You got that one thing (Part 6)

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Virat drops Ragini to her class.Ragini waves him bye.
Virat (in mind) :How can she go happily inside leaving me.Why can’t she understand me.She always fights with me.Chalo at least for this reason she’ll talk to me.You know gini my heart is only for you.

After class ragini comes home.
Ragini:Offo I have so many doubts..I was searching for Sanskar.He was not there.
Virat was angry
Kriti:He has also joined the bank.
Ragini : Oh Handsome hunk will work with you….I don’t have any one to flirt with in class
Virat(in a seductive way) :You can ..with me
Ragini :Shut up .. I told in class

Virat :I’ll join class then…and outside the class I’m always free
Ragini :Tum se bat Karna hi bekar hai…aur maa aaj hum khana banayenge
Virat :Aur mai help karunga
Ragini :Koi zarurt nahi hai..Kriti will u help me.
Kriti :I’m tired..
Virat: No option…u come I’ll help in cooking have doubts na..I’ll clear them
Ragini:I have doubts in main paper..and you know the subject chosen by me is civil engineering
Virat : Oh even I wanted to join that profession naari..if I had not been to cricket..(slowly) my better half is already fulfilling my needs..
Ragini : Don’t say that…if you had not playing India wouldn’t be winning like now it’s doing..My friends love you to the core..they like your are like strong pillar to our team
Virat was shocked to hear appreciating words from ragini..He was watching her with his mouth open
Ragini :Close your mouth ..zyada ud mat. ..
Virat : pyar hai toh batana chaiye hai..

Ragini and virat finishes cooking

Maa :Food is so good
Virat :Yeah ..I’ve done all this..gini toh was appreciating and flirting with me
Ragini : Do you think I don’t have any other work..

All finishes the dinner

Ragini goes to Virat ‘ s room
Virat :Padahriye Rajkumari..aap yah Ana kaise hua..
Ragini :Actually you told that you’ll clear my
Virat :Ask me
Ragini :In water supply ..actually how purification takes place
Virat :I’ll read briefly in net and tell you ..he reads
So in water purification first step is screening then comes sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. .he explains her each and every step clear. .
Ragini didn’t know he would teach it so easily without having learnt about it from first
Ragini :Thank you ..from now onwards you should only clear my doubts..
Virat :As you say. .

Days passed by
Ragini also fell in love with him..but both know that they love each other
Ragini:you know Virat..
Virat :You called me by name…my life become soul attained moksha..I’m .
Ragini: Don’t tease me..listen if I’m in your room I’ll get mood to read
Virat:Yeah ..if you are in my room I’ll also get some naughty mood ..and I can’t control.
Ragini:stop …and come teach me..
Ragini falls asleep. .
Virat :Gini..go to your room…
Ragini(in sleepy mood):Nahi..I’m comfortable here..I’ll sleep here only my whole life time..
Virat:Baby I’m also waiting for that..but now it’s only my room..
Ragini: Maa bohot is troubling me..laksh bhai kick him out..
Virat (in mind ) : Oh she’s thinking about her family. .laksh might be her brother. ..
Virat makes her sleep on bed properly..he sleeps on the couch
But he can’t sleep as he used to bed..

So he makes ragini sleep on the end of the bed..and he sleeps on the other end ..Ragini starts moving to his end in sleep..Ragini finally keeps her hand around his waist..
Virat(in sleepy mood ) :What is around me is it snake..and opens and sees Ragini’s hand
Virat(in mind):I forever want this moment. .but you know I’ll not touch you without your permission. .you are my everything. .I don’t why I love you so much was love at first sight… I started loving you since I heard your voice..I donno when I’ll. …phattarr..
Before he could think…Ragini kicked(in sleep) ..he fell down
Virat:Maa. ..Best prize you have given me for loving’s paining and you are sleeping peacefully…
He brings the extra bed and sleeps down..

Precap: Proposal
Will ragini propose Virat
Or Virat propose Ragini
What do you think??

Sorry for not writing upto your expectations. .

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  1. Shanaya16

    very confusing…..if ragini and virat are couple….then y sanskar n laksh…n plz be regular….n make your ff long….n plz dont make Laksh her brother…

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    Reveal pairs

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    awesome, they will propose each other.

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