You got that one thing (Part 1)

Hey guys

Ragini had always dreamt of being IAS officer.She was preparing for the toughest competitive examination without any coaching.Her parents thought that coaching was necessary. So they thought to send her to Delhi for coaching class.She was not at all interested to live her parents and go to a place which is far away from her native.Little did she know that her life gonna take change ,a good change.
It was decided that she and her parents will go to New Delhi and take admission in a reputed coaching class and search a good PG for her.As her parents were running NGO they had to go for a meeting in Madrid. It’s not like they don’t love her.She is life for them.
She decided to go alone to Delhi as she wanted to see her national capital and promised her parents that she’ll search and get admission to the class.
They were very rich.But she was not egoistic. She had presence of mind.
The aeroplane landed.
In aeroplane
She is from Bengaluru. So while travelling she asked the fellow passenger who was sitting beside about the coaching class and asked her which was the best and whether coaching class are required. The passenger was travelling with her mom.Passenger name was kriti.And kriti said that coaching class are required as per my thinking and she also said that you don’t need to worry I’m also IAS aspirant we’ll both go to same coaching class and you can live in our house.Right mom?
Kriti’s mom had already seen bahu in Ragini.She nodded happily.
Here Ragini was very happy that she got a friend and mom already even before landing.
The fate was good with her as her newly found mom and friend where her would be husband’s mom and sister.
After landing the trio went to kriti’s house.Ragini was surprised because the house was as big as hers.But kriti and her mom were so simple.She loved it and the house even before stepping in.

Okay who is Ragini’s hero..Any guesses…

Credit to: Aneri


  1. R C B ian

    I love the title. One thing is my fav song. Are u a Directioner too? And btw, loved the first patt. Looking ahead for the story.

    • Aneri

      Yes .I’m a directioner.Big fan of them.All four harry,Louis, niall and Liam. And you have a biggest surprise

  2. Zara

    I think it’s,sanskar who also wants to become a IAS nd they become frnds due to their same goals…..ragsan

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