti :Me no. ..that too with this man..Hell it’s impossible
Virat: Do you know mom many girls are behind me.. (Ragini gets jealous. .Virat could sense that)..and you’re asking world’s best batsman to clean.where are the servants??.And cleaning with this impossible(not in egoistic way)
Kriti :You know Ragini
Virat:why this vaccum cleaner is not working..Shit. .
He got angry on the instrument. .to calm down his anger he dumped all the waste on me..all the mud and waste things were on my took me 5 hrs to clean my hair..and we had door paint over there.while Virat was sleeping I painted on his face and it took him 3 days to get off that greasy thing..and even Ravindra Jadeja’s wife got scared of his face and ran off..
Flashback ends
All were laughing. .
Virat was mesmerised to see Ragini laughing. .
Mom:cleaning house is like exercise Virat. .it’s my order..
Kriti and virat : Okay mom
Kriti and mom goes out..
Ragini was getting down from the bed..
Virat : Do you have habit of kicking people at night?
Virat:I asked
Ragini:hmmmm..but You know once i kicked my cousin bhai..only once I did..why did this question pop up??…
Seeing another bed down..
Dont tell me that I have kicked you …I’m sorry (laughing ) I’m really sorry…you should have woken me up (laughing )
Virat ( coming closer to her):stop it.. I tried so many times ..but you were like..I’ll get mood here..I want to be here..I love you Virat..I can’t live without you. .
Ragini (in mind ) : did I actually say..she starts worrying
Virat:stop worrying (He is playing with her hair) didn’t actually confess..but I’ll give 2 days time..I have to go to England for 2 months..I have series over there..I can’t get to see you..
Ragini:y shd I do that..I don’t love you..(getting far away from him)
Virat :Why were you jealous when I told abt girls..
To get out off the topic
Ragini :But Virat. you should have woken me up
Virat :Let it be should get used to this room right Gini..
Ragini blushed and ran from there
Virat smiled at this

In kitchen
Maa:Ragini come fast
Ragini :I’m already here mom.
They prepared the south Indian dishes.
Ragini was health conscious. Like using olive oil and using dry fruits in her curry and much more
Ragini (in mind ) : It’s better to tell mom
Ragini:(in 1.5* scared voice)Mom you know we should be healthy..We should be fit and fine..I and you know that I’m fit and fine ,beautiful, intelligent. .so don’t you think I should get married to your son who is fit ,fine ,handsome ..and don’t you want your grandchildren be beautiful and intelligent like me and kind like him .and your great grandchildren. .
Mom:Hold on ..hold on ragini..I want all these but why are you scared..
Ragini : (Happily hugging)oh then you accept me as your bahu…thank you mom…but don’t think that I’m behind your son’s money or fame..I love him genuinely..
Mom :I know..when you had been to class yesterday. .I called your parents.They were in Spain.I came to know about you and you’re family and that you’re richer than us.I like your simplicity.From the day one I wanted you as my DIL.
Ragini:Oho ..thank you Atti(MIL in kannada – state language of Karnataka )..Then I’ll confess my feelings to him today
Mom:All the best
Virat and kriti who were listening this were happy..
Virat :Yeh riti ..I’ll do all the cleaning you go sit or whatever you want asked me electric guitar will be in your hand by tomo
Kriti :When Did you become this good..and I didn’t ask you anything. .
Virat :You can ask me anything. .because of you only I got to know about my ragini..and she’ll confess her feelings today..I’m so happy. .saying this He lifts kriti up and makes her sit on bed..
Mom and ragini came out
Maa :(both mom and ragini didnt know that they were listening)ohh bhai aur behen mai itna pyar…kab se bhai..
Virat and kriti :Nothing..
Virat finished cleaning
All finished their tiffin cum lunch ..
But Virat was only staring ragini because he was waiting for her confession..
Virat (in mind ) : ohh…kitni cute hai meri biwi..

Precap :Twist

No no I don’t bring gorilla or patali devi..there will be some logic in the twist

Kahani mai twist toh banta hai boss..twist nahi hai toh kahani katam Karna padega..

I write what comes to my mind.. I know sometimes it’s rubbish.. apologise me for that..but I enjoy while I’m writing..but your comments really make me happy. .I love you all

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  1. Hey you awesome episode year please update next episode asap.I am going crazy for your ff

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    Loved it?????
    Hope it would not be
    Waiting for the next one……

  4. SPP

    Loved it?????
    Hope it would not be a big twist
    Waiting for the next one……

  5. this part is amazing, loved the whole plot

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