You got that one thing (Part 3)


Virat comes to Delhi.
As he was tired his mother asks him to rest.
Virat goes to rest.

Ragini and kriti were ready to go to coaching class.They had breakfast and went to class.

Virat gets up.But he was finding a girl whose voice was heard when he was talking to his mom.
Mom:Virat what are you searching
Virat: Nothing tiffin cum lunch
Mom:Come to dining table
Virat : Mom what’s this.?South Indian lunch..hmmm…Though I play IPL for Bengaluru, I never ate South Indian lunch.
Mom:From now onwards you should get used to it …in slow your wife is from there..
Virat : speak loudly…who is from south India.
Mom:Kriti’s friend Ragini …tells about they met ragini.and ragini staying in there house.
Virat:Are you her mom or mine..and you should do my choice…Is that Ragini your bahu that you’re making her types of food..
Mom:I don’t have any objection if you marry her
Virat :Mom mm. .stop it
Virat finishes the lunch..and says it was tasty. .
Mom: I knew…as ragini helped me in doing some of these
Virat : kya mom aap ragini ragini laga ke rakhi hai
Mom( in mind ) : future wife se he jealous
Mom:Sorry .
Virat : I was joking mom…
When will they come?
Mom: Kriti or ragini
Virat : rag..i mean Both
Mom laughs
Mom : They’ll come by evening
And can you go to call them
Virat : Yes mom..
Mom:I asked like that only..and u and kriti don’t like when people surround u to take photograph..
Virat : it’s okay mom

In front of coaching class
Virat was waiting for kriti and Ragini. They came out of the class.
Ragini was speaking to someone else. Kriti came out and saw her dear brother inside the car.Virat knew if he came out of the car all students would gather there and this is not liked by kriti.
Kriti entered inside car and she hugged him and said you came to pick me ..wah..i love you bro..
Virat : zyada ud mat..i came to see your friend..
Kriti :ohh..she’s not like that type of girl.
Virat: what ..don’t tell me she has broken leg or something. .
Kriti : Bhai .. I said she’s not meant for flirting she’s meant to love.she has pure soul.She is beautiful inside and outside.
This even makes Virat to see her desperately.
Virat :Is she miss world then
Ragini comes outside …she was wearing long skirt and a beautiful long sleeve top and stall on it .she had left her hair open..She was like spring coming to his life..Virat had love at first sight but he didn’t know that she was ragini
Ragini came near car.Virat’s heart beat were raising..
She entered inside car and virat was fully shocked..Ragini didn’t see him
.she thought he was driver.
Ragini and kriti were sitting backside
Ragini: Driver bhaiyya can u plz take us to ice cream shop..riti let’s go na
Virat stopped the car and turned to them
Virat : what driver and bhaiyya..
Ragini had opened her mouth in shock seeing it was Virat Kohli. .and was repenting what she said

Precap : Rago ‘s punishment given by Virat(in funnier way)

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