You got that one thing (Part 5)


Sorry for being late

Cricket board had given 2 months rest for Virat.
Virat decided drop Riti and Gini to their class and pick them up daily.As he had already fallen for Ragini.He liked to fight with her.
In class
One of the sir asked question .
The question was we use incense sticks but the preparation of them causes the unhealthy environment for the labour working out there buy the people want to use it.What would be your solution for this problem?
A boy stood up to answer this
He said Actually the black color that is wrapped around the stick is unhealthy. Instead of chemicals used out there we can use leaves like basil ,neem as a wrapper.Inhaling the aroma of that itself vanishes so many diseases.So the people who make it and use it are both beneficial from this.
Boy’s name was Sanskar.
All were impressed by his answer.Ragini and kriti were also impressed. After sometime class got over.
Virat had already waiting for them.
They sat inside the car.
Virat was expecting them to say Thank you for coming to call us..or something like that. But these girls started talking about Sanskar.They started praising him.
Virat was like WTF.He was really angry when his gini was praising him.
He stopped by the ice cream shop told riti to bring the ice cream.
And here in the car
Virat : Oh gini that Sanskar so good na..He started imitating her.
Ragini gave him a angry glare before she could speak riti came
Ragini :kriti please tell your bro not to imitate me..otherwise I’ll know what Mr I’m black belt in karate.I’ll finish you.
Virat:Ha hahaha. .babe you know I know karate.You can’t do anything for me.
Ragini was really angry.After reaching she complained to his mother.Mom scolded him Ragini was happy. She now imitated his agressive attitude.Virat came to beat her she ran to a room thinking it was of kriti but it was Virat ‘ s while catching her Virat fell on the ground.
Ragini was laughing at him.He pulled her on him.they were very close.
Virat(coming even closer):Now you laugh..and you’ll get to know what I’ll do
Ragini heart beat was at faster rate she got Up. .said sorry
Virat tries to get up…but he couldn’t
Virat:Oye billi give me your hand and pull me up
She made him to stand and put his hand on her shoulder. She was feeling both awkward and good at the same time.She was’s best batsman for whom millions of girls falls for,who gains 100crore only through advertisements who scores..
Virat :ohhw..stop thinking about me..and take me till bed..
Ragini made him to sleep on bed.
Ragini was thinking how he got to know about that I was thinking about him..
Both were smiling thinking about the close moments..
They slept .

In morning
Kriti :You know I got job in bank …so I’m not gonna come for coaching class..
Ragini was disappointed.
Ragini (in mind): Now I should find hostel and stay there..She was verge of crying. .because she was comfortable here.
Virat :So will gini find PG nearby her coaching class..I’ll be happy that I’ll be away from this billi
Ragini started crying loudly
Ragini:Maa and riti I’ll pack my bags..plz tell me a good hostel..I’ll live there..saying this she started crying even loudly
Maa and Riti: Virat..
Virat was laughing
Maa:No bah..beta you stay here only…Virat will drop you and pick you.That is Virat will be your driver need to worry..I’m also your Maa..
Virat in mind..I’ve already become driver of her life..protecting her from everything
Ragini hugged her and thanked them
Ragini : Okay driver come drop me
Virat :Yeh bachi..don’t call me that..I’ll kill me sir or Virat
Ragini:When I’ll become your friend I’ll call you by your name

It’s not good I know..I’ll was it..

Credit to: Aneri

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  1. awesome! i was waiting for this ff! i am so happy to see you back after a long time!

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    Plz make it long and plz be regular

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    superb update
    ragini is indeed drama queen lol
    virat start loving ragi ni
    i think ragini just like him only
    sanskaar made an entry

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    loved viragini(virat-ragini)

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